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  1. I'm currently toying with the idea of going to school for makeup design, so I wanted to share some of my most recent creations. I'm also very much into the idea of taking requests on what kind of designs to do next so feel free to leave me suggestions!

    Currently, I am working on a Faerie series!

    This one, I call Midnight Faerie:
    1510779_10152383874946783_4857305977298923151_n.jpg 10421225_10152383892706783_3592076080152448777_n.jpg 10670020_10152383873916783_9112264615715631746_n.jpg

    And this is called Faerie of the Wilds:
    12806_415527608601950_6552994790379100346_n.jpg 1655999_415527708601940_6881209998116874908_n.jpg 1779843_415527541935290_6142746349999389558_n.jpg 10675722_415527488601962_7411285295758359035_n.jpg 10704160_415527645268613_5216382676785816_n.jpg 10846377_415527661935278_7821007370913138836_n.jpg
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  2. Awesome :D
  3. 1) I would LOVE to see you try and do something with Peacock Colors....for some reason, a peacocks shades of Green/blue/purple just look so awesome.

    2) I also want to see a natural look, with Whites and maybe some sultry brown tones. ^_^

    These look so lovely Thalia-sama!! can't wait to see more!
  4. That sounds awesome! I did a natural tones on myself a while back, but I would love to do another one for you <3
    photo 1 Photo 2 photo 3

    Peacock sounds amazing! Hopefully when I get my new palette I'll be able to whip that one up! ;D
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    your face is so adorable and your a natural beauty <33
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  6. Dawww <3 Thankies Fijo-chan!! To be fair, I had in some extra large, brown contacts. They made me look super doe-eyed and innocent :P
  7. There is voting going on for my next creation on my Facebook Page. Please like the page and then vote on the design you want by commenting the name on the original post. Thank you so much everyone <3
  8. The first Faerie of the Wilds looks really stunning :D
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  9. Thank you very much!!
  10. It's been a while since I updated, but I've got more to share.

    People voted on my face book page on what they wanted me to do. I came up with a 'Kitsune' and a 'Deep sea' design and the Kitsune quickly won!!
    10849842_419545351533509_51652643598581320_n.jpg deepsea.jpg

    Then in usual Esthalia fashion, it took me three months to actually complete the winning design. Hope you like it!!
    14316_469631886524855_7423568378088374868_n.jpg 10476606_1418022391833790_5536419618480023459_n.jpg 11075157_1418022385167124_7014428261291531459_n.jpg
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  11. As was promised, the runner up: Deep Sea Faerie, was completed shortly after the Kitsune :D

    Hope you like this one! It took me a little over an hour and a half.

    Drawn concept:

    Finished look:
    deepsea1.jpg deepsea2.jpg deepsea3.jpg
  12. *___* Pretty Estha with pretty make-ups. I am glad you share these here, 'cause I'm really bad at keeping up with Facebook.

    Also, consider me a fan of your Faerie of the Wilds design.
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  13. Thank you so much! I wish I had more saturated colors, so I could have bolder looks! We'll see what I may be able to find in the future <3

    Thanks so much for the compliments though. Means the world to me that people enjoy it <3
  14. Oh no! Robots are taking over! :P

    Had a lot of fun doing this design. A big thank you to @Linarrina for being such a good canvas!

    8031_497109487110428_6948507113602009217_n.jpg 11146622_497109497110427_7234424045362850026_n.jpg 11245791_497109473777096_8710845611659621513_n.jpg
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  15. Estha you're so gooooood. You're amazing with makeup. <3
  16. D'awwww, thank you Melons <3 Let me know if you ever have any ideas for me, I'm always up for suggestions!
  17. Not really sure what to call this one. Maybe a Naga? It was a experimental design with fancy face paints that my friend has. It was nice to use some real face paints for once, but its something I'll have to get used to. Thanks to Steph for being my little model :P
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  18. God Estha! you are effing gorgeous! Every one of these designs is delicious
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  19. Thanks so much, Yume!
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  20. played with makeup today :)
    black, bronze, gold, brown and a little contouring!
    Snapshot_20150724_18.JPG Snapshot_20150724_1.JPG Snapshot_20150724_5.JPG
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