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  1. Welcome to Eternia shopping mall, the first ever mulitversal shopping mall!
    We have stores for everything and everyone, clothes, entertainment, home living.....

    It's been called 'The greatest shopping mall not on Earth! Or anywhere!"

    There's just one catch.
    The owner is a psychopathic demigod who may or may not have any grip on reality.
    And he's made all the doors one way.

    No Exit.​
  2. A man in a white suit steps though the entrance door to the mall, the suit is covers in blood splats around his shoes and trouser legs. he has blond hair and blue eyes and looks around the age of 25. there is an exact picture of him on a card in his breast pocket of his jacket.
  3. Boredom tends to do many things to other people.

    For her, a young woman of twenty one with a somewhat deranged mentality -- and perhaps odd habits -- it brought her to somewhere else. Rarely does Shannon Lewis go to a mall. And when she does, all she does is spend her day in the mall window-shopping or buying things from horribly cheap yet fashionable thrift stores. Recently, a mall caught her eye. Eternia Shopping Mall, its advertisement says. It's been all the rage, uttered through the mouths of excited shoppers, non-shoppers or even her five year old niece, and even for... special introverts like her, it wasn't difficult to hear of the name. Hence the fact that the young woman, clad in a faded band t-shirt hidden by a red plaid jacket and equally faded denim shorts, was standing right in front of the doors, a look of utter boredom etched on her face.

    "O...kaaay." She breathed in. Her gut tells her that something's wrong with the shopping mall. Or maybe her gut just tells her she's hungry. Either way, she felt uneasy. For reasons she didn't know. "Here goes nothing."

    Her left foot took its first step towards the mall's entrance, then followed by her right foot. Soon enough, the padding of her feet was audible, and she went on, searching for various stores.
    How Shannon looks like~ (open)
  4. hearing foot steps the man merry skips to wards the source of the foot steps wondering who or what could be going on and as he did so he said "im so excited what could be happing who is doing what.. yeah yeah im so excited. i ladd Russo could be on to something exciting yes yes yes"
  5. Achera was a 5'7 20 year old young woman with an hour glass figure, lightly tanned skin, amethyst eyes, and long silky raven black hair that fell down past her waist. She was a naturally quiet and shy person but friendly and always helpful, stubborn when it comes to her view of things, and wise beyond her years.

    Achera was looking for a gift for her friend's birthday in a few days, she was having trouble finding something that suited her friend perfectly so she decided what better place to browse for gifts then the mall that house it all? She looks up at the ginormous building just outside its doors and sighs, she didnt like shopping much especially alone but everyone was busy and today was her day off. She shrugs and pulls open the door stepping into the mall wondering where to start.

  6. Shannon paused in front of a designer shop near the entrance, checking one of the clothes. It wasn't exactly what she preferred. Frilly dresses and blouses weren't her thing. But if she had the money to buy it for her mother - then why not? It was a pastel pink blouse, long sleeved, and it seemed to be her mother's type. She picked it up from the rack, inspecting the tag... only to shiver and bring it back.

    $120 for a blouse? No thanks.

    Sending the nice looking saleslady a small, apologetic smile, she dashed away from the store and looked for one of those cheaper stores--the one for the people like her. "Seriously... those designers think that their clothes are made from real gold!" She grumbled to herself, openly flailing her arms to show her discomfort. People sent her looks, shaking their heads and directing their kids 'away from the crazy lady.'

    Hearing the voice of another person, she froze in her steps, looking around for someone talking -- then slapped herself for being stupid.

    Shannon, it's a mall. People are supposed to talk, you nut.

    "Shut up, brain!"

    She was always a little... special. People would often find her talking to herself, giggling at all things that could be giggled at. Sometimes, she'd laugh for no reason at all. People think she's deranged -- maybe she is, but she wasn't exactly tested, so there was no proof. She walked into a thrift store, looking for new arrivals. It always baffles her on why people call it new arrivals when thrift stores usually sell second hand clothes. It's... odd. But she sorted through the clothes, checking it out.
  7. shade Sat alone at a table in the food court and just listened to music and chilled he had a black hat on a pair of black aviator glasses hiding his Smokey gray eyes his jacket read 'kingdom come' and when he stood he stood about 5"9' skin was tanned and at times when his wrist showed cut marks could be seen his jeans had rips and gash's on the lower leg he sung softly to himself as always
  8. Stopping at a the source of the voice Ladd a girl slap here self and shrugged and turned and said "hi there"
  9. She shrieked quite loudly when someone began to talk to her. Breathe, Shannon, breathe. She wasn't exactly trained in the art of conversing with someone else, so she looked like a gaping fish in front of the guy.

    When her brain decided that she should stop being an idiot, it was her English that was affected. "H-h-h-h... hi... uh... clothes...?" Shannon raised the Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt she took from a rack, smiling crookedly at the man.

    'Shannon, why can't you be normal? Now you look like a retard in front of this guy! Bad, Shanee, bad!'

    "Brain, shut up." She muttered quietly to herself, still rooted in her spot.
  10. "sorry if i scared you my name is Ladd,Ladd Russo" Ladd replied.
  11. "I-i-i-it's okay," her voice got louder and louder each syllable, her palms sweating like crazy. Oftentimes, she blamed her mother for making her... different from other people. It wasn't her fault her mother dropped her on the head as a kid.

    Was that woman even her mother? Shannon looked nothing like her.

    Shannon took a deep breath and steeled her nerves. I'm sooo having a normal conversation with this guy. "I-I... Shannon Lewis. Uh, twenty one. Hello."

    Yeah, right. Normal.

    "Brain, stop embarrassing me!" She huffed.
    (( As you all know~ Shannon's not really right in the head~ So there we go. :p ))
  12. "nice to meet you Shannon" Ladd replies
  13. Suddenly, the faint music playing throughout the mall stops. "Attention all shoppers, please come to the managers office so I can make your babies live and eat them- HEY!" The music starts playing again.

    Cyrus walks in through the big fancy doors. Nothing could possibly be wrong here. Nope, nothing at all. Probably just some kind of robot men or vicious man eating beast. Y'know. The usual.

    ((Posting OOC thread now.))
  14. Ladds ears pricked up when he heard the words eat and baby and ran off down stairs"oh a murder who did it,oh is there guns,are there gunshots?" ladd said to him self as he frolicked down stairs.
  15. Achera jumps slightly surprised at the voice on the speakers. What the hell? Make babies live and eat them??? She looks around completely confused and somewhat creeped out by the voice, she shrugs thinking its just a teenage guy pulling a prank and continues through the mall window shopping she stops at a nice looking boutique liking the outfits and dresses in the window she walks in browsing through the clothes.
  16. Running downstairs lad stops and sulks "aw no fair" he moans seeing nothing was happening as to what was said over the speakers.
  17. Attention all shoppers, please come to the managers office so I can make your babies live and eat them- HEY!

    Shannon paused in her shopping spree, eyebrows raised and well, just totally confused. What was that? Shaking it off, she shrugged, turning back to her clothes. So far, she's gotten several band t-shirts and some skinny jeans she randomly threw into her growing pile of clothes. Bringing it over to the check out, she paid for the total and left it by the deposit area, getting a number and left it there.

    "Where to go, where to go~?" She muttered to herself, practically bouncing in her steps, despite her heavy heart. Something was bound to go wrong--she could feel it. But since it's not happening yet, she wouldn't really dwell on it... much.
  18. Cyrus heads straight to the food court. First he buys Mexican, then Italian, then he starts on the food from other dimensions. Satisfied with his huge stack of food, he inhales it within a few seconds before rushing off to find an arcad.
  19. Ladd suddenly sees and arcade and checks in his wallet "yes" he says under his breath and heads towards it
  20. Malcom walked into the mall heading towards the arcade knowing he had the amount of money to play when he bumps into Ladd. "So you are going this way to." He asks Ladd.
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