Estillion: A World Unlike Ours

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  1. Estillion: A World Unlike Ours
    What if I told you that there was a world out there. A world where the progression the human race has made in thousands of years has been made in the expanse of a mere six hundred. You see, the problem with the human race is that our visions of the future rely on the assumption that we all work as one, collective mind. That we aren't just a mass of individual minds that dream and aspire for totally different goals. But on this worlds, there are some races that are like this. They aren't exactly a hive, but they are all connected by some unseen force. Yes, some choose to ignore this call to arms, if you would call it that, but the majority all work towards something. Not everything on this planet is like this though. Many of the creatures there are as stubborn as humans, with what could be considered "intelligence". They may have individual intelligence, but are they working as a whole, driving force? No.
    This place is named Estillion.
    In the year 2145, the human race sent a colony out into the vast reaches of space. But in the early weeks of the long journey, the communication was cut off. This band of a few thousand humans drifted for hundreds of years, taking advantage of the sustainable food sources on board the ship. Eventually, after they had almost gotten used to growing up and forming a family on this self sufficient hulk of metal, they came across a planet directly in their path. Even better, it showed signs of intelligent lifeforms. And lots of them. Of course, this planet was Estillion. When the first few thousand members of the human race arrived on Estillion, they got nothing like what they expected. Instead of hyper-advanced alien races, they were greeted by sword and spear. It was as if they had turned back to the medieval age. But there was something else. Something magical. And that was exactly what it was. Estillion not only was home to many different races, but these races possessed the power of the arcane. Not all of them used it, but it was there. The jungles, plains, deserts and forests of Estillion all posses raw arcane energy, waiting to be harvested.

    Instead of doing the "rational" thing, most of the humans embraced the old yet new ways of life. They mostly worked in unison with the alien species there, sharing knowledge and languages. Although the humans had lost most of their knowledge over the years, they had a thing or two to show them. They had more efficient ways of casting metals, making weapons and hunting animals. Now, hundreds of years after the ship ran out of fuel and settled on Estillion, heroes rise from the ashes of this branch of humanity. This world, larger than Earth, has unexplored regions as well as dark evils to discover. Parties of adventurers journey out into the wilderness, discovering lost civilizations and memories of Estillion's long, memorable past as well as new powers and evils threatening the thin balance of life here on Estillion.
    This is where you come in...

    Playable Races:
    Skyfallen Humans
    The humans that embraced the Estillion way of life and were not afraid to open up to this vast new world. They can be magic users, warriors, thieves and a wide range of other professions. Their adaptability and endurance aided them in the hardest times settling here.
    Chaos Bound Humans:
    This smaller group of humans are the people that live in fear of the strange alien beings of Estillion, living in solitude and wishing fire and suffering on the races of the world, as well as detesting the Skyfallen Humans that join the other races like comrades.
    Slightly different to the generic fantasy elves, these people are still tall, but have skin colors of many different shades. Reds, blues, purples, anything goes. They were one of the first races to show hospitality to the humans, forming alliances and learning their languages in their thirst for knowledge.
    The Spawn:
    One of the aforementioned hive races, the Spawn appear of average height and have two legs and two arms, although use their primal insect-like features to their advantage, some having wings, others hyper reactive senses and being able to stay alive on the smallest amounts of food and water.
    Beasts of the Hunt:
    Appearing similar to the werewolves of folklore and myths, the Beasts of the Hunt usually dwell with packs, branching off into the wider world when they are of age. They are skilled hunters, as well as fast runners and strong in unarmed combat as well as wielding heavy weaponry.
    Rat-Thay live in huge underground burrows, appearing similar to large rats. They rely on keen senses and short size to sneak up on their opponents, preferring stealth and cunning to open brutal combat. The Rat-Thay are the assassins and rogues of the world.

    Character Sheet:

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