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  1. Salutations,

    I am looking for a small group of two females and three males (or a male counterpart for a one on one) for a role play idea called Eternal Winter - it is set in the future and follows the lives of six individuals whom are tossed together as events unfold. They will be challenged, there will be hearts broken and tears shed, and there will be an intensity to the characters and their bonds. Friends will be made, lovers will be had, and enemies may be lurking around the corner...

    Roleplay Requirements

    1. You must be able to write at least three paragraphs.
    2. Characters must stand out and be unique - no two characters are to be the same.
    3. Proper punctuation and grammar is a must, I don't mean to come across as rude or inconsiderate, however I expect quality.
    4. Romance and violence are a must.
    5. God-moding, auto-hitting, auto-dodging, instant romance and falling out of character will not be tolerated.
    6. It is my story line that I wrote personally, please do not steal my hard work. If you would like to use it in another area/site, please message me and ask for permission.

    Alright, now that that's done and over with...
    If you are interested, please post below.

    Now, onto the good part.
    This is their history.

    Many years ago a war began between two factions of the human race - those who believed strongly in playing God with the human genome, and those who believed strongly against. The countries which strongly believed in the Human Genome Project (or known as the HGP) consisted of Russia, China, Japan and India - their scientists were the leading developers of the HGP. This group called themselves the Rosengarde Alliance. For many years they worked in secret facilities, modifying and experimenting with creating the 'perfect' human - and after sixteen years of trial periods, they accomplished the impossible. They had created a bio-engineered human, one that had made it past the first few years of life, and was now six years old - the child was very intelligent, with a happy disposition and whom loved life. He lived among the natural born humans (or Naturals as they would later call themselves), and when they deemed that he would not die off like the other trials had, they prepared their presentation to the world. They had created the perfect child, fabricated in a laboratory and implanted in a female surrogate, whom carried him to term and gave birth to a healthy little boy.

    As the countries stepped forward to present their research, there was mass protest not just from the churches and humanitarians, but from the scientific community as well. Many countries rose up in protest of the hidden research - Great Britain, the United States of America, Germany, France, Italy, Iraq and Iran - and called for the destruction of the research and the experiment itself. They called themselves the United Nations Federation. However, this provided an issue as well, for to destroy the experiment would to take the life of a happy, carefree child. Speaking out against the pending death of the child, and also wishing to see what the genome could provide for the fields in cancer research, as well as treating other illnesses, several countries spoke out and declared themselves neutral in the debate - Canada, Australia, Mexico and Switzerland would offer the boy and his family a safe home if they so desired.

    There were many years of social unrest as the project grew more popular, finding itself in fertilization clinics across the world in the neutral nations as well as the Rosengarde Alliance nations, and more and more of these bio-engineered humans were being created and born. The tension eventually rose too high between the United Nations Federation and the Rosengarde Alliance - attacks were planned and initiated as bombings on several supposed locations of research facilities. There were many civilian casualties as schools and hospitals were targeted along with major buildings - the numbers were in the hundreds of thousands. Fingers were pointed and accusations made against the UNF, and before a third party group could take responsibility for this work, the world broke out into war. The Rosengarde Alliance took action, retaliating with a an attack on several large cities in each of the countries of the United Nations Federation, with the full intent of evening out the odds.

    The war plagued not only the Rosengarde Alliance and United Nations Federation countries, but those whom had deemed themselves neutral as well - speaking out against the war, the world called for a cease fire so that they may discuss the boundaries of the battles. Declaring the Neutral countries as ground on which either race might inhabit, the warring sides offered up to their people a chance to immigrate to the Neutral Lands if they so wished. Finding themselves over populated, the Neutral Regions began a project called the Space Innovative Residential Integration, also known as Project SIRI. Because the Neutral Countries had limited land, science turned their eyes to space, and the designs of a man named Gerard K. O'Neill. Taking designs he made in 1976 and updating them with modern technology, humanity pushed it's way into the stars, capturing three large asteroids and moving them into earth orbit to act as resource bases to give raw materials for humanity's new homes among the stars. Over the years, two of these asteroids were eventually completely mined out, and then abandoned by the Neutral Nations. By this time, both the UNF and Rosengarde had begun to move into space, starting a handful of their own colony projects as well, and each claimed one of the now hollow asteroids, quickly converting them into military bases.

    This is our story.

    The Bellipotent Colony is known for it's advancements in not only technology but human engineering as well - this is the birthplace of the space side of the Human Genome Project. Six strangers whom have been living on this Neutral Colony are about to have their worlds turned upside down as an event threatens to toss the Rosengarde Alliance and the United Nations Federation into another war. As battles break out in space and threaten the existence of the colonies, these six people are destined to be involved, whether they want to be or not... The end of this war could rest on their hands, but will they take the chance? Only you can write their story...
  2. I really like your idea its great. Im interested in this. :P
  3. Is there anyone else who might be interested? o-o
  4. Really well written! I'm definitely interested.