Esthalia's Birthday Bash- Bordello Inn 8/18 ALL DAY EVENT

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  1. Every traveler that stumbles upon the Bordello Inn knows about Esthalia, the Innkeeper who makes sure everything always runs smoothly. If they haven't meet her personally, they've probably heard about her or read about her in the library.

    She's a mystifying woman, but after a long heart to heart with Inn regular and close friend, Valeryn, Esthalia has opened up something new about herself:

    She's never celebrated her birthday!

    Valeryn and Esthalia have been hard at work setting up a fun gathering for Inn patrons and newcomers alike with music, food, and entertainment all provided by the mystery of the inn itself.
    • The purpose of this charp is for characters and players to interact with each other, learn more about the Inn's past, and the connection to it's keeper.
    • This is a social charp and you do NOT need to be an inn regular to play in this game. If you're interested in testing the waters with this charp, please feel free. The more the merrier!
    • This will be an all day event that will be supervised by @Esthalia and @fatalrendezvous throughout the day. All charp rules are the same as normal, which are listed on the Inn charp page.
    • This Charp will contain very mature content. If you are offended by strong language or sexual themes, this is not the event for you.

    The charp will start at 9am server time and run ALL DAY. Feel free to hang out the entire time or come and go as you please.
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  2. Lucky for you, this is not on MY birthday! O___O

    -muppet arms!- And starts at a time I am awaaaake!
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  3. I'm happy you can make it! <3
    I forgot that you an I had birthdays so close to one another. We're Leo buddies ;D
  4. Almost Leo! >:3 I missed it by a few days and got Virgo!
  5. aw maaaaaan :( We could have done so many hood rat things together...
  6. I'm not allowed to do any kind of smut RPing after what happened last time. But Happy Birthday Esthalia, you kids have a good time and remember the difference between 'waste' and 'waist'.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes Teg. And what, you don't like passionately gripping someone's waste? Weirdo.
  8. I can't help the way I was born.
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  9. I should be able to celebrate the Esthalia's birthday :) :)
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  10. Valeryn has been hard at work making sure there is enough food and stuffs for the celebration!

    She has also gone through the trouble of setting up lots of colored streamers, ribbons, festive tablecloths, and all manner of other birthday decorations!

    Valeryn also has been working with Earth-famous musician and singer Jack Hummel to set up a soundstage with proper equipment, microphone and amplifiers, although she has no idea what any of that stuff means! At his suggestion, they also rigged up electronically controlled colored lights, yet another concept foreign to the poor elven huntress, but they sure do look pretty!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Esthalia!!!
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  11. I'm just doing some running around this morning (need to visit with my grandmother) but I will be online as soon as possible!
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  13. You missed me but YOU WELCOME ANYWAY. Glad to see you had an awesome birfday~ <3
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  14. SORRY!! I'm adding you up there now <3 Just because!
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