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  1. Etrian Odyssey:
    Plateau of Perils



    The town of Falside is a quaint one surrounded by the sea. Despite the more relaxed nature of its citizens, the local labyrinth, a massive tree which extends from atop the town's highest point, has attracted a great deal of attention from explorers. Many have come from afar to search it, in hopes of making a name for themselves, or simply to find hidden treasures. The labyrinth is treacherous though, and few have ever made it past the 5th floor of its interior...

    The labyrinth, aptly named Yggdrasil, isn't all Falside has to offer. Due to it being surrounded by water, plenty of seafaring duties are offered up for those willing to undertake them. The presiding ruler of Falside, Regent Filtrude, wishes to expand Falside's horizons, but those inside know little of what lies beyond their sight. As such, all explorers capable are asked to venture out for them, and to map what they can of the surrounding areas.

    Inside the town itself, there resides a blacksmith, run by a man named Timothy, as well as a pub, overseen by a woman by the name of Sylva. The town's inn also acts as a hospital, both being maintained by Victor, a doctor of sorts.


    The Yggdrasil labyrinth is a great one. Extending far above the town, what lies in its heights remains a mystery. Some claim it to possess great treasure, while others fear an overwhelming power best left buried. All that is known so far is that the first five floors are unlike other Yggdrasil, whose first steps are often adorned with forestry. No, as soon as one enters the Yggdrasil of Falside, they'll notice it's almost completely, with splotches of land here and there. One wonders how each floor maintains its own water, but the mysterious power the Yggdrasil knows is incomprehensible to man - as of yet.

    You are but one of the many explorers who now makes their way to Falside, for whatever reason you may have. No matter the why, it is certain that it will not be an easy endeavor. Go forth to Falside with a brave heart and a determined mind, and you may yet survive to unravel its secrets...

    General Information

    Your role in this roleplay will be as an explorer who seeks to explore Yggdrasil, for whatever reason. As the GM, I won't be actively playing a character, as my role will be more to maintain the setting, and to narrate.

    Combat within this roleplay will be freeform, but I, the GM, reserve the right to resort to dice mechanics for major battles. When dice mechanics are not at work, players are expected to use reasoning in how their characters fight. While you are not a novice, you aren't exactly an expert either.

    When it comes to exploration, exploring the town can be done freely, but upon entering Yggdrasil, I will make a post containing a general description of the floor's layout, as well as include an incomplete map. Exploration will have a huge focus on observation, and IC posts should represent as such. Players will be expected to outline their actions in detail. After each player has posted, I will make a post outlining the things the explorers may have observed during their actions. Players will be expected to use this information to fill out the map provided.

    Once the stairs are reached, the players can choose to submit their map, or continue exploring the floor. Continued exploration may be rewarded, or it may be punished. Likewise, some floors will only be accessible after a key event has been triggered in the town or on a previous floor. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.


    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. IC drama is good, OOC drama not so much. If it has to happen, keep it to PM or ask me to settle things.
    3. No godmodding, or anything of that nature.
    4. Looking for a paragraph minimum with good grammar and punctuation - the works. At the start of a floor, I won't expect too much because your map will be bare.
    5. My word is law.
    6. Character death is possible. That being said, you'll be able to join the guild as a new member if your main character dies off somehow (try not to let that happen though).
    7. Have fun. If you aren't, it means that either I'm not doing my job right, or you aren't doing something right. We'll figure out which one.
    8. If you have any questions, ask me immediately. The faster I know what you need to know, the faster we can move on.

    Character Sheet

    (Image, optional)

    (Self-explanatory - include nicknames)

    (Self explanatory - no apache helicopters)

    (How old are you? Nothing below 13, please)

    (Whatever you mentioned in the chat)

    (Self explanatory - don't be one dimensional)

    (How did your character come upon Falside? Why did they become an explorer?)

    (These are special skills your character is capable of using - you start with only one, but you'll gain access to more as key events are triggered)

    (At least one for every weakness)

    (At least one for every strength)

    (Odd things that make your character unique)

    (Anything that doesn't fit above)
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  6. [​IMG]

    Maria Velkov




    Maria is full of curiosity when it comes to new places and things. She can be seen analyzing her surroundings and taking in the scenery, sometimes moving close to the object her eyes set on. She’s an adventurous sort, never one to stay tied down to a certain place. She loves travelling to distant lands in order to learn something new, whether it be a new skill or how to use a weapon. She doesn’t mind the company of other people and knows that there’s safety in numbers, but sometimes she wishes she could learn something on her own rather than have her peers teach her something.

    Maria has been around medicine all her life, with her mother being an herbalist and her father being the local doctor. As she grew up, she learned how to heal a person and what herbs to use to heal the sick. Healing was something that came naturally to her, and her parents were proud of that fact. But honestly, she wanted something more than just staying in the town she lived in. She wanted action and, upon hearing about the Yggdrasil labyrinth from an explorer who was just on his way to Falside, immediately began packing her bags to set off for the mysterious Yggdrasil labyrinth. Both her parents wished her luck when she left and, brimming with confidence, made her way to Falside where adventure awaited her.


    Expert healer due to upbringing, keen sight, fast learner

    Not combat oriented and can’t hold her own in a fight, a little hard of hearing, impulsive

    Her laughter has hiccupping pauses in it. She pinches the bridge of her nose when something dumb is said, like how some people would facepalm. Has a habit of slamming her hands down on a table just as she’s sitting and just as she’s getting up.

    Maria hitchhiked a lot and asked for help from other people during her journey to Falside.
    She finds early floor monsters cute.
    Absolutely terrified at the thought of meeting an FOE.
    She earned her money by working at hospitals and healing sick patients.​
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  7. Maria sounds lovely! Is that Russian?
  8. @Gula Gula

    Huh? Is it? XD I just used that name without thinking of the nationality. XD
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  9. Velkov, yeah. Sounds either Russian or German.
  10. @Gula Gula

    Yeah it does sound kind of Russian lol
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  11. It's actually Bulgarian, from what google says.
  12. OH LOL I did not expect that. XD I didn't think the last name would actually be a legit last name. XD
  13. Most last names are legit last names. That's why they're called last names. I think...
  14. So, are the skills intended to be those from the EO series, or more creative things?
  15. The skills can be from the EO games, or one you made up yourself (so long as it suits the class). Just include a description if the skill is self-made. Likewise, we will be including subclassing later on (for anyone who is familiar with that from EO3 onward).
  16. Hm, now do I want to use an actual dark hunter portrait, or something else? These are important decisions.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Savaniel Volduriaz
    Overflowing with confidence, Savaniel is an egocentric individual who does things only to benefit himself and his status. Yes, he is a swordsman who fights fairly and always allows his opponents to get back up after he knocks them down, but he’s also extremely prone to mocking them for their inadequacies. Coming from himself, chivalric gestures appear to be taunting instead of honorable, and it never really seems like Savaniel is fighting for the sake of winning. To him, combat isn’t about life or death, but instead, about increasing your reputation, increasing your personal worth as a combatant by displaying your skill.

    To him, his reputation is everything, second only to his bodily desires.

    Savaniel hails from the far north nation of Ontario, second son of the noble family of Volduriaz. Drilled in the art of the sword from an early age, he had always chased the back of his older sister, and yet never managed to gain her acknowledgement or respect as a fellow Fencer. That inability to close the gap eventually made him abandon his childhood ideals. In spite of the disapproval of his father, who wished him to succeeded as next head of the household, Savaniel left his home and travelled far away, crossing border after border until he finally came across the town of Falside, home to the Yggdrasil dungeon farthest away from his homeland.

    From here, he could sharpen his skills as a duelist. From here, he could gain the fame that he so desperately craved. From here, he could perhaps finally stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the person he’s chased after for so long.

    Being a Hot Asshole, One on One Combat, Haggling, Relaxing
    Watching His Mouth, Doing Any Sort of Chores, Swimming, Being Genuine
    Fiddles with his long hair when bored.
    Can sustain himself on bread alone.
    Always dresses up warmly, in preparation for sudden snowstorms.
    His smiles have always been smirks.​
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  18. So...where dem other CSes at?