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I tend to err more towards fantasy (freeform) and romance, but I am open to pretty much anything.
Hello everyone! Welcome to my little den of stories! My name's Eugene, but you can also call me U! My pronouns are it/its.
I would prefer to have my partners be 17- because I tend to bring sexual things into my RPs, but I am willing to RP with 18+ people!
I can sometimes have some disturbing themes in my RPs, and I will give warnings for them if requested! However, if you don't request that, I'll probably forget. So if you want warnings before potentially disturbing content, please ask!
If anything looks interesting, please inquire either on this thread or in a DM! Don't be shy :)

Sweeney Todd
Five Night’s at Freddy’s
Little Shop of Horrors
Invader Zim
Dead End: Paranormal Park
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Bendy and the Ink Machine
(my character x your character) (gender preferences for characters)

Emma Williams x OC (male, female, or other)
Emma Williams x Sweeney Todd
Dib x Zim
OC Dib x OC (preferably male or other, but female is ok)
Seymour Krelborn x OC (male or female)
Seymour Krelborn x Audrey Two
Seymour Krelborn x Orin Scrivello
(undecided) OC x William Afton
(undecided) OC x Michael Afton
Michael Afton x William Afton
(undecided) OC x Johnny C.
(undecided) OC x Jimmy
Edgar Vargas x Johnny C.
Edgar Vargas x Jimmy
(undecided) OC x Will Graham
(undecided) OC x Hannibal
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