Eternia Blood Ties: the grislier side of NYC

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    Welcome to Eternia, battleground for three very different races.

    The year is 2012. Location: NYC. Underneath the city lurk the Lycans, bidding their time to even out what they see as an ages-old wrong. At night, out come the Vampires to stake their claim on the streets. The Humans know to keep their doors locked tight, and their Hunters prowl the dark alleys to protect them.

    Below the gleaming glass buildings lie terrible secrets, secrets only the privileged know. Recipes not just for war, but for the mutation of the entire planet. In the fight for power, just how far is too far?

    New York City is on the edge of a supernatural war and every side could use some help to come out on top.

    This is the city that never sleeps. This is the prize.

    Do you think you can make the difference? ​
    • An inviting, close-knit community: we are small but active!
    • Easygoing staff
    • Freedom in plotting and character creation (we do not like policing)
    • An attractive new layout
    • Upcoming plot twists
    • Canon-like significance to every member (you don't need a canon role to make a difference!)
    • Opportunity to aid in plot development (specifically weapons research)
    • Random disasters and missions for the Hunters
    • Cookies.