Eternal Wanderers, Beyond The Singularity.



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Rating: Abuse, Character Death, Gore, Graphic Violence, Mild Language, Mental Illness, Mind Fuck, Religious Content, Torture.
Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, dramatic, super action, dark, occasional comedy, hope full struggles, sad memories, disastrous possibilities, inspirational.

Long before this world came to be there was another, a world seemingly unimportant if not for the chain of events that let to its ultimate end. A group of unsuspecting strangers from different walks of life, time and worlds came together. The unrealized maiden saint who never seen past her flaws to unlock her true power and surpass what she even thought possible,a orphan girl turned vampire with a natural instinct to lead, but always let the details of her friends well fair stop her from making the hard decisions in war the timeless teacher and his gun toting other half forever trapped in the same body and in love with the same girl, the struggling knight trapped by his haunting past of regret and torturous demons yet still found time to cheer up his family, , a sword master vampire lord who realized only to late that the throne he fought so hard for wasn't what he really wanted, and his other halves tearing themselves apart fighting for what they thought their king wanted of them only to fall victim to their own emotional fears and rage, A solder caught between family and his duty to fight in a war he helped start, A wolf demon sworn to the right hand of her lord, and the shell to a Fallen god constantly teetering between who she wants to be and the fight to suppress thee who is The Fallen.

Time began to split around them from the paradox' and breaking of the laws governed by fate, the fabric of time and space around them began to split as their universe quickly began to decay. In attempt to save their new found family the Forsaken pleaded with the Angel to open her eyes to what she really was, and there, surrounded and encouraged by her friends as all they had ever known as reality and existence was being ripped away from them, the Angel within awoke and the powerful light always held with in her shined out around them all. The Right and Left hand of the Forsaken stepped forward and offered their bound life force back to their lord in hopes it would keep the group alive, and with a touch of her hand their lifeless bodies fell to the floor where they stood and began to designate at her feet along with the world around them. The now confident Angel rose her arms and began to pray as the Forsaken stood across from her hands raised and chanting as their light and dark energy poured out of them encompassing them and their friend. Soon the energy of all who were there began to drain out into the sphere of energy, mixing and sharing it between them. With this their fates were forever linked to each other. As the group looked around they seen the good times they shared with one another in the past, the laughs and love that kept them so tight despite all the bad. These images from their past seemed to silence the hellish sounds of destruction and brought them a sense of peace as their bodies began to wither. As their energy tapped out their life force began to drain from them, their faces blissfully unaware of their skin shriveling to the point of dust, their bones crashing down before they to turn to dust. The Forsaken shed many tears as she watched more loved ones age and shrivel into dust, until the Angel's voice rang out "This will work, I can see the result, we will make it through this. I must guide them though now, but don't give up. She said as her skin began to flake away like clay then to dust like the rest. "Find us. Make us remember."

The colored energy dust began to reshape the chaos into something new. As the forsaken looked on she watched her friends energy influence the new worlds and histories to make a universe more fit for a second chance, a universe where each individuals single wish would influence this new beginning. The Forsaken couldn't take much more punishment as she fought to contain the old universe until the new one was finished and she could destroy the old. Not much of her physical body was left when she watched the last world made. She knew that when fate brought them all back together that would be where. With that thought she used what was left of her physical body and much of her ethereal to destroy what was left of the old universe before loosing consciousness and falling into the new Universe.........

We all know the rules, respect each other and try to be the bigger person if there is a disagreement. We are a family here and families fight but are also stuck with each other and get over disagreements. So basically don`t do anything to tear apart our family.
Just as before, if you think your post may impede on the control of another persons character freedom, please run it by the character first in a ooc or chat.
Goes with out saying, no god modding, stealing ideas, holding up the RP because your mad or lazy, please use your own original characters. oh and please don`t use character pictures from well known games anime ect or anything else that would pull from the immersion of the RP.
Yeah I don`t know why I even went this far, we all know the rules so yeah, follow those.
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