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  1. Its been done a million times before but imagine if you will you are going through your every day tasks but mean while the scientific research facility has been working to reconstruct the dinosaurs into living creatures but while extracting the minute marrow found within one of a pterodactyls bones the bone cracked filling the room with a bacteria that would attach to the brain and deprive them of all sanity and induce a craving for fresh meat. The bacteria would later be found to be transferred through any type of wound caused by the infected. The first infected at first do not know that have become infected due to the bacterias hibernation periods and after their shifts they go home to their loving families. During the hottest point of the following day the bacteria awakens while these scientists are enjoying their weekends which starts the end of the world as we all know it. Those who managed to escape the grasps of death took refuge within the Mall, Mrs. Vanderleis cajun dinner house (a huge mansion converted into a dinner house) or inside the hardware megastore. This isn't just about the zombie apocalypse but this is also about the relationships, hardships and romantic discoveries found during the apocalypse.

    Let me know what you think because i have a few surprises in store if I can get the role play up and running. Also this is my first one on here so if anyone would be so kind as to help direct me where to go from here then that would be wonderful.

    Character sheets I would like emailed to so that I can approve of them and then if approved should be your first post

    Full Name:
    Appearance, can be pic or description:
    What you normally wear:
    Outstanding talents:(nothing magical but more everyday things such as able to repair or hotwire a car fairly quickly or trained in martial arts are some examples)
    Back-up Weapon: (you use this when all else goes wrong and you have no option but to fight. be as realistic as possible because no one any where except those in a military training base have grenades and rpgs and such and this is a big city so the chances of that are slim and none sorry)
  2. Full Name: Adelia Rae Welles
    Nickname: Addy
    Gender: Female

    Age: 17
    Height/weight: 5'6" / 125lbs.
    Appearance, can be pic or description:[​IMG][​IMG]
    What you normally wear: Off the shoulder sweater, sleves mid length, usually stripes, lacey tank peeking out, old faded jeans, brown belt with broze buckle, grey and blue sneakers, tan beanie, and when its cold a grey jacket with tan fur around the hood, usually zipped.
    Personality: Distant - she is quiet and enjoys spending time to herself, this dosn't mean she is shy though, infact she is more than willing to stand up for what she believes in or make a point. If she feels compelled to speak or if someone trys to start a conversation she has no problem doing so. Blunt - For the few times she dose speak she is very honest and sometimes to the point of rudeness. Part of the reason she dosn't speak much is she dosn't want to offend others because of her uncontrolable bluntness. Negligent - Adelia is lazy and careless. She killed many pet fish because she forgot to feed them. She isn't responsible and usually leaves a mess where ever she is. The people that she finds closest to her are people that over look this flaw and take care of her, she likes to be babied. Constant - Unlike some people Adelia rarely changes intrest or opinions, she is predictable. Critical - It comes with her bluntness, if she dosn't like something than she will tell you and she can never hide her hate as well as she can hide her affection. Innovative - With being quiet and often to herself she is always having ideas swirl around in her mind. Because of this she is able to easily think of solutions to everyday problems.
    Occupation: Cashier at Build a Bear Workshop.
    Outstanding talents: Photographic memory, She took track in her early highschool years so she is good at running, Innovative
    Backup Weapon: She never really kept any wepons with her but when everything started she begun to carry a old baseball bat with her.
  3. Full Name:Nathanial Kenneth Waverly
    Nickname: Nate
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height/weight: 5"9 and 163lbs
    Appearance, can be pic or description: He has dark brown hair that curls up at the ends in various directions, A thick stubble with slight hints of grey accent his face. The glasses over his blue and green eyes (he does not have one green and one blue his eyes both have an outer circle of emerald green and an inner circle of blue) have been crafted using his seeing glasses lenses and a pair of cheap reading glasses. On the day of the apocalypse Nate was wearing a dark pair of blue jeans, A dark grey t-shirt, dark purple chuck taylors, His worn out aviators coat and a small pewter pentacle on a gold chain. He can usually be found with a cigarette in his mouth when frustrated or thinking.
    What you normally wear: placed within appearance
    Personality:Can tend to be overly strict at times and is often very stubborn. Though with those traits He is a very caring person who is always willing to help out those in need
    Occupation:Construction worker
    Outstanding talents: Trained in archery and sword fighting at a dojo in his home town, knows how to properly brace and build structures as well as tear them down. He also has slight understanding in medicine and first aid so if need be ha can clean and bandage a wound or make a cast.

    Back-up Weapon: WWII machete

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  4. Full Name: Kriss Laila Ashford

    Nickname: Kriss or Kay

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Height/weight: 5'4" 118 lbs

    Appearance, can be pic or description: Dark hair, brown eyes (dark enough to look black). She has naturally black hair drawn back into a thick puff. She's slender in build.

    What you normally wear: She is normally seen wearing sweat suits and dark running shoes.

    Personality: Although she comes off as an out and out tomboy, she dresses and acts according to the occasion. Quiet most of the time, she can be a social butterfly should she become interested in an open conversation. She loves good jokes, to laugh and smile [though she doesnt....not so much as smile but give light laughter]. Kriss, although she would never show her affection with words or even outwardly, has a golden heart and loyal to a fault.

    Occupation: Part-time Graphic Designer

    Outstanding talents: She has uncannily vivid memory, be it photographic or auditory. She is a heavy thinker and a critic. Even though she isn't a great tactician, she can point out flaws in a plan with little to no problem.

    Back-up Weapon: She would resort to the spiked brass knuckles her older bother had given her before he moved away.
  5. The role play is going to be have a prologue and this when I would like everyone to go through their characters actions and what they happen to be doing at the moment please try and paint the most vivid picture with your words. I will personally Message everyone when the role play is ready to be started
  6. Full Name: Nicholas Alexander Cash
    Nickname: Nick or Alex
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height/weight: 6 feet tall, 146 lbs
    Appearance, can be pic or description: A lanky young man with a bit of scruff on his face. Although he looks unkempt, he is a very clean and conservative individual. He wears glasses, has blue-green eyes, and looks completely harmless.
    What you normally wear: Blue jeans, white t-shirt, steel-toed working boots
    Personality: Not too social, but will make conversation if he feels too lonely. He rarely smiles, but when he does, it is a warm, genuine smile that seems to have a soothing affect upon others. He is compassionate and merciful, even when he should not be. Bloodshed is hard for him, but he will do what he truly must in the end to guarantee the survival of those he can, human enemy and ally alike. He also has no issue whatsoever for dying for others, and will sacrifice himself if it guarantees the survival of anyone else. This is due to his Christian faith, which he has somehow retained even in these awful times. He does not, however, preach or speak of his faith to anyone.
    Occupation: Was studying to become a computer programmer when the bacteria broke out. No occupation.
    Outstanding talents: Able to hack into computers and security systems, as well as program small files. He also has a unique ability to calm and sooth others with his words.
    Back-up Weapon:
    His grandfather's old military knife. Sturdy, trusty, and worn, it is still sharp and he keeps it hooked to his belt at all times.
  7. Full Name: Sara Kathleen FitzgeraldNickname: N/A (yet)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height/weight: H: 5'3'' W: 100 LBS
    Appearance: View attachment 9553
    What you normally wear: She usually wears a dark hoodie, which she uses to conceal her gun, and dark blue jeans that have a few rips in them now. Underneath the hoodie she wears a black tank top with the holster her waist. She also wears a pair of spankies underneath her jeans in case her jeans become unwearable. She wears a pair of black flats.
    Personality: Before everything happened, she was easy to get along with and very trusting. She loved to help out others and would do anything for someone she cared about or loved. Now she has become more quiet, and less confident in others, but still seeks for that protection she had become accustomed to from her older brother. She still wants to trust others though, feeling a twinge of good on everyone she meets, but after a few run ins with highly cautious survivors, she has become more cautious of who she trusts. She has also become more afraid after seeing her brother eaten alive by the zombies, and has become somewhat disillusioned; creating scenarios inside her mind when she thinks too much and has been known to talk to her deceased brother.
    Occupation: Professional Dancer (Ballet and Contemporary)
    Outstanding talents: She is quick on her feet and can move around very quietly and has very good endurance. She also is very flexible so moving through difficult obstacles with ease.
    Back-up Weapon: She has a gun her older brother stole before he was killed, which she only uses in desperate situations, and usually keeps it hidden from others. It is a 9mm pistol.
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  8. ((Huzzah! A crazy person! I do so enjoy those! It will give my character a test to soothe and calm someone then! Perhaps this shall become very interesting!))
  9. Yes a handgun is alright but if possible would you please add the caliber and the style (pistol, revolver, magnum or i will even allow machine pistol because they sell them in pawn shops where I live)
  10. Okay awesome, I added that for you ^^
  11. Is this still open for more characters?
  12. To all wondering I am still accepting Character sheets
  13. Full Name: Conor L. Wilson

    Nickname: Hawk

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Height/weight: 5'9/ 129 LBs


    What you normally wear: His usual wear is around tank tops, jeans, and hoodies. Most of the time his color choice is balck and white.

    Personality: Due to his father's method of parenting, he's become the silent type. He barely speaks- and when he does its just one or two words. His father was a U.S. Army veteran who passed down his skill and wisdom to his only son, which he didn't believe-until now- would come in handy. Conor can be noble almost twenty-four seven, never jkes around, and is very stricked about taking precaution.

    Occupation: Combination Welder and gunsmith.

    Outstanding talents: Conor earned his nickname, "Hawk", from his perfect shot ability. Since the age of six he's never missed a shot with any projectile weapon. His upper and lower body strength act like a bonus to his endurance and agility.

    Back-up Weapon: Conor loves to carry around a K-Bar knife.
  14. I'm in. I'll make a character sheet when I get home from work today. Also, I spotted Deathwing on this page :D
  15. Was invited! This definitely looks interesting! It may take me a slight bit to create a character, but I'd like to have a holder for a character. ^.^
  16. Full Name:Eve Summerton
    Nickname: Eve
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height/Weight: 5'5/120lbs

    Appearance, can be pic or description: (Sorry the photo is huge. I couldn't readjust it)[​IMG]
    What you normally wear: Blaizer and pants. Tries to go for a nice sophisicated look without over doing it. She does wear jeans with the nice tops, but they never have holes or signs of wear on them. If she isn't wearing that, she wears dresses that reach at least the knee.

    Personality: She is the type that can talk to other and be confident about it, but tends to only talk to you if she wants to or finds that it is needed and/or useful. She is not stuck up, but being raised the way she was, she is just not used to having to deal with other people as much. She has a few close friends, but that is it. But for the most part, she is on her own, trying to focus on her studies. She is in her first year of college (had to wait a year before entering because of a family crisis with her father) and has not decided what she is offically majoring in yet, which is odd for her. Because usually before she does anything, she knows what she wants and why she is doing so. She does know how to be nice and smile to make others like her enough, but she learned it from her job as a waitress. She gets a fair amount of tips since learning.
    Occupation: Student/Waitress
    Outstanding talents: Has learned a to use swords from her father, who believes that one needs to know about their heritage to truly know about yourself.
    Back-up Weapon: A samurai sword passed from her grandfather that her Uncle had inherited.
  17. Full Name: Cairo Theodoric
    Nickname: Cai
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height/weight: 5'11"/ 199 lbs
    Show Spoiler

    What you normally wear: White t-shirt, tan cargo pants(gun holster on his belt), and white running shoes
    Personality: Socially tends to come off an ass due to being extremely sarcastic. Actually uses it to keep people at a distance while actually being very caring and protective of those who get close enough for him to be himself. When around people he know he can trust, Cairo can be funny, considerate and friendly. Is looking for any sign of family that might have survived.
    Occupation: Mechanic/Bouncer(part-time)
    Outstanding talents: can fix practically any vechile or hotwire if needed
    Back-up Weapon: Beretta PX4 Storm (cal: .45 ACP)

    Questions: There are only a few questions I have. The first is language: Do you want a lot, some or try to keep it to a minimum? Another is graphic detail: What level of gore, violence and adult content do you want for this rp? Also what are the 'rules' of this rp?
  18. If you're out there with the zombies but as much graphic in to the violence and gore as possible but this isn't just about zombies this is the relationships and companionship built during the apocalypse but since there are most likely minors playing in this role play so try and keep adult content to minimum or at least a fade to black. As for language try and get at least a paragraph but no more than four. Don't censor yourself if your character curses a lot then feel free.