Eternity In The Eyes Of Mana

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  1. Eternity In The Eyes Of Mana

    Before the existence of sin... humans were once a part of a different world. A world filled with enchantment, and wonder. Yet at the foolish actions of Adam ruler of the Human Mana who stole the Apple of Sin were soon casted into the mortal realm of hell once he devoured the Forbidden Fruit, and became the Immortal Demon Lucifer

    The Land of Mana... the other side of the coin to Earth. A place of beauty whose wonders easily paled that of Earths. Where the denizens who were wise could live forever. Where the most revered deities coexisted with their people, and kept them safe from the Pillar of Naught. The spiritual world that humans now call heaven though it is not exactly the way human envision it to be. It is not the place were the dead who were "good or righteous" are ferried to. It is the world where beings known as Mana peacefully lived... well it use to be before the unexpected actions of Adam.

    Once a long time ago 11 Kingdoms existed in the Land of Mana. The Kingdom of Elementals, Aquatic, Tengu, Kitsune, Werebeast, The Undying, Dragon, Human, Insect, Mamethal, and Botanical. These 11 Kingdoms had long since shared a strong bonded peace with each other for many a century. At the helm of each was a ruler of great power... The Original 11 who were suddenly brought to life by means no one can explain... the very fathers, and mothers who created their children from their very own veins of mana, and the landscapes that made up the Land of Mana.

    Yet before this... there was one other "thing" that had come to life with the Original 11... The Pillar of Naught. The 11 knew that whatever it was even with their innocent minds... that it was something meant to be left alone, and not trifled with. For many years the denizens of Mana stayed away from the looming construct never daring to go near it in fear of what could be inside. That was... until the curiosity of Adam the Original of Human... could not bare the strain his curiosity caused on his mind in wonder. Without anyone knowing Adam snuck into the Pillar of Naught. Whatever was inside he never told anyone not even his own children... yet from that day many would learn of what he brought out from the Pillar of Naught. The Apple of Sin a strange crimson colored apple that Adam showcased to the other rulers in the Land of Mana. When asked where he had found such a strange fruit by the other rulers he answered in earnest causing what would be known as the first fight amongst them all. Many of his fellow rulers demanded he burned the apple out of existence, some threatened him to throw it back into the Pillar of Naught, and a few even requested it from him. This would be the cause of the first war to scar the Land of Mana along with the creation of the first Mana Knights.

    The war would be a devastating experience for all that existed as it introduced the existence of death, and The Void. All for a single fruit found within The Pillar of Naught. It ran heaviest against the souls of The Original 11 as they experienced, and watched over, and over as there children died before them... all except for one. Adam was slowly losing his grip on reality the longer he kept the Apple of Sin until finally he found himself desiring it so far to the point he devoured it in fear that it would eventually be taken away from him. This one action had been what ended the war as the moment Adam devoured the fruit him, and his whole kingdom along with all of his children vanished from existence... the only thing that could be found was a ominous door made out of a similar material as found on the Pillar of Naught. A door that would forever be the portal between Earth, and the Land of Mana.

    The rebirth of humans would eventually be discovered by the Mana... yet unfortunately these humans were no longer Mana's, and thus couldn't be saved from the harsh reality of Earth back to the Land of Mana. The 10 Kingdoms left in existence indeed felt sorry for the human's who were now made of flesh, and blood. Yet with no way to bring them back even with the portal there was nothing they could do, and thus decided the best course of action was to make Earth as habitable as possible. They had agreed that even though the actions of Adam were undeniably wrong it was not his fault, and they would not take it out on what now existed of his kind. Eventually, however, it was discovered that the Human Mana's who had vanished along with Adam had not gone to The Void as many originally thought. This was known as the discover of Demons who were once Human Mana's corrupted by the Apple of Sin.

    And with this discovery began a whole new war that continues even to this day...​

    Well then if you willing read through all of that I am going to assume your very interested in this idea x3... that or like to torture yourself... hopefully not that XD. Anywho the plot of this is pretty straight forward. In a effort to protect the human's rebirthed on Earth from the demonic Adam aka Lucifer, and his army of demons the 10 Kingdoms of Mana send Mana Knights to Earth to slay the demonic creature so that their souls will be sent to the void to be cleansed. Only problem is demons can convert human souls into new demons by devouring them, killing them, and even possessing them. Add that in with the human reproductive rate... and you have a seemingly endless war on your hands.

    Upon realization to this matter the Rulers of The Land of Mana have agreed it is now time to take the fight directly to Lucifer. The only problem is due to their level of power the Rulers can only temporarily enter Earth, and only through possession of one of their own Mana Knights for about 10 minutes. With that problem alone Lucifer has been able to avoid confrontation for quite a long time.

    Your goal can be a pleather of routes. Be a Mana Knight sent to Earth to eradicate as many demons as you can all the while trying to hunt down Lucifer so that your Ruler can pummel his ass straight to The Void. Be a demon loyal to Lucifer as you spread his infectious insanity upon mankind or not, and try to usurp him so that you may take away his power of Sin for your own. Hell even be a human, or Mana on the sidelines supporting which ever side you want however you can. And if you feel tempted enough become a human exorcist, and help the Mana Knights fight against Lucifer.

    RULE'S (open)

    Because you can't have a RP without them.

    1. No Power-playing(Three Strike Rule) or God-Moding(One Warning).

    2. Realize if you play a human you may get easily killed... just saying. However anyone could die so keep that in mind.

    3. If you want to make your own plot within the story I do not mind it. Just remember it could get overrun by the main plot some times.

    4. Do not cause fights in the OOC(Three Strike Rule).

    5. What I say goes accept that I am GM HEAR ME ROAR XD. That doesn't mean I wont listen though if you have a complaint, but if you do PM it to me before causing trouble in the OOC.

    6. To avoid the whole "I am Dodge Lord" or "I Can Block Everything" fight scenes will be collabed by all involved that way nothing to unbelievable gets in a post. If you guys want me to be involved in the collab just let me know, and I will create PM to all parties involved that way I can watch over it.

    7. Two Paragraph Minimum unless your obviously in a situation where its really hard. At that point if you can please collab a post with those your interacting with. If not well then please try not to over spam the thread TWT.


    9. Respect your fellow RPers.

    10. Take all adult stuff to PM's.

    11. If you are a human, and you get injured unless your a Exorcise your not going to recover very quickly please
    keep that in mind. That said if your anything else remember just because you have mana, and possibly made of mana doesn't mean you don't have a limit. Each hit does damage, and after a certain amount please have your character react accordingly in whatever state they should be in

    12: Have fun x3.

    Mana Types (open)

    Botanical Mana
    Plant creatures who have control over nature usually very docile, and protective of all things nature. They are well known for adopting a motherly, or fatherly nature towards everyone they like. However, harm any sort of plant life(accept for Earth weeds), and they will quickly become hostile. They are huge lovers of farming, and can always been seen taking care of plant life wherever they go, or live. In fact if one were to be in a relationship with a Botanical Mana they will have to accept helping their lover with their work, or be quickly thrown out of a relationship. Their biggest weakness is fire.

    Nature Magic
    Botanical Mana offer many abilities their most powerful being the ability to heal, or regenerate limbs even their own heads at a insane rate as long as they have the strength to do so. They can also absorb life, and give life to other plant life though usually its a last resort for a Botanical Mana to take life from a plant. They can also accelerate plant growth, and cause genetic mutation within plants to create moving minions to help them in battle. They can also dig into the earth with ease moving at a speed 3 times faster then they can above ground. Killing a Botanical Mana is probably the hardest thing to do seeing as you must literally destroy their entire body. If even a fragment of them survives the fight it may take a awhile, but they will eventually regenerate. Fighting a Plant Mana underground is a quick way to get yourself killed unless you are also a Plant Mana, or a Insect Mana.

    Ruler: Lady Yggdrasil(Click Me x3)

    Aquatic Mana
    Mermaid/Merman creatures who are numerous in species type matching nearly every type of Earth aquatic animal. These Mana are very family oriented believing a large family is a happy family as such it isn't rare to see a Aquatic Mana with multiple lovers. They are also the most beautiful Mana species as a whole with there rarely being a "normal" looking individual amongst them. Their biggest weakness besides one particular species of Merfolk is electricity.

    Mer Magic
    Most well known for their water/ice manipulation these merfolk have quite a series of other abilities. They themselves can transform into water becoming practically invisibly, and can actually move through ice with ease without slowing down. Their song abilities can cause numerous stat effects such as blind, silencing, slow, haste, berserk, calming, accelerate healing, and much more. They can also swim in the air since their true forms cannot create legs. Yet in the water they are the most dangerous able to move 3 times faster then they can on land. Their most dangerous ability is known as the Siren's song which they must continuously sing to keep into effect. With it they can cause everything not considered a ally to them to freeze involuntarily. The only backlash is if they sing it longer then 20 seconds their bodies start to take massive damage from overuse. Never fight a Aquatic Mana underwater, or you shall receive a watery grave.

    Ruler: Lord Neptune(Click Me)
    Undying Mana
    A race of gothic creatures usually spotted out by their bat like features, and very pale skin complexion. A very reclusive race that rarely interacts with any of the other kingdoms beyond the hunt for Lucifer. They are also well known for their enjoyment of drinking blood, but by no means the amount that it would kill their victim. Very nocturnal in nature the Undying usually are never seen outside while the sun is out, but are not harmed nor weakened when they do. They do however get an increase in strength when a full moon is out making them even more dangerous than they already are to begin with. Almost all Undying Mana wear a dark color cape for some strange reason that even they can’t explain. Just like Aquatic Manas they too can levitate in the air. Their biggest weakness is silver yet the only way to kill a Undying Mana is to severe their head, and set their bodies aflame. If you do not do this they can be revived by someone reattaching their head, or feeding them blood/mana.

    Reality Breaker Magic
    One of the most powerful magic’s within the 10 kingdoms. With it the Undying can create dimension portals allowing them to travel short and far distances in an instant, and dimensional rifts to deliver short distance attacks to a target far away. They can also see through walls, and armor with this magic transforming their eyes into a crimson red. Upon consumption of blood, or mana from another Mana’s being they can recover from small wounds, or close fatal wounds. They also have the ability to temporarily mind control those they drink from creating a temporary slave lasting usually about 6 hours. Never fight a Undying Mana in the dark, or you may never return to the light.

    Ruler: Lady Dhampiresa(click me also give me bat ears, and wings)

    Kitsune Mana
    A highly mischievous, and intelligent breed of Mana with the notable traits of a fox. Usually considered the thorn in the side of most every single other kingdom minus the Tengu, and Elemental they can clearly be a bit overbearing in their pranks to those without a sense of humor. The elements that separate them from the Werebeast is not only their Magic ability, but also their usually irregularity of having more then one tail usually between 2-9 of them actually. Another is that their animal traits always have a silhouette purple glow around them caused by their bodies overproducing Mana a fact that causes them to be the hardest Mana creatures to wear down in a fight. Their biggest weakness is Ice.

    Fox Fire Magic
    Also known as Kyuubi Illusion Magic this grants the Kitsune's with the ability to create a highly realistic illusion around a good city block. Though at first that doesn't sound dangerous being only able to bewitch their opponent's sight... that is by no means all that they can do. Do to their overproducing mana capability they can actually cause a great deal of their illusions to become real being able to inflict actual damage upon their enemies while keeping out of harms way. The only issue is, however, is once a Kitsune sets up their illusionary field it cannot be expanded for the rest of the fight. So if a opponent happens to escape the field of the illusion they can immediately tell where the Kitsune is if they have not hidden themselves from plain sight. Ice, and mirrors can help someone fight a Kitsune as only the real illusions will be shown in a reflective surface while everything created in the illusion will not. Once you are trapped within a Kitsune's illusion without these sort of item/abilities you will immediately find your life in extreme danger.

    Ruler: Lady Amaterasu(Click me x3)
    Mamethal Mana
    This particular species is rather interesting as their are two different types, however, all of those apart of this Kingdom are well noted for their animal traits from rather large animals like horses, rhino's, elephants, cows, an etc. What somewhat divides this kingdom is that half of them are actually tauric in nature having the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a animal. These mana are well known for their love of combat as a sport, and symbol of political ranking. The strongest are always right is the motto the Mamethal Mana follow, and luckily it has seemed to steer them right so far. Fighting a Mamethal in close quarters combat or fist to fist is highly discouraged. Mamethal Mana are easily susceptible to statues effects, and thus consider it their biggest weakness.

    Enhancement Magic
    The Mamethal are not the kind to drag out a fight yet they are not foolish enough to believe each fight can be ended with a few punches, and kicks nor are they suicidal. Thus their magic insure's they can handle most types of situations. A Mamethel can cover their skin, and equipment with a layer of barrier magic as strong as iron alloy. They can boost their strength, and speed up five times then normal though they have to slowly increase one level at a time or risk going into a berserk mode due to too much released mana. Strangely Mamethal Mana have also learned to channel their powers into their feet allowing them to run up structures, and even walk on water.

    Ruler: Lord Chiron(Click ME)

    Dragon Mana
    Seekers of knowledge is the best way to describe this race of Mana. They are a highly intelligent race with a strong desire to record, and uphold true history. Though at first they can come off with a bit of a superior attitude they by no means think they are above everyone... though they do aim to be. A race well marked by their scaly skin, and draconic features. Due to their natural skin they are the hardest Mana's to wound in battle, and one of the most physically strong. Somewhat like Botanical Mana's they to can regenerate limb's, but at a much slower rate... though they can by no means survive decapitation. There is quite a diversity between the many types of Dragon Mana. Some are separated by their scale colors/designs, or their physical additions where some Dragon Mana's have wings, and others don't. A Dragon Mana's biggest weakness is diamonds a material that upon contact immediately makes their scales melt off exposing that part of their body easy for piercing damage, or if someone can pull it off any weapons made out of diamonds will easily bludgeon, or cut through their bodies. Never challenge a Dragon Mana in a battle of wits, or you may end up causing your own death.

    Mystic Eye Magic
    Possibly the most diverse magic type of all the 12 Kingdoms, and why do you ask? Basically cause its the ability to use ever single magic type found in the Land of Mana making Dragon Mana's the Jack's of all trades when it comes to magic. There are limits to what a Dragon Mana can do spell casting wise. Like for one they can only use the magic type their eye color currently represents. Though they can use two at the same time with one eye being used to channel one type while the other eyes channel the second one. Duel wielding, however, is very taxing on a Dragon Mana so it's more of a last resort effort when they are clearly in danger. Most Dragon Mana learn to rely on one specific type of magic which will usually cause them to temporarily move to that magic's Kingdom to find a tutor to help them perfect the art.

    Ruler: Lady Echidna

    Werebeast Mana
    The most aggressive, and hostile of all Mana's its not a joke when one says beast is the perfect word to describe them. A species well noted for either their feline, or canine features the most notable being their fur which is pleasant to the touch. These Mana's are well known for their tracking, and hunting skills perfected by their heightened senses making them perfect for scouting out enemies in unseen places. They are also one of the most adaptable fighters easily adjusting to unusual terrains without much problem. The feline line is most well known for their quick reflexes while the canine line is most well known for their accuracy. Their biggest weakness is anything that can effect their sight, or smelling which due to their massive reliance to said senses causes them to panic, and usually retreat.

    Transforming Magic
    The capability to fully, or partially transform into the beast their particular animal traits are based on. With these transformations a Werebeast Mana can channel their sense to a level three times greater then usually possibly with a massive increase to their overall speed, and strength. Yet with this comes a lose of intelligence with only the capability to consciously discern ally from enemy.

    Ruler: Lord Fenrir(Click Me)

    Insect Mana
    Easily spotted by their insect armor like skin, and insect like appendages they are easily considered the most fearsome appearing Mana's in all the land. Though their are multiple kinds of Insect Mana's no matter the type they all are telepathically connected to one another, and only speak aloud when talking to one not connected in their hive like network. Yet regardless they do each have their own will, and small personal traits that make them unique. They are also a very logical species much like the Dragon Mana. A majority of their kingdom is underground with their tunnels, and structures considered the most beautiful sight to ever behold. Unlike the other 11 kingdoms Insect Mana cannot register the concept of pain, and thus are the most brutal fighters as long as their bodies can move. With that said like a Plant Mana they can easily continue to fight even with the loss of a few limbs though they do not have the fast recover skills that the Plant Mana do. A Insect Mana's greatest weakness is poison/water based skills. It is best to avoid a fight with a Insect Mana underground.

    Earth Magic
    Quite literally they can bend any sort of rock/metal/gemstone to their will to form simple, or even complex shapes. Yet the size, and shape depends on their level of skill, and experience. They can also cause earth to levitate, and propel towards their target. Weapon crafting, house building, tunnel digging is easily achievable by their hands if given enough time. Yet their more well known skills is the ability to literally swim through earth like it was water making them the 2nd fastest underground.

    Ruler: Lord Gaia
    Tengu Mana
    The rulers of the sky is what many first think when they see a Tengu Mana flying about without a care in the world. Most well noted for their massive bird like wings Tengu Mana were ironically what man mistook for angels in the younger days of humanity. Tengu Mana are the most carefree, and calm Mana's one will ever meet as they take life with a "go with the flow" attitude. Yet oddly enough they are well unity, and follow their Ruler with a beautifully resounding loyalty quite shocking for their nature. A Tengu's wings are considered their most dangerous weapon with feathers capable of taking a full on hit from a berserker Mamethal Mana, and powerful enough to create tornado's with one powerful thrust .Tengu's highly value their ability to fly considering it a thrill that no other experience can give. Tengu's also are noted by their either very glossy, or piercing eyes. Attempting Aerial combat against a Tengu Mana is basically suicide as they are the fastest Mana in the sky. A Tengu Mana also is deadly fast on foot capable of using their wings to thrust them forward with a fast momentum. Just like Aquatic Mana their biggest weakness is electricity.

    Wind Magic
    The ability to bend wind to their will whether it be to control the air current that keeps them soaring in the sky's or to contort it into a wind drill around their arms. Tengu Mana can basically command the wind however they like. They can create tornado's with a single powerful gust of their wings, they can create laser like slashes with their weapons as they pressurize wind towards their enemy. Depending on the skill of the user a single Tengu Mana can become a destructive force to all around them

    Ruler: Lord Nevermore

    Elemental Mana
    In a nutshell their are a living form of whatever elemental they particularly represent in a human silhouette like appearance. Though technically they have no actual gender do to the free control they have on their bodies they can easily make themselves adjust to be either gender in case they ever become attached to what they consider a soul mate. In a passive light their bodies no matter the element they represent will only harm what they want it to thus they can be physically touched without alarm even if they are made of fire. Usually their personalities match up with the element they are made of to a strong degree. A Elemental's weakness is based upon what element that particular Mana represents.

    Elemental Magic
    Simply put the ability to bend their element.

    Ruler: The Essence

    Mana Knight (open)
    A Mana who has been chosen by their particular Kingdoms ruler to go to earth to combat the demonic threat poised by Lucifer. Their ultimate goal while hunting demons is to find Lucifer so that if given the chance their Rulers can us their bodies to temporarily exist on Earth. The only backlash is that such a experience could potential kill the host though most Mana Knights accept this price if it could mean the destruction of the demonic plague.

    Even though a Mana Knight is charged with saving humanity if threatened by human's they have the right to kill if necessarily unavoidable.

    Upon their new rank their ruler will bestow a weapon made out of their own Mana Vein called a Kingdom Treasure that has the capability to destroy demons

    Human Exorcists (open)

    A human who has been blessed by a Mana Knight to use that Mana's particular branch of magic without the physical nature of that Mana's body. Though a Exorcist will find that their bodies heal at a much faster rate then a normal humans. Mana Knight's can only bless human's who show the potential to be able to use mana easily pointed out if a human can see past a Mana Knigh'st Human disguise.

    Once blessed a Exorcist can actually bless a weapon with their powers creating a weaker yet still strong demon killing version of a Mana Knights Kingdom Treasure.

    Demons (open)
    Human Mana who have become corrupted by Adam's consumption of The Apple Of Sin, or regular Humans who have been killed or possessed by other demons. This disease has plagued humans almost near the beginning of time after Lucifer finally reawakened to his new existence.

    Unlike Mana's each demon has their own unique ability along with a final demonic form in case whatever they are fighting cannot be defeated by their human form. A demonic transformation is basically a demons last stand card in a fight which is literally a release of the sin they represent. Most demons share a personality trait with the sin they represent.

    CS Templates (open)

    "Mana CS"
    True Name:
    Fake Human Name:
    Age(Mana's can life forever until they are killed so ya they can be really old just don't get crazy with it XD):
    Mana Type(What Type of Mana are you?):
    True Appearance(What you truly look like.)(Picture, or Description... or both.):
    Human Disguise Appearance(What normal humans see you as):
    Mana Knight Appearance(Clearly for Mana Knights only):
    Bio(Optional for putting up in view for everyone. If you don't want to reveal it to everyone that's alright, but you will still need to PM it to me so I can approve it.):
    Other(Anything you would like to add?):

    "Human CS"
    Appearance(Picture, or Description... or both):
    Mana Type(Exorcists Only)(What Mana Magic do you mimic?):
    Weapons(Exorcists Only):
    Bio(Optional for putting up in view for everyone. If you don't want to reveal it to everyone that's alright, but you will still need to PM it to me so I can approve it.):

    "Demon CS"
    Age(If your a original Human Mana put ???. If your a recently turned demon put your age overall):
    Sin Type:
    Powers(Your Abilities):
    Human Appearance:
    Demonic Appearance:
    Bio(Optional for putting up in view for everyone. If you don't want to reveal it to everyone that's alright, but you will still need to PM it to me so I can approve it.)

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  2. Ooeeh cool x3 I wanna make a demon and Kitsune mana
  3. Why... am... I not... shocked XD glad to have you aboard Mina x3
  4. Haha you know me xD it was that or the dragon mana, but I don't really base my character on wits :3

    Question, does my char have some kind of transformation to full fox, or half transformation of some kind?
  5. Physically no, but through real illusions yes.
  6. I would like to make a Dragon Mana.
  7. Um....okay? Can't wait to see the CS...

  8. True Name: Vahzah Isiloth
    Fake Human Name: John Smith
    Personality: Vahzah is a kind and caring person, but he attempts to stay distant for the safety of others.
    Age: 1025
    Mana Type: Dragon Mana Knight
    True Appearance:
    Human Disguise Appearance:
    Mana Knight Appearance:
    His primary weapons are his Kingdom Treasure, a longsword called the Grey Fang (see Mana Knight image), and his flaming breath, but he is skilled in a wide variety of weaponry.

    Born over a millennium ago, Vahzah was raised in a household in the service of Lady Echidna, with various members of his family acting as her personal guard. When he was age twenty five he entered the ranks of her personal, elite guard, serving in that role for over a century until his parents and two younger siblings were murdered by a demon. As such, he petitioned Lady Echidna to be made a Mana Knight. After a variety of trial, she gave him the Kingdom Treasure known as the Grey Fang, and allowed him to craft his Mana Knight form. As such, he began to track the demon that slew his family, eventually slaying it before beginning a full search for Lucifer. He occasionally finds himself being sidetracked, but it typically is worth the experience. He has, in this time, made about a dozen humans into exorcists. He, however, has constantly found himsel back at square one due to Lucifer's sheer elusiveness.

    Everyone who he has allowed to get close to him as John Smith and as his true identity have died. As such he tries to remain distant, often refusing to stay in anywhere for longer than a week unless ordered otherwise.​
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  9. I wanna make a character for the Undying Mana, but would it be bad if he looked something like this?

    Because damn I really want to use this character. xD
    (mind you that this is his "human" appearance and that his eyes will glow red, just not at all times)
  10. Sup Key, I'm not 100% sure I'll be joining but if I do you should already be able to guess what I'll be.

    Never the less this is where I'll have my CS.
  11. I had another question by the way. Will we only be allowed one mana per type or multiple?
  12. I assumed that there can be several mana knights of the same type though if I'm wrong I I'd like to know as well.
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  13. I'm going out on a limb here and say that I was right since KKL had no problem with me playing a Dragon mana knight when he answered my questions via PM.
  14. XD go for it.

    As per this yes you can be whatever you like x3. However only create as many characters as you can handle.

    @Minami Also as far as appearance goes if you want to look more fox then human that is okay but kitsunes can't physically change their appearances only temporarily make themselves different.
  15. True Name: Mikaela
    Fake Human Name: Mika Hyakuya
    Personality: Mika is very quiet and only speaks up when he is forced to. He is very gloomy most of the time, and despite all those of his Mana wear black, he wears a white uniform. He spends most of his time alone, caging himself in with his old memories. He never speaks about his past no matter how much he is pressed.
    While he looks like a soft person, he gets very easily angered, and if angered, another side of him comes out. He will say the nastiest things to people, and will go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.
    Age: About 200 years old. He appears to be 15-16.
    Mana Type: Undying Mana.
    True Appearance: Clothes are slightly irrelevant, but he wears white most of the time, contrary to the nature of his race.

    Human Disguise Appearance: When in his "human" form, he wears a black uniform as contrary to his usual white, because it doesn't draw as much attention.

    Mana Knight Appearance: This is the uniform he wears into battle. He has his sword strapped around his waist.

    Weapons: His main weapon is a magical sword. If he just uses it normally, it will be a normal sword, but he can "call" for its magic powers by offering up his own blood. When he uses this ability, thorned vines shoot out from the handle, wrapping around his hand. When he does this, the sword glows bright red, and its abilities are enhanced. The power of each slash will be enough to claw a smaller house in two. This is also very exhausting, and even with a lot of training, he can only last for about fifteen minutes at a time in this state.
    He will need several hours to cool down before he can use it again.

    Bio: (will send it in PM)

    Other: A person he cared much about once told him that white was more suited for him than black, which is why he wears that color.
  16. Received Bio, and your character is confirmed x3
  17. Yay. My very sad homo. xD
  18. Only if more people join XD
  19. What the hell, he's a sad homo regardless of anything you know xD
  20. XD I mean in regards if he gets to actually exist in this world XD
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