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    "And so it was that the Lord of Death should perish in the Eternal War. Almearia had prevailed against it's terrible foe. Yet no songs were sung, nor feasts held. For his doom would breed a host of mortal progeny. Through whom his work would continue."

    -Exert: Zebbarra's Chronicle of the Eternal War

    Before time became time and living things breathed first breath, there was war. Two immortal realms conjoined in their voracious struggle for supremacy. Almearia, the White Citadel, it's knights valiant and pure. The Nether Realm Raskar, with legions of unearthly horrors under it's domain. Through the void and across strange eons their contest would wage unabated. Yet amidst the destruction there wrought, new foundation was lain. Another plane would come to be.

    The Mortal Realm drew wary eye from it's older kin. For millennia they observed from afar the queer machinations of these Humans and their fleeting existence. While the Eternal War tore across the cosmos a new battlefield was found in the lives of mortals. Agents of the militant realms descended, weaving intricate plots to influence the unsuspecting. Through this strength was gained. The Human soul revealing itself to be a potent elixir.

    It was Almearia that first harnessed the soul's power. It was discovered that prayer shed excess energy akin to a soul. In the White Citadel this energy was gathered and bestowed upon Almearia's people. Agents withing the Mortal Realm would thus create miracles to incite further prayer. With this method Almearia had and advantage, and pushed Raskar into the depths of the Nether Realm.

    Weakened, Raskar new it's salvation lay in the power of souls as well. Yet that was not so easy a road to travel. Almearia already gathered the prayers of Humans. Taking that from them would be a battle destined for defeat. So it was that Raskar devised it's own way to gather souls. It would not take prayers, no. Raskar's agents would offer mortals whatever their heart desired, in exchange for the entirety of their soul.

    Thus the war began anew. In this era an Overlord would appear from Raskar to take the reigns of leadership. Known simply as the Lord of Death, this figure laid waste to Almearia at every turn. His ability was unlike any seen in the Nether Realm before, and his loyalists followed him zealously. For centuries he cut a swath of blood through Almearian ranks. So much so that many now foresaw an end to the Eternal War. However, this was not to be.

    In the end it was not grand battle or fierce duel that ended the Lord of Death, but betrayal. The other Overlords of the Nether Realm, fearing what would become of them after the war's end, joined together with Almearia. Slaughtering all those that followed the Lord of Death before coming for him. Outmatched he did not resist their attacks. Hot flashes of steel and magic bore through him as his assassins completed their task. Yet no woe marked his face, nor tears his eyes. Only a crooked grin curled across his lips as his fading voice wove a curse. His death would bring final ruin to Almearia and Raskar both, and all whom stood against him.

    Our story focuses on a group of young people and their growing realization that things aren't quite what they appear to be. Strange phenomena are occurring at rising rates, all seemingly centered around the city of Yoshaka and the surrounding areas. Odd sightings, disappearances, and even deaths spring up on media outlets. With summer closing in and the school year wrapping up there's a lot more than vacation on some student's minds. When the appearance of a red moon coincides with a classmate vanishing the race is on to unravel Yoshaka's mystery!

    Hey guys! Eternal War Saga is new role-play that combines elements from Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, and Highschool settings. Right now we're looking for Human characters with Branded slots being full up. If you are interested at all please visit the interest check page HERE, thanks!
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