Eternity And A Day

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    The hours were passing by slowly...
    Counting our last few precious minutes away.
    The world was in a panic. It had no where to go--no where to be than
    I looked around and there were women, men crying and pulling out their hair.
    But there on the end of the pier facing a burning city was a man with gray hair.
    Quietly I stepped over to him.
    He held both hands on his walking cane.
    I asked him "Why is the world crying?"
    To me he said "Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal."
    I didn't understand what he meant So I pulled on his pant leg. He looked over at me.
    He was an older man, one with many fine wrinkles.
    "Do you have anyone to hold your hand while you say goodbye?" I asked him.
    "No, no I don't ." He said and I lent my small hand up too him.
    "Wanna hold mine?" I asked in naivety. He simply smiled.
    "Sure." He said taking my hand. I had never met this man before but I smiled.
    And suddenly, a light so intensely bright I would think that even a blind man could have saw it, lit the sky on fire.
    Clouds burned orange, people screamed and ran away from the pier into the city.
    But the man did not leave my side. Instead he gripped my hand tighter. He was trembling.
    I couldn't see any more. The beautiful light had burned away my eye sight.
    "I keep waiting for a bang, why's there no bang?" I asked.
    He said, "Son, the world's not ending in a bang...but a whimper."
    I then felt the intensity of what felt like a thousand suns burning me away like candle wax.
    What I could not discover was, sweeping bands of radioactive air was swaying towards and around me.

    The air was so hot, it dissolved us. Absolved us.
    The vermilion sky had been stricken black and blue .
    Trees were lain bare, the grasses and vegetation was burned away by a necrotic touch.
    Rain became acid; oceans became cesspools and rivers dried to the bone.
    It was like someone had lit a match and set it down on a house of tinder soaked in gasoline...- 250 years ago

    "When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield its strength to you. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth" -Genesis 4:12

    In this world, there are little to no rules.
    Shanty towns, built from whatever scraps, are built around the most precious resources that are guarded enviously.
    This resource is water. fortunately, radiation could filter that far into the earth to damage the wells and springs.

    Still, radiation is abundant. but more dangerous are the creatures of the night. Many human beings--formally human beings--have 'evolved' into many things.
    As have many of the natural world's predators.
    Yet, there is a rumor that is becoming wide spread and is met with much panic.
    A mutant that looks...human.
    Cain as come to be known is one of the best bounty hunters i the business.
    Easily slipping to and out of mutant infested areas where weapon caches are held.
    This man is extremely dangerous. Dozens have been left dead because of his dead aim.
    No one knows if he IS the mutant or not, though, it is widely believed he is and he is often handled carefully.

    You, as a survivor, have a variety of companies that Survival Equipment endorses to choose from. Your clothing companies offer environmental and/or combat protection, depending on your needs or fashion tastes if you're a little fairy princess who actually cares about how you look in a time of crisis like this, you narcissist.

    Your clothing companies are, as follows:
    Gunslinger Gear- A hardy, environmentally hateful brand of leather and cloth clothing that gives the elements a good swift kick in the ass before they can rape yours into Oblivion! Lightweight and breathable, you'll feel better than you look in these clothes! Not very effective against gunfire though. Actually, they aren't effective at all.......use wisely.

    Duganda Durables- Quality silk clothing; beats back the sun with a vengeance while retaining all the comfort of that nice king-sized bed you dream of sleeping on while you're snoring on a pile of rocks somewhere. Beware stray bullets. One wrong move and you're worse than Swiss cheese: you're down a hefty amount of bucks, dead in clothes your family can't salvage because no one will want to purchase your blood-stained, dirty clothes. Sicko.

    Sa Nata Ana Appearal- Native American/wizard-themed clothing, great for all you mage, sorcerer and witch doctor wannabe's out there! Doesn't actually give you magic powers, but you'll feel pretty unreal while enveloped in this crazy-comfy shit! Made of the hides of dangerous animals and demons of horrid creation, these clothes are expensive, but very effective at what they are for: environmental protection. Just make sure you practice your dead-raising spells at home. We're pretty sure that shit's illegal......

    Lancer Limited- Armor pieces made of the most *ehem* "precious" metals (aluminum and nickel), these armor pieces offer protection against bullets and such projectiles. How much protection isn't certain. What, you expect us to test this shit? We've got money to make, not promises. Actually we can make promises, but we just don't need to keep them, so long as you keep forking over your hard earned money.

    Zanzabarbarian Outfitters- This heavy, brutish armor is guaranteed to give you the ability to take a missile head-on and crawl away with one arm still precariously hanging on to your body. A favorite of raiders, this spiky armor seeps intimidation from every sun-prodded pore, instilling fear into the hearts of your opponents. Unless, of course, they themselves are more badass than you. Then you've got problems that either a really big gun (we recommend a matching Zanzabarbarian Artillery Hefty Canon Triple X-9 :D) or nothing can fix. But seriously, buy our stuff or we'll hurt you.

    As far as guns go, you're choices are:

    Hellfirearms- A gun company owned by famous gun runner Jackson "St. D " Slate. Famous for their unmatched quality, Hellfirearms are the best for any brand of gunslinger, specializing in high-power revolvers. These guns can rip a new hole in just about anything. The only gun company that places custom orders, at the cost of your soul, and the most efficient weaponry for those who prefer precise, mid-range combat. A favorite among bounty hunters.
    Man's Worst Friend- Assassination your style of gunslinging? Man's Worst Friend carries all sorts of sniper rifles, crossbows, and other weapons intent on killing with a sinister smile from the shadows. Feel like camping in a corner while picking off raiders from a distance? We've got that covered. We carry a variety of knives too, free with every gun purchased (no warranty on knives......or guns for that matter)!

    Commando Capacity- Assault, assault, assault! We specialize in rapid fire and deadly firepower. Assault rifles, machine guns, machine pistols, semi-automatic handguns. We've got everything a truly bad-A soldier needs! Only real men choose guns like this, and don't dare call yourself a hardcores killer if you go off and buy that other stuff. If you get anything less than Commando Capacity......then you're just a rotten, no-good, yella-bellied, lilly-livered stupid head aren't you? And you can go to heck!

    Zanzabarbarian Artillery- In conjunction with our appearal company, we started up this gun company to further increase the bad-assery already contained in our heavy armors. Rocket launchers, heavy rifles, chain guns and bombs. We've got everything you could want to become a terroristic little shit! Please use responsibly. We don't need another lawsuit.


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    (M)Hannibal, (F)Zackary, (L)Kane

    I Can't Wait (Rock ver.)

    I want to be with you right now anyway

    Reckless, so what? I can't wait to be around you

    Take me, break me, right now - Why wait til "hell to pay"?
    So dumb, so what? I can't wait to be around you

    ::Age:: 32

    ::Job Description:: What? You mean there's more to being completely fucking crazy? Alright then. Cain's "job" is simple, well, no not really. He goes into mutant,zombie infested regions and looks for artifacts of value to the companies that provide him with his gear. They pick a spot for him to investigate to look for goods and items, preferably one crawling with all sorts of nasty things and they tell him real kindly like (With a gun to his head, but he's nuts to begin with so its pointless), to go there and salvage anything of worth for them.

    ::Nicknames:: He prefers to be called Cain/Kane, however, if are to spell it out you had best make damn sure you spell it "Cain". If not, he will cut your fingers off and make you eat them like chicken fingers. This is from his liking the Bible, and the character Cain--the first man to commit murder.

    ::Height::6ft 4in

    ::Weight:: 207 lbs.

    ::Hair Color::White

    ::Facial Hair:: White

    ::Eye Color:: Red

    ::General Description:: Most don't get a good of look at Cain before he puts a bullet in them. But those fortunate enough, are disturbed to see that his skin is almost sickly pallid, his complexion a smooth, pale color like the dead. And yet, his eyes like a true albino are startling red like the color of fresh blood running, but more so the lighter shade than the deeper black cherry kind. Its true, he was born with a defect of melanin production that results in little or no color (pigment) in the skin, and hair.

    Some say its because that whatever God existed at the time, knew the monster he wold later come to be and cursed him from the light of day. At least until he found his way into an armored suit and then, hell hath no fury like him. He is toned and limber, not bulky with muscle. Though, equivalent to a triathlon athlete due to the sheer weight of the armor he has used and grown accustomed to, its unsurprising, just how surprisingly strong and resilient he has come to be. While he would win no Mr. Universe contest even there was one, he can tote nearly two-hundred pounds around with seemingly no problem. That is not to say he will never tire, but a feat in and of itself.

    Those that have seen him stripped of his heavy armored plating, have seen the shocking mutilations done to him. Scars that, are elongated across one part of his body or another. These are due to several reasons, most of which are damage he's sustained of the duration of his eye-opening longevity in such a hostile environment. The others are a combined effort of his own psychological addiction to pain, rather physically manifested, emotionally transferred or mentally projected. This means he is plain as day fucking crazy. Nevertheless, he is truly and extraordinarily competent at what he does: Kill things.

    ::Tendencies:: As stated prior, he has psychological manifestations of psychosis. This can evolve into anything; from carving a line into his own arm, torturing another human being to the extent that their own mind in turn breaks or they die from severe trauma--not necessarily from bleeding either. In recorded instances, where, a man aggravated his psychotic tendencies that he impaled the man's hand to the table, broke the man's other arm and then proceeded to castrate him on the spot without the use of pain medications even as crude as alcohol.

    ::Habits:: Cain has an ancient pocket watch. While its value in gold alone makes it a prized commodity its use as a watch, has been in question. While he uses it to tell time, no on is for sure what time he is referring to, and the fact that know one knows if the hands of the clock are actually moving. No one knows where he received this trinket from, just that he won't let any one touch it and vary rarely lets anyone see it.

    Another, and very amazing fact is--that he can read. Occasionally, he partakes in this lost art form in reading a particularly profound work called the "Holy Bible" which he can recite lines from, and often does right before killing someone. Though, the Bible has not been the only book he has ever read.

    ::Belongings:: Holy Bible (NKJV), Pocket-watch (gold)

    ::Personality:: There's a lot more to Cain than simply killing things. But sadly, or perhaps graciously--no one has lived long enough around him to see that other side. What is seen is blatantly evident. A propensity of violence that will have even the toughest looking man begging for o'l ma to come on home. He's not friendly, though if you try to laugh with him, or worse yet laugh AT him anyone but the poor soul that's done gone and wronged him, can see that , that moment of brevity where he smiles and nods his head--is the hands of a clock ticking away the man's life.

    Cain is a lot like that thunderstorm, you remember those right? That moment that tense seems to last for ages, before the world is split in to two halves. The dark and the light. Well, he is the lighting bolt that if it hits you, you'll know it. Because once it does, your world and everything in it will be burning down because you'll be dead. He is a force of nature, many do not understand until he sets them on the right path--straight into grave if that. Most think the stores own you, maybe they do. But the recompense for Cain is only your life he won't settle for less. He can't be bought, can't be reconciled with.

    However, if you have business to conduct and you don't mind the idea of having to watch your back around him--then he's your man. He acts more like an animal than a human being, but he's plenty smart, smarter than most will ever take him for. Most folks think he's a brute, a savage. Aye, he can be both of those things. But he's said plenty of times. "There's crazy, and there's stupid, then there's stupidly crazy. Guess which on you are?"

    ::History:: A lot of Cain's history is concealed in doubt and in rumors. One might say its idle men's chatter to pass the time but one thing is for certain--Not much is known as to what hole he might have crawled out of. Just simply, that is vastly different than most folk. Most just steer clear of him, regardless of rather they can see his obvious 'exceptions' or not. He just has air about him that puts most people on edge. Like they come prepared for him to do something, in which case, he most usually does. Some lingering legends say, that he's the illegitimate offspring of one of the more well off people in these parts. That's what some would say. Then again, others, and a strong few would disagree. These people say he's the rotten bastard child of a nameless gal and a mutant that raped her. He's quiet. He's violent, and he's bloodthirsty. I think most are starting to believe it themselves that he's one of them strange folk. You can see it in them red eyes of his without his saying a word, you can see him scheming on killing someone else.


    Zanzabarbarian Outfitters-

    ::Ballistic MICH Helmet-::
    Construction: Plain weave aramid in a high tensile elongation resin
    Coating: Epoxy and polyurethane shell coatings
    Weight: 2.7 lbs

    ::Neoprene Face Mask - Skull::
    Wind & water resistant neoprene
    Adjustable hook & loop closure
    Ideal for use under helmets & goggles
    Reversible to solid black


    DESERT LOCUST Goggles-Black
    High-impact protection. Widest field-of-view and optically correct goggle lens provide unprecedented visual clarity.
    High performance OcuMax™ coating provides superior protection against fogging and scratching.
    Top and lateral forced air vents provide constant airflow while filtration media prevents small particle entry.
    Interchangeable lenses for various light conditions - Clear and Smoke
    Polycarbonate lenses offer 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.
    Pliable frame material and strapping system seals to face comfortably.
    Low profile design ensures compatibility with helmet, weapon sights, binoculars and night-vision systems.


    Made of soft 100% cotton, these lightweight Middle Eastern desert headwraps are ideal for keeping sun, wind, and sand out of eyes and face. Shemaghs have been worn for centuries. He and others have found, they have other field advantages too. Not only is it a headdress, but it is a comfy sweat mop, dust wiper and field towel when needed. Measures approximately 44" x 44".

    Zanzabarbarian Outfitters-

    ::Vests:: The cut-away vest that Cain uses was formally called a Blackhawk Cut-away-vest level IIIA. It also has a groin protector, and a ballistic collar both are also IIIA. That's right, he's a walking tank that's fucking crazy!

    Same basic concept of Zanzabarbarian armories; heavy to lift, heavy to carry but damn near stops just about anything. Upgraded with MOLLE webbing system. 12" Ceramic plating 'bulks' up the appearance while Cain has done away with all the 'spikes' and other protrusions.
    Interior Lined 3-D Mesh for cool comfortable positive air flow
    Non Slip HawkTex Material on shoulders for butt-stock stability
    Secure release strap has a round handle that is secured inside a protective band of nylon on the front panel shoulder
    Adjustable waist and shoulder system for girth and torso length for tailored fit
    Full outer vest area usage for any MOLLE pouch configurations
    Rifle Plate Pockets Front & Back
    Heavy Duty Drag Handle
    Easily add our Side Rifle Plate Pockets on the inside of the side cummerbund for a very streamlined rig.
    He also ingeniously integrated a hands-free hydration system with a 3.1L OMEGA Water Beast reservoir with HydroGuard, low profile insulated hydration delivery tube, hydration valve with gas mask compatible Hydrolink adapter and reinforced rescue drag handle attached to the back panel . 9.74 lbs (full reservoir). This means he can stay out in arid areas much longer than most operators can normally.
    (But black)

    Faded yellow and tan
    Made of Goatskin Leather
    Nomex throughout finger and back of hand for flame/flash protection
    Double-layer of reinforcement leather on palm and knuckle
    Padded palm and back of fingers
    Hard shell knuckle protection
    Adjustable cuff for secure fit

    ::Survival Bracelet-Self made::
    Another ingenious example of Caine's adaptability is constructed and woven from paracord, the lines from parachutes that were deployed whenever infantry or airborne units were deployed to slow their decent. Made mostly with 550lbs of pull force, these bands could prove life saving in dire situations when unbound to a knowledgeable survival expert like Caine. Some of the things that a paracord bracelet can do are help set up your shelter in the badlands, bind a perceived threat, use it as fishing line and even something simple as use it as a boot string if yours was to become damaged.
    9" long, 3/4" width, constructed of military grade 550 cord (paracord), 3/8" Black side release buckle

    Zanzabarbarian Outfitters-
    ::MOLLE(Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch 2x (Strapped across his chest)::
    Holds three M4/M16 mag pouch.
    Holds three pistol mag pouch in the front, with adjustable Hook & Loop flap.

    ::MOLLE Drop Leg Rig(Either leg)::
    Fits any MOLLE Pouch
    Tactical Cordura
    Adjustable leg straps
    MOLLE attachment system

    ::Desert Boots::

    Vibram Multisport oil resistant TC4+ compound outsole has large, open lugs for traversing debris and provides excellent traction on irregular surfaces
    Long-wearing, water-friendly PU midsole
    Steel shank for unsurpassed support especially when under the load of a full pack
    Ortholite Custom Molded Footbed
    Washable, Anti-Microbial
    Unique open cell structure enables air to travel through and around the insole creating a cooler environment inside the shoe.
    OrthoLite foams offer up to 95-100% breathability for maximum ventilation in and around the foot
    Dri-Lex inner lining wicks away moisture and dries quickly for maximum comfort
    Cordura and high-abrasion suede upper for rugged durability. Cordura panels breathe for comfort and help to reduce weight
    2" ankle support webbing enhances stability
    Durable, rubberized toe and heel reinforcements provide unsurpassed abrasion and scuff resistance, especially when in a prone position or kicking objects
    Fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering boot
    Smooth pulling tunnel eyelets for an even draw when tightening laces

    ::MOLLE (Pistol) Ambidextrous Holster:: The Ambidextrous Holster has a modular design for left or right hand use. It has a retention system with a secondary elastic cord to secure the pistol. It comes with two removable MOLLE straps and one single pistol mag pouch.

    ::MOLLE Shotgun Scabbard:: The Shotgun Scabbard is fully padded to protect your shotgun and features MOLLE webbing on both sides for attachments or ambidextrous use.

    Designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting
    Webbing on both sides with detachable attachment straps for ambidextrous usage
    Four D-ring locations for attaching the shoulder sling to accommodate users' preference
    Removable retention strap with side-release buckle
    Padding around the whole scabbard to protect your shotgun
    Grommet for drainage
    Can hold Remington 870’s, Benelli or Mossberg 590. 29" overall length. Weighs .34 lbs.


    Rifles, barrels, magazines and ammunition are from Commando Capcacity.
    Attachments and explosives are from Zanzabarbarian Artillery.
    All miscellaneous items are found items that have no value to the stores.



    Variants Compact PDW (personal defense weapon) with a 9.5-inch (241 mm) barrel, a carbine with a 12.5-inch (318 mm) barrel, a sniper and automatic rifle variant, both with 20-inch (508 mm) barrels. Cain carries all three barrels around on him, one in the gun and two his persons.
    Weight 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)
    Length 33 in (838 mm)
    Barrel length 12.5 inches (318 mm)
    Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
    Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
    Rate of fire 750 rounds/min
    Muzzle velocity approx. 900 m/s, Automatic Rifle / Designated Marksmen: heavy 20 in (508 mm) barrel, integrated folding bipod; muzzle velocity 916 m/s (3,005 ft/s)s
    Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine, AR/ DMR: 100-round C-Mag drum magazine
    Sights Unmagnified reflex sight (4x for DMR variant)

    The materials used to build the XM8 are almost entirely composites — with the notable exception of the cold hammer forged steel barrel. Preliminary tests in desert and Arctic conditions have shown XM8 to be a rugged weapon, though some complaints arose. It is reported to be capable of firing 15,000 rounds without cleaning or lubrication and up to 20,000 rounds before barrel replacement. In contrast, the M16A2 needs to be cleaned often, and has a barrel life of approximately 7,000–8,000 rounds.

    The XM8 is a selective fire 5.56mm assault rifle, firing from a closed rotary bolt. Its design and functioning is similar to that of the Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle, of which it is a derivative. The XM8 was also more reliable. Unlike the existing M4 and M16, the XM8 did not introduce propellant gases and the associated carbon fouling back into the weapon's receiver during firing. This greatly increased the reliability of the XM8, and it reduced cleaning time by as much as 70 percent.

    This improved reliability could be credited to differences in the XM8's operating system from the one in the M16. For instance, a thin gas tube runs almost the entire length of the barrel in all of the M16 variants. When the weapon is fired, the gases travel back down the tube into the chamber and push the bolt back to eject the shell casing and chamber a new round. The XM8's gas system instead is connected to a mechanical operating rod, which pushes back the bolt to eject the casing and chamber the new round each time the weapon is fired. As a result there is no carbon residue constantly being blown back into the chamber, reducing the time needed to clean the weapon up to 70 percent and an overall reduction in how often the weapon had to be cleaned. With the piston system one would not get gases blowing back into the chamber that have contaminates in them. The XM8 also has a much tighter seal between the bolt and the ejection port, which would cut down on the amount of debris that can blow into the weapon when the ejection port's dust cover is open.


    ::Rail system:: Due to the nature of the weapon, the XM8 abandons the standard MIL-STD-1913, for attachment of weapon accessories, in favor of a new standard referred to as PCAP (Picatinny Combat Attachment Points), small oval holes on the forward grip.PCAP is not backwards compatible with currently fielded attachments that use MIL-STD-1913 rails without using an adapter. The benefit of PCAP, however, is the precision of the accessory's connection with the body of the weapon; accessories utilizing MIL-STD-1913 rails often need adjustment if they are removed and reattached. Additionally, most standard accessory functionality is built-in to the XM8. Where functionality was missing.

    The M4 carbine barrel is 14.5 inches (368 mm) and the XM8 barrel is 12.5 inches (318 mm) but the rifles have the same overall length. Although a shorter barrel generally results in lower muzzle velocity, Polygonal rifling partially compensates from the loss of velocity from a shorter barrel. An electronic round counter was proposed for the XM8. The system would have tracked the number of rounds fired and the date and time of each shot. Other features included completely ambidextrous controls and an integrated red dot/3x optical zoom scope (can be changed to a red dot/1x sight). However the designated marksman configuration used a 3.5x magnification scope.

    ::M320::It has a single shot, 40mm M320 grenade launcher under-mounted. The M320 was developed from but was not identical to the Heckler & Koch AG36, a key distinguishing feature being the addition of a folding fore-grip ahead of the trigger for use when the weapon was in stand-alone configuration, a feature the AG36 lacked.


    ::Remington 870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun)::


    Weight 7.0 lb (3.2 kg) to 8.0 lb (3.6 kg)
    Length 37.25 in (946 mm) to 50.5 in (1,280 mm)
    Barrel length 18 in (460 mm) to 30 in (760 mm)
    Cartridge 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, or .410 bore
    Action Pump-action
    Feed system 3- to 8-round internal tube magazine
    Sights Bead, twin bead, adjustable open sights, or ghost ring (all iron sights). Also cantilever and receiver-mounts for scopes

    * When just kicking the door in just isn't enough, you have to blow that sumbitch down!

    The Model 870 Police Breacher System is designed to meet the needs tactical entry personnel. Based on the durable Model 870, it is designed to fire any 12 gauge 2 ¾” and 3” load, including standard shotshell, buckshot and breaching rounds. This complete system includes a Parkerized finish, 11.5” barrel and a stand-off with rebar grooves. For efficient transition between loads, a Velcro side saddle is provided, as well as a retention holster and button sling attachment.

    ::Glock 21 SF:: Features .45ACP semi-automatic action, with 13-rounds per capacity. His chosen side arm, until he finds one better.

    ::Close Quarters Combat Tomahawk:: Rather than have a knife, Cain has an axe. Go figure. In times where his guns just aren't doing the the job, or getting the message across he turns to this brutal but effective utensil of damaging proportions. Provided by Commando Capacity.


    ::Magpul:: When installed on the base of a rifle or subgun magazine, the Magpul provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. Made with a durable thermoplastic loop and recessed rough gripping surface for quick and easy installation and removal.

    Installs on the base of a rifle or sub-gun magazine provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes made with a durable thermoplastic loop and recessed rough gripping surface quick and easy installation and removal.

    ::Lights: Rescue Light:: While featuring a powerful, tough, durable and fully waterproof design intended for harsh outdoor conditions and operating on two CR123A Lithium batteries or one 18650 Li-Ion battery, the multilevel dimmer function makes a perfect combination of extreme brightness and ultra long run-time. Despite these measures, he uses this light sparingly as the batteries are extremely difficult to find.

    ::Knee & Elbow Pads:: feature a hardened black rubber cap that allows the user to grip the surface without sliding. This cap also protects your knees during long movements with heavy loads and during Close Quarter Battle. It is secured to the body with subdued brass grommets. The body of the pad is made with DuPont Cordura Nylon for toughness.

    ::Shotgun Shell Sling:: Fully adjustable sling can carry up to 15 shotgun shells. Attaches to standard swivel sling mounts.

    :: SureShell Carrier For Remington 870:: Solid steel brackets that wrap around the top of the shotgun receiver. The factory trigger pins are replaced by internally thread steel pins, to which both sides of the saddle rail are securely bolted. It has an eight-shot shotshell carrier yoke on the left side of the receiver.

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  3. YEA! This is outstanding!
  4. Will this be a group roleplay?
  5. I'm throwing up a few thoughts and such for my charrie, because with all the crap that's starting to hit me now, I fear I might forget some points about her that's been badgering my mind. Writing them down has lost its worthiness, because I keep losing my notes somewhere... So, there!

    Name: Harper Westlan
    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 8 1/2"
    Weight: 162
    Native American decent

    Hair: Long, dark brown that falls to her mid back. She tends to keep it tied back whenever she can, but her bangs always fall over her eyes - it's better that way.

    Eyes: Dark brown eyes, but her left eye is slightly clouded; a partial blindness due damage she sustained after fighting against one of the bosses at The Chess Club. He busted her eyelid open with a beer bottle, leaving a shard of glass in her eye that she could not remove. It has attached itself on the nerve and causes her vision to fluctuate. Soon, its presence is slowly cutting away her sight in that eye. Surgery could save it, but really...?

    Harper before she was captured by The Chess Club.
    What they turned her into before she'd escaped.
    What she turned into after Cain found her.

    General Description:

    Job Description:
    Informant and Scavenger for The Chess Club. Slave to Maxwell, a high merchant at the Lower Markets of whom she is working off a debt.

    Harper has a warped sense of good and bad. What she knows that's good for her, is normally bad for anyone else. Pain is an accepted course in her life and love is just another type of pain she must endure. There's nothing better - not in this world anyways. She tends to draw towards danger and dangerous people - a magnet for bad situations and bad decisions. The only reason for this she can figure is because the worse it is, the better it makes her feel. It's a security blanket - the discomfort of a dangerous, deadly life. If everything returned to what normal use to be when she was younger, she'll probably lose her mind and hide in a corner.

    Harper's no's are really yes', her battles are never really won, because she favors defeat more. This causes her problems within The Chess Club, because her actions makes her look as if she's being defiant or insubordinate, when in all actuality she's doing the best she can at the only thing she knows. To do good, she must be bad...

    Harper is stealthy, a strong photographic and audio memory, great at hiding in the shadows and getting into the tightest corners unnoticed. This is why she is kept around the Club - as a mouse, an informant who can blend into the crowd, hide when needed, and listen and watch everything around her.

    Has a mental picture of a person in her mind of whom her subconscious exploits. This person is the one who comforts her when she's in her worse, a sort of conscious that helps her feel right when she's being wrong or when wrong is being done to her. This entity is also the person she attacks when she's angry at herself. In the Chess Club, it's not wise to fight or argue. But, when she's infuriated about a situation, she lets it out on this mental image (friend/enemy). Her attacks are in her mind, but every now and then they become real - and Harper will find herself scared and bleeding from her personal fight. This opened up the wonderful world of hematophilia - her blood or others, she doesn't care. She just likes the feel of it; another security blanket...
    Harper also suffers from agoraphobia - the fear of being trapped in an inescapable place or situation; yet, she continues to place herself in such situations... out of comfort, or her form of punishment; who knows why she does this. This causes her to go through a major hyperarousal panic attack, in which she comforts herself through bleeding... One time, after being placed in an makeshift underground bunker to hid her and a few other slaves for some unknown reason, she went into such a panic that not only did she go about cutting herself, but also the other slaves in the hold with her. Three died. Her and another girl were critical after two weeks of light to moderate blood loss.

    When life was normal, Harper working on her nursing degree while working at the Harrison Casino as a Roulette Table Conductor. She also held a part time job at her father's garage, learning about rebuilding car bodies and artistic vehicle detailing. She wasn't a major artist, but painting a long, thin line down the side of a vehicle wasn't like rocket science. Her lines were straight enough, and the job paid well.

    She doesn't have a lot of things. When she escaped, she was able to leave with what she came with, except the clothes off her back. That... well, there wasn't a lot left of them.

    Backpack - basic survival supplies, rations, heat resistant gloves, goggles, hand-held radar/heat sensor, flashlight, flairs, first aid kit, water (not a lot of it), hydrogen peroxide, steel-toe boots, a ripped rain jacket, a pair of torn up blue jean shorts, a hand-woven bra and cover (second picture)

    Sawed off shotguns with little ammo left.
    Dagger with shin strap.
    An unknown handgun. She has no clue what type it is, or if she can find bullets for it, but she took it off of one of the guards after she slit his throat in her escape from the Club.


  6. Crap! To be soooo close, and yet, so farrr away!!!

    I'm almost done with my OP, but I keep getting distracted with so much work it's not fully. Then, I have to reread what I've already written just to recall the plans I had in my head about certain scenes!!!

    UGH!! Frustration!

    It will come though....
  7. Don't try to cram everything ito your opening post beautiful. You got to save some for later to. This is just an introductory don't allow it to overwhelm you. :P
  8. Helping to keep the thread alive for notes....
  9. Oh, when you return Kross, let me know what creature is attacking the junk yard... You're the creature creator of this RP, ya know?

    Um, I'm going to try to get all of our RPs posted next week or so... Every time I try right now, I keep falling asleep - I'm so fraking tired. No rush, you know that, but I'm trying to make sure there's something for you to do when you return. LOL! LOTS of RP homework will be waiting for you. *snickers*. Besides, I'm rereading our stuff and recalling how the layout is set up on them and what my charries should be doing next. So, awakening my writing might keep me awake...

    But first, I have two homework assignments due tonight....
  10. I have no idea why I'm so stuck here.... But, I'm going to get a post in on this story as soon as I can. I don't want to see if fall to the graveyard... :(

    I know what I want my girl to do, how I want her to react, but hell - with everything going on, Cain fighting and everyone running for shelter, I just can't figure out how to get her away from Gunny and in some sort of position to get Cain's attention - without getting herself killed off by him or the beast he's fighting.

    I also don't want her to fall into distress - screaming up at him, only to gain the attention of other creatures... Actually, I can do that, and have her fight them off even in her horrid condition. She can take pain anyways, but I just don't know how much I want for her to dish out/and take before Cain. I don't want her to present herself as weak, but she is... I also don't want her to just suddenly believe that this demonic superhero that Madame Cheddar believes in is actually real enough in her head to be this amazing savior. She'll believe in his existence at sight, duh, but will she believe in what Cheddar believes in?

    Wow, there's a lot trying to hold me back from this, but that just helped with a few thoughts for her scene... Give me some feedback when you can. I want to get this rolling again.
  11. I've got more notes to post here as well. I keep forgetting these things.