Eternal struggle

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  1. (To anyone wishing to join please see the forum and send me a copy of your character sheet if accepted post it there and feel free to make your first active post here when you can, also see for what kind of role play this is) To anyone wondering your first post should be about what your character is doing before the outbreak occurs

    If you see anything posted by me with this color then it is vital you read it because this means infected occurrence and your character may be in trouble though your character will not know this until they become fully infected and the mass zombifacation has occurred.

    Saturday, March 17th, 1:32p.m

    The sun shinned brightly on the city streets of Manfordsville, Ky and its citizens were all out enjoying the rare day of warmth. Parks and malls were bustling with life and the roads crowded with traffic. No one was prepared for what was soon to come and only few survived the initial outbreaks though these are not the relevant events to people at the moment.
    Nate sat at a worn bench just outside of the mall waiting on his friends to arrive as He lit up a menthol cigarette letting the cool mint flavor fill his lungs before exhaling bluish grey smoke. It was oddly cool beneath in the parking garage but this was the best place to wait because the music store was nearby to where he was. Nate always made sure that his beat up white oldsmobile regency was near where ever he waited incase of an emergency. Security had begun to watch him suspiciously from their inside of the mall, He knew why to he had been here for atleast an hour and a half waiting on his friends. In the darkest part of the garage Nate could hear a drug deal of some sort going on between some cars several yards away why watch me theres a perfectly good arrest waiting over there Nate thought to himself as he let his head fall back and one last long stream of smoke before crushing it under his worn out dark purple chucks.
  2. Sara's slender body twirled gracefully, her feet hitting the right poses at the exact time. Her long auburn hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail and her deep green eyes remained focused on a spot on the wall. It was Saturday, she shouldn't have been in the dance studio, but she felt like she needed more practice before the rehearsal on Tuesday. After a few more spins, she slowed, stopping as she began to stretch her legs on the balance beam she had her hand on. The large wall was covered in a gigantic mirror, used to help dancers and the instructors to see how they looked like and to help them gain a better image. Her pale face had a stern, determined look even when she was just stretching. This upcoming rehearsal was going to be her biggest break, 10 dance scouts were going to be there and she was determined to get into one of those schools.

    "Take a break will you?" a voice interrupted her thoughts, turning to see who had spoken, she saw her older brother and a smile decorated her face.

    "Hey Seth, you know I can't, I have that rehearsal on Tuesday." she replied, bringing her leg down from the balancing beam. Seth shrugged, handing her a water bottle and sitting on the hard floor.

    She admired her older brother, he was kind, caring and protective, and he supported her in her dreams of becoming a dancer, unlike their parents. She had moved from her home city in Texas to live with her brother in Wisconsin. She had just turned 18 and had been to many prestigious schools for dancing already, she just needed to do her absolute best in the upcoming rehearsal, and she would land a full time career.

    "Come on, lets go get something to eat." Seth said, jumping up on his feet and grinning. Sara rolled her eyes, and agreed, she was pretty hungry.

    They exited the dance studio, Sara throwing a bag over her shoulder as they walked to Seth's Mustang. She loved this car, even though it was a few years old. She got in and Seth drove down to their favorite diner, Old Man's Diner. It wasn't the fanciest restaurant, but that's why the two of them loved it. They had also become pretty good friends with the owner, Brian. As they entered the diner, the familiar bell rung on the door, signaling their arrival, Sara waved over at Brian and they took a seat next to a TV and the window before ordering a cheeseburger and fries.
  3. Adelia was walking out of Build-A-Bear Workshop, today she had to work the stuffing machine since Courtney was sick yet again this week for the third time. She didn't mind it, the actual stuffing, pulling of the prelaced thread and knotting it was easy. She hated how close and friendly she had to be with the children her smile obviously looked fake and drained of warmth. Her mind drifted from her smile to Cortney's. How sweet and natural her smile looked.

    Adelia had a pang of of envy, why couldn't she do that? She pulled her name tag off from around her slim neck. She turned it over a few times in her hand. "Adelia" She mumbled to herself reading the messy childlike hand writing of her own. She shook her head "No no, I shouldn't think such things, I don't even like children or people in general. Why would I need such a useless skill?" She said. A woman overherd her and gave the most peculiar of looks.

    Adelia was in the parking lot outside of the mall, shifting through her pockets to find the keys to her car. It was an old beat up Chevy that she bought used just last year. It was a junk car, the doors sticking and the underside covered in rust. The brakes were slow and you had to slam down on them way before you stop so you don't roll into the center of an intersection. Adelia learned that trick the hard way. Luckily her uncle was a mechanic and though it was illegal, he would always give her a passed inspection sticker though her car was ready to hit the junk yard years ago and is now a death trap.

    She opened the door and it stuck, using both hands she pryed it open and it squeled like a pig. A rusty flake fell to her feet as always and she sat down inside. "Ugh... today would have been a good day for this god damn radio or even the air conditioner to work" She stuck the key into the ignition and closed the door roughly behind her. "At least the radio" She mumbled jerking the window down. Adelia turned the ignition and the ear bursting drum of the engine shook the car lightly.
  4. Dr. Jamison had been feeling sick all day but he already promised his daughter and wife they would spend the day at the mall. Sweat beaded on his pale wrinkled forehead, Jamison was only thirty two but time had stressed him to look far older. Fondling for the keys inside of his pale green blazer an aching cough writhed from his chest just as the rust bucket beside him roared to life and a thick cloud of smoke sputtered from the muffler. Clutching his chest in pain Jamison collapsed to his knees behind the car out of site of the driver.

    Nate was out of his seat by the before the man hit the ground and begun trying to help him without paying attention to the car that was started beside him. The over powering stench of sweat and alcohol surrounded the older man.
  5. Adelia adjusted her mirror which always seemed to fall and face the floor the second the car started. She couldn't hear anything and she took the car out of park. Adelia then turned to make sure no one was walking behind her when she saw something peeking out from her back tires. She couldn't tell what it was, a piece of dropped merchandise? She questioned. Her first instinct was to just hit reverse and run it over. It looked like mens clothing and a easy obstical to go over.

    She rethought it though. If it just happened to be a hard lump larger than she could see than it could possibly hurt her car. Junky or not she loved the car and it was the only one she could afford at the moment. Adelia grunted angerly, putting the car in park again and flinging the door roughly away. With clear agitation she stomped out of the car, it's engine still roaring.

    Her arms folded acrossed her chest and she made it to the back of the car. "What a pain in the..." Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she glanced down at the objects she was so willing to run over. She looked down at the guy hiding a any sort of amusment 'lucky or unlucky?' she thought for him before comming to her senses. "Whats going on back here?" She questioned Nate.
  6. "I think this mans having a heart attack" Nate said turning just enough to see the woman behind him, she had a quiet beauty about her that he admired. Nate only had a split second before the elderly man lunged at him knocking Nate flat on his back and took a large chunk from the collar of his aviators jacket just narrowly missing his shoulder. After a small struggle Nate was able to position his leg just enough to send the man hurling backwards on the side walk. Seeing this the security guards rushed from their post and the largest one a large muscular man restrained the mad man as he writhed and even bit hard into his forearm. After minutes of wrestling with him they were finally able to subdue him and get a clear I.D.

    A disgruntled look came over the head security guards face when he saw several police cars followed by an ambulance pull inside. Nate watched from a safe distance by the woman's rusted car. Sticking a cigarette to his lips he lit it and leaned his back against the rear of her car and exhaled a long stream of thin bluish smoke. Trying to hide his discontent with the outburst of the man Nate tried listening in on the conversation the police were having with the security guards. "That bastard ruined my favorite coat" He said muttering to himself, playing with the large tear.

    A loud static came from all of the police transmitters before a woman's voice filled the parking lot saying "All available officers on and off duty are needed to restrain angered drug addicts in the 4th street food strip, the Mastrix park, the southern belle suites, and a small gas station just off of Reynolds drive" Her voice was in a panic and the police cars all frantically but cautiously sped from the parking lot. "You ok miss" Nate asked putting one hand on her shoulder since the police had left her obviously done questioning her.
  7. Adelia spoke with various policemen wondering what had happened though she didn't ever say much and after a while they gave up on asking her questions. She was tierd and needed to go home. She should have been home by now and her mother always expected to be called the second Adelia was dismissed from work. She walked back to her car with her hands on her hips as she watche the policemen run around like ants in a rainstorm when the transmitters began to speak.

    Adelia folded her arms and said "Why wouldn't I be, It's not like I was the one lying on the ground a minute ago." She had an agitated ring to her voice though she wasn't any more so than usual. In an effort to be nice she added as if she could care less "I feel sorry for your jacket, that man didn't get you right?" She distanced herself just a bit letting his hand drop off her shoulder. She gave the stranger a quick look up and down before she turned to her car. Before he eve awnsered she concluded that he was just fine.

    Her mom was trying to set her up with a cute new guy since her last boyfriend didn't work out so well. Though she honestly didn't mind the breakup, he was clingy, dependant, needy, and overall annoying. At the thought of needing to go home and meet another annoying guy she let out a sigh of disgust. How was she going to get out of it. She already told her mother she isn't interested. But her mother, trying to be the mother who knows best wouldn't liston. Then the thought had come to her that she could come home extreamly late with a truthful excuse that a man needed medical attention. Leaning on her rust bucket of a car she knew she had to waste time. 'conversate with a stranger?' she thought to herself. "Oh, By the way my names Adelia."

    Her car rattled from the engine under her hand and she looked at the death trap. "And it almost lived up to her name..." She mumbled under her breath. Adelia tapped the back of her car with her nails, "What where you doing in the area anywyas?"
  8. "Oh don't worry about me the coat was thick enough to where he didn't bite me" Nate said with a slight grin "and everyone just calls me Nate". Since he was finally calmed from adrenaline he listened to her cars purr he let out a slight chuckle much it sounded like his own junk bucket. After a moment Nate saw his best friends Kenny and Rachel out of the corner of his eye and waved to them as he said coolly to her" Those two are the reason I'm here, been waiting on 'em You care to join us?". Feeling under his shirt around his shoulder Nate let out a sigh of relief when he found he hadn't been bit.

    Miles away Dr. Gregory Reynolds was slowly coming to in the back of an ambulance with a young nurse looking at his eyes with a tiny flash light after coming fully awake Gregory lunged forward and tore viciously into the nurses forearm before racing off to another victim but was quickly subdued by a small group of people but not with out scratching or biting them all. The police were caught momentarily off guard but immediately cuffed the man and threw him in the containment van with the other scientist.

  9. Adelia paused giving it a long thought. She weighed the pros and cons in her head though finally she decided "Heck with it." and shrugged "Sure, you guys look decent enough and it's not like I have any plans." She had an appathetic apperance though she was releaved to be invited. "What where the three of you going to do anyway?" She asked hoping subconsiously that she wasn't invading, though she told herself often how she could care less about any other living beings. Her eyes had wandered to the car and she walked arounf it reaching through the open window to turn off the engine. She dared not let it run forever incase it decided to give up for good. Shoving the key back in her back pocket, she took her place yet again next to Nate.
  10. It was almost the evening when Conor stood outside, on top of the roof of his house, looking out at the streets. Cops were about and people didn't seem to question it much, probably because nothing serious really occurred. But then again you never know. For a second he was going to go back inside and wait, but then he heard a grunt and a shout. He saw nothing but it around somewhere close to his neighborhood. He wasn't much for finding out something that might through him into trouble, but curiosity always took hold of him, whether his father trained him not to be or not. He dug into his pocket and leaped over to the next building. From his father training him, Conor took up free-running and used it to his advantage.

    He grabbed the edge of a balcony and pulled himself up into a jump, then kicked his foot of it and rolled into a sprint forward. He lifted his body forward and jumped over a AC unit, then jumped to another roof. Conor jerked his body left and jumped to grab the top of a street light, then slide down to the sidewalk and continued his run. His blonde hair whisked through the wind, speeding vastly past his skin as he came to a stop nearby.

    Conor then saw a few cops chasing some guy and cuffing him down. For two cops to handle one guy, he must have been something to deal with.
  11. Sara thanked Brian as he brought them their food.

    "So, have you guys heard? There's been more crime than usual down in Kentucky. You'd better be careful there for that dance thing you're going to Sara." the old man said with a kind smile on his face.

    "Of course!" she replied, "I'll have Seth with me." she added as she smiled back at her brother.

    He rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, I'm awesome and amazing."

    They finished their food and went back to their apartment to start packing. Sara hadn't ever been to Kentucky before and she was a bit nervous about the dance rehearsal. She sighed, packing the last of her clothes and siting on her bed. In a couple of hours they would be leaving, then tomorrow she would start practicing in the dance hall they would be doing their rehearsal. She nodded to herself, grabbing her suitcase and going over to the door of the apartment, seeing Seth ready and texting on his phone.

    "Okay good, you're ready. Let's go then." he said as he grabbed his suitcase. They drove to the airport, waited in line for an hour and were finally on their way. Sitting on the plane Sara sighed, closing her eyes and sleeping for the remainder of the flight, which wouldn't be that long. As she drifted off in sleep, she had a strange scary dream. People were killing others, and stealing their belongings, but she couldn't quite understand why. When she heard the flight attendant speak she jolted awake, blinking a few times before realizing she was still on the plane. She sighed, wondering why she had such a horrible dream, but soon blamed it on the nervousness of the rehearsal.

    They left the airport and took a cab to their hotel. On the way Sara had been looking out the window of the car, and as they stopped at a stoplight, she could see down an alley where two people were standing. She couldn't see the person clearly because it was dark by now, but one had looked sickly. The sick one then charged at the other person, and the cab jolted forward, causing Sara to gasp quietly, looking back to the front seat. For some reason she could feel her heart racing as she tried to calm herself down, looking at her hands she took a deep breath. Once they got to their hotel, Seth paid the cab driver and Sara hurried as fast as he could to their room.

    Seth followed her after they had checked in with a confused expression on his face. "What's your problem?" he asked.

    "I...I don't know, I had a bad dream on the plane, I must just be scared for some reason." she said shrugging as she put her stuff down. "I'm jumping in the shower though."

    Seth replied, plopping on one of the beds and resumed his texting.
  12. Eve sighed in frustration as she tried to figure out what to do with her day. She had to visit Kentucky because he had to visit family. Her uncle more like. They had wanted her to visit to make sure she was okay since her father's passing. She had learned to accepted it and move on with life, but everyone kept treating her like she was some child that was still hanging onto a teddy bear that she refused to let go. She couldn't figure out why her family had decided to move here. Here of all places! Kentucky was a place she associated with farms and hicks. She felt bad about her prejudgment, but it was the what came to her mind, she couldn't deny it.

    She finally decided to go to the mall to buy some new clothes to better suit this place. All she had were pants and dresses. She was getting a little too hot in the pants, and she couldn't do much of the helping out in dresses, so she needed to get some shorts or something. Her family had briefly informed her of a mall, and decided it would be the best, if not only, place for her to go.

    She looked down at her dress and decided it was better than wearing pants and threw her purse from the passenger's seat. It was time for her to finally get something done.
  13. "Cai! Where the hell are you, Cai?" A man in a oil stained and grease covered blue jumpsuit called out into the garage. He was short man and overweight. The name tag on his jumpsuit read, Dirk. "Cai, show yourself. You were supposed to be done with the Honda already." Dirk cried into the garage. There was a sound of something rolling on the floor then a man stood up. His jumpsuit was a bit cleaner compared to Dirk's and the name tag read Cairo. "I did finish the Honda. If you bothered to look, you would have figured that out." Cai retorted to his boss. He sat down on the mechanic creeper and muttered a few choice curse words under his breath. He sighed afterwards

    Why does he always try to ride me like a horse to finish jobs that I already did? God, I can't wait till I have finally saved up enough to open my own shop.
    Cai thought to himself as he leaned back and disappeared underneath an old Ford Ranger. It was getting an oil change and basic inspection. Dirk always wanted to 'find something wrong' with the vehicle in order to charge the man a few extra hundred dollars or so to 'fix' the problem. It was hard to get any repeat customers but that was also due to Cai telling the customer, away from the business, to go elsewhere if they can. Cai always did quality work and he did not wan the stigma of being one of those mechanics that cheated their customers. Cai only needed his next check then he would quit.

    Eventually, Cai pulled out from under the Ford and turned on the radio. It was normally set for some kind of rock music but it was on a commercial so Cai began to play with the dial to change the station and find something. He came across a radio news station. He left it there since he did not really know what was going on with the area. He listened as he disappeared back under the truck. It was still draining so while he waited he was checking the hoses, transmission and other parts to make sure that everything was on the up and up. The truck was fairly nice besides needing a bit of body work to get rid of rust.
  14. Kriss looked like she was more or less trying to get into the computer screen. She was inspecting the fine details of the wallpaper she was doing for some movie or the other. She couldn't care less about the person who wanted it done or the title of the movie. All they wanted was something that looked good and she wanted to make something that looked good. It was her first time working with zombies, but there was a first for everything, right?

    Dark brown eyes finally blinked as she sat back in her chair, waiting for the project to save. It had been a rather long day what with three projects to squeeze out by the end of the work hours. As a part time graphic designer, she could have worked from home and then travel to Genuine Design to drop off the disks and receive her weekly pay. She had recently graduated from high school and spent her days at home or at her neighbor's aunt's restaurant called Peaches' to help serve. They were pretty popular and there weren't enough people to wait tables all the time. So whenever, they'd call and she'd report in. She didn't mind working for free for them. Ms. Harrow was like family to her. But they paid her anyway, knowing that she wouldn't refuse if they gave her the right look.

    Damn soft heart of hers.

    Kriss extended her arms above her head, performing a well-deserved stretch that realigned her backbones. Bad posture like that, being slouched in front of a computer all day, wasn't good at a young age. The seventeen year old removed the disk and gathered her keys off the bed before moving toward her bedroom door. Her parents were both travelling workers, her mother being an internationally known lawyer and her father a multilingual liaison, so neither were home. When Kriss was old enough to look after herself without a babysitter they let the last one go and so Kriss practically lived alone.

    Not that she minded. She enjoyed her personal space. Home was where she went to get away from the world, anyway.

    Locking the front door behind her, she let out a breath and walked along the sidewalk, geared and prepared for the eight block march to Genuine Design.
  15. Eve finally got out of her car when she noticed a commotion near by. Her curiosity got to the best of her and she quickly headed in the direction. She saw an ambulance and some cop cars, and... people. She tried to see if she could figure out what was going on, when she noticed some people that didn't seem to be in the mess itself but close so they may have an idea about what happened. She started to jog over, cursing her choice in shoes. Usually she does not as high of shoes as she is wearing today, but she thought it completed the outfit. Plus it was open toed and as she was hot enough as it is already, she figured the air anywhere would help.

    "Hey!" she yelled over to the two people she saw. "Do you guys have any idea what just happened here?"