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  1. (( Name: Kendall Cambridge
    Age: 24
    sex: female
    Bio: Tall with brown hair and brown eyes. pale skin and a weak stomach. A starving reporter looking for her big story- she has been on the tail of a local chemical plant and the effects of the waste on the towns people.))

    Kendall tiptoed lightly down the narrow hall, her mother had warned her about this sort of thing. Never go were you're not wanted she would have said. She looked at the mold spotted ceiling tiles, broken and falling out of place. Kendall covered her nose, the stench of wetness and decay being too much for her weak stomach. She hurried, broken bits of glass and plastic snapping under her work boots.

    "Dammit..." She cursed, shaking her head in disgust. "Why couldn't I just stay in school another year?!" Her favorite t-shirt was stained with grime from the hole she squeezed her body into in order to get inside. The plant was completely empty, doors still locked and everything tucked away neatly. There was a set of wide glass paneled doors at the end of the hallway; she had come too far to simply walk away now.

    "This is too weird..." Her inquisitive nature took over. Kendall searched around the hallway for something to smash against the locked door. "It's too clean..."
  2. (( Name: Diedricht Maur
    Age: 28
    Sex: Male
    BIO: Scrawny, pale, black hair, german accent, speaks clear English but as a second language, 7 steel rings in left ear.))

    It was a gorgeous, sunny day. The sprinkler was set out on the yard, sending dazzling streaks of water into a clear blue sky only to plummet back to the damp grass. Barbecue food sizzled on the grill and the smell was absolutely tantalizing, he felt his mouth water but he held his arms, a T-shirt and jeans were far too much for the heatwave, but he couldn't get warm, and something was wrong with the grass. As he paced before the white-panelled house, the grass seemed unnecessarily stiff, and he couldn't get warm. He looked up at the sky, the sun reflecting into his green eyes, he stared in a daze; why couldn't he get warm?


    A wave of cold, grimy water slapped Diedricht out of his half-dream and back into horrifying reality. Greasy ceramic tile, worn - but still quite sturdy - steel bars, restraining chains and desperate need for a proper shower that didn't leave grimy bits of stuff hanging from his arm. He didn't even want to know where the tide that kept him conscious came from anymore.

    It had started out as a cough, that was all, just a little cough and an after-hours-clinic observation that he might have some kind of chemical allergy to the pollutants coming from the plant just upriver from his apartment. Great, like he could afford a nicer neighbourhood. But allergies clear up when the allergen is removed; he'd even bought an air-filter for the apartment, and his cabinet was stocked full of every antihistamine commercially available, and it kept getting worse.

    One night he found himself wandering; out back in the alley; no idea how he even got there. Next thing he knew his neighbour was letting him back in the front door, telling him he was sleepwalking or something. said his eyes were weird.

    The next time it happened, it wasnt the neighbour who found him.
  3. " Oh god!" Kendall fought her way through the door, a burst of dust filling her lungs as she fell to the ground in one motion. She stood slowly, trying not to throw up. Seriously?!
    A skittering noise caught her attention from the far side of the room. Kendall tightened her grip on her messenger bag and crawled to the wall, her breathing growing out of control. it's ok Kendall, just breath. the place has been abandoned for months!

    " I need a promotion." She pushed her palms against the floor, her face twisting unattractively in disgust.

    Kendall crept slowly around the cluster of furniture that was set in the middle of the room. It was out of place, but neatly arranged in a circle. She jumped over a metal desk and gasped with the passing of a few common rats. There was a peculiar smell coming from the right wing of the building, something Kendall couldn't identify. She followed the scent, closer to a set of offices, all with the doors closed and locked.

    "i guess no one was in a hurry to leave..."
  4. Back to wakefulness, Diedricht scooted back against the wall farthest from the bars. There was no light in here, but he could hear the squeaking of aged metal; the water had been coming from above, and still dripped from a bucket that was slowly filling again; he thought it must be on some kind of automatic system. There wasn't much room to move around in this cell, so it was pretty much guarenteed to give him his dose of wakefulness every two hours or so. The only other sounds were his own heartbeat and breathing, and the skittering and rasping sounds from all around that he tried to excuse as rats or spiders. Big spiders, who sometimes sounded like they were vomiting. Spiders vomit, right?

    A low groaning sound whispered through the chamber accompanied by a sour smell; Diedricht closed his eyes - didn't make much difference in the impermeable darkness, and told himself it was a door swinging.
  5. Kendall fell for the thousandth time over the molded debris that littered the floor.

    "Son of a bitch!" She shouted, feeling her voice echo off the walls and bounce back at her. She was growing sick of the place, but it was serving it's purpose. A professional camera hung around her thin neck, the heavy black strap, weighing her down by just enough to make her sweat. In addition to her heavy messenger bag, the camera was simply aggravating.

    There was a long hall of doors that stretched out for what seemed like forever, but from the corner of her eye, Kendall saw a small hole. The hole was just big enough to fit a desperate reporter.

    "heh" she snickered to herself, taking off her bag off and stuffing it through before she herself crawled in. The putrid smell was getting worse, bile rising in her throat as she chased it down. A hidden staircase? this was too creepy.
    Kendall swallowed her saliva, trying to pretend she was dreaming. At least that gave her a little more bravery and a little less anxiousness.
  6. Kendall's shout echoed down even to the lowest containment chambers. Though only a faint reverberation reached his cell, it was enough to make Diedricht's eyes snap open in an attempt to see; in the dark he could only make out the thin shape of the bars that held him, there seemed to be some kind of clear shield beyond them - plexiglass, maybe. This offered the faint hope that if there were other people or other things in this place, they couldn't reach him, but it also meant he couldn't get away. The ceramic which lined the room offered not even a chip of debris to use as a weapon.

    He had always known, in the back of his head, that he was not alone there; the spiders idea had kept him from going out of his mind with fear over the eons in which his captivity seemed to have gone on, but this voice was not like the rasps and groans that sometimes echoed from within the other units; this sounded strong, angry, and most differently - human.
  7. Kendall had managed to fumble her flash light out of her bag with one hand, while taking pictures of the plummeting stair case with the other. the stairs were concrete, and broken in many places but that didn't dismiss her curiosity. Kendall had an insatiable imagination, anything that didn't seem possible; needed investigation. She yelped as her boot slipped on something wet, her bum instantly hitting the stairs with a painful crash.

    "damn" she hissed through clenched teeth, trying to stifle the pain and stand up again. Reached for her flashlight, fingers trembling in the brief moment of darkness. She wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not, but she could have sworn she heard a clicking, shivering sound coming from the bottom of the stairs.

  8. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as another human echo meandered down into the containment chamber, and Diedricht ventured forward, his gaunt fingers wrapping around the steel bars. This voice didn't sound malevolent, and he wanted to tell it to go away, that it wasn't safe here, that there were THINGS in the darkness with the rats and the vomiting spiders, but when he opened his mouth, no words came out, only a weak rasp.

    In the back of his mind he wondered when the last time he had eaten was, or drank for that matter.
  9. Kendall forced herself to go down the last few steps, breaching the floor of what looked to be a laboratory. There was something made of metal shrouded in the blackness but she could make out rails as she stared, her eyes started to hurt and she blinked away.

    stupid Kendall...use the flashlight.
    she shook her head with disappointment, gently raising the flashlight to see better.

    CHRASH! Before Kendall could make out what was in the darkness, she was thrown the the ground, thin cuts on her bare arms and neck. She scrambled to obtain her flashlight, which had been thrown a couple feet in the opposite direction. She could feel something hairy touch her exposed ankle and she screamed.

    "Ahhh!" Kendall's heart felt like it was going to implode.
  10. A rat skittered down the steps of the room and huddled in the corner by Diedrichts cell; the plexiglass or whatever it was prevented the foul creature from entering, but he figured it was only a matter of time before the creatures gnawed their way in through the tile.

    Suddenly a clenching pain overtook him, as if some monster held his gut in a vice grip, it felt like his organs were trying to implode on themselves, and in spite of himself a painful sound burst forth from his usually silent mouth as he clenched his arms around himself; his insides contracted and shifted painfully, his joints creacked like a rhumatic and if he wasn't fifteen-plus years past puberty he would have sworn they were trying to change their shapes. He opened his eyes in an attempt to look at something to distract himself from the pain, and the wall flared suddenly with a strange green light, that faded just as fast as his chemically-altered pupils.

    Groaning, he fell backward, hugging his knees as if pressure could ease the pain which was becoming more frequent; he didn't know if this was how people starved to death, or if it was something he was inhaling or absorbing from this place. Where this place was he had no idea. Why he was there he knew even less, but neither of those things concerned him at the moment, not even as much as the sounds of the rapidly approaching human presence - though that was important as well -

    right now he only wanted to know what he was becoming
  11. (( I just wanted to make sure: They're in the same room, right?))
  12. ((I didn't think they were, since I described the room Diedricht was in as being the lowest stair level, a containment chamber with different plexiglass-and-iron-bar sealed cells, and you described the room Kendall is in as being some kind of laboratory with a metal structure visible in the center.))
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    Kendall managed to wrap her thin fingers around her flashlight, pulling it tightly to her chest and slowly, almost agonizingly downward. She scrambled to stand, her lower half being overshadowed by a giant spider. it's flaking, hair covered legs spread out at least two feet on either side of her, and it's eyes watched her like it could infinity.

    "AHH!" She shrieked as the monster opened its large mandible and gurgled. She shined the flashlight in it's eyes as a means of escaping, rolling to the side and blocking her face with her forearms. The spider struck, but missed, leaving a trail of nasty bile behind on the ground. Kendall left her bag on the ground, heading back to the stairs, gripping the flashlight so tight that her knuckles started going numb.

    "What the hell's going on?!"
  14. ((I am honestly not sure how to reply; I can only stretch out that Diedricht is in a cell and not doing very well and is worried about the human sounding in trouble for so many posts O_O Could I possibly ask to either skip ahead to when I can have someone to interact with, or until Kendall does whatever frees the mutants/human experiments, or some equally bounce-offable point, or tack on to your post to bring it to such a point?))
  15. (( sure! here we go! also, my spelling might be off during the day because i'm at work and don't have spell check. I type super fast and i tend not to relize my own mistakes >.< Personal flaw :( ))

    Kendall stumbled down the stairs, listening as the spider followed her down the cramped space, it's legs tangling together and making it clumsy. She made the mistake of looking back, screaming and losing balance. Kendall tried to duck and roll, but ended up smashing her shoulder and head against the stairs as she fell, tumbling lifelessly to the bottom floor.

    A cloud of dust puffed around her body as she fell, cupping the side of her face in shock as she felt the bloody abrasion.
    "," She muttered to herself as she felt the spider growing closer and closer. Kendall panicked and started crawling across the dusty floor. Her flashlight took a lot of impact during the tumble and it was slowly dying. The light was fading and flickering away, slowly, which added to Kendalls horror.

    The spider was following her, stalking and ready to strike when she was at her most desperate. She found a small bunch of cables, chewed and jagged. Kendall collected them in her hands, testing them to see if there was still electricity flowing. As soon as she touched them a large shock popped at the top. Enough for her to see the gruesome spider through the haunting darkness.
    The spider recoiled and lept at her, it's madables wide to devour her-she held the wires out and connected them. The spider completed the circut and gurgled, hissed and burst into flame as it's body hair sizzled and it's exoskeleton fried. Kendall jumped out of the way, blinded temporarily by the flame.

    To her right, she heard a clicking, like a jailcell opening.

    A horrible scream came from several floors above her.
  16. Diedricht's jaw gaped in horror as the plexiglass slid smoothly up towards the ceiling, its creaking sound masked by the outrageous battle that had precipitated it. The sheet settled and the room gave a thud, dust and small rocks scattering from the ceiling thorugh the gap it had receded into. Following it, the iron bars began to swing open like a door into the darkness. Struggling and fighting numbness and muscle atrophy, the thin man got to his feet, leaning against the grimy porcelain tile walls as he gaped at the newcomer and the dying corpse of the monster The electricity had burned and boiled its insides, and it burbled disgustingly; Diedricht wanted to throw up, except there was nothing in his stomach to throw, so he ended up just gagging and covering his mouth and nose with one hand.

    "W-who the fuck are YOU?"
  17. (( is he naked, or does he have clothing on? I'm just wondering how afraid of him she should be lol)
  18. ((Jeans and a tee shirt, but both stained, ragged and filthy. Mostly he's just unnecessarily skinny and dirty))
  19. (( k thanks))

    Kendall jumped back against the wall, staring at the man who seemed to suddenly appear out of no where. He was dirty and his clothes were tattered. He resembled a skeleton in thinness, his clothes hanging off of his wirey frame. Kendall was traumatized, after electrocuting the gruesome spider. Her body was covered in a thin layer of nervous sweat and her eyes darted anxiously from the man to the beast.

    "Who the fuck are YOU?!"
  20. The vapours and smells from the dying arachnid filled Diedricht's nostrils as he stumbled out of his cell for fear it would close as seamingly randomly as it had opened, and he gagged again "I - ugh - I asked you first" he pointed out, lapsing into a coughing fit as he slumped against the stone wall beside his cell. But the clicking noise hadn't stopped with his door being forced open, Forcing himself to stop coughing and clapping a hand over his mouth, he managed to choke "but I think we have other problems"

    Most of the subjects behind the other cages, which were visible in flashes due to the still sparking electrical cords near the spider's head, seemed to be dead or comatose, at any rate the ragged lumps huddled in the corners of the cages didn't move, and the eyes in one lolling head stared at the ceiling, glazed over and lifeless.

    But not all of them

    And those which were moving, first gaping at, and then groaning and roaring and hissing in welcome to their freedom, were not human, not anymore at least. One of them, barrel-chested and broader-shouldered was more scale than skin, and its eyes stood out from its head as if pushed from within, its jaw seemed either dislocated or simply in the process of detaching itself, for it lolled loose with no regard for drool or the unnaturally long teeth which frequently brushed what had once been a lower lip.