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  1. [​IMG]
    “One finds limits by pushing them.”
    ― Herbert Simon

    Linus Moore

    Linus - From the greek Linos meaning Flax or Flaxen-haired.
    Moore - Old English from 'Moor', meaning a marsh or fen.

    24 y/o | Male


    People Person
    Extroverted and taught from an early age to put others first, Linus goes into social situations thinking about the people around him. He has a genuine interest in getting to know people, and delights in the opportunity to hear peole's stories and share their passions and dreams. He believes that life should be an adventure, and that adventure means something different to each person. He loves meeting new people and trying new things. "I'll try anything once" is definitely something you hear if you hang around him for any length of time. Having been in the situation himself, he has a deep sympathy for the socially awkward and does his best to make everyone feel included and comfortable. A combination of honesty and genuine concern make him come off as trustworthy, and he usually doesn't have much trouble getting into a new person's good books, even if they change their mind later.

    Linus throws himself one hundred and ten per cent into everything. The side effects of this are not always good. For one, it makes him incredibly subborn and fixated. Once he fixates on something, a problem or a goal, hell and high water combined cannot drag him from it. Most of his criticisms from lovers and friends tend to be variations of "Stop trying to fix it and just listen", or "Will you not just let it go?". A bit neurotic at the best of times, Linus has a certain way he likes things, and needs a damn good reason to alter or relax these standards. He's gotten better at going easier on others than he is on himself, but at the end of the day he is still the sort who cannot sleep if the house is a mess, and needs to consciously resist pointing out corrections and suggestions. He also has trouble backing down from an argument. The upside is that he gets excited about things in a very genuine way, and gets other people caught up in his contageous enthusiasm. It also gives him a strong energy and drive for his work, and a religious commitment to keeping promises. Linus doesn't believe in dreams, only goals.

    Linus believes that life is an adventure, and is determined not to spend his on the sidelines. He loves trying new things, and considers any day where he got to experience something new and interesting to be a good day. He seldom goes on adventures solo. Friendship with Linus Moore comes with the assurance that someday your phone will ring with an invitation to go river rafting, or hang gliding, or to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, or to a modern art show.

    He's gotten better at switching out of 'work mode', but Linus is a creature of goals and methods. When he gets to work, he takes it seriously, as he does any task presented to him, whether that task is a friend's personal problem, or a job from his bosses. He gets annoyed when people don't understand the weight seemingly trivial things can have in his mind.

    Social skills have earned Linus a respectable amount of success, but his looks don't hurt much either. Linus has been accused and will admit being a bit preoccupied with his appearance. Beyond that, while he endeavours to be humble and relate to others, he does have a rather high opinion of himself which is the origin of his confidence and the source of one of his biggest faults. Linus spent some time learning to love himself as a boy, and when he doesn't measure up to the man he thinks he is, it can hit pretty hard.


    A Simpler Time

    Linus was a quiet child, born to middle-class parents. Mother, Denise Moore nee LeBlanc, a stay-at-home mom, Father Russel Moore, a real estate agent. Raised in Suburbia with a white picket fence and a playpark the next lot but one. It was straight out of a textbook, he even had an imaginary friend. Of course instead of a stuffed bear or a superhero, his best friend was a perfectly ordinary looking boy who could do magic and happened to be a fairy.

    With a name like Linus, and such a sheltered, squeaky-clean upbringing that you could eat wonderbread off it, Linus had trouble seeing how he expected anything other than bullying in middle school. Still, he managed. He kept out of the way as much as possible, even made a couple friends.

    High school though, high school was going to be different. Linus leapt in as high as he could manage. His bet: he would either land on a mountain or fall harder than he ever had; either was preferable to settling for the back row. A combination of sincerity, enthusiasm, and a genuine sympathy for others earned him a reliable and wide circle of friends relatively soon. He spent Junior High on the upper side of normal, and was the Cool Guy in Senior High right up until his last year. His last year he was still Pretty Damn Okay, but no longer The cool guy. At the time, he thought it was about coming out as bi; it took a dressing-down - not literally, thank christ, that'd be weird - from his best friend after graduation to realise it had more to do with his after-the-fact personality shift. In retrospect he wasn't especially proud of how he behaved as he adjusted to being out, but the teen years are a tricky and formative time, and he believes that every experience, good and bad, shaped him into who he is, and he likes who he is.

    He went to university in a bigger city after of high school; studied business with a minor in finance and got a four year degree. He's taking a few courses via night class now, but mostly works as an accountant. He started in school as an intern and worked his way to a management position and intends to keep climbing in the world of corporate finance.

    Other Info

    Human as they come

    General Manager at Naysmith Accounting
    The youngest in his company to hold the position, Linus relies on affinity and formal education in inter-personal skills to deal with managing suboordinates who are often older and more experienced than himself. He tries to ride the line between friend and boss.

    Become CEO of a successful business; live in a big house, go on any adventure he likes, have the weight to make changes in the causes that matter to him. Someone nice to share it with wouldn't hurt either.

    6'2", average build, grey eyes, Dark brown hair cut short, but a bit longer on top. He's mildly insecure about his slightly high hairline, and the way it will inevitably recede further when he reaches middle age. He's tried a beard and didn't like it, but he usually keeps a manageable level of stubble. His left earlobe is pierced with a simple gold ring. He's usually dressed in at least trousers, dress shoes and a suit jacket for work, and enjoys dressing a notch up from jeans-and-T-shirt when he's not. ​
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  2. [​IMG]

    “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
    ― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

    Warren Roosevelt

    Warren - Old German, Middle English for ‘watchman’ or ‘game keeper’.
    Roosevelt - Scandinavian for ‘field of roses’.

    20 y/o | Male


    His primary goal is to understand everyone. Whether it is on an emotional level, deeper, or more superficial, Warren always does his best to put himself in the shoes of another, to try to understand them from all possible point of views. It is the way how he approaches problems, conflicts, everything really. Though his empathy is often regarded as a virtue, it could also easily turn against him as a flaw. Because of the tendency to wish for the best of everyone and try to adjust to their emotions and needs it usually leaves it so that he forgets about his own feelings. His motivation to help another being greater than the care over his own well being. This has often lead the result that he ends up being taken advantage over for his own kindness.

    Despite his best efforts to offer a listening ear to everyone around him, and him trying to help them out to the best of his abilities, Warren isn’t ready or capable of talking about his own problems. Partially because his problems usually relate towards his ancestry, to what he truly is, which isn’t something he could so easily share with others. He tries to avoid talking about himself as much as he can, only sharing bits of information that seem normal enough for ‘humans’. However, he conveniently leaves out details that could cast suspicion over him. Asides from helping as much as he can and protecting his secret Warren also wishes to appear as normal as he can be in the eyes of humanity.

    Some would describe Warren to be as loyal as a dog. Though that doesn’t sound very much like a compliment, to be compared to an animal, it is a very accurate description to how Warren treats his closest relations. He attaches himself, emotionally, very deeply to someone once he considers them a friend, or more. Though he makes it a point out of it to treat everyone equally, even these who don’t treat him as such, he treats his closer relations even better. He would be the friend that would step out as first to help, protect, or defend these precious relations of his, and think of them before anyone else, or even himself. It shows how serious and dear he takes all of the relationships he has in life and that he doesn’t do ‘casual’ friends.

    A prank, planning for a surprise party, or just going out for an adventure into the world with nothing but a backpack? Warren is in. The fae doesn’t really make a big deal out of anything, finding enjoyment in everything that he does. He is easily satisfied in his needs, but also entertained, and neither does it take long for him to feel at ease when entering new places. He has the benefit of being outgoing and doesn’t suffer from bashfulness either, traits that have helped him more often than not. He easily adapts himself to new situations, going straight for solutions to help out the best he can, because he knows that he is the best at that. Besides, so he believes, nothing can be so bad that it is beyond help, right?


    The family Roosevelt

    The community of the fae is a small and traditional one, one who doesn’t like to share much with strangers, or to welcome them in. It was thus common practise for them to mainly interact with only one another and seek for help within the community. It was a group that acted and holds many similarities like that of a minority group within a country, centering their interactions around each other as they could find like-minded souls. The same thing counted for Alfreda Roosevelt, the daughter of a fae family, and Warren’s grandmother. She as well had always been warned that she shouldn’t mingle with humans too much, for they would never understand their world. However, like how most fairy tales start it all started with Alfreda not heeding the warnings of her parents. Needless to say her interactions with the humans got her into big trouble. So much that she eventually even fell pregnant.

    Now this wouldn’t be so bad if it was in the present time, however, back in the days it was quite a scandal, even amongst the humans. It was especially infuriating for the fae if one considered how the unborn child was conceived by a human as well. To cover up this humiliation Alfreda’s parents were quick to forbid her from ever seeing her human lover again and after that she had given birth to the child they moved, far, far away.

    Settling down in a new place and joining a new fairy community wasn’t an easy task however. As mentioned earlier they were very traditional and wary of newcomers. It was by no surprise thus that they were treated the same as well. Though there were only a few of them in the world the fae were very distrusting creatures, always wary of their secrets being exposed to the world. Alfreda’s newborn son was posed as her nephew who had lost both parents in an accident. No word was dirtied on the actual heritage of the child as they tried to put him forward as a fullblood. Alfreda soon married and settled down with another fae of the community and everything was right. The secret, however, was forever lingering around in their minds.

    Edan, as the son was called, soon grew up fine. Unaware of the true story surrounding his birth he had believed himself to be an orphan who was taken in by his aunt and grandparents. That he was a bit slower to learn magic, or that he had more trouble controlling his powers, was all explained that he was a student who took its time learning and mastering things. No indication was made of who he truly was until a stranger suddenly stood in front of their doorstep. A human who claimed to have searched for Alfreda and his child for years. A human who claimed to be his father.

    Suddenly the truth came out, shattering Edan’s world as he realised that he wasn’t a fullblood fae, but rather a half, with the other half being that what he had been warned for. He was his own danger, part of it. Again his grandparents shut the human man out, telling him to disappear from their eyes and to never return. Again they were quick to shut the man out, waving his stories off as fantasies. Alfreda however told Edan the truth the same night, but also trusted him to keep the story a secret as well. He had done so ever since then.

    With that Edan also grew up, keeping the true story surrounding his birth a secret and married himself another fae female of the community. She as well was unaware of the truth, believing that he was a fullblood fay like she was. However, unawarely she was giving birth to a quarter human fairy child and called him, Warren.

    To Warren there was no difference between humanity and fairies. For a child who believed that what he saw to be true, there was no difference between them appearance-wise. It was thus by no surprise that the young boy had no idea about what made them so different. He simply couldn’t imagine the fae and humans to be set apart. That they were two of a different kind. That humans couldn’t do magic, or that what he could do was strange in their eyes, was a strange concept as well. The ignorance he held when young, the innocence accompanied with his abilities and personality made it truly hard for his parents, especially his father who was trying to keep the dirt of the family within. However, Warren had inherited the same curiosity as his grandmother, thus often finding himself mingling with the humans he had been warned off. There was one particular child he often played with, even going as far as to innocently show off the new tricks he had been taught. This was often a source of amazement for the human child, which delighted Warren as he felt on top of his game.

    Problems arose however when he got caught by his grandmother. She had noticed how Warren liked to disappear for long periods of time and didn’t play with the kids of their community. Following him on the certain day led her to find out on how Warren filled his days. Now his grandmother would have no objection to Warren playing with the human child, she had done so plenty herself. However, the harm she saw in the fact that he showed the human his magic, which could lead to their eventual exposure. Immediately she had pulled him away from the human child, scolding her grandson heavily before bringing him home. Shaken up Warren didn’t understand what was going on, but soon found that he wasn’t allowed to go out without supervision anymore. Ever since then Warren hasn’t seen the human anymore, but they did forever stay within his memory as he considered the human as a precious friend.

    Luckily the supervision started to fade away as Warren grew up and started to understand more of the world. Nowadays, now that he was an adult, he understands how important it is for him to keep his true nature a secret. However, that has never held him back from getting along with the humans.

    Other Info

    Quarter human, three quarter Fae
    As a well-kept secret he isn’t aware of the truth behind his origins and that of his father’s. Hints of his human blood show up every now and then. Warren’s magic is for example not as strong as that of his peers and it uses him a great deal of more energy and concentration to perform simple tasks with his magic.

    Like most fae Warren as well has chosen a specialisation for himself. Magic is after all a very broad subject that could reach far. His affinity would mostly lie with nature, plants and trees in particular. It has been an attraction he has since young and that only developed as he grew up. It is an continuous interest that has even influenced his choices for the future.

    Currently Warren is an college/university student majoring in Botany. It fits with his own affinity with plants and interests in it. Alongside of that he is also a part-time florist, working in a flowershop in the city where he sells and advices about flowers.


    Standing 5 feet and 9 inches tall Warren belongs to the shorter mass with his length. His build is rather average. He isn’t so slim that he looks like a stick, but neither so buff that he could fit two sizes of his peers. He is however known for his long arms, hands, and fingers, that can easily reach for everything placed up higher.

    Along with long arms Warren is also known for his clear blue eyes that always have a hint of mischief in them. They are often compared to a hot summer sky, but are actually lighter in colour than that. Along with golden blond locks framing his face in a chin-short cut Warren is considered to be an handsome fellow by many.

    His complexion is fair, giving him a fair chance to get a nice tan, but neither is he excluded from the chance from heavily burning either. It is a good in-between complexion to have in his opinion as he doesn’t really fuss too often over sunburn and such. Along with a nose that jumps up just slightly at the top and an eternal smile stuck on his lips there isn’t anything too recognisable, or out of the ordinary in the appearance of the young male.​
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  3. "Fuck!"

    Millie, the coffee-getter, paused briefly in the hallway. Linus glanced through the gap where his office door stood ajar, and rolled away from his computer far enough to kick it shut the rest of the way before sliding back, his face inches from the screen, fingers in a strategic positon on the keyboard.

    Colourful bubbles filled the browser screen, an additional one centred at the bottom, bouncing comically as he adjusted its trajectory.

    Seconds before, six additional rows of bubbles had sprouted due to an ill-placed combo.

    "I." The bubble fired, connecting with a second of the same shade.

    "Can." Another, completing the trio. All three burst, and the pile moved down. Once it hit the bottom it was all over.

    "Turn." Another pair; if he could nick off another combo it would work. He could still clear it.

    "This-!" Another small combo. The space was small but the space was clear. It could work.



    Linus slouched backward in his chair, his lanky arms flopping listlessly at his sides. Of all the shots to miss.

    His clear grey eyes cast upward at the clock on the wall; he still had five minutes left of break. The mid-morning sun streaked through his tiny window, collecting bits of dust in the air.

    Tap tap tap

    Giving a sigh, he swivelled around, compulsively combing a hand through his hair before reaching for the handle.

    It was Charlotte. Of course it was Charlotte.

    "I've got a treat for you" she announced, all smiles.

    Linus' eyebrows raised, and he extended his arms with spread fingers in invitation, rolling backward to make room for her in the small office.

    She sailed in, helping herself to a half-seat on the edge of his desk. He winced.

    "smart." she emphasized, leaning forward in her earnestness. "Cute, always down for an adventure"

    "Stop describing me and tell me what you have." he grinned, leaning back in his chair as she counted off on her fingers.

    "It's a friend of mine" she clarified, grin touching her ears. "A single friend"

    "Keep talking." he said, watching her over folded fingers.

    "The bluest eyes you've ever seen, sweet, kind, and he's free for lunch"

    "What, today?"

    "Yeah, come on I know you don't have plans, you were complaining all morning."

    An exaggeration. He had griped about not having anything to do this afternoon in two statements. Three, max.

    "Not all morning"

    "Most of the morning. Are you down?" She rocked on the desk a bit, and Linus resisted clenching his teeth.

    "For a blind date?" he tapped his fingers together. Over lunch meant a time limit, he could bail early easily if the guy was a total creep, not that he would be if Charlotte was vouching for him.

    "Sure, why not." he grinned, swivelling in his chair. "I could use sweet and kind. Nice break after Spawn of the Devil."

    "Greg wasn't that bad."

    He scowled. "You didn't fuck him."

    She snickered. "Well you don't have to fuck this one if you don't like him, but I'm sure you will. I'll let him know!"

    She hopped up, floating on a cloud of sunshine and puppies. She paused in the door, squinting over his shoulder at the colourful bubbles and message of Humiliating Defeat on his computer screen.

    "Are you playing Neopets?"

    For a second, silence hung in the air as he wondered if his username was visible.

    "Don't you judge me" he warned, pointing a finger at her. "I've seen your shoes you have no room to judge me."

    Her laugh echoed behind her as the door shut. He spun around and exited the window.

    Charlotte lived for his love life. He blamed himself; he did love a captive audience. Well, maybe it was an overstatement, Charlotte lived for love lives in general; she'd fixed him up with Spawn of the Devil, too. He was still a bit irked over that, but in fairness, there was really no way she'd have known.

    The hours ticked by slowly; figures lined and budgets balanced, schedules scribbled and adjustments made, until finally the clock struck one and he shot upright, snatching his jacket off the hook on his door.

    Charlotte saw him coming. "Common Grounds" she sang as he slowed near her desk.

    "Get out of my head, woman." he teased, spinning to grin at her and raise a hand in farewell to his boss, whose bespectacled gaze flitted to the clock before moving back to him with understanding. He usually stepped out on his lunch hour; if ten minutes was enough to go out and have some fun he'd leave on his coffee break too.

    "Hey!" he froze, looking back at Charlotte, who half-stood from behind her desk to toss something to him. He caught it, barely. A paperback; Andersen's Fairy Tales.

    "Really?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and one corner of his mouth.

    "Have fun!"

    He zipped the navy blue jacket up as he stepped out onto the street. The autumn wind was chilly, redeemed only by the brilliant shades of red and orange spreading from the caged trees on the sidewalk.

    Naysmith's Accounting was in the heart of the downtown core, half the buildings were old brick, and the rest were new made to look like the rest. There were a dozen little cafes and diners within a ten block radius, but Common Grounds was his favourite, and not just for the punny name.

    It was a block south and half a one east, located on a corner but removed from the street, it used the extra space for chairs and some round tables with mismatched umbrellas sprouting out of them.

    The brick had been painted a faint yellow, like the inside of a banana. Stickers on the windows advertised espresso, pastries, and sandwiches.

    Linus had glanced around for his date for twenty seconds before he realised he had no idea what his date looked like.

    Well, aside from apparently the bluest eyes he'd ever seen, but Charlotte had a habit of exaggerating. Her drama was half of why they got on so well.

    He got in line, shrugging out of his coat and tucking it under his arm. He undid the buttons on his suit jacket. No tie today, just a white shirt. Good. Ties were intimidating to anyone who wasn't already wearing one, that was the whole point of them.

    He ordered a coffee, please, with two sugars. Thanks.

    He got a seat by the window, facing the majority of the cafe and holding the warm mug between both hands. He undid the collar button of his shirt. Not the next one; don't try too hard.

    Well, at least she'd given him a signal, however cliche it was. He set the worn volume down on the table. The corners were soft, and thumbing over it, a few of the pages had been dog-eared. He flipped it over and examined the cover. An old-looking painting of two children playing in a perfect circle of mushrooms graced the front. A fairy circle.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Warren Roosevelt

    Where did he deserve such dear friends for?

    After weeks of slaving over his books, sweating, crying, crawling away in a foetus position, the botany student had finally survived his finals and could breathe in fresh air again. As to celebrate his new-founded freedom his friends decided to take him out for a lunch, the bill all theirs.

    “So where are going to eat?” the blond asked excitedly. His mind mulled over all of the places he had been to, the dishes they offered and what he was craving for today. He had been thinking about it all day, what he would eat, what he would drink, but this all depended on what place they entered. As a courtesy for their generous offer the male hadn’t eaten anything today either, so that he had some extra space to fill up. Why wouldn’t he abuse the fact that he wasn’t going to pay for the food?

    “Uhm… What did she say again?” Owen asked out loud, receiving a stomp from Alistair to his arm. Nudging his eyes towards Warren he gave the male a warning look, his fingers to his lips as to hush him. The other just flinched a little, eyeing the other with a careful look on his face. As if he was checking if the fae had figured them out already.

    Stopping in his track Warren gave them a look from the side, his head shifted ever so lightly into an examining look. They were acting suspicious and coming from these two it usually meant nothing but trouble. “What is going on?” he asked, his smile fading away a little and a look of worry washing over his eyes. He could still remember how the last prank went. Not well.

    “Nothing!” Owen chimed, a little too fast to Warren’s taste as he eyed his friends again. Smiling a little he stepped closer towards the male, examining his friend’s face from closer. Yes, he could read the panic in Owen's face, the desperate way he was trying to hold it all in and make sure that he, Warren, wouldn’t find out about it. Whatever 'it' was.

    “No, really, what is going on?” Warren started, his lips turning up in a smile, he could feel Owen's tension. They had been acting odd lately, especially since this morning when they suddenly barged in on him and announced that they were going out to eat. Of course he had been so silly as to immediately agree without knowing what their exact reason for doing so was, but he trusted his friends enough to think that it truly was to celebrate.

    Feeling himself to be pulled back Warren got head-locked by Alistair, who swiftly turned him away from Owen. “Charlotte recommended this very amazing place to us!” he started, resuming their walk. “It is called…” at that Alistair’s voice dropped. His expression paling up a little as Warren looked up at him with a raised brow, before he looked up at the café they were standing in front at.

    “Common Grounds?” he finished Alistair amused at their antics. “Really?” he asked them sceptically. They came here to eat all the time, this wasn’t a new place, or at least not to this group of friends. They were definitely being suspicious right now.

    “Okay, okay,” Owen sighed at him, raising up his hands in defeat. He was always one of the first to give in when it got too hot under his feet. “You caught us.” Warren rose a brow at the group as he was still clueless what they were on about.

    Crossing his arms with a satisfied look the fairy then decided to wait for the real story to be spilled. However, before Owen even started Alistair brushed between them again, smooth as ever.

    “Just so you know…” Alistair walked up to him, a gentle pat on Warren’s shoulder. “Blame Charlotte.” This confused the fae even more. How was Charlotte connected to this all? Turning around the male was about to say something as something crossed his mind.

    “Speaking of Charlotte!” He exclaimed, his eyes flaring up. “She still hasn’t returned my book!” he breezed. The woman had borrowed a certain book of his for what seemed like ages ago already, forever forgetting to return it. Or at least, that was what she claimed. Warren had his suspicions that she was planning on something bigger. She always did.

    Alistair’s face lit up again as he started to push Warren towards the door of the café. “Ah, yes, now I remember,” he exclaimed, his arms fighting against a struggling blond who was wondering what was going on. “Charlotte will return the book if you enjoy a little date for her!”

    With that the fairy was pushed into the shop, stumbling a little before regaining his balance. “Hey!” Turning around to face his friends Warren realised that they had already ran off without him, leaving him alone. So much for being treated to lunch.

    “Can I help you, sir?” a waitress came up to him, startling Warren a little who wondered what he was going to do now. Supposedly he was here for a date of sorts, but with who he was clueless on. Couldn't his friends just come out clean from the start? Why did they had to be so secretive about it anyway?

    “Eh…” he started, scratching his head a little. “I’m here for a date, I suppose?” he stated a little sheepishly, feeling how his cheeks flared up red at how stupid he sounded. Why did he say that to her?

    The waitress seemed unimpressed at what he had said, her eyes boring into him with a glare impatiently. Blinking a little the male wondered if he had said something wrong until he realised how he must have sounded to her. “Ah! I didn’t mean it like, I mean, uhh…” His face bloomed up the more he tried to explain himself. It was certainly getting a little hot for the blond here.

    "I have this friend, Charlotte," the male pulled lightly at the collar of his sweater, still fumbling around with how he was going to fix this situation. "She... err... She borrowed this book from me!" he continued a little breathlessly. The waitress's expression didn't change as he continued, making him wince a little in embarrassment. He had to find a way out.

    "I--It is called Andersen's Fairy Tales," he exclaimed a little louder than he intended to be, his eyes shifting to the sides as he was hoping for some sort of sign, something, anything that would help him now. "It is about, well, uhh... Fairy tales?" he continued, sweat dropping at himself at this major fail.

    The waitress rolled her eyes at the fairy, her weight shifting over to one leg. "Interesting," she bristled, it was obvious that she wasn't being very genuine. "Now, can I help you?" she continued, her hand waving over to behind him, people were waiting for their turn to order.

    "A--Ah, yes..." Warren gulped a little as he realised that he was keeping everyone up. An awkward chuckle escaped him as he definitely felt stupid right now. He wasn't usually this awkward, or clumsy, but he blamed the situation for it. It had all gone a little sudden and he was a little rusty after cooping himself up in his room...

    "Sir?" the waitress's voice snapped him out of his thoughts again. Looking up the fae could hit himself over the head for spacing out. He really was out of it today.

    "One coffee, please," he sighed in defeat.

    "The table near the window," the waitress behind the counter told him when handing over his coffee. Blinking a little Warren turned around to see what she meant.

    Almost instantly his eyes were drawn to a certain book he had been talking about earlier, he could recognise the cover of the book from miles away. Excitement bloomed up inside of his chest, a bright smile setting on his face as he took a few steps closer, raising up his free hand to greet whoever had the book.

    That gleeful feeling died down just as sudden as the brick that plunged down in his stomach. The holder of the book, though admittedly well-dressed and handsome, wasn't quite what he had expected from a blind date. (Not that he had expected a blind date in the first place. He wouldn't have come out in a worn-out plain sweater and a random pair of clean-looking jeans if he did.)

    Turning back around to the counter again, hoping to get some answers out of the waitress, Warren noticed that the female had decided to ignore him after helping him out. So much for helping...

    Well, wasn't he the clueless one? The fae was still unable to put the sum together, standing a little mindlessly in the middle of the café. With one coffee in hands, the other dangling rather uselessly and mostly awkwardly in the air, Warren wondered whether he should continue to approach the man, or just sit down at the nearest table still empty.

    Where did he deserve these friends of his for?
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  5. Linus was trying to play it cool. He was good at it, but not perfect. Every time the bell over the door chimed, his eyes darted over. Mostly people came in groups, or their faces lit up with recognition the second they were in the door. Then, about ten minutes in, when he was just questioning if he had come far too early or if he shouldn't have come at all, the bell chimed once more, and a youth with golden hair walked in, looking nervous.

    His gaze shot back to the book as if he'd been stung.

    Be cool, be cool, he thought, straightening his shoulders and glancing sideways into the window. Hair good, face good, didn't miss a spot shaving or anything.

    Even straining his ears he couldn't quite out what he was saying; the voice was quiet, a little shaky. It made the corners of his mouth curl up.

    "Table by the window."

    The waitress' voice was more blunt, and impulsively he wanted to stand up. She didn't need to be so rude, he was clearly feeling uncomfortable. Still, that meant timing was appropriate to look up.

    He did so just in time to see the stranger raising his hand in greeting and oh god Charlotte was not exaggerating about those eyes.

    He raised his hand in reciprocation, hoping that his expression was the appropriate level of casually pleasantly surprised.

    The pleased expression faded from the stranger's face a second later though, and his steps slowed in uncertainty.

    Oh no. No no don't do that.

    "Hey," he said once his apparent date was close enough, in a tone he hoped was disarming. "Uh, have a seat?"
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  6. The shift in his expression must have been obvious as the other stared at him almost pleadingly. Wordlessly Warren could read from the male's expression; ‘please don’t be disappointed’. Was that how he came across? The blond realised that the sudden fall of his smile must have made it seem like he did.

    Perhaps he was a slightly disappointed, as he had hoped for a cute lady. Or to be more honest, a free lunch. However, going on a date with a man wasn’t that bad either, right? The fae had never tried it, but he certainly was up for it! It just happened that the chance came at him a little suddenly. A little too sudden.

    Or perhaps not, seeing as Charlotte had innocently asked him if he would ever try going out with a man. ‘I’m open for the experience!’ he had replied without batting an eye. A little naïve he realised now, for you could never be too careful with what you said around the female. The situation right now proving this statement to be true.

    He should have known that she was up to something when she started to ask for his type…

    Or when she asked whether he liked to be up or down… (Cue to a blush when Warren realised the implications of the question.)

    Or the many other seemingly innocent sounding questions she asked...

    Composing himself the blond managed to get a greeting out himself. Awkwardly rubbing the back of his head as he set his coffee on the table. “I guess Charlotte set you up here?” He tried to let go of a casual chuckle. Just a good joke, right? It was better to laugh about it rather than trying to make it all the more awkward by taking it seriously. Slipping into a seat, Warren put on a smile again. A more gentle one this time, just to straighten up his mistake earlier.

    “Warren Roosevelt is the name. Resident fool and victim of Charlotte’s latest stage it seems,” he introduced himself amusedly. Of course these two (Alistair and Owen) were never planning on treating him for lunch, he should have suspected something the moment they announced the idea. They were students, which was basically the equivalent of being broke. To describe himself as a fool sounded appropriate, thus. Now if only he could figure out how Charlotte managed to convince his friends into… Never mind, that answer was obvious.

    Oh, well. The situation was there right now and couldn’t be helped. All the fairy really could do was to make the best out of it. His date seemed nice enough, and Warren believed that he could enjoy spending his time chatting away with this stranger. Perhaps that, if the other had been lured into this like he was, they could discuss how to get back on Charlotte later. She certainly deserved it after this little trick of hers.
  7. Relief that he hoped wasn't obvious fell over him as his date closed the remaining distance and pulled up a chair. He listened with a neutral expression as Warren introduced himself.

    Warren Roosevelt; it had a nice ring.

    " "'Victim', you wound me" he quipped with mock injury, folding his hands around his warm coffee mug to stay them from going for a businesslike handshake. "Linus Moore, she surprised me, too." Well, surprised was putting it nicely. The woman had essentially trounced into his office and told him he was busy for lunch. Not that he minded, the guy was good looking and adorably shy, and he liked spontaneity as much as the next man, but sooner or later he was going to have to inform her that she did not, in fact, run his life. He wasn't too upset about this, though. He had been free during this time, but it was the precedent of the thing.

    "So do you know Charlotte from school?" he asked, picking up his coffee as he did so, in order to drink while listening. He felt much more at ease just with Warren sitting down. Putting people at ease was a thing he could usually do fairly easily, but deciding to come over was a thing he could not control.
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  8. “Victim, you wound me,” the man said amusedly. This relieved Warren, glad that his date seemed to be fine with the whole situation. That he played it cool. It surely made it much easier for him to ease up a little. Now, with the hardest part out of the way, the blond could act casual. No more need for unnecessary nerves.

    “Linus,” Warren repeated the name, letting it roll over his tongue. It sounded vaguely familiar, as if he had mentioned the name on a daily base at some point in his life, but forgotten about it in due time. “That’s a…” the fae stopped, realising he was thinking out loud, he really should stop this air-headedness already, this wasn’t him. “Nice name,” he finished with a smile. It really was, but what intrigued him more was the familiarity the name suggested. Where, just where, did he hear the name before?

    Taking a sip from his coffee, realising that it was too bitter and that he had forgotten his sugar and milk, he tried to gulp it down as smoothly as he could. It was hard, however. Keeping a straight face, while having to drink something worse than his grandmother’s herbal medicines, was hard. “Hmm?” he hummed at Linus's question.

    “Ah, yes, we do.” He thought back to the courses they had taken together. Fairy Tale Psychology, Contemporary Fairy Tales… Warren couldn’t resist himself when he signed up for the classes. He was intrigued on what humans had to say about his culture. What they knew, whilst he was trying to hold himself in, trying not to act too obvious on what he actually was. There, he had met Charlotte, dynamic, witty, curious, much too curious, but funny, and they had become friends.

    He wasn’t sure if he should share such information with Linus, however. What would he think of it? Silly? Funny? Was he a believer, another curious mind? Warren didn’t want to trigger himself into a difficult situation, so he chose to remain silent about the details of their meeting. “She sure is… something,” he grinned, his hands mimicking Linus’s, wrapped around his coffee.

    “She borrowed a book from me, but never returned it,” he continued, his eyes eyeing the yellowed pages of the paperback at his date’s side. “Until now that is,” he continued, shaking his head slightly. Truly, he couldn’t predict that woman at all.

    “Well, since we are here anyway…” Warren straightened himself up a little. Raising up his hand the blond smiled his teeth bare, raising up the first finger, his pinky finger and said; “I hate my coffee black, but I forgot the sugar and milk today.”

    Raising up his second finger, the ring finger, Warren continued to count off his list; “Self-proclaimed pun-master. You, shall not pass them.” He lightly chuckled at his own joke. If Alistair had been here he would have been hit over his head by now.

    “I’m not a dog, nor a cat person, I’m a plant person.” Third.

    “My favourite colours are green and brown.” Fourth, by now Warren’s eyes got a certain glint in them. A little bit of mischief as he had something up onto his sleeve.

    “My friends like to describe me as; magical.” With that his full hand was in the air, fingers spread as he winked at Linus. He couldn’t help himself. While he had just revealed a big hint about himself the blond thought of how bad of a pick-up line that could be interpreted as. Surely it couldn’t hurt to joke around a little, right? Warren just hoped that Linus wasn’t the type that would look too deep into it, but otherwise he would know not to get near him in the future. That if the fire was getting too close.

    “Your turn, give me five random facts about yourself,” Warren challenged the man, leaning over a little closer.
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  9. Linus' brows drew down slightly when Warren started his list, but his expression softened when he guessed what was going on. His lips quirked into a small smile at the wordplay, which widened into a grin when he was invited to produce his own list.

    "I like it." he said, holding up one hand, supported by an elbow on the table, palm facing himself. "All right; One: I have a name-based resentment for the comic strip 'Peanuts'." He tucked his thumb against his palm.

    "I had this exact book when I was a kid and I was obsessed with it." As he spoke, he slid the volume across the table to Warren with his free hand, then continued counting down, folding his forefinger down.

    "I have a very long bucket list and I'm never not working on it." three.

    "I'm really hoping that not being a dog person doesn't mean you hate dogs, because I have a greyhound at home who would be absolutely heartbroken to learn there is a person in the world who doesn't want to be her friend" He couldn't keep from smiling as the long, derpy smiling face of the dog flickered into his head. and he was left with only one finger remaining

    "I would be happy to repair your coffee for you." He finished, sliding out of his seat.

    There were two carafes on the end of the espresso bar. He topped off his own mug and added a sugar to keep the ratio even. He scooped a couple of creamers into his palm and pinched two packets of sugar between his fingers before heading back; the whole process took less than two minutes and then he was laying the condiments onto the table by Warren's mug and sliding back into his seat.
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  10. A short chuckle escaped him when Linus kicked off with his first fact. One that should say; ‘haha, in that sense’. Creating an illusion as if he knew what he was laughing about. As if he understood what the other was talking about when 'Peanuts' was mentioned. In all honesty, Warren didn’t. The blond had grown up apart from comics. Instead, his days had been filled with fairy tales, lessons of a hidden world (his hidden world), and focussed on how to control himself better. It was the reality every fairy child faced.

    His expression faltered when the book was mentioned. Another rush of familiarity washed over him. This time in the form of a memory. A boyish smile and the park nearby came to his mind. Exhaling a little, trying to cover up his own discomfort as much as possible, Warren tried to hold back the urge to put his hand over the place where his heart was. The slight thump of excitement, but also in longing, pained him in a way that the blond didn't quite understand. He dismissed it, focussing his attention back on Linus again. It would be rude to miss out on the rest of the conversation because of a wave of nostalgia.

    Tracing with his finger over the paperback Warren’s smile returned as Linus mentioned his dog. He imagined one of these friendly giants, overly enthusiastic and always overflowing with energy. A lovely image. Except, for his unfortunate plants. Unwittingly Warren’s mind travelled back to a memory where the neighbour’s dog had decided to dig in his parents’ garden. The young blond had cried for days after the ordeal, mourning over the green life he had lost. Today he could only laugh at the thought. A new friend or two sounded nice, better than nice even…

    “Thanks.” Taking the sugar and milk in hands the fae started to pour them into his coffee. He could have easily gone by himself, but Linus had beaten him to it. Not that he minded, Warren could appreciate the gesture. Now, with his coffee fixed the fairy took a sip. “Much better,” he exhaled satisfied, his shoulders relaxing again.

    A sudden light of mischief lit up within his eyes the next time he looked up. In all his comfort the male wanted to pick up the conversation again, however not down the same road as earlier. Now that they got to know each other, albeit superficially, he deemed them to be ready for the next stage.

    “So…” he started, his voice growing a little deeper as he scooted closer to Linus. Here was the hope that the man didn’t mind some invasion of private space, for Warren was oblivious of the distance between them. “What do you suggest we do with Charlotte?” After exchanging five facts, or four-and-a-half, Warren decided that they were friends. Or even better; partners in crime.

    With a snigger Warren gave Linus a look in the eyes, signing that he was very serious about this. “I don’t want anything simple like black pepper in her coffee, or salt instead of sugar,” he said, his hand waving these ideas off dismissively. No, he wanted it to be grand, to be big. Charlotte was going to suffer. Not because he hated his date, far from it, however, a warning would have been nice.
  11. Linus' brow furrowed in confusion. Do to Charlotte? He thought the date was going well, was there really such assumed mutual disappointment that the coordinator deserved punishment? But that didn't make sense. For one, what kind of horrifically insensitive person would so blatantly imply such a thing to their date's face? For another, Warren didn't seem upset or angry, instead his azure eyes were lit with mischief, and a smile curved his lips as he elaborated on the trouble he intended to visit on their mutual friend.

    To him, the only offence Charlotte had committed today was her usual habit of playing a game without care to the will of her chess-pieces. It was a thing she did often, and usually Linus was of the disposition not to mind too terribly. If he had plans in place, he turned whatever ones she had made on his behalf down, but it wasn't always that simple. He'd had peaceful evenings interrupted by her insane battering on his door, had his own plans cancelled on his behalf; the list of inconveniences grew to a criminal length in his mind and moments after Warren had finished speaking, Linus had pondered enough.

    "No, you're right, it has to be done right." he agreed, folding his forearms on the table and leaning forward on the support of his shoulders to a conspiratorial distance from the other man.

    "We don't need a prank" he mused aloud, "We need a hex. Something to really mess with her head."

    Scenarios spun through his head at dizzying speed, and were dismissed as quickly. It needed to be refined as much as it needed to result in Charlotte gaining some consideration for others before attempting to manipulate their lives. Her offence in arranging this date was minor, but it was only the latest in a long string of the same, and it needed slowing.

    "I guess we could book her days and make her schedule as chaotic as she does other people's" he speculated. "Oh, I should mention I'm her manager so I can totally screw with her work life"
  12. Musing to himself on what prank they should play Warren pursed his lips a little. The mention of screwing her work life sounded tempting, but at the same time the faerie felt a little guilty for thinking such. It was a nice idea, for sure, but it also felt like going a bit too far to interfere with her professional life. Besides, he wanted to have a nice hand in the prank as well.

    “Or we set her up with a terrible match for her next blind date,” he mused, sniggering lightly as he thought of the kind of person Charlotte would never wish to be seen with on a date. However, realising what he said the male turned around, eyes wide. “Ah, of course I didn’t mean to say that I’m not enjoying my time here, don’t get me wrong!” he quickly added to it, hoping that Linus wouldn’t take it too personally. She just needed to have a taste of her own game.

    Eyes flickering over the crowd the blond sighed to himself, his hand running through his bangs a little as he pulled at them lightly. They were getting long, a cut would do him well.

    “I would have appreciated it I had been told I had a blind date beforehand, however,” he mumbled with a slight pout. “I would have put some effort in my appearance then,” he followed, noting how shabby he looked, in his worn out sweater of yesterday and jeans, compared to the pressed shirt of Linus. Yes, this was indeed quite embarrassing. First impressions were important, and he wasn’t making any statement at all right now. Or at least none too positive.

    Though, it didn’t seem that Linus minded his appearance. At least, he didn’t seem to be too disgusted with it. Warren couldn’t find any other sign of displeasure either, so he supposed that it wasn’t as bad as he imagined it to be.

    Letting his eyes fall over the shop one last time the blond cocked his head a little in surprise of one particular figure. Why would someone wear a hat and sunglasses when indoors? Where the faerie had almost dismissed the figure, he soon had the feeling that he was being stared at. However, that was hard to determine with the tinted glasses covering the eyes of the hooded stranger.

    “You know,” Warren started slowly, an idea popping inside of his head. He had no proof of who this person was, but he had a slight idea.

    Turning back to Linus the male closed in the distance between them, stopping his face mere inches in front of the other. A charming smile laid on his lips as he hoped that Linus wouldn’t move away from him in shock. The sudden movement certainly could cause such a reaction. ‘Behind us,’ he mouthed to the other, his eyes subtly moving to the side.

    And even if his intuition turned out to be wrong, at least he would be able to get a good laugh out of it later.
  13. Linus' face lit with approval when Warren suggested they make their mutual manipulator play her own game. In the back of his mind, he sorted through friends and acquaintences, wondering who would both be a good enough sport to give it a go, but also such a guarenteed bad match that the desired effect could be achieved.

    A smile snuck onto his face, and stayed there as his date frantically backpedaled from his perceived misstep. Was it demeaning to already be thinking of him as adorable when flustered? Anyway, he felt a sort of relief in knowing he wasn't the only one for whom this meeting had been a pleasant surprise.

    "It's fine" he interjected as he pointed out the gap in their wardrobe choices. "Honestly I'm overdressed coming from work, you look - comfortable, at least."

    He wasn't sure why he'd cut himself off from saying 'fine', there was nothing wrong with saying someone looked fine, did they? But it sounded prematurely flirtatious in his head, he didn't want to intimidate and he coudln't think of a more innocious substitute in time. He could only hope Warren didn't interpret the inflection to mean that he had been about to criticize.

    He didn't have time to find out, however, and his eyes unconsciously widened when he found Warren's face significantly closer to his own, and felt a creeping tide of warmth making its way across his cheeks. Despite their height disparity, leaning on the table put the other man on eye level, and Linus found his line of sight magnetized with a pull that seemed to blur the space around them. He could see the individual lashes over his eyes, smell the faint aroma of sweetened coffee - from whose lips he wasn't sure. Had he been only a few centimetres closer he would feel the soft brush of blond hairs against his forehead. Linus found himself acutely aware of how long it'd been since he'd had that kind of intimate proximity, and the natural wavering of a human trying to stay still suddenly seemed a tangible force of motion.

    Belatedly, he realised Warren had been saying something as the icy blue eyes that held him frozen darted sideways. Frantically, he backtracked. He hadn't said anything, he was sure he hadn't said anything. Distracted, caught off-guard, nigh-mesmerised though he might have beeen, Linus was sure he wasn't out of it enough to have missed even a whisper at that vicinity. But his lips had definitely moved; shaping words? Translation was a lost cause as precious seconds to catch up to the silent conversation slipped away.

    Miraculously, in combination with the sideways glance, it clicked what Warren had been communicating. Frozen in place, Linus risked a glance to the side, but saw nothing. Whatever it was either was too subtle to be noticed given the distraction of proximity, or was outside of his line of view. He raised an eyebrow in a brief questioning expression, unsure what he should be looking for.
  14. While Linus had perfectly caught onto their agreed prank for Charlotte he didn’t seem to catch onto the joke playing now. The flustered expression was understandable, no one expected a stranger they just met to get so close to them. Warren supposed that he should have given a clearer warning.

    However, the man didn’t move away, much to the blond's relief. Which meant that he wasn’t completely disgusted with the fairy. Just a slightly confused, but as mentioned earlier, could he really be to blame for being so?

    A clatter was heard from behind him, the sound of something metal falling on a plate by accident. Smiling a little the fae sneakily glanced over his shoulder, his form still hunched over to his date. It seemed that the suspicious figure had dropped her spoon by accident. Could it really be? The blond felt as if his suspicions had been confirmed with this, but could he really say so? She could also be a mere bystander who had been staring at them inappropriately long.

    Lowering his head Warren laughed dryly, the knuckles of his hand slightly gracing his lips as he tried to not be too loud. The image inside of his head that they could be spied on, that someone was watching over this surprise date and now misunderstanding the situation, had been too hilarious. Especially if he found himself to be very successful in his prank, even if his date was bewildered by his actions.

    “I’m sorry, I will give back your air,” he whispered to the dark haired male, eyes cheekily twinkling. He wasn’t sorry at all to be honest. In that slight moment that their faces were so close apart he had taken in a lot of valuable information. Such as the faint scent of coffee, the fade of stubbles on his face and the exact colours of his eyes. A perfectly normal human being. Unfortunately.

    It wasn’t that he disliked humans. Far from it. Warren always felt envious of them, for they were able to live so freely and without burdens it seems. The fae knew that it was ridiculous to think that humans experienced no hardships, but for some reason he found them to be more alike to the sun than they were, the faeries who worshipped mother Gaia so much. Perhaps it was their ignorance towards the existence of fairies? After all, the blond did seem perfectly human.

    “So,” he chuckled a little, distracting himself from his train of thoughts. What use was there for him to be dwelling over the differences between the two races? He had done so when he was young, when still unable to understand and gotten in trouble. The man was now an adult now, expected to carry himself with pride and humility.

    “Is this your first time going on a blind-date with a male?” Warren asked, eyes darting away a little in bashfulness. It certainly was for him and though they now lived in an era where a lot was accepted and tolerated the male still felt a slight feeling of awkwardness within him.
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  15. Words were still too delayed for him to reply to Warren's remark about his air, but he managed to move back to a normal seated position without undue delay. From the expression on Warren's face, though, he was probably aware that Linus had been put off-balance by their proximity; it seemed to amuse him in some way.

    He still had no idea what Warren had been looking at, but given that he didn't seem particularly disappointed or upset that Linus hadn't caught on, he decided it couldn't have been terribly critical, and opted to disregard it and attended to the question now being posed.

    "No, my first date with a guy was back in high school; we were chilling in his parents' basement and he had to sneak me out the cellar door when his dad came home. Good times." he added dryly.

    Sneaking around had, thankfully, become less necessary as he got older and the world got wiser, but despite the insecurity of being someone's dirty little secret, and before the utter panic and adrenaline as he ducked through the cellar door and over the fence, the warm smell of dust and mothballs on an old knitted blanket, the dim yellow light from a hanging light-bulb, and the scratchy sounds of cable TV with the worst picture ever - which didn't matter cause they were both far too nervous to pay attention anyway - still really did occupy a space in the 'good times' section of his memory.

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  16. Stirring in his coffee Warren’s gaze went off into his thoughts, soaking in the words as he tried to think of something similar as what Linus described. Unfortunately, Warren didn’t have much dating experience, much less with a guy. It almost disappointed him how it wasn’t the fae who had the honour of being the first male blind date. Especially for it was, indeed, his first male blind date. However, Warren knew very well that it was unreasonable to demand such.

    “Does a play date count?” the male smiled, suddenly remembering these fond memories of his childhood. His first human friend, and his only human friend who he had ever shown his magic to. That until his grandmother had dragged him off and forbade him to ever get near the boy again. The fae had to admit that, even after all these years, that human was still his closest and his best friend out of all of the human friends he had made afterwards. It was because of that incident, back in his childhood, that he had started to build an invisible wall between him and the humans. One that he loathed now, but couldn’t break.

    “Though, admitted, we were both no older than ten and he called me his ‘imaginary’ friend,” the male chuckled at himself, letting his head hang a little as he thought of the title. Thinking back of it he did ask for the embarrassing name, with Warren growing flowers on the spot and the likes. No kid, no matter how filled with dreams and innocence, would be able to believe their eyes if they saw that happen. Yet, it truly did.

    “Ah, that actually sounds quite stupid, now that I think about it.” Realising what he had said the male rubbed his chin a little. Feeling himself flush Warren wondered why he had decided to share exactly that silly story with Linus. It was as if he had only his childhood to talk about and no other experiences to share. Awkward.

    Eyeing the other carefully the blond just hoped that his date didn’t think he was some uninteresting loser who was stuck at home all day. Though, the fae supposed that the description wouldn’t be too far off from what he actually was.
  17. “Does a play date count?”

    Linus chuckled softly, his eyes dropping to his coffee as a smile curved his lips.

    "No, I don't think so." he said apologetically.

    It was uncanny, the tale he'd just told. Briefly, an impression flickered in the back of his mind; sunset, and lots of green. A boy with fair hair, a magic boy. It had been a while since he'd thought on his own imaginary playmate. Usually mental mentions brought on pragmatic scorn, but it hadn't been ridiculous or air-headed at the time, it had been simple; warm.

    Still, there was something unusual about what Warren had just said, something beyond the old fragments it brought to the surface of his mind. Having not been on a date with someone of the same sex before was interesting and a little surprising, but not enough to itch at the base of his skull like this. He felt like that was closer though, something about this date; something he'd said made this date feel off.

    "Hold up" he said, smile fading a bit as he scrutinized the still slightly shy man's expression.

    "Didn't you say Charlotte surprised you with this today?"

    Warren's pale cheeks were tinged with roses.

    "Er, well, yes..."

    There it was.

    "Oohhh I tell you" he said, his head tilting forward. He closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose as if he'd just gotten a sudden headache. "I've never hit a girl, but that one needs to learn some damn limits."

    He didn't like it when people saw him irritated, and he didn't have a very good poker face.

    It all made sense, his surprise and hesitation when he spotted Linus. His demeanor, awkward even for an average date. Wanting revenge on Charlotte for an inconvenience. Except it wasn't just an inconvenience. Sure, there was a small chance he was gay or bi and just hadn't dated a lot, but given Charlotte's impulsiveness, and that half her brain lived in a harlequin dime novel, it was more likely she just thought they'd be cute together and pushed him into it despite his being straight or in the closet. Linus wasn't sure which of those would be worse just at the moment, but he was fairly certain that neither made what his favourite imaginary romcom director had done in any way okay.

    Damn, and he was so cute, too.

    "I am so sorry" he said, composing himself and looking Warren in the eye with an earnest expression. "Listen, we can just hang out if you're uncomfortable, it doesn't have to be a date. It's fine if you want to call it, and I'll talk to Charlotte, she's way out of line here, even for her."
  18. Fiddling around with the plant on the table Warren tried to avoid Linus’s expression. The male’s emotions strained themselves at the realisation that the blond had been tricked into this blind date. Now as Linus was mumbling words that sounded like a threat to him the male focussed himself on the slightly dried out plant in front of him. He didn’t mean to rile him up, or get Charlotte physically hurt.

    “It is fine,” the male tried to assure him. Holding a leaf between his fingers. Would his date notice if he just gave it a bit of nourishment? The poor thing was in need of some, but Warren knew he couldn’t give it everything it wanted, for that would be too obvious. The blond shifted his eyes towards the other, trying gauge how much of his attention was geared towards him. Unfortunately it seemed that everything was, freezing him up a little at how intense Linus’s gaze was.

    “Don’t worry about it, really. I’m enjoying my time,” the blond smiled, making sure to put an emphasis on the fact that he was in no discomfort. Surely, Charlotte had him caught off guard with this elaborate plan, but what gives? Neither seemed to mind sitting here, chatting and drinking away their coffee. It may have not turned out the way he expected it to be, but at least now he had gained a new friend. Not to mention a friend with whom he could prank Charlotte with. Now that was something he looked forward to.

    “Besides,” and here he grinned playfully, as he slyly let something slip from between his fingers to the plant. “What would be the difference?” he questioned. It might have sound innocent, maybe it really was. However, Warren really had no intention of going any further than they already had for a first date.

    Letting go off the plant the fae rubbed the back of his head. The plant’s leaves looked a bit firmer now, but not by much. One really had to pay attention to it for it to be noticeable. Just the way he wanted it, just the way it was supposed to be. “It is quite funny, really,” Warren spoke, smirking a little at his thoughts. “Charlotte really surprised me, us, but I’m glad she did,” he sighed. Yes, he really did appreciate this new friend he made, he just hoped that the other thought of it the same.
  19. "Well I'm glad, but-" Linus shifted in his chair, disconcerted by Warren's relaxed state. He couldn't understand how he was more upset about this than the victim was, and supposed he should be taking the disparity of their reactions as a cue to calm down, but it was only making him more het up. Did Warren's nonplussed demeanor mean he'd been approaching this platonically from the beginning, and so Linus' discomfort with the circumstances of their meeting changed nothing? In that case, he hadn't had a chance to start with. Not that losing a shot was what had upset him.

    This was getting confusing.

    He combed his fingers through the hair at the back of his head in a quick, repeated gesture; a meaningless gesture to vent some of the excess energy crackling through his limbs.

    "That terrible matchup for her next date has to be absolutely abysmal" he finished, turning his thoughts and the sparks flying through his mind back to the subject of retribution. "Anybody in mind?"
  20. Sneaking a glance over his company Warren smiled a little absentmindedly. The fae didn't notice how Linus cut off in the middle of his sentence and sunk in thoughts. He was too worried that his date would notice the slight trick he pulled. It wasn't big, or anything, but one could never be too careful and Warren didn't know how sharp Linus was in his observations.

    "Agreed," he simply responded to the expectations voiced, sneaking a glance over to the suspicious figure sitting near them. Could she hear them? Warren didn't want to take any risks and scooted a little closer, his voice dropping down a little as he played around with the plant on the table. The male couldn't help it, he just really felt for the poor thing.

    "I was thinking of a classmate of ours. Tall, lanky, kinda really shy and awkward with women of any kind. He seems to like Charlotte," Warren quickly described, thinking back of Arnold that always sat behind her. He seemed like a decent guy, but at the same time he simply didn't seem to be her type. A bit geeky and slow in character. It stood in contrast to the fast, social beat Charlotte lived on.

    "I just don't know if she ever noticed him, however," he mused. He didn't like to assume that Charlotte might have delibirately ignored the male, but it very well could be possible. The female didn't seem to be the kind who wouldn't pick up on that sort of attention. Besides, the poor male never hid his admiration for the brunette, oggling her every move and blushing at every sound she made. Warren chuckled a little at that thought. It was kind of adorably creepy in a sense.

    "I don't know, maybe that you have someone better? What sort of type would she dislike the most, anyway?" Warren had to admit, he never really thought about types, or anyones types, let alone what would definitely not be their type.
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