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  1. Mia Takashi (open)

    Name: Mia Takashi

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Half Japanese, Half Italian

    Occupation: Waitress

    Residence: Small apartment in downtown Tokyo.

    Appearance (open)


    Work Uniform (open)


    Personality: Mia is a very hardworking female. Most of the time, she is very sweet, cheerful and friendly. However, on days when she remembers her dead parents, she tends to be more quiet, and sad. She is very loyal to those who earn her trust and if they need her help she is there for them. Though, she has the bad habit that when angry, she would snap at anyone, not considering the consequences or if the other person would actually retaliate. She is very talented with music and loves to practice on her free time or read, since she also likes books.

    History: Up to half way high school, Mia had grown in a normal home. Great parents, great house, great school. She wasn't entirely popular but many of the kids at school liked her and when in trouble, they would look for her to ask for advice. However, all that changed at the age of 15, when her parents were killed in accident. She didn't became anti-social or anything like that. She still talked with most of her classmates and teachers, she still held the same grades but she did toned down her cheerfulness and spoke a bit quieter.

    Two years before she finished high school, she got interested in music and started taking guitar and piano lessons. She practice at home, but most of the time she practiced at her school due to her Aunt not liking the 'loud noises'. Her Aunt was the one who took her in after what happened, even though she never liked Mia due to her mother being of Italian heritage. Being a proud Japanese woman, her Aunt wasn't happy with her brother, Mia's father, for marrying a girl who wasn't of Japanese descend. However, she still loved her brother so when he died, she decided to take Mia in, however she had to follow her rules.

    Though,when it was time for her to decided what she wanted to study at college, she decided for a Major in Music. Lets say it didn't sit well with her Aunt, who wanted her to study medicine or law. She was not going to pay for her to go to college, just so she could study something stupid like music. So, she made Mia decide between law or medicine, if neither, she was not going to pay her studies.

    However, Mia was not intimidated and decided that she didn't need her Aunt to pay for her studies. She would get a job and pay it herself. But, what she didn't count on was the fact that college was to expensive and her Aunt, not happy with her decision, cast her out of the house. Now, she is working double jobs. On week nights, she works as a waitress at a Japanese inn to pay for her apartment rent and on weekends, she works at a local bookstore. Also, the owner of the inn lets her do some gigs here and there. However, she just wants to save enough money, so she could go to college and fulfill her dream of studying music, even though most of her friends tell her that she doesn't need to.

    It was a Friday night and instead of being all cuddled up beneath her bed sheets in her way to dreamland, Mia could be glimpsed, running around aimlessly, inside of her apartment. She was frantically searching for her job uniform, so she could change rapidly and head over to Hirashi Restaurant.

    The owner had called her a couple of minutes back, and she could have sworn that she could hear desperation leaking from the man’s tone, though, she would never say something like that to her boss. One of the evening shift’s waitresses had called in due to illness, and they were short on staff at the moment. If it weren't for the fact that she really needed to keep the job, she would have stayed at home and sleep contently.

    ‘Where the heck is it?... Aha! Found it.’ Finding the uniform, which consisted of a fiery red, knee length kimono with white flower outlines, a yellow and midnight blue sash and some low, black heels, she quickly ran to the small bathroom to change. After finishing the task, she quickly grabbed her small bag, a black coat too big for her size, and ran out of her apartment in the direction of the establishment.

    Although, she worked most weeknights up until then, they had never needed her to work on a Friday night. According to her boss, a girl her age needed to have at least a free night to have some fun. The way he would always put emphasis on the word fun made her a bit suspicious of what kind of thoughts he was having at the moment.

    She knew she shouldn't assume things about the owner but sometimes she would ask herself, why wasn't he married yet. However, she would always express gratitude to the owner for being concerned about her. But, let’s face it; if she -a 20 year old woman- were afraid to walk along at night most of the other nights she had to work, on a Friday, that fear was doubled. I mean it was the beginning of the weekend and the streets would be filled with people but the Shibuya district was not the safest place to hangout. Particularly, now a days, since crime has been increasing lately.

    The stars could be seen glowing on the night sky and the moon shined over the tall buildings of the city, giving it a mysterious, dark look. Her black locks of hair swayed with the breeze, some of them getting in the way of her vision. Her blue eyes were always attentive on her surroundings. Mia, carefully avoided any alleys or roads that were deserted, just to be safe. However, she did have to pass by one alley that was close to the restaurant. Quickly, she hurried her steps but before she turned the corner, she heard a horrible scream.

    Looking back, she scanned the area and saw nothing. 'Did I just hear a scream?' Frowning, she waited to see if she would hear it again, however it stayed quiet. Shrugging, she started to walk again, but was stopped by another scream. 'What the hell!? I definitely heard it this time...' Turning around, she decided to investigate. Now, most would call her crazy but she was a curious person, however she didn't know what was in store for her. And like many would say; curiosity killed the cat.
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  2. Taro Hatsume (open)

    Name: Taro Hatsume

    Age: 23

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Leader of a small sect in the Yakuza

    Residence: Underground hideout under a fish market

    Appearance (open)


    Personality: Taro is an asshole. He doesn't care what people think, what they do, or how much money they make. He is better than all of them, and he has an army behind him. Also, being quite rich, he can do what ever he wishes. You could call him a "free spirit", but he really only feels self entitled. He is only good at his job. Negotiating, killing, and beating people into submission. Taro is a lot like his father as he is told by his superiors, but he never sees him. Both his mother and father are higher ups in the Yakuza, and that leaves him feeling lonely. The only way he combats loneliness is with anger.

    History: All of Taro's life, he has been surrounded by guards with guns. He was and is a priority of the Yakuza. His father, being one of the lead members of the Yakuza has had him train all his life. Without his father, Taro had to work hard in his studies to be able to make some sort of use of himself. At one point he was very adept in science, but knowing he could not pursue that course, he discarded it and took on much more reasonable jobs.

    Once he finished his training, he began as a lowly gang member dealing drugs and helping smuggle things into Japan. This work was fairly easy because he had guards with him. Even as a lowly member he was still kept in check by his father. Taro never really understood why his father felt that way, but he always strove to be the best.

    After a year, he began climbing the ranks toward owning his own gang. Many reviled him and hated him because his father was a higher up. Sadly, he did not care for their thoughts. He was going to lead the Yakuza into global reign. Taro would be the name they all said, and he had felt this deep in his being.

    Once he became the leader of his sect, he worked hard to make their place in Tokyo. He acquired his own fish market to own trade, and even built an underground lair for them to live in. Now, he had to make his place by killing someone. With blood on his hands, he would finally be a force to reckon with.


    Taro had just hit one of his lackeys in the stomach. He cracked his knuckles and his neck before kicking him in the groin. Both of Taro's guards sat to the side as Taro made his business. The lackey, named Chi, had gambled all of his money that had been owed to Taro. All of the money he had made from selling drugs had all gone to waste, which definitely made Taro pissed.

    "If you don't have the money, then where did you leave it?"

    Chi trembled as he laid on the ground from the kick. The pain in his stomach was only matched by the yelling of his boss.

    With another kick Chi screamed out. Taro kicked again letting the weakling scream once again.

    "I am tired of people like you. Little pricks who think they can do what ever they want with my money. Every yen went to some bang up gambling ring. That money was going to be used for the Yakuza? AND YOU THINK THAT IS OKAY?!"

    Taro stomped on Chi expelling the air from his lungs. Chi was tired, he was beat. If he had made any move, his head would have been kicked in. All he really wanted was a bit of fun, but the only fun in the drug trade were the drugs. Chi rolled over a bit, laying flat on the ground looking at the night sky. It indeed had been filled with stars, and that was one of his favorite images.

    The still pissed off Yakuza leader rolled his eyes at the bloody faced Chi. He pulled his gun from his holster and pointed it at Chi. The bastard was going to die in an alley, just like where he was most likely born. The poor son-of-a-gun deserved it. Taro cocked his gun, putting his finger over the trigger.

    "Die, just like the rest of them."
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  3. Mia walked towards the alley and once she started hearing someone talking, she chose to take of her shoes and tip-toe closer. Now, she didn't know what she was going to find. However, she did have some expectations; like a homeless person sleeping on the floor, having a nightmare. Or, an addict having some weird hallucination causing him to scream. But what she didn't expect was to see someone being killed right in front of her eyes. Her blue eyes started to widened, as her brain started to comprehend what happened.

    Now, most people would have kept quiet and then tip-toe back the way the came from, but not Mia, no, she didn't do any of those. She just let out a loud squeak and stood there in complete shock. As her hand automatically clamped over her mouth.

    "D-Did I-I j-just saw s-somebody b-being k-killed..."

    Lowering her hand, she started circling them around herself as she started to take a few steps back.

    "I-I have to-to, go to the p-police..."

    However, when she turned around and was about to start running. Something or rather someone grabbed her and prevented her from fleeing the scene.
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  4. One of Taro's guards grabbed Mia by the shoulder. He smirked with anticipation for her fear.

    "Where do you think you're goin'?"

    Katashi, Taro's guard, was a burly man who had ate more than his share of rice and beans. He could be described as "meaty". His hold on Mia was as hard as he could make it. She almost crumbled under his grasp. Taro holstered his gun looking at the poor sap he had just murdered. He would be the first of many, and that made Taro proud. Turning toward the commotion his guard was making, he began walking.

    Mia was a good looking girl, at least in Taro's opinion, but she had now become a very important person. Katashi shoved Mia against the brick wall to his right. Taro was angry, he wasn't willing to go to jail especially since he had only just begun.

  5. At first, Mia's body trembled in fear, under the guards hold. Her blue eyes were the size of saucers but she refused to cry in front of these men. It felt like they could smell her fear and that made her try to calm herself down more. However, when she was shoved against the wall by the man, who she assumed was the murderer's henchman, she couldn't help but cry out in pain.


    Now, any normal girl would just crumble in tears and beg for her life, but Mia's pride was to high for that, even if was a life or death situation. Also, she was starting to get angry, however, she wasn't angry at them but at herself for being such an idiot. Why did she had to be so curious? However, when angry she didn't care who it was she would just snap at anyone, even a murderer brandishing a gun in front of her.

    "I think you just gave me a freaking concussion! How am I supposed to answer after a blow like that!? Huh!? Ugh..."

    As a groan escaped past her lips, she put a hand on her head.

    "What did you see? What did you see? What kind of stupid question is that? Is not like it would matter what my answer is, you would kill me anyways..."

    She clearly wasn't thinking straight, talking to a murderer like that but she blames it on the adrenaline. She couldn't help but grimaced as the pounding in her didn't subside.

    'I swear...If I get out of this alive, I'm quitting my horrible job since it is my boss fault I'm in this situation anyways...'

    However, deep down she knew she could only blame herself. She was the one that wanted to investigate, she was the one who wanted to know who was screaming. 'Ugh...I hate myself...'
  6. Taro back-handed her.

    He rubbed his hand for a moment, letting Mia sink from the hit. Katashi let go of Mia, knowing that his job was over. Taro grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back against the brick again. Breathing heavily, he began to speak again.

    "Your concussion is only the first of many injuries you will incur tonight."

    Both of Taro's guards sat at the cross section of the alley monitoring again for any intruders. Taro, at this point, had steam rolling out of his ears. He had never heard any back talk like that from a woman. All it usually took to be able to keep his whores in line was a show of his pistol and a smack of the hand. Mia was different which surprised Taro completely. Whilst pushing against her shoulder, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small knife. He pressed it against her chest, just barely breaking the skin.

    "You think you can just walk away? Am I missing something here that you have found as an excuse?"
  7. Mia groaned at the sudden pain on her cheek. Her eyes widened and watered a bit, but not in fear mostly due to the pain. Though, before she could recover she was pushed against the hard wall, again. Her eyes quickly went towards the small knife pressed against her chest. However, the sound of his voice made her look up at him.

    "You think you can just walk away? Am I missing something here that you have found as an excuse?"

    Seeing the rage in his eyes, made Mia shiver in a bit of fear. She didn't know what he was capable of...wait, no. She did know what he was capable of. He was capable of cold-blooded murder, however, due to her angered state she didn't care. So without thinking or stopping to rationalize her words, she bluntly answered. Her eyes also shining with burning rage towards him.

    "Of course I thought I could just walk away. I thought I was being quiet but I guess I have loud mouth, because one of your henchmen caught me. Though, for such big guys, they move fast. Now, look where I'm at; about to die by your hands, but frankly, dying was not in my plans for the night, or year." Her words dripped with a bit of sarcasm, however there was a light tone of worry. Hello, she was being held captive by a murderer and honestly she didn't know what might happen, mostly, if her mouth didn't stop acting on its own free will.
  8. What?

    Taro cocked his head to the side and raised a brow. Why did she answer him this way. She was feisty, and that sparked something in Taro. He let the knife off of her chest still having his head cocked at her. Placing the knife in his pocket, he let go of her so she could breathe.

    "What you witnessed tonight was something you should not have seen. And based on your stubbornness you won't soon forget this."

    Taro began to pace back and forth looking her over in her weakened state. He didn't have a clue what to do with her. For a moment, he stopped to gather his thoughts. If he kidnapped her, someone would notice and there would be an investigation. If he killed her, his business would be thwarted. For the first time in a long time, he wasn't sure what to do.

    "Boys, we are taking back to the hideout."
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  9. "Boys, we are taking her back to the hideout."

    At first Mia was about to protest, but she quickly stopped herself from saying a single word. He wasn't going to kill her, yet. So, she was not going to complain. Being held captive was better than dying, however, she was still concerned. It was understandable though, since she didn't know what was going to happen to her once they arrived to this hideout just mentioned. Still, whatever he was planning on doing, she was not going down without a fight. Even if in her mind, she got it clear, that she didn't stand a chance against him. He was much stronger and had weapons.

    Yet, she still whispered sarcastically to herself. "Wohoo, lucky me. I get a free ticket to adventure land..." However, she didn't count on him having a good sense of hearing.
  10. Snapping his fingers, Taro's guards grabbed each of Mia's wrists and they began to walk. The group traveled in a tight pack as they began their venture through the fish market. Overwhelming as it was, Mia was quickly dragged through the streets. Many people gawked thinking she was some sort of celebrity, but Taro pushed through them. If Mia had tried to escape here, she would only be pointed out by those who gawked.

    The night sky soon was covered by dense buildings and was now overshadowed by the smell of rotting fish. Their headquarters were in a odd part of the fish market, but it got them where they needed too even if the smell was dreadful.

    After many twists and turns, they finally came to a set of black doors. Taro pushed them open revealing a small room with tables and chairs. With carpeted floor and wallpaper, it resembled that of some sort of underground gambling ring. The only issue was there was no gamblers in sight. Taro continued stomping toward the back where there was one red door with a window panel. All of them stepped into the now obvious elevator and went down.

    After their descent, Mia's eyes were met with a dojo-like hideout. I looked like something that they had used from the movies, maybe a fight scene took place here. The vision of the movie past seeing that Taro was still moving. The group moved to the left side of the room where Mia was shoved into a guest room with bed and hotel commodities. The door locked behind her, leaving only her and the smell of burning candles.
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  11. At the word hideout, Mia's imagination had run wild. She had imagined a dark, smelly warehouse, even some sort of creepy looking dungeon or something; however, she was not expecting such a nice place. It resembled a movie set for a martial arts movie. "Okay, so this guy has to be rich or something because this place looks expensive..." Mia's head kept darting from one place to another, but her vision was soon met with a room, in which she was thrown without any mercy.

    After groaning at the sudden pain of connecting with the floor, she carefully stood up and decided to check the door first, but just like she expected, it was locked. Turning around, she started to look around the room. To be honest she could not complain, the room was decorated like one of those room at a prestigious hotel. There was a queen size bed dressed in a red comforter and filled with small, velvet cushions. The walls were painted red as well. The furniture was a dark mahogany wood, as well as the floor. Frankly, she would have loved the room; if the color had not reminded her of blood. Instantly, the situation came crashing down on Mia. She was being held captive by a murderer, who obviously had money, if he could afford having such a good-looking room under some random building. "What have I gotten myself into...?"

    Having the urge to throw up, she ran into what she assumed was the adjacent bathroom and opening it, she was grateful it was a small bathroom. Quickly she made her way towards the toilet, and barfed what was left on her stomach. As she began to process her situation she started to freak out a bit, however she quickly started to give herself a pep talk. "Okay Mia calm down, you are not going to die because if he was going to kill you, he would have already done it." This achieved to bring down the sudden fear, that now that she was not in raging state, had threatened to overtake her. However, she could not stop some of the tears that escaped her eyes; she was still worried of what was going to happen to her.

    Pulling her legs up, she crossed her arms over them and buried her head in them. Mia was not going to right out sob, however letting some of her emotions out was better than bottling them up until she exploded.

    After letting some tears escape, she decided to stand up and search the room again, or at least change out of her miserable, working uniform. Though, at the thought of changing clothes, she remembered the small bag she had with her. Quickly, scanning the room she saw it on the floor near the door. Jumping up in excitement, she ran over to it and desperately searched for her phone. If she could at least make one phone call before those men check up on her, then she would let someone know what had happened and they could call the police so she could be rescued. However, before she could find her ticket to freedom, she heard the door opened. "Shit..."
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  12. Taro had sent his men to go and gather some of the other gang members so he could tell them of his captive. If they found her without his notice, then she would be in a harsher situation than she already was in. Taro and his men had a good relationship in a bad way. He, of course, did not care about their well being and often abused them for no reason at all. Sadly, he would be nothing without them.

    Pacing, Taro contemplated what to do with her. With her here he could not make any negotiations, but he could not murder her because he didn't know where she came from. If this girl was apart of an important family, then she was a greater asset than he might have anticipated. Tokyo was not a place to start a war over someone. The Yakuza was above just killing their victims, they had a code of honor and that was not going to be easily betrayed.

    Taro stopped pacing and walked toward the door. If he was going to get anywhere with this girl, he would have to question her. Opening the door, Taro stepped inside and began searching for Mia.

    "I'm here to question you, there is no if's and's or but's."
  13. "I'm here to question you, there is no if's and's or but's."

    Upon hearing the man's voice, Mia quickly crawled away from the door and towards the bed. She could not let him see the bad still clutched in her hands, so once she was close enough to the bed, in a rapid motion, she threw the bag under it. She hoped that he had not seen the bag in her hands.

    After that little ordeal, Mia quickly stood up and sat herself down, on the bed. Once she sat down she glanced at the man and seeing it was the one that had hit her, an instant spark of rage filled her eyes. However, she knew better than to try anything, now that she was locked somewhere she didn't know anything about, without any chance of escape yet. So, she settled on just sending him a cold glare. However, once she replied to his statement, she couldn't help but let out a tone of sarcasm in it. "Yeah. Sure. It's not like I have anything private that I wouldn't want people to know..."
  14. "I doubt I'll be asking you anything that wouldn't be useful to me."

    Taro sat face to face with Mia. He folded his hands on his lap with his back straight. He was going to try to understand everything there was to know about her. She was a compromise to his system, and he liked how his system worked. You don't do good work, you get shot. If you don't obey orders, you get shot. If you don't- Well, the point for the system was the system to be disciplined yet quiet. If anyone was told about how he did things, he would suffer at the system's hand.

    "What's your name, address, work, and phone. If you give me any wrong information, we will find out. Remember, all of this is for your benefit. If you don't comply, then we may have to make some adjustments to your attitude."

    Taro sat back staring at Mia. He was only afraid she was more important than she appeared.
  15. "Oh, sure. Yeah, because none of those questions are invasion to my privacy at all." Mia knew that she should obey, at least until she was sure that she would leave the place alive. Yet, her mouth was quicker than her brain and that was why, she usually gets into trouble.

    After some time thinking her answers through, she decided to be somewhat honest for the time being. "My name is Mia Takashi, my address is the small apartment building in the Shibuya District, I work at Hirashi's Restaurant & Inn, and finally.. I-I don't have a phone.." She was being somewhat honest, she couldn't very well tell him her phone number. Then, he might dial it and if it was in her bag, she would be totally screwed. If it was not in her bag, she would still be totally, screwed. Still, she scolded herself for stuttering at the end of her sentence.

    Oh, how Mia wished she could call her Aunt at the moment. Even if her Aunt didn't liked her, Mia knew that she would not let something like this go unpunished. Besides, her parents had indeed left her a great sum of money, she just wasn't the required age to get it, yet. And her pride would still get in the way, because Mia was a very independent girl, so even if she could still use her parents money to get out of the situation, she wouldn't use it.
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