Ethnic Backgrounds and Ancestral Stories

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So, we all came from different ethnics and racial backgrounds. Hokkien, Irish, Malay, etc. This is the thread to talk about them.

For me, I'm like most Singaporeans, a Hokkien, born purely in Singapore, making me a pure Singaporean citizen. And speaking of Hokkien, I told some of the guys before in the Cbox, their profanities about private parts and sex are immense, and extremely comedic to us. Like Americans, we use them for playful banter, too. But when they get crude, man, could they get crude alright.

As for my ancestral background, I only know that my father's an Hainanese of some sort, and my mother's pure Hokkien - I think (Hokkien's one of the districts of China, so I'm guessing her ancestors are from there or something). I don't really know much about my parents' pasts - or those of any of my ancestors, for that matter - but I'm sure you guys could come up with better ones than me about their partake in the revolutionary war or stuff like that.

So, any interesting tales?
That's... very interesting, Raz! Know anything about your Filipino background? Maybe care to share about Filipino-related food and festivities with us?
We're the machismo-oriented, socially adept version of the Asian stereotype. We don't do the fly on the wall thing. We don't do the reserved thing. We drink shitty, eat shitty, got the rhythm of the black man, and sing more karaoke than a Tokyo businessman on a Friday night.
I'm a MUTT. I'm such a mutt that I seriously do not know all of my ancestry. And it doesn't help that my Mom's side of the family is this huge secret drama. (we found out that we dun know that side of the family cause the grandmother is a run away mob-daughter. e.e; it explained a LOT about my grandmother. Now we're thinking it's better we dun go tracking down any family members.)

Buuut we do know that Irish is really strong, along with some Native American (I dunno which tribes. e.e; it's on both sides of the family.) There is also French and Polish.

We're just generic southern white people. D:
We're the machismo-oriented, socially adept version of the Asian stereotype. We don't do the fly on the wall thing. We don't do the reserved thing. We drink shitty, eat shitty, got the rhythm of the black man, and sing more karaoke than a Tokyo businessman on a Friday night.
lol Sounds like the Filipinos that I know alright. ;D

@Diana: A mob-daughter? Wow. lmao That must have caused some serious drama in the family. Your granny didn't happen to make you any offers you can't refuse, did she? ;D
Your granny didn't happen to make you any offers you can't offer, did she? ;D

Oh man... you have no idea. .__. Serious lifetime movie drama psycho stuff.

Let's just say I am glad I live several states away now, and she's not healthy enough to jump in a car and come after us anymore! e.e;
None of us spics have any stories to tell, seriously, we've all been around for like, two generations.
My mom is Pakistani, from Pakistan. She grew up a little bit after the Pakistani Independence from India, so she's pure Pakistani. Her family's ancestry, according to them comes from Greece -_- But that's ancestry (Alexander the Great :), so yeah xD. In any case, heritage from my mom is Asian :3 My dad is British, from England <3 His dad was English from an English family~ but his mom was Pakistani like mine ^^. So Daddy lived his childhood in Pakistan and England. He grew up DURING the Pakistani War for Independence :D So my daddy heritage is British with a little Asian spice xD

So that makes me half Pakistani and half British. A little more Pakistani, though :) And I was born and raised in America. So that's British Asian American ;]

I wish I knew! I'm trying to find my bio mom this summer!
Mine is a lot like Diana's, although I don't appear white at all @.@;. My dad came from the Bahamas and met my mom who was born in Texas (my mom's grandma and grandpa on her mom's side originally came from Scotland). My dad's great grandpa on his mom's side came in from Egypt and his great grandma came in from who knows where. My paternal grandma was (almost) completely black and my paternal grandpa was white, so my dad is a bit under a half I guess, considering Egyptians aren't considered black last time I checked. My mom's mom and dad were completely white, although I have no idea what history my mom's dad has. So I'm a quarter of other/African stuff, and then 75 possibly a bunch of other ethnicities that were all white.
Egyptians aren't considered white either.

All the knowledge I have is that my family has been living in pretty much the same region of Norway for the last 200-250 years. Other than that, theres some mentions that the fam might've arrived from Finland when they came through the Finn-forest here before that. But the whole Finnish Saga is just some rumours after a guy at my brothers work said "Lulz, I could imagine you drinking vodka in a finnish sauna". So I'll say I'm from 100% Northern Germanic ancestory until proven otherwise.
Seems Flare and I share a common ancestry. Our ancestors came from Fujian, China.

Ji Bai lah!

Grandaddy's a 2nd generation Chinese who married a Filipina and got disowned. They had 13 children, he told them to marry Chinese girls. None of them did. This makes us the Black Sheep of the Lee clan. Gramps even changed his surname to a Filipino one to a) spite them and b) for business purposes(easier to make deals with a localized surname or something).

We've been un-disowned sometime before I was born(first grandchild), but we still kept the un-Chinese surname. It's very awkward during reunions, mostly because none of my generation can speak Chinese fluently. But since Gramps has 13 kids and 27 grandkids(and counting), we're big enough to have our own reunions!

It's hard to explain my Mom's ancestry, so here's a link. My mom's Dad was a guerilla war veteran, typical Filipino that adapted a Spanish last name(Reyes). Her mom came from a Chinese-Spanish family (Tiongson-Alcantara). It's weird how they messed up all the Chinese-y last names here, it doesn't make sense at all.

So this makes me Filipino-Chinese with a dash of Spanish.

I can barely speak Fukien(a localized version of Hokkien), and the only Spanish I know are the words that were integrated to Tagalog lol.

Gonna try to learn Mandarin though; so next time I visit the Motherland, I can communicate with the chicks.
Does that mean you know kung fu (Chinese descent), drink like a mexican or sing like a drunk Japanese businessman (Filipino descent), and swore revenge for someone killing your father.....prepare to die (Badass Spaniard descent)?

Holy shit. The nerdgasm just hit me.

You're a combination of Jet Li, Dante Basco, and Inigo Montoya!
Tai Chi is sorta like kung fu, right?

I have a mini-bar in my room and can only gather the nerve sing karaoke when under the influence.

But eh, I hate my dad. I've sworn revenge for that dude that shot my dog with a BB gun though(bastard migrated to Canada).
MUTT! >_>

Italian, Irish, Scottish, and two types of Indian... -____-
Ancestery... Um, my father's side of the family I know has Italian and Blackfoot Indian, so I'm guessing their some kind of tribe... I don't know. >_>

Mother's side, my mum's grandpa was indian, forgot what tribe. My mamaw's family are mainly all Scottish, and my papa was Irish. My papa was in the Army for some time and spent a lot of time in Alaska and some other places... e.e (wanna say Vietnam, but probably wrong) He also worked in the state capitol of my state for some time... Most of my family, wanna say about all of my family is from the south! Now, don't know anymore past that...

I've heard many stories... but forgot em, just know my family has a strange background. :D