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    My Character and Your Character have a very long past together.... My character can reincarnate once he has died. He will reincarnate after how many years he had lived in the last life time has passed and Your character will find him again.

    Your character is My character's guardian angel. He is sworn to protect My character... And never to fall in love with him.... But it has already been too late... Way to late, since the very first time My character was born and they had met for the first time, your character has been enraptured by my character... And will always love him... Even if it is a cursed love... Because my character always seems to die, whether it is by the arch-angels hands, a demons, or maybe even by my characters own hands.. He always gets killed.

    Your character has been through hell and back again going through this awful cycle over and over again... He wants it to stop, he wants my character to stop dying so they could really truly be together like he kept promising him over and over again but never turned out... No matter how hopeful he tried to be.

    My character is reincarnated again... He is seventeen, and he will be turning eighteen in just a few months... My characters death always happens on one of his birthdays.

    Your character of course finds my character... But something is different... My character, happens to be a boy. Unlike all the other years... My character had been a girl.... And, my character had no clue what Your character was, or even who he was in the first place.... Just that Your character looked very familiar.

    Your character is astounded at first, but he still loves my character... Even when he doesn't even know it... Not yet anyways.

    Your character does the unthinkable, he goes under the guise of a regular high school student to get close to my character... You can imagine Gabriel the arch-angel isn't too pleased either.

    My character has been having weird dreams lately... Until he realizes that the person in those dreams happen to be of the new guy(your character.) He has dreams when they first met, first kissed, when they first made love, and of course, the reoccurring nightmare of his death. But he just believes these are all just dreams, fantasies... How can they be true? How can they not?


    1) My character is the 'submissive.' I am looking for a dominant. :)

    2) 1-4 paragraphs please, and in third person! I do not do one liners or first or second person!

    3) There will be parts where I will flashback to their past lives and I encourage you, if you wish to, do the same! ^.^

    4) I accept anime pictures or realistic pictures for this!

    5) This will take place in a libertine thread! Not pm's or email!

    6) This a darker rp, but I also want it to be fun, happy, and fluffy at times. I love plot and smut! A balance of both is great! ^.^

    7) Comment below or pm me if interested! :)
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  6. Still looking! :)
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