Etera: Harbingers of Death

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  1. I promise it isn't as dark as it sounds. Or maybe it is, you decide. Would anyone be interested in this? I've put hours at least into this, so with any luck, someone will take notice.

    OOC: Etera: Harbingers of Death(OOC) |


    The land of Etera was not always a land of death, violence, and darkness. It was once a lovely, magical place, full of love and life. Upon the discovery of magick, eventually, darker forms cropped up in the form of cults. Little did they know that worshipping their false gods of darkness was only helping form a time fracture, a point in which time fragments from reality, and sets off to correct itself. Upon this happening, reality stops altogether, so that time can heal, or correct itself.

    Seeing as time was not healing, but was in fact growing worse, Death created the Harbingers, mighty warriors meant to collect souls and banish the Chaotic. The ultimate goal of the Harbingers, was to destroy all the necromancers, and restore the world to healing condition, long enough to seal the fracture. For the reclamation of lost and tortured souls, Death awards Harbingers with extra power. The power they hold will eventually be used to help in sealing the fracture, once all negativity is destroyed.

    However, if a Harbinger is slain, his or her accumulated power will disperse, leaving a radius of never ending 'mist', which will never heal, although this has no effect on the correcting of time. The belief is that if Death and the harbingers close the fracture and set time back on course, things will go back to normal at the exact moment time snapped, with the exception of leaving those who have fallen during the fragment behind.

    Things to know

    Grim Reaper/Death: The dark collector of souls, no set gender, and will be referred to primarily as 'it'.

    The Chaotic: Lost souls, or rather, maniacal and destructive souls that roam the land of Etera, causing mayhem and chaos, and killing indiscriminately. Are sought by the Harbingers.

    The Tortured: souls/beings who roam the world looking for their Soul Shards, in an attempt to save themselves from damnation and reclamation by the hands of Deaths Harbingers.

    Soul Shards: upon committing atrocious acts in the world, ones soul will shatter, more pieces scattering with each crime. Of all are collected before ones judgement from Death, they can present them to it to have their soul reformed and stripped of all crimes. If ones soul shatters completely, the become one of the Chaotic.

    Harbingers: beings claimed to have been chosen by Death itself, to lend a helping hand in collecting souls, soul shards, and banishing the Chaotic.

    Mist: and hazardous and deadly radius expelled upon the death of a Harbinger. Depending on the amount of power that has been gained, the radius of this mist can be small or large. The more the power, the larger it will be, in addition to being deadlier.

    Power: An ability granted to Harbingers by Death, it is used to seal the fracture of time. This power cannot be used for harming things, as its only function is to heal. Contrary to the belief based on this fact, it cannot heal living beings.

    Playable Beings

    Elves: Combat specialists

    Fairies: Agility specialists

    Kitsune: Magick specialists

    Humans: Intelligence and Stealth specialists

    Tortured: generally exceptional in all

    Races: Any race you want, so long as it has a more detailed description if it is your very own personal race.(Aka player-made races)

    Areas: I'll leave this up to those interested to create, along with the history and any connections that might be had with other areas, and add them in as they come.

    Sidori(Sy-door-ee): the oldest area of all Etera. Also the first place inhabited by any sentient being(animals/people). A wasteland of death and decay now, it was once a beautiful grassland, with woodlands and marshes mixed in.

    Did I leave anything out? Anything you have questions about? Please let me know. This is my first ever big group rp idea, and I want it to be as accurate and perfect as possible, so that maybe it will get off the ground.
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  2. I think it is really good I like it a lot you put lots of discretion and broke each category down with is good
  3. Lol you mean description? And yeah, I needed to break everything down in order to have it presentable. I'm not one for a jumbled mess, and I'll admit, I had my dearest friend help out on a few things, but I think it looks neat and clean, now all that's left is that hopefully others take interest. ^-^
  4. I love the idea of a world where if they achieve their objective, all time past the point that shit starts going down will be deleted and treated as if it never happened. It sounds like a really fun setting so I'm going to join this. I do, however, have a considerable amount of questions about it, which can also serve as thinking points to deepen the setting:

    1. Why did the world only become bad when magic was discovered? Sentience itself demands the existence of corrupt systems, so what existed in this world that prevented such systems prior to the discovery of magic?
    2. Why can't Death heal the timeline on his own? Why does he need the Harbingers to do it for him? Death is the one who grants the Harbingers their power, and Harbingers cannot gain power except that which Death has given them, so Death must therefore also hold all of this power himself, yet cannot heal the timeline without the Harbingers. Why is this?
    3. If the worship of "false gods" is what is causing the problems, then what is a "true god"? Why do these false gods have the ability to destroy a timeline if they're not actually gods?
    4. What is the "mist"? Is there a purpose to its existence?
    5. Why does Death possess the ability to repair? Usually, Death is associated with destruction.
    6. Why does the timeline actually need to be repaired? Have the chaotics caused so much damage that rebuilding after their extinction would be impossible?
    7. Does magic besides necromancy exist? Is it all inherently evil, or only the necromancy part?
    8. What exactly is a "tortured"? Why does it gain power when it begins searching for it's fragments?
    9. How does Death choose who to make a harbinger?
  5. 1. This is for people to help build upon. In this world, a perfect, absolute balance of all things was achieved, and when magick was discovered, it brought out a suppressed evil in some, which therefore created necromancy, and in this, broke the balance rather abruptly.

    2. In Etera, when the timeline split and reality stopped, the only thing which continued was death. Unlike the 'God', Death continued to function, and much like God, has rather limitless power. But being as Death is more so destructive, he cannot achieve healing time. Harbingers' power is used quickly, and like skyrim and such, the more magick you have, the longer it takes to deplete it. Death doesn't heal, per say, but rather refills the Harbingers' 'gauges' when they have exhausted it, so they can continue to heal time.

    3. Cults that dabble in necromancy, and other summoning magicks, try to do just that. They try to summon something. Those who worship false gods, worship with the belief that their worshipping will bring life to their creation. It isn't necessarily the false gods, but rather, it's the destruction of balance these cults bring forth by worshipping them.

    4. There is neither no purpose, nor a set purpose for them. It's much like the time wound in Skyrim due to adluin being sent forward in time. It was there from then on with no real purpose, but never fading either.

    5. Death doesn't actually possess this, or more so, he doesn't use it. Things do not repair, or heal, the correct way if done by Death. Therefore, It uses the Harbingers, full of both creation, destruction, as well as love and hate, altogether, to heal it in his/its' place.

    6. Yes, and no. It doesn't have to be repaired, but without a regular reality, there is no creation, only death. A sane person would want the world to continue to live, and would attempt to fix it.

    7. By all means, the bases of magick are all there. But magick itself is not either. It itself is neutral, though what it is turned into is what decides if it becomes evil or good, or half and half. Necromancy is more a result of evil intent with magick.

    8. The Tortured do not gain any powers. They are simply chaotics waiting to happen if they don't search for their fragments. They start to lose memories and such with the longer they wait to collect their fragments, as well as with each passing crime they commit. The severity decides how big the fragment is, and memory loss is rather random with each crime.

    9. Think of one with the ability to see the purest of hearts. Although he can see at that time, Death cannot see what their purity will shape into down the road, so it is actually a gamble when bestowing this power upon someone.

    Side note: Though it won't actually be seen much, Death will interact with people from time to time. He hides in the shadows since though he has limitless power, in this split time, he too is mortal.

    Hope these answers are satisfying, and if you have anymore questions, I'll be glad to answer to the best of my ability!
  6. Those are mostly satisfying answers, although I can't agree with number 1. "Balance" must also involve destruction and evil. A world filled with only good would be unbalanced. As for 8, you said in the races thing that "Tortured: generally exceptional in all", but if they were just criminal forms of other races wouldn't they simply have the specialisms of that race?
  7. Most of those aren't magicks. They're simply skills, you could say. Magick is controlled by most everyone.

    And yes, but as for that, the spread of necromancy, as well as other dark arts, or light arts used for dark purposes, tipped the balance completely.
  8. Ah I see, so it's not that there wasn't any evil, it's just that with the addition of necromancy, the evil began to outweigh the good?
  9. Exactly. With the spread of necromancy especially, bad began to vastly outweigh good.
  10. Bump! Anyone else interested in this?
  11. I certainly am!
  12. My interest is certainly pique'd.
  13. YAY! More people! Thank you @ClaireRae, and @Jageroux! ^-^ Any questions either of you might have?
  14. I think Karakui asked some of the questions I had, and you answered those... I think I'm only curious about two things:

    1) What kind of magic is there? Is it mostly elemental? Do the harbingers/chaotic/tortured specialize in one specific type of magic?

    2) Are there any souls that aren't Tortured or Chaotic? If so, why? Where did they go? What happens once a Tortured collects all their shards?
  15. From how I understood it, I think a tortured will become a normal person again if they can collect all their shards. I'm assuming they'll lose a portion of their malevolent intent too.
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  16. The only question I have would be -
    • If the Harbingers are incapable of using their power to harm, how do they fight? Can/Do they rely on the usage of conventional weapons, or more arcane methods?
  17. I was under the impression that harbinger power was a separate thing. I mean, it'd be a bit strange for someone to be using magic then suddenly lose it all when Death gave them the ability to repair non-living things.
  18. @Karakui, you're right on both points. 'Power' isn't the same as magick, and cannot be used in the same manner. And yes, Tortured will return to normal upon finding their shards.

    @Jageroux, any/all beings can use magick, and playable beings are much like your personal preference, swords, guns, magick types, just whatever they decide to use.

    @ClaireRae, magick is consistent in all forms. I guess the only other soul you could expect to find is a normal, undamaged soul.
  19. I've change playable races to beings, and added a note under it for races. You all may want to check it.
  20. Wait, so guns exist in this world? I was under the impression it was a medieval fantasy. Also, any ETA on the OOC thread?
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