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    The land of Etera was not always a land of death, violence, and darkness. It was once a lovely, magical place, full of love and life. Upon the discovery of magick, eventually, darker forms cropped up in the form of cults. Little did they know that worshipping their false gods of darkness was only helping form a time fracture, a point in which time fragments from reality, and sets off to correct itself. Upon this happening, reality stops altogether, so that time can heal, or correct itself.

    Seeing as time was not healing, but was in fact growing worse, Death created the Harbingers, mighty warriors meant to collect souls and banish the Chaotic. The ultimate goal of the Harbingers, was to destroy all the necromancers, and restore the world to healing condition, long enough to seal the fracture. For the reclamation of lost and tortured souls, Death awards Harbingers with extra power. The power they hold will eventually be used to help in sealing the fracture, once all negativity is destroyed.

    However, if a Harbinger is slain, his or her accumulated power will disperse, leaving a radius of never ending 'mist', which will never heal, although this has no effect on the correcting of time. The belief is that if Death and the harbingers close the fracture and set time back on course, things will go back to normal at the exact moment time snapped, with the exception of leaving those who have fallen during the fragment behind.

    Things to know

    Grim Reaper/Death: The dark collector of souls, no set gender, and will be referred to primarily as 'it'.

    The Chaotic: Lost souls, or rather, maniacal and destructive souls that roam the land of Etera, causing mayhem and chaos, and killing indiscriminately. Are sought by the Harbingers.

    The Tortured: souls/beings who roam the world looking for their Soul Shards, in an attempt to save themselves from damnation and reclamation by the hands of Deaths Harbingers.

    Soul Shards: upon committing atrocious acts in the world, ones soul will shatter, more pieces scattering with each crime. Of all are collected before ones judgement from Death, they can present them to it to have their soul reformed and stripped of all crimes. If ones soul shatters completely, the become one of the Chaotic.

    Harbingers: beings claimed to have been chosen by Death itself, to lend a helping hand in collecting souls, soul shards, and banishing the Chaotic.

    Mist: and hazardous and deadly radius expelled upon the death of a Harbinger. Depending on the amount of power that has been gained, the radius of this mist can be small or large. The more the power, the larger it will be, in addition to being deadlier.

    Power: An ability granted to Harbingers by Death, it is used to seal the fracture of time. This power cannot be used for harming things, as its only function is to heal. Contrary to the belief based on this fact, it cannot heal living beings.

    Playable Beings

    Elves: Combat specialists

    Fairies: Agility specialists

    Kitsune: Magick specialists

    Humans: Intelligence and Stealth specialists

    Tortured: generally exceptional in all

    Races: Any race you want, so long as it has a more detailed description if it is your very own personal race.(Aka player-made races)

    Areas: I'll leave this up to those interested to create, along with the history and any connections that might be had with other areas, and add them in as they come.

    Sidori(Sy-door-ee): the oldest area of all Etera. Also the first place inhabited by any sentient being(animals/people). A wasteland of death and decay now, it was once a beautiful grassland, with woodlands and marshes mixed in.


    Have any questions, feel free to ask, but please visit the interest check to view questions that have already been asked/answered. You can find that here:
    INTEREST CHECK - Etera: Harbingers of Death |

    NOTE: You do not have to use everything, but if you can, it would help. Otherwise, just use what is essential. Some of it really doesn't even need to be there, I'm just to lazy to edit it out.

    Character sheet (open)


    Character Name:
    Name Meaning:
    Zodiac Sign:
    Place of Birth:
    Current Residence:


    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
    Fondest Memory:
    Biggest Regret:


    Special Items:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes:

    Area Sheet:


    General characteristics:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes:


    In the IC, please label your posts as such:

    Time of day:

    Towns made in the IC will be added here in the Overview, as will towns made in the sign up/ooc. If your town isn't here yet, please be patient, as I'm doing what I can when I can get to it.

    All Iwaku rules apply.
    No godmodding, metagaming, or any OP form of roleplaying not often used is allowed.
    You are NOT to kill ANY players character(s) at ANY time, unless given permission.
    No randomly obtaining things. It doesn't hop into your hand without an explanation. You will need to add in how it gets there. It is okay if you make a mistake and forget.
    I would like everyone to be as descriptive as possible with their writing, as well as characters. The more information we have, the more we have to reply to.
    Not so much a rule, as it is me asking everyone, if you cannot continue the roleplay, please please please, let me know. Tell me in advance if you won't be able to post at times.
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  2. making a placeholder for a player made character if you do not mind
  3. @Lord of Dragons, that's fine. I should probably add in a CS, huh? It'll be added to the OOC within the next ten minutes.
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  4. alright then thanks for that
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  5. It has been added, along with a short area sheet for those who wish to flesh out the land, and give extra backstory to everything.
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  6. I'm going to be making my character and his home area as well. It will take me some time though
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  7. That's absolutely fine. I'll be making a few characters, myself. Sometime tonight.
  8. Interested and I have a character sheet filled out for the most part, excluding the history. Was a little stuck on that, for the moment. Was wondering if you wanted to help. Also, from what I can tell you're open to the players creating the towns and the world for the most part while you beginning fitting the puzzle pieces together. I had an idea as to where my character originated, but wasn't sure if you'd be fine with it.

    Do you want me to go ahead and post what I have so you can read it, or should I PM you and hash the rest out before I post all that I have ^^ ; ?
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  9. @Felix Eriquel, do what you feel. Though I'd rather have it PM'd, so that you don't post and have to edit it later because something doesn't fit. And yes, I'm completely open to people creating their own towns/cities and fleshing out a bit of backstory.

    This roleplay isn't really going to be lore heavy, but it'll help if/when the time comes during the IC.
  10. Qo-Ja'Tahr (open)

    Name Pronunciation: Ko-Ja'Tar
    Alias: Tahr the Fleet
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Khajiit/Neko
    Being: Harbinger
    Age: 24
    Place of Birth: Sidori
    Current Residence:(leaving blank until we have more towns)
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Family: Tahr


    Height: 5'6"
    Hair: Fur-Brown/Black Hair:Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks: scar on her nose, white fur patch around her nose
    Strengths: one-handed weapons, climbing, sneaking, cooking(she can make a mean venison rabbit stew)
    Weaknesses: swimming, short-tempered

    (Leaving most of this blank for now)
    Allies: Ku'enne re Itte te Akuri
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Healing time
    Aspirations: Qo-Ja'Tahr wishes to be one of the best warriors ever.
    Hobbies: blacksmithing, wood carving
    Likes: fish, cooked fish, eating fish, getting stronger, friends, fun
    Dislikes: pain, a lot, stealing, cannibalism.
    Talents: chasing her tail
    Inabilities: catching her tail
    Fears: Ja'Tahr literally has a fear of never being able to catch her tail, and yes it is very real to her. She's a cat-folk, after all
    General Personality: Ja'Tahr is a kind soul, and a loving and friendly person. However, she never lets her love and friendliness get in the way.


    Special Items: Moon Amulet
    Weapons: a scimitar she has dubbed Windshear
    Magics: healing, destruction


    General History: Qo-Ja'Tahr was born in Sidori twenty years before time fragmented. Her family was full of fun and happiness until she was eleven, in which her father, a royal guard of the town, went to fight the spread of dark arts cropping up. It wasn't a quick change from then to current events, but things happened that clearly marked the start of something very wrong. Dreams were had of Ja'Tahr floating in the clouds, and for some reason, the clouds were shattering like glass from time to time.

    As time went onward, things got more intense and extreme, and one day she received word that her father had been killed. After a year of mourning, Ja'Tahr vowed to become the strongest she possibly could, so she could avenge his death. However, halfway through her twenty-first year, time fragmented off, and Death visited her, telling her of what needed to be done, and giving her the power that would help heal time. Now, Qo-Ja'Tahr travels Etera as a mercenary, and helps out where needed.
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  11. Alright let's give this a shot... It's kind of a wild card character, so tell me if there's anything that won't work and I'll be happy to change it.



    Character Name: Ku'enne re Itte te Akuri (Informally, she is known as Akuri)
    Name Meaning: One who Opposes Imperfection
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Construct (Akuri is built entirely of magical energy)
    Being: Harbinger
    Age: 31 months.
    Place of Birth: Unknown
    Current Residence: Wanderer
    Occupation: Assassin, general do-good-er.


    Height: Average 14 year old.
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Distinguishing Marks: Akuri wears some kind of item over her left eye. Though no one has touched it, it seems to be made of a strange matte material. The pattern is the symbol for "Perception" in an ancient tongue whose written form is known only to the most arcane of arcane scholars. The spoken language is known by no one. According to scriptures translated from the text, even Death itself cannot speak it out loud (though this rumour remains unverified).
    General Appearance: Akuri has a very cute appearance, and looks like a young teenager. She dresses in pinks and whites. She is always smiling, even when a rational person in her position would be so angry they give off metaphorical clouds of steam.
    Strengths: Several sword-fighting styles, which are mixed together to create her own, rather strange style. She can also use some staff weapons, such as spears and naginata, though to much less proficiency than swords. She's also very fast and almost impossibly nimble. Being made entirely of magic, she doesn't actually need to eat or sleep, either. She just does it for fun. She can't get exhausted from physical movements, although will tire if using magic carelessly because it can interfere with her own structure.
    Weaknesses: Akuri is incredibly cocky and arrogant. She enjoys taunting people and this can often result in poor judgement.


    Allies: Ko-Ja'Tahr (both Harbingers), Death (lending her his healing power), Unknown (creator).
    Enemies: None, so far.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Elimination of all imperfections, including but not limited to - Tortured, scars in reality, uneven hedges.
    Aspirations: Akuri desires to create a perfect world where nothing is wrong or out of place.
    Hobbies: Magic tricks so awesome that even someone with real magic would be impressed.
    Likes: Perfection, order, cute shit.
    Dislikes: Chaos, not-cute shit, the notion that she might need a Plan B.
    General Personality: Akuri is very inquisitive and often comes off as cute, however, she carries a strange aura. Few can tell exactly what they dislike about her, but it's almost instinctive to feel something is slightly off with her. As mentioned earlier, she's incredibly arrogant and loves to provoke people, especially combat opponents.


    Special Items: Eyepatch mentioned earlier. It apparently allows her to see physical manifestations of the damage to reality, though she never lets anyone else look through it so as far as they're concerned it may as well just be decoration.
    Weapons: A sword made of a peculiar black matte metal. It has a slightly curved tip, but is otherwise straight, and it has a series of hooks on the back edge much like a combat knife that can act as a saw.

    Magics: Akuri's normal arsenal focuses quite heavily on screwing with her opponents and making them feel powerless. She likes to appear as if she can block their most powerful attacks with the same effort she might put into stirring tea. She loves the banter between enemies, so she doesn't usually attack and simply prolongs fights so she can converse.
    - Akuri can create a phantasmal copy of her sword which can be controlled, manifested and destroyed completely at will. It does not need to be in her hand. She cannot get any momentum into it, so it can be used only as an emergency parry.
    - Akuri can create phantasmal copies of herself, each wielding a phantasmal copy of her sword. These copies can gain momentum and attack, although lack her agility or strength, and cannot wield magic. In gaming terms, if Akuri is level 100, these copies are level 20.
    - Akuri can parry magic as if it were a physical weapon. If she does, it projects a radial shield around her immediate self and she is completely unaffected by the attack. If she misses the parry though, the attack will continue as normal - no shield.
    - Akuri has very fast regenerative capabilities, which take various forms. If she were to have a limb removed, it would re-attach itself in a few seconds provided she can maneuver the appropriate joints within a few millimeters of one another. Minor wounds like burns and scratches heal instantly, though cumulative adrenaline shock from a lot of wounds like this would still be enough to kill her. A severed limb that she can't recover would grow back after several days.
    - Akuri's main offensive spell is the ability to create lines of string that she can manipulate telekinetically. And also magically. She can turn the strings into razor sharp energy blades that vibrate to cut like a chainsaw. She can multiply a strand and use it to entangle something. She can detonate strings as if they were some really neat explosive. With rapid multiplication, she can build impermeable barriers. She can even create low lying strands that trip people up in a comedic fashion.
    - Akuri has an ability she likes to call Meta-mind-fuck. She can exploit Death's power and her own ability to see reality's flaws to do impossible actions, but only if those actions don't actually have an effect on the flow of combat or or story or what not. She can be standing 30 meters from someone, and yet pat them on the head without moving her body. She can teleport, but only into the background behind someone. She can do any of those cinematic flaws that don't really make sense, like standing on both the left and right of a person at the same time due to changing camera angles, or one minute be wearing her hair ribbon, and the next having her ribbon in her pocket. Her only useful exploitation of this is her ability to not be wielding her sword one minute, and the next suddenly having it in her hand. (This is partially for comedic effect, partially to further her ability to taunt people. No actual uses. I also won't have her break the 4th wall in character (though my narration might say some meta things occasionally, she won't actually be aware she's a character in a story or anything)


    General History: Akuri was created several days after the timeline originally broke. Her purpose was to aid the Harbingers in their task of repairing the breakages, and she began by destroying Chaotics that were close to causing further damage. Soon after, Death recognised her and granted her the ability to repair the breakages herself. Akuri's creator had also given her free will, though, possibly by accident. Apparently, this particular magician wasn't aware that creating a 100% magical construct with no physical aspects to its body made it organically create a soul for itself. She thought to herself while wondering about her purpose, whether she ought to only repair time, or whether she could do more. She decided to take it upon herself to not only repair time to its original state, but also create a perfect society where nothing ever went wrong.
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  12. Mycel Riumpta(will make an area sheet soon)

    Character sheet:

    Character Name: Mycel Riumpta
    Name Meaning: Mushroom Wizard (Muhsroom person language)
    Alias: The Father
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Mushroom person
    Age: unknown
    B-Day: unknown
    Zodiac Sign: no zodiac
    Bloodtype: I (blood type is known as I or other wise named after the poison, the Irix toxin, which is actually the blood of the mushroom people)
    Place of Birth: unknown
    Current Residence: the Island of Mushrooms
    Occupation: Leader of the Island of Mushrooms, Farmer, and father
    School/Grade: N/A
    Drycel Riumpta, the citizens of the Island of Mushrooms(he is asexual so he actually birthed all of the citizens himself)
    Gemstone: N/A


    Height: 6'2"
    Hair: none
    Eyes: black
    Distinguishing Marks: mushroom head, mushroom pieces that hang around the body
    General Appearance:
    Mycel Riumpta (open)
    (credit of art goes to Oatestwder Doodles on blogspot)

    Strengths: nature, animals, insects, don't try to eat him or his people's bodies(toxic blood remember), a magician, skilled acrobat, is a skilled farmer
    Weaknesses: fire, plant eating creatures
    More: usually carries a wooden staff with him as a walking stick, also wears pants and a vest out of his own mushroom head skin (thankfully he did not feel the pain and the skin regenerated)


    Allies: the citizens of his Island, his family, a couple people in power that live in Sidori
    Enemies: pyromancers, pirates, the elves
    Current Goal/Purpose: to become all powerful (not like a necromancer would)
    Aspirations: to be a great father, leader, and even more
    Hobbies: farming, practicing his magics and abilities, leather working (usually with mushroom head skin that regenerates back(his own))
    Likes: Mycel likes to build things through his nature growth abilities, he also likes to do some stone work and metal work as art, farming is also his art work as well
    Dislikes: rude people, bandits, pirates, fire, fungi eating animals
    Talents: farming, metalworking, chiseling, terraforming, nature magics, Communication with animals and bugs, acrobatics, staff combat(somewhat), regenerative ablilities
    Inabilities: finds communication with humanoids, other than the ones he knows(mushroom and the seldom people in Sidori), difficult to do. Physical combat is difficult for him as his body is hardly solid enough for physical combat, so he uses magic as his means of combat.
    Fears: Fire, fungi eating creatures
    General Personality: Generally Mycel is a good person, he's always trying to do the right thing for ppeople. He wants to see the good in everyone, though he does find that difficult at points. With this new danger of time screwing up, he has found things to be quite odd. He now misses life, as it is not availaible to be brought about. So he has decided to travel, wanting to help him wherever he can.
    Inner Personality: Mycel is a secretive person, keeping special things hidden and his secret organization hidden the most. He finds that being kept to himself is usually best, that is the main reason why he brought up the Island of Mushrooms. It is also the main reason why he had brought together his citizens, to have someone to talk to while he kept his organization secret. He keeps himself secluded with his oldest son by his side, in ever any case that Mycel had ever died by some means of danger. He hopes to give his son the best means of life after this whole event blows over, because even now his organization cannot work because of the event.
    Fondest Memory: The birth of his first son, Drycel, recently after his founding of his organization.
    Biggest Regret: Keeping his secrets from the world.
    Secret: His age, origin and his organization (could be willing to explain the organization better in Role play as it would be easier if allowed), some secret techniques(as if he were an ancient Batman)


    Special Items: his staff that he uses as a walking stick and magic weapon( he might use it to whack a couple people every now and then)
    Magic Staff (open)
    Using the Staff he can not not only channel his own magic through it, but he uses the magic that he gathers from the natural forces around him as the magic channel as well to activate any magic spells. Of he jabs an enemy with the orb of his staff it produces an energy burst against the enemy(or anyone who touches it)​
    Magics: Mycel uses a few types of magic: nature magic, element magic, animal communication magic, and some energy magic as well. He also uses secret arcane magics that he gained when he was created (or birthed) by Elven magic(one of his secrets and why he hates the elves and considers them enemies in the first place).
    >Nature magic: meaning control over plants and trees. He can control vines, pull roots from the ground, use trees as a shield, created different types of bodily effecting powders from pollen, leaves, grass, seeds, flower petals and a few other things as well.
    >Animal communication magic: can communicate with animals and call on favors to be able to have an animal help him with a certain objective he needs done.
    >Element magic: He uses no kinds of fire magic, or anything related to fire. He uses earth, water, and wind, and any sub magics, as long as they do not include fire. (he doesn't really use much of this magic, mostly animal and nature magic)
    >Secret Arcane Magics: these magics include Illusionist magic, Invocation magic, and Abjuration. Illusion magic is our usual magic that shows someone something unreal, but the Illusions do some damage. Invocation is energy based damaging magic, that Mycel can usually transfer through his staff. Abjuration is protection magic, spells that can remove curses, create protective walls around an object or person. Mycel hardly uses these magics as it takes a lot of energy out of him and are supposed to be secrets. Also if using these magics, it won't take energy from around him, it will take energy from him, and could kill him if he is not careful.
    >Also he has a skill that seems like magic at first, but is more like an ability, in a way that is. This so called magic/ability gives him the power to absorb (copy more like it) a magic or ability of another person or being, this being said that was how he has gotten the arcane magics. But he can remove them from himself whenever he doesn't need them anymore. This thing can sometimes be good and it can sometimes be bad too.
    >Then there is the ability to decompose and heal things right afterward. This means that he can decompose a certain object, after decomposition he can remove the fungi off of the affected area, causing the area to be healed.
    >His eyes can only see natural energies, meaning he doesn't see everything through natural colors. How he sees them is through their actual energy input and output, as each individual person has their own input and output of energy, as it is always changing. The energy always has one base color with the individual's energy that never changes, and it's based on and individual's origin.


    General History: From birth Mycel has always been born with the ability to bring around the magical arts. He was created by Elven wizards that were trying to create natural life with magic. These Elven wizards were royal wizards as well, as they had an influence in the Elven court and on the Elven King/Queen. They were trying to make an all powerful kind of wizard that never truly aged, but still could die through damage. This was Mycel, as he was supposed to be the highest wizard to the royal family, that was Mycel Riumpta. Mycel had been trained in many natural magics to fit his look, but more. When he was taught Elemental magic, he couldn't come to use fire, as he had come to fear it. When he had tried using fire magic within the elemental magic, he had gotten caught on fire and almost burnt up. Thankfully he ha survived, and continued his training.

    It took several years, but the Mushroom man had finished his magic training. The Mushroom man was already known to the Royal Elven family, so they understood what was going to be presented to them, but they thought something more regal was going to be presented. Instead, Mycel seemed more like a monster too them, so he was rejected by the Royal family, and thrown out of the royal house. Some of the Wizards felt sorry for him, so they went to him to see if they could help in any way. If anyone knew what rejection was like they knew that anger was always present. The rage that fueled Mycel had brought him to killing the wizards that went to him, but not before he absorbed their magic abilities. After doing so he went back to the royal house and murdered everyone inside the building. He decomposed their bodies entirely, leaving them to rot. Anyone who touched the people in that building, had destroyed the bodies, as only Mycel was able to take away the decomposition at the time.

    After the incident, the killer had been searched for, simply for weeks and months on end. The search had even went for at least a year or two, until the next royal family had come along. This amount of royal family were cousins to the main royal family and they had known about Mycel to some degree. While the search had went on though, Mycel began to make the Island of Mushrooms, and it's inhabitants. The second inhabitant was his son, and the rest were, well, his other citizens. The island did not have many inhabitants, the most was about 30-40 mushroom people. Mycel had created his secret organization at this time, calling forth powerful people and putting them through several different trials to see if they were willing and able to be apart of his organization. There was not much to be said about this, as he did not talk much about it even to the people he led, or even his son. The organization doesn't even make any money off of this, but it does know people high up on the celestial chain. That is all to be said about this organization, but that does not mean he is a celestial or all powerful being either, as he never put himself with those kinds of beings. He may have gotten himself recognized by Death, but he himself does not even know.

    After creating the organization, Mycel had to watch his back from Elven people, as they were still looking for the killer, an the newer royal family possibly knew that it was Mycel who had killed the previous royal family of the Elves. One day after being found out in the middle of Sidori, he was aided by some powerful Kitsune in protecting himself. They could tell he was a great wizard, and knew that he had some great power residing within, though they really didn't know him at all. After that he had been safe for the current time from the Elves, at least until they attacked again, just like the pirates that usually attacked his island.

    Present Life: Currently Mycel is roaming the world at this time, trying to find out how to help fix this calamity that has stopped life from happening, as he has tried to bring new life in just recently, a daughter. Being the helpful person he is he goes around helping anyone in anger. He goes to churches, monasteries an many more to heal any one who needs healing. He returns to his island every now an then, to see how the citizens are doing as well while he is out. His secret organization currently cannot work from this dangerous event that is going on with life and time, so he has let his employee's go on vacation for now, as the projects they work on have all of a sudden been placed on pause. Mycel is now taking his time to figure out how to fix this just as much as anyone else probably would.

    Special Historic Notes: The Mushroom people that Mycel had birthed are a magical people, able to use any kind of magic as they see fit, as long as it doesn't affect them in a negative way, such as fire. They are not really fit for full on combat though, either. They can be damaged as easily as Mycel and can repair themselves via draining the life energy of something or someone. Mycel has also been an influence in Sidori politics, being that The Island Of Mushrooms are connected to Sidori.

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  13. Could you possibly remove the ability to copy other abilities? Maybe have it become depleted after absorbing arcane magic or something. Reason being that copy magic is quite insulting in roleplays, especially to people like me who go to great extents to come up with a unique and interesting character. It's very demotivating when another character can just copy your character's abilities.
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  14. @Karakui, accepted! Do you watch Kill LA Kill too? And I agree, copying others is kinda like a cheap move, and a way around the lack of creativity, which neither of you have shown. Your characters are unique, and shouldn't have to copy others.

    @Lord of Dragons, other than what's already been mentioned, it seems yours is accepted as well! Mushroom people, eh? Never thought of that, but then again, I'm not much for certain things.
  15. I say It's technically like copying because when he absorbs the magic(or copies however you wish to say) the magic ability that he takes, does not leave the body of the person he takes it from, just a portion of it
  16. Yeah, I know it's like copying. I think you said that in the original profile for it, but both copying and stealing abilities is pretty uncreative. Stealing is obviously worse, but even with a copier it's still really annoying. It's like "So I spend 4 hours coming up with a character and writing it down, and balancing it to make it a fair player, and this other guy comes along and can use all the unique abilities I made?" It takes a massive portion of the fun of the RP out of the RP.

    Yeah, I watched Kill la Kill. I've been wanting to use psychopathic Nui as a personality type for ages now.
  17. I got the idea simply because of the fact that he is a mushroom man, mushrooms take stuff through their original form of decomposition (when they basically are not mushroom people of course) and output it by giving the ground more nutrients. He won't even be using the ability much as that was how he stole those secret arcane magics. Unless if he is using it on objects like plants, trees, food, drinks, then he won't be using it on people. So no need to worry about him using the ability on anyone unless if it's a complete dire emergency
  18. As long as you get permission from the other players to copy a specific ability, I really don't see a problem. Copying is like killing without permission, it's a bit unfair to those who worked hard to make a long term character only to have it killed.

    Speaking of which, I don't think there's going to be a need for character death in the beginning, unless someone makes a character simply for the sake of a personal plotline.
  19. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Falon Hizume
    Name Meaning: Falon(Fah-Lon) comes from the man's long family naming scheme, referring to the name of the plains of which they grew up. Many of his siblings sound similar to how his name is pronounced, interchanging the Fa with different consonants like Sha, or Ta. His last name, Hizume, dates way back into time. The original meaning being that relating to Time and how little left there may be of it, transforming into that more of Hope as the years aged it's meanings and pronunciations.
    Alias: Shield of Fae
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Elven
    Age: Twenty-Three
    B-Day: January, Second.
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Bloodtype: AB Positive.
    Place of Birth: LonLon Plains
    Current Residence: Among the plains of which he was born and raised, living with his mother and father in their farm house.
    Occupation: Guardian to fort Fae.
    School/Grade: Finished general education, Sword/Spear Training, Archery Training (Although he isn't the best shot.)
    Family: Mother, Shaelon. Father, Cedrik. Sisters/Brothers: Talon, Halon, Kaelon, and Eialon.
    Gemstone: Garnet
    More: Finds pride in things like family. Wishes to teach the younger generation of taking pride in who you are and knowing about what you stand for.


    Height: 6'5"
    Hair: Dark Brown, lighter brown near ends of his hair due to the exposure to the sun.
    Eyes: A nice shining emerald green.
    Distinguishing Marks: A good scar across his nose, reaching from just to the center of his left cheek and ending just at the end of the bridge of his nose on the right.
    General Appearance: His hair doesn't fall far past his eyes, layered to force it to recede back neatly as if it were wind swept forward. The sides and back and neatly swept to follow the hair line, short and layered as well in the back. A nice leather cover is sewn into blue dyed cotton clothing that allows him to wear metal armor that protects his shoulders, upper chest, and partial back. The under shirt is long sleeved, leather covering the arms for gauntlet use. The hem of the shirt tucked neatly into black cotton,leather sewn pants that couple with metal faulds that protect his hips and backside, while metal greaves protect his boots and shins. A belt runs along his waist to keep his pants on, his keys on the belt, as well as his sword to his hip. A small hook is integrated into the back plate of his armor to hang his shield when he isn't using it. An oaken bow is strapped over his shoulder to the opposite hip, a dark leather quiver hung on his backside waist, filled with arrows.
    The man is good at fighting, yet he despises when he has to. Resorting to violence isn't his first decision. Prideful and head strong, enjoys following rather than leading.
    Weaknesses: Not always the brightest. Can't understand most of what everyone is saying, but he understands his weaknesses and tends to protect this weakness by listening instead of sticking his neck out and being countered by someone who knows more than him.
    More: Speaking strictly about his character, the man is stubborn as well. His heart hard in his convictions but unwavering when brought to the crossroads. Would rather carve a new path to make sure it's done the way he likes it rather than walk in the footsteps of something someone has already made.


    Allies: Those who do not violate his moral standings or commit a crime.
    Enemies: Strictly hates trouble makers and those who commit crime. Hates those who get on his nerves by destroying what he sees as morally correct.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To protect the ones who fall under his watch, on the clock or off. Follows what he sees as right, his heart isn't set in one spot. Willing to travel to find more purpose to his life than the quaint village life.
    Aspirations: Wishes to have a family of his own that he can give his legacy to, perhaps settle down on his home Plains and watch as the children grow up just as his mother and father did.
    Hobbies: Drawing, Swinging his blade idly, Philosophical thinking.. even though he can't comprehend all of it he tries, Puzzles.
    Likes: Blades, Nature, Farming, JUSTICE.
    Dislikes: Crime, Trouble, Difficult puzzles or brain teasers, Unneeded violence.
    Talents: Being a Stalwart Wall, Sword Play, Farming, Fletching.
    Inabilities: Stringing a bow, Dealing with magic, Cooking, Music making, Archery to an extent.
    Fears: Spiders, Death by Poison, Death away from home, Drowning.
    General Personality: Honorable, very over powering sense to be around. Yet, outside of that, he's a huggable teddy bear. Absolutely softy for anyone whose young. Enjoys helping others with anything they may need, no matter the problem as long as it doesn't interfere with his post too much. Stays quiet for the most part until you get to know him and he figures out your personality and how you operate, then you can't get him to be quiet for longer than at least thirty minutes. Enjoys being among friends.
    Inner Personality: What lies behind his personality, is still pride and honest. But to a more feral extent, sticking more to violence or any method he can attach to to get what he wants done. His mind tunnels in on the one task he is either fed up dealing with, or so outside of the logic of patience that he will do anything to get it done. Core values still apply, Protect and the difference between what he sees as good and evil. Yet, he WILL get what he wants. And it WILL be ugly to deal with afterwards.
    Fondest Memory: Seeing the children of the plains running about without a care in the world as he stood at his new found post, a smile on his face. The beginning of his Guardianship of the town, Fae. That is his fondest memory currently.
    Biggest Regret: Allowing a thief into the village, which lead to the theft of very many important items along with the death of a few citizens. He wanted to give the man a second chance. That was his mistake, giving a criminal a second chance. Something he'll never do again.
    Secret: Enjoys attempting to cook, although he is absolutely horrid at it.


    Special Items: None
    Weapons: Sword, Shield, Bow (x40 Arrows),
    Magics: While able to learn, he is highly against it seeing as he fears what would happen should he screw up.
    More: A set of keys to the cells in the jail. Key to his house and the chest that he keep his belongings in.


    General History: Falon has lived a very slow life filled with helping his family prosper as a young child. Given the farming jobs and such, he helped his father in the field. While growing up as the oldest sibling of the five total children running around in the house, he felt a large amount of responsibility weighing on his shoulders. Even more so after figuring out that his father had left guard status just to be with his mother.

    With these feelings on his heart, it slowly shaped him into how he is today. Gaining strength through being in the field and herding the cattle. What smarts he could gather were from his mother when she educated him in the evenings using books she had collected through her own life. When he had the chance, he threw himself into Guardian training so he could protect his family and the local town. Pride, Honor, and Love being carried on his back.

    Present Life: Currently, he protects the towns people of Fae, a town that is settled onto the plains nearest to his home. The town isn't all that huge, small with wooden walls for defenses. A general market, an Inn, a bar, along with several other buildings used for housing and other businesses are scattered throughout the inside of the walls. Falon can be found on the outside of the walls, shield in hand and standing near the entrance greeting all those who enter and keeping the local children entertained with stories.

    Special Historic Notes: N/A

    Area Sheet:

    Lon Lon Plains
    Town of Fae
    Local Farms

    General characteristics:
    The plains, while rather flat and easy to look out upon it's expansive earth, is nestled right into the opening of the forests around it. It's much more like a giant clearing that a plain, but given the colonization and the flat surfacing, the locals have called it such. The only opening without forest lines is to the far south, which seems to lead more towards normal civilization.

    Farms are scattered everywhere throughout the plains, Towns are made close by for ease of trade and to gain protection from Guardians; A force created by a traveling warrior who wished to protect the farm land as he passed through. Guardian training requires general education to begin, though it trains the trainee how to survive in the forest. How to fight in close combat with a sword and shield as well as fire a bow
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  20. Heh, Falon'll get on like a house on fire with Akuri, the compulsive murderer.
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