Ethovion Chronicles: The Ubi Prince & Hibetian Princess

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    The Plot

    What is Ethovion? ~ Ethovion is a continent among Earth that is unknown to outside humans. The continent has a force field guarded around it, to help protect its identity and keep outside creatures out. For extra assistance, a special chemical that coats the invisible force field is released when outside specimen reach it. The chemical causes memory loss, serving as a prevention agent, so that anything that approaches Ethovion cannot disclose any information about what was seen of the continent.
    Ubidum is called The Power Country of Ethovion because they hold the most wealth and they are more developed. They also are the powerful country because they are the Protectors of Ethovion; they prevent anyone from finding out about Ethovion. Centuries upon centuries ago, when Ethovion was founded, sixteen of the most powerful witches and wizards--for centuries known as The Sixteen of Ubi--formed the force field that prevents things from getting in. And, though outside specimen is kept out, any outside creature that is a species that lives on Ethovion (vampyres, lycans, etc.), they can automatically pass the force field. However, the Sixteen of Ubi were smart to think of an extra layer of security. They formed the Disclosure Prevention Contract. In order for anyone to leave Ethovion, they must sign the contract. The DPC has a magical lining so that whoever signs it, automatically cannot disclose any information about Ethovion to the outside world no matter how much they try. The force field lets nothing and no one out unless the DPC is signed.
    Humans, centuries ago, once lived upon one of Ethovion's countries. They originated from Ubidum, the witch/wizard region. These particular humans were transported to Etharius, The Disconnected Country of Ethovion, as it was branded. They were shunned for not showing any signs of possessing magic, considering they all were born from a lineage of witches and wizards.

    History of Ethovion ~ Within Ethovion lay the many regions of different supernatural beings. The Ubidians, Hibetians, Agrymnians, Celenors, Osrulans, Olvirums, and Egenirans all live together, however, separate. But, there was one last region of Ethovion. And that...was Etharius.
    Etharius once held humans. Once. However, those days were long gone when the purge began. The humans had tried to ravage Agrymnis, the Troll region. They had done much damage, all with the help of the Olvirums--Dragon Shifters.
    The dragon shifters despise the Trolls because the Agrymnians had tried to kill the Olvirums' Dragon Ruler, so the dragon shifters wanted to rid Ethovion of the horrid beasts. In Etharius, the humans desired to turn them into their slaves and rule over them.
    Much to the Humans and Dragon Shifters pleasure, they had done quite a number on Agrymnis. But, much to their dismay, the trolls soon fought back. They used the Ubidians--the witches and wizards--as their aid to victory. First, they invaded Olvir, and they had won them over, however not as much damage was caused to them as on the Etharian Humans. In the purge to annihilate humans of Etharius, many cries for help resonated. The Faes of Hibetus wanted badly to help the humans, but to no avail. Some trolls stayed behind to declare war on the Faes to occupy them while the witches/wizards and a group of trolls plunder Etharians of their lives.

    Episode: The Ubi Prince & Hibetian Princess ~ During the aftermath of the purge, the unexpected happened. And it is prominently what caused the already-icy relationship between Ubidum, the wizard/witch country, and Hibetus, the fae country, to worsen.
    Before The Purge, the Ubidians had always thought themselves superior to the Hibetus Faes. They would antagonize them often, and usually the Hibetians would respond.
    But, then, disaster struck during The Purge, and the real deception began. The Agrymnians--the trolls--have, since their existence, secretly desired to take over Ubidum. So, they took the opportunity of getting on the Ubidians' good side and beseech their help in battle of the Etharians. After their victory, a group of four trolls sneaked their way into the borders of Ubidum, then into the heart of Ubidum--the Royal Castle in which the royal family lives. They killed the Ubi King Nicholias Phillipson-Thomasine Searcy--leaving Queen Gwenavera Kamithana Searcy a widow and the only monarch--, and quickly hurried off back to their country. The Agrymnians did not intend to tell the Ubidians that they would be targeting them; the were going for the element of surprise--an invasion. However, this backfired.
    The Hibetians caught wind of this, and used it to their advantage. Although they disapproved of the Etharian humans trying to enslave the trolls, they disapproved of the trolls wiping the only humans there were on Ethovion even more. So, the Hibetians threatened to inform the Ubidians, which would start war between Agrymnis and Ubidum. However, the Agrymnians responded by bribing them with twenty chests of gold, requesting that Hibetus keep quiet about the whole thing.

    The Hibetian Princess was born a bit later after the whole mishap, so she wasn't too much aware of the past, just the basics about The Purge and the killing of the Ubi King. However, she did not know that the Ubidians blamed the Hibetians The Ubi Prince was merely a baby when his father was killed, so he, too, does not know the whole story.
    A conference is called to order in Etharius--the now neutral country that is used as a the conference location (conference location specifically being Etharius' tallest tower called Capitol). The meeting's purpose was to discuss the fact that some Hibetian intruders constantly crossed the border between Hibetus and Ubidum, antagonizing some of the young witches and wizards (though the dispute is only between them, the king of Egenir is also called in to help keep order and prevent a fight). It was mandatory that the Hibetian Princess and Ubi Prince attend. However, the princess slips out of Capitol, and curiosity strikes the Prince and he follows.
    A courtship begins and they begin to meet every Friday in Etharius. Love grows, and soon, a child is conceived. But, their love affair is soon found out. They are shunned for their treason, informed them of why they are to be long-time rivals, and their rights to their throne is threatened. The Ubi Prince and Hibetian Princess have three choices: give their baby away to be raised by a couple in Etharius (their treason forgotten so long as they disconnect), forfeit their thrones and move to Etharius, or somehow prove that it was not a Hibetian who killed the Prince's father. But, will any Hibetian or the Princess' parents be willing to uncover the truth?

    The Rules

    1. Please be able to do one or more paragraphs.
    2. Use proper grammar, and try your best on spelling.
    3. Please give your character 4 powers/abilities. Refer Here For Help
    4. Please include Portal Summoning as one of your abilities (this will aid in you in traveling to and from Etharius).
    5. Please follow the same form format as I have used.

    The Map

    (Chiharu is me.)

    My Character

    | Pharisis Ever Amore
    Gender | Female
    Age | Appears 19 (Real age unknown)
    Species | Fae (The Faes of Ethovion do not have wings, but possess flight)
    Rank | Crown Princess of Hibetus
    Personality |
    Pharisis Ever Amore is usually a soft spoken fae, but can be fierce with words. She has a wondrous point of view of the world that surrounds her. This leads her to be quite adventurous, most likely roaming the forest. Not to mention she can be quite mischievous, so she tends to sneak into areas forbidden to her.
    Though her calm persona is a default, once in a mode of battle, she is forceful. Pharisis aims to protect herself, loved ones, and whatever else she sees fit to protect.
    Powers/Abilities |
    - Earth Manipulation
    - Control of Flora
    - Control of Fauna
    - Flight
    Appearance |

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