Eternal Grief - A Horror RP

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    • Everyone had heard the rumors of the haunted mansion deep in the woods. People who ventured into the house rarely returned. It was only rumors of course. If it was true, why hadn't they just demolished the house? Of course it wasn't true and everyone knew it. So what can go wrong when 15 teens decides to have their test of courage in that mansion?

      Soon the teens finds themselves fighting for their lives as a seemingly invisible enemy is killing them one after one.

      • No Godmodding, otherwise the ghosts will eat your face!
      • The group can have max 15 members, which includes extra characters (At least 3 characters needs to own (or have borrowed) a car and be able to drive them to the mansion. Only 17+ characters can have a drivers license.)
      • Extra characters can only be made once the sign ups are closed and if the character count hasn't reached the number 15.
      • Anyone can die. ANYONE.
      • Once your character is dead you can either leave the roleplay or come back as a ghost. The ghost can either try to warn or harm people.
      • Newly created ghosts does not have the same powers as old ghosts. They cannot touch things or be heard except if they become incredibly emotional. They cannot get the extreme power to kill people. They can try to use phones to be heard better, but the result might not always be what they've expected.
      • Only the GM can kill people, and the killings will happen randomly. Be prepared to die at any time.
      • Kissing is okay, but if your characters runs off to bang somewhere, I cannot guarantee your safety. (Going off to have a sweet love scene in a haunted mansion is considered a suicide mission. You might survive, but you're making it so much harder for yourself.)
      • Wanna quit the rp? Tell me, I'll kill off your character in a worthy manner.
      • Real life is real, but I will still ask you for at least one post a week.
      • If you haven't replied to the rp for weeks, and not given any explanation to why, your character will disappear in the maze of the mansion. You will still have a chance to come back for as long as your character is lost in the unknown, but at some point I will declare the character dead and its lifeless body will be found by the other characters. Tell me in the OOC when you're ready to post again if your character has been lost in the unknown, and I'll introduce it back to the main route. (They won't be unharmed)
      • No one liners. Each post should contain at least one paragraph with eight sentences minimum. There's no max roof, but if you decides to write a novella (10+ paragraphs), make sure to put a summary in a spoiler.

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      An old abandoned mansion is hidden deep in the forest. It is said that the building is like a labyrinth, once you’re in you won’t be able to find your way out. Some stories even suggest that there are ghosts in the mansion that keeps people lost, or even take the liberty to kill them. There is even a story about who the ghosts were in life and after death.

      A hundred years ago there was a man who loved his wife dearly. To show his affection he built her a mansion. His name was William Bennett, and her name was Elizabeth. After ten years of work the mansion was finally finished and they moved into it together. Shortly after moving in, the inseparable couple slowly seemed to be growing apart as Elizabeth spent less and less time with her husband. Obsession overtook her and she locked herself up with her paintings in the attic. As time went by, William started to hear rumors about Elizabeth having an affair with his best friend Eric. Blinded by jealousy and grief, William poisoned his wife and watched her die a slow painful death.

      Eric Thompson had fallen in love with Elizabeth the moment he saw her, but at that time she was already married with his best friend. He hoped that Elizabeth would leave William if he suddenly got aggressive and jealous. A rumor about Elizabeth being unfaithful would definitely give that effect, but it all went horribly wrong. Once the news of Elizabeth’s death had reached him, he knew exactly what William had done and he immediately hurried to the mansion.

      When he arrived at the mansion, Eric banged at the door until a servant opened it. Fear didn’t even have a chance to enter his mind before Eric shot the poor man in the head. Eric then moved forward and killed any servant who passed him while he searched the mansion for his old friend. One servant was able to run away after having been shot in the shoulder. He had the chance to flee the mansion, but he did not take it. Instead he ran towards his master’s working office to warn William of the oncoming danger.

      William refused to take his servant’s advice to run away while he still could. Instead he just sat there and waited for Eric to find him. The servant soon heard footsteps coming closer, and as he did not wish to get killed by a mad man, he chose to jump out of the window from the third floor. He did survive the fall, but with broken legs and no help for miles, he died of blood loss hours later.

      Entering the room, Eric directed his gun towards Williams head while asking, “how could you?” William just looked at him without giving any answer. A tear ran down Eric’s cheek as he pulled the trigger, killing the man who he once had considered a friend. A loud scream of anger and sorrow echoed through the mansion as Eric couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. Some say that his heartbroken scream still can be heard in the forest surrounding the mansion.

      It took weeks before people started to notice the absence of mister Bennett and his wife in town, but eventually the police were sent to the mansion to investigate their disappearance. As they knocked on the door, no one opened, and when they walked inside no one was there, not even the corpses of the servants. Only the corpse of William and Eric could be found inside the mansion. Eric Thompson hanged himself in the attic, surrounded by his beloved Elizabeth’s paintings. Eric had written a last message, telling everyone what he had done, how he had massacred the servants, but not one word in the letter explained what he had done with their bodies. Only one servant was ever found, the one who jumped out from the window and had crawled into the forest in an attempt to escape.
      Now they are haunting the mansion.

      Elizabeth is said to haunt the attic where she can be surrounded by her beloved paintings. Some also says that she roams the corridors, searching for something or someone, but no one knows what or who, though certain rumors says that she once was pregnant, but misfortune hit and she had a miscarriage. After that she could never become pregnant again and she became heavily depressed. Her paintings were the only thing that could give her comfort. Might she be roaming the corridor in search of the child she never could give birth to?

      Eric’s ghost is sometimes seen hanging in the attic where he killed himself, but he’s more often said to be walking through the mansion in his endless search for William. It is said that if he sees a girl in the mansion he will take her away because he mistakes her for Elizabeth. The girl is never seen again. If he sees a man then he will assume that it is William and brutally murder him.

      William is mostly seen grieving in his working office, but at times one can also find him walking in the corridor. If he sees a man he will beg him to end his suffering, he will beg to be killed, but if he sees a woman, then he will most likely kill her as he will think that it is the wife whom betrayed him for another man.
      Even the servants are said to haunt the mansion. No one knows what they do or why they won’t move on to the other side, but rumors say that you should never follow a servant, because they will make you get lost in the labyrinth-like mansion.

    For Sign-ups, questions and other info, see OOC thread.
  2. There are still room for a few more players :D Sign ups close on Wednesday the 8th of April.
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