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Moonlit Blade

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I've been tossing and turning this idea in my head, ever since I got Dissidia 012. In the game itself, Chaos, the God of Discord, and Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, are in an eternal war. Chaos strives to bring ruination to all things, while Cosmos strives to protect the universe. However, because the two are equal, the war has no end. What each deity does, however, is bring heroes or villains from different worlds, champions, to fight for their side. Cosmos brings in the heroes from the Final Fantasy games, like the Warrior of Light, Squall Leonhart, and Kain Highwind. Chaos brings in powerful villains, such as Sephiroth, Kefka, and Garland. Basically, the two sides' champions fight, and, once they have all lost, are revived, and the cycle begins anew albeit the mortals lose all their memories of the previous cycles.

Basically, I was intrigued by the concept of a war that goes on without end. This role play will start with most of our characters having little or no memory of their previous war cycles, or lives in their home world. This role play will be big on character development, as each character strives to find out why they continue to fight, or whether they chose to fight or not. Many might even choose to defy the deity they once served, and fight for themselves, to get back home.

While this role play was inspired greatly by Dissidia: Final Fantasy, it will not be a fan game. Characters can come from completely different worlds, worlds filled with magic or worlds where magic is something long forgotten. The characters can have a myriad of different weapons, from shotguns to magic staffs.

Also, there will be more than two Gods fighting in this war, and our characters will come across many other champions, whether they be good or evil.

I'm looking for interested players, to see whether this will hit it off or not. Also, if there are any ideas or questions anyone has, feel free to ask me, and we can work ideas in and I'll try and answer as many questions as possible.