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  1. Chapter One: Missing Pieces
    Time: Early Noon
    "Oh, I miss them already..." Queen Ambrosia sighed as she stood looking over the ruins that surrounded her castle. "I didn't want to send them out there like that but there was little choice- our very world may be in danger." She turned to look at the old man standing by the door. He only nodded in response. "Isuza is better for conversation as well... What task need I see to now, Roak?"

    The man motioned for her to follow and she left the window to journey down the hall. "As you know, Your Highness, the other kingdoms are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of their own lands. We may need to follow their example. If the Gifvoshu have trully reincarnated then we may be at risk of first blood."

    Ambrosia tightened her lips into a line. "I cannot deny that it has plagued my dreams... I do not wish to alarm the people more than they need to be. Until there is a definite sign of their return I want the guards to remain where they are. I shall write up a decree for the people and they will know everything." Roak bowed respectfully then hurried away, possibly to attend to some other business.

    People of Weithala,
    your queen has never had the heart to lie to you and thus trusts you with the truth at all times. Those who dwell within the castle walls believe that the corrupted have returned. There are troubling signs within the other kingdoms and allies are now under suspicion. Take no hostility from brethren lightly nor seek to calm an angry neighbor, this act of kindness may only deepen their agitation. This message is in warning but do not take it to heart. If the situation endangers the lives of those living in this kingdom, you shall all be notified and instructed in action.
    Queen Ambrosia

    This message was written over numerous times and placed all over the towns and by the docks, she even ordered some be placed in the forests to make sure everyone saw them. Still, their situation was much more tame than what the other kingsdoms were subjecting their people to...

    Matchtal, Dismorigan
    Two cloaked figures came down from a vendor's ship and stepped up to a pair of guards standing at the edge of the dock. "Hoods down and markings need to be visible," one of the armor clad men stated. They removed their hoods; one was a woman with jet black hair and piercing green eyes and the other a man with a dark red color to a head of wavy hair. The man's mark was on his cheek. The woman's was on her forearm. The guards nodded and allowed them through into the border city of Matchtal.

    Once far enough in the man sighed heavily. "That was the longest trip I've ever taken overseas. Are you rested, Lady Ariette? Should we take a moment to find a decent bed? I won't argue if you say yes."

    "We have plenty of sunlight to start our assigned task," she stated, with little amusement. "We will look around until then. The fate of our kingdoms depend on what we accomplish here, Calix. I need you focused on that."

    She stepped forward as he stopped and grabbed her arm. He had his eyes closed and face raised into the breeze. "Do you feel that?" he asked, slowly lowering his head. "There is essence here. There really are still people here who can use it. You remember what she said?" Ariette nodded then set her hood back over her hair. "Let us be quick. There is much to do."

    Their task would send right into the heart of the kingdom and possibly right to the king if they played their cards right. Ariette hoped to Amiera that they didn't.

    Tym, Dismorigan
    There was one week a month that the caravans came to ease the hard days for the occupants of the capitol city and this was known as Renewal Week. The streets were as busy as they could be with people trading off supplies and readying the middle of the city for their festivities. Most days there wasn't much to work with and there wouldn't be fresh food for days. The caravans changed everything.

    The festivities were very cheerful despite the grey of the scenery. The people were happy and that was enough to brighten even the darkest skies. There were two houses in particular where everyone was gathered, this is where the food was being cooked. Others brought out tables to house food or seats. Among the festivities one man push in through the crowd and into the kitchen.

    The women attempted to drive him out but he shoved them aside and grabbed an arm full of bread that had just come from the oven then tried to escape from the window. The Two men that had been pushed when he was making his way inside grabbed him and threw him to the ground. The crowd drew back as they took him out and tied him up. He was literally thrown on top of another man who had been trying to steal an entire pot of soup that morning.

    One of the men grabbed a hand full of hair and snatched his head back. "What's wrong with you people? We're all hungry here but we have to wait for it just like you. All you've done is wasted ten people worth of bread! We need this food to last us two days. You've just damned someone to starve. We barely have enough as it is-"

    "That's enough Naet. Leave them be, they won't get anything until the caravan's arrive anyhow." He pulled the other from the thief and back to the crowd.

    Tasu Village
    In the open land of the barren valley the sun beat down on a small village built up among the sands a few green able to grow so far from the capital. A single woman looking toward the line that divided the soft blue skies from the increasingly grey ones that hovered over the city where the humans dwelled. A small girl with the round ears of a mouse ran up to her and stood just behind. "Are you watching the humans again, Haela?" she asked in that curious child-like way. The woman turned to look at the smal girl and smiled. "Something has the humans acting strangely. I'm starting to worry."

    "But we're not like them," the girl said, taking her hand. "We'll be okay, even if all the humans died because we're different."

    Haela nodded. "But we can still catch a cold, just like them." She picked up the small girl and walked back into the village. A pack of wolf and cougar shiera had recently returned with a few large rabbits and a small deer. Most of the larger, sustaining animals had moved closer to the mountains and the walk there was a couple days long.

    The food they had there was just barey enough and most couldn't make the journey. They portioned out everything, dividing the rabbits and deer so most could have some. As far as they were concerned they had to look out for eacother. Animals were born with survival instincts and most hunted in packs. They learned that being like the humans achieved nothing; selfish and greedy. Here they had to trust each other to survive.

    Rem, Basul
    In the rather grungy streets of the industrial kingdom a single pair garnered the most attention past the guards looming over every corner. A head of white hair was covered by a scarf but her bangs got some stares from others passing by. They paid little attention to the man who walked beside her with the calmest of expressions. Where her hair was covered up, his was not but fell to his shoulder in loose waves. Isuza walked closely with her partner, Arx.

    "It seems things have been taken a bit further," she said in a low voice. "There are far more guards here than there was just the other day. Perhaps something has caused a change in the king?" She looked to the older man.

    Arx grunted in reply. "Perhaps he has become nervous with all the talk of corruption. He wants to know everything about his allies and enemies yet he is dumb to his biggest threat. If he believes it is his biggest threat."

    Isuza glanced toward a set of stairs then back to him. "Let us review the situation on the outside. Be ready for anything but no situation will call for anything beyond brute strength. We will lose our ground anything else come forth."

    "Agreed. You as well, do not forget the second task given to us. There are those who do not yet know where their allegiance lies."

    Their tasks were indeed trying ones, but they had to be done. In all truth, they knew just as much as anyone, for no one who had seen one of the Gifvoshu lived to identify them.
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  2. Lune Quian

    Rem, Basul

    Lune sat in an pub looking back on his past. He remembered the conflicts within the kingdom. He remembered a officer struck down just because he defected. He remembered his parents, killed for distrust.

    "If I take my leave... they'll probably suspect something.. A knight join the army then leave just a year later, and then leave the kingdom.." Lune sighs a sigh of disappointment. "It's bad enough I constantly baffled them with my skill, and now they'll think me to be a damned spy..."

    Lune gets a meal before leaving the pub. He thinks to himself that if he just keeps silent about the whole ordeal, the kingdom will just let him be... or execute him on sight. When he gets outside he automatically notices the horrible stench of smoke. He mutters to himself "I wonder what mom or dad would tell me at a time like this..." Lune decides to take his rest at an inn instead of going back to his home outside the capitol. He monitors the check in room before taking his stay. His eyes drift to a table, finely etched with foreign words he didn't know, then to the wall which was clearly made of birch-wood, then, he notices the receptionist glaring at him. They awkwardly stare at each other...

    "Room sir?" The receptionist asks Lune with a pretty heavy accent, chuckling at him.

    Lune blinks, then smiles. "...Yyyyeah, I'd like a room please"

    The receptionist asks for a name. Lune writes down his name in the notebook, messing up on the "A", erases it, and puts it back correctly. "There you go. Lune. I'll be here just for the day." She nods and gently takes the notebook from him.

    The Receptionist takes a good look at Lune's name which frankly creeps him out, then says. "Ah, Lune Shuain, welcome"

    Lune automatically gets annoyed. "Quain... Cu" The receptionist begins to look at Lune's name again, and Lune begins to get frustrated.

    "Does your name start with a "C"?"

    Lune quickly says no. "It's spelled right....Please, just give me my room number, my day was already long enough."
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  3. Matchtal, Dismorigan.

    "Rora!" Came a voice thundering across the docks. The target of the call lifted her head and offered the burly soldier a grin.

    "Dale! Ya bed warmer where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you." Rora said clasping forearms with her old teammate. For a few moments they swapped obscenities that would make everyone but the sailors, and the soldiers blush. But while their language was blue fire their tone was friendly and even a bit flirty at times, although if anyone had suggested the later they would have found themselves with a nose bleed and two boots up their ass. With the formalities out of the way Dale switched to more pleasant conversation.

    "You heading to the market? Terrin has been asking whether you would show your face so he could finally beat it in fair and square." Dale said. Casually he leaned against his pole-arm grinning widely as Rora made a show of rolling her eyes. To most casual passersby this conversation probably sounded may times worse than it really was. What was really being said was more along the lines of; Terrin was wondering when your visiting next, he has been meaning to spare with you again. And Rora understanding this replied in kind.

    "It took four weeks for him to finally pull his tail out from between his legs? I must be loosing my touch." She said crossing her arms. As Dale chuckled in appreciation she turned and gave the reins in her left hand a gentle tug. The large gelding on the other end took a few steps forward until his shoulder was level to where Rora stood.

    "You still keeping this old nag around?" Dale asked giving the draft's face an affectionate rub.

    "As long as you keep calling him that, yes." Rora replied handing Dale a fairly large package wrapped in brown paper. "Something for you and the boys, incase you don't make it in time to the caravan." She said in response to Dale eagerly peering into one corner of the package, the smell of warm bread evident. "And." She said presenting a much smaller package but jerking her hand back in response to Dale's overeager reaching one. "This is for Maria. Fresh strawberries will do her a world of good." At that Dale gave Rora a warm smile before gently taking the package and sliding it into the pouch hanging at his side.

    "How is she?" Rora asked her mouth twitching slightly in concern.

    "Fine, fine. The midwife arrived yesterday and she says that it could be any day now." Dale said with a proud smile.

    "Good, well stay out of trouble. I have some things to get at the market and I would rather do it now before things get to unbearable." She said, emphasizing the point by turning her horse, Bren, around.

    "Alright, safe travels. Maria will always have a hot meal ready for you if you ever come by." Dale called after her retreating back, and Rora waved back in response. As she moved through the crowd Rora let out a soft sigh, in all honesty she would rather be home, true it was nice to see her soldier friends and it was good to see the city looking alive for once, but she disliked the crowds and she felt so confined here. To get to the port town by a reasonable hour she had had to forgo her usual morning training and right now she could almost feel her essence itching at her finger tips. But it was more than an annoyance than anything else, besides she could hardly afford to expose herself. Even with her connections she bore the mark of dishonor and even the smallest offense could land her in big trouble. Following along with the steadily moving crowd she pulled her hood up over her brown hair and keep her eyes trained in front of her, falling only loosely on the backs of two cloaked figures. Something in the air was bugging her but she could neither name or find the face of the source. Hopefully it wasn't going to be one of those days.
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  4. Matchtal, Dismorigan

    Arsenic's icy eyes held a somber look as she looked down to the dirt ground of the outside market. Her uncle was busy purchasing what was required for their next trip, and he could not have her in there depressing those around her. Her hands clutched the black hooded cloak that covered her frail body. Both arms folded over her as though she was giving her own body the hug it desired at the moment. Her eyes scanned around the open area as the somber mood overwhelmed both her mind and her emotions. Why this continued to happen, she had no idea.

    "We all walk... so reckless...," The young woman told herself in a gentle tone as she watched the pedestrians stroll past her, the black haired woman's emotions stirring as though they were in their own sea of darkness, "Yet we are all so fragile... It is as though we can break at the softest touch.. One moment we stand cheerful, but at one fault, we crumble down into a despondent mess... One's contented nature can not falter by the aftermath of even the harshest physical wound, yet when one plays with their emotions, their happiness flickers until they are in nothing but darkness..."

    Pale hands clutched at the cloak tighter, people around her giving her looks before walking away,
    "Why...? Our bodies were built to be so strong, but our feelings were built so weak... The life we hold onto like a sharp blade may shatter at any given moment... Why bother being elated today when all that may not matter tomorrow...?"

    The black haired woman felt a bit uncomfortable being where she stood, as the pedestrians were assuming her to be a beggar. That was not the case, not the case at all. She was having one of her emotional occurrences, a common thing after living with her depressed father for several years. His emotional disturbances had grown onto her, and now there was no known medication that could ever fix the damage that had been encrusted into her kind and gentle nature. The single blackness that had placed itself onto her heart, the one called sorrow, would take over her emotions for only a minute and then she would be back to her old self. It was her own weakness, both to her own being, and slightly to her sanity.
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  5. Thiele Misu Vantera (Kayetta Misu)

    Tym, Dismorigan

    So I am here again...

    Thiele pulled her thin hood further down over her eyes as she walked through the dirty and badly worn down street. She kept to the side of the streets, holding her dagger drawn and hilt down. The dull blade rested against the underside of her forearm, hidden from plain view, but also noticeable upon closer inspection. The area Thiele was traveling down seemed to be completely deserted. Where is everyone?

    After awhile, she heard the murmuring of a crowd in the distance and started towards that direction. Once she reached the scene, she saw that a large mob of citizens were gathered around two houses. The delicious smell of cooking reached Thiele's nose and she realized how hungry she was. Observing from afar, she witnessed a scuffle involving a thief trying to steal food. I wonder if my technique works on... food... She imagined the familiar blue wisp that helped her complete so many assassinations and the thought of her dagger flying into a loaf of bread amusing. I would need to tie a thread to it of course... the link is only one way unfortunately.

    She decided to try, since waiting would take forever and Thiele wasn't sure they would even give her any if they didn't recognize her as belonging to the neighborhood. Untying the thin, but heavily braided rope-belt around her waist, Thiele's short tunic fluttered in the light breeze. Tying one end to the hilt of her dagger, she wrapped the other tightly around her wrist to secure it. Now, she waited for the right moment to circle around the back.

    At the back of the house hosting the food, Thiele looked around and didn't see anyone. There was a small window slightly open to allow the smoke and steam to rise out into the sky. Quieting her soul, Thiele thought of bread. Bread... your fate shall be decided... You have been marked... now try to flee your destiny...

    As nothing happened and the voices continued to ramble on at the other side of the house, Thiele slumped against the wall sighing. She would have to work on this technique more, it seems like the target has to be living or sentient.
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  6. Wesse

    Tym dismorigan
    He .... or she, was in the least populated part of the streets, tucked away in an alleyway hidden with the other "special traders" weapons, drugs, alcohol, but in his case, he had special supplies, it was a rare opportunity but he defiantly took advantage.
    Wesse had finally finished his tent set up and he sat under it on the dirt floor amongst his crates filled with bootlegged medical supplies, witchcraft sorcery and other alchemy was second to none to his supplies.

    His means of retrieving them though was not so admirable,
    You see, wesse was a wondering merchant, picking and taking whatever he felt was of value and could get his hands on, there was no statuette of limitations for his picking and sometimes borderline robbing,
    This special set of medicine he found off of a apothecary leaving Basul, the poor man looked like he was so unprepared for the trip , it had looked like he had been bested by some robbers and was taken for everything he was worth.

    "idiots didn't even know what they left behind..."

    He said finishing putting on his eyeliner and the rest of his facial paint and make up.
    He was right, most of the things that wesse saw coming out of the city where rather questionable, but he found a index book off of the dead man, who just happen to give it to wesse on his "dying breath" that was most likely "questionable" at that.

    Wesse snapped his eyeshadow casing shut, smiling at his amazing marketing skills, and tucked everything away popping up his collar.
    It was not time to make some money, and if anything what perfect supplies to breath some life into this half dead town.
    With everyone sick, starving, desperate or dying, he'd be a millionaire by the end of the day.
    He TRUELY did love the place, it's somber look appealed to him down to the core.
    But his looks begged to differ. His blue hair and eyes where somewhat questioned by the towns folk.
    And some who came to know wesse as the "beautiful woman" where sadly disappointed when the night lead to other things.
    Part of the reason he Sat with the other illegal traders and weapons dealers.
    They where more his crowd.

    He put up his feet and lit himself some smoking tobacco and waited for his first customer.
  7. Tasu Village

    The sun beat down on the roof of her little, handmade hut creating a sort of oven in the glory of mid day. Soon the hunters would be back. Soon the village would be gathering around the rabbits, or goats, or deer that were brought back, and soon she'd have to leave the significantly cooler shelter of her home to venture out with the others, and gather up her share of the food. Just as that thought had subsided, she heard the bustle outside, and the cheery cries of the other children of the village. She knew they had returned. Rounded leopard ears perked upon a head of platinum blond hair, and her icy blue eyes gazed blankly toward the door of her home. With a light sigh, she raised her body from its crouched position the lightly colored fabric of her skirt falling back into position, hem hanging just above the knees. She dusted off her clothing, and then ran the back of her hand along her forehead to remove the salty sweat from her brow.

    Stepping out into the sun, she nearly lost her breath, and stood there for a moment trying to get used to the heat for the long wait she had ahead of her for her share of the food. That of which would only be the leftovers from everyone else. Always was...she couldnt remember the last time she had a good meal. Those cold eyes fell upon the group of villagers crowding around the hunters....hunters which would be first to gather their pickings from what they had gathered. Sure, Tasu village was a free place where the humans had no rule of the Shiera, but that didnt mean that there wasnt rules. It was a sort of Hierarchy, if you will. The hunters were on top, then the gathers/wise ones. Then the scavengers would come next....which was the category the village put her under because she wasnt able to hunt, or gather. She was lumped in with the mice/hyenas/vultures.....the only cat. The "Mighty" Leopard, as some teased.

    The village knew what had happened to her 5 years ago, and some still looked upon her with pity, and sympathy, but most of the village of babied the cub for a year before they knew that it would have to strengthen her, and she'd have to move on. Now she was treated like everyone else, and put in with the group of animals which she most fit. Unfortunately there weren't any other hybrids of Arctic blood, and so the scavengers were the next best.

    Seriph stood behind a nice little mouse girl whom she'd only talked to when the food arrived, the girl skinny with large mouse like ears, and that skinny, skin tone tail that flicked in anticipation for food. She came to know the girl as Shana, the uppity little mouse who had a knack for talking ones ears off. And just her luck, Shana had spotted the arctic cub, sweating, and uncomfortable, standing right behind her. "Seri~! Arent you excited? The foods arrived, I wonder what we'll get today..." she trailed off as she tried to peer up over the wall of adults. Blue eyes watched the girl with little to no interest, but she was hungry, and wished that the line would hurry on. It was nearly thirty minute before the scavengers had made it to the front of the line, all the while, Shana talked about how Haela was watching the humans again. How the woman said something was making the human act funny. It piqued interest in all of the village who heard about it, and Seriph now realized what had been different around her village.

    When Shana, and Seriph had reached the front of the line, not much was left for picking. Neck meat, leg meat, innards, and the like. Fortunately for Seriph, she'd spotting a single slab of fat, and rump meat which she snatched up along with two bits of leg. She scurried off then back to her hut, and stashed her food away then, the coolness of home home welcoming...but still too hot. Another sigh slipped from the girl before her mind wandered back to the humans. What had then acting strange? Perhaps it was time for this kitten to take a journey....something a little more exciting than this life was needed....and she needed to get somewhere less hot.
  8. [​IMG]

    Hawk walked along a dirt road his boots muddy, he pulled his forest green cloak around his feathers body as he thought about his life leading up to this point. He learned all he knew from the world from his Human friend. He still was soar when it came to the subject of humans. He knew alot about them then again he knew nothing, he couldn't have knew anything because he had so little actual contact with the species, he was glad it was that way now he was wondering now to find a home. He closed his golden eyes and breathed in the pine filled air. He saw on the horizon a town he considered going into it, but thought better of it, he did everything to stay away from conflict. He wondered just off the road, and began to make a camp. He hoped the light from his fire wouldn't get to much attention. He hunted and caught two rabbits and began to skin them and prep them. He walked back into his makeshift camp and began to make himself dinner before he went to rest for the night.
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  9. Rem, Basul

    Arx stayed ahead of Isuza as she she tried not to get lost on the path. She grabbed onto the back of his cloak at one point, apologizing swiftly. "I fear my sense of direction may be off set by these surroundings. May I hold onto your cloak for a time?" She looked to the ground nervously. Arx held no ill feelings toward the request so he continued forward. The path they walked now led down a way that was lined with apparel and food shops.

    Isuza glared straight ahead as her stomach cried out at the smell of food and clattering dishes. Arx stopped. "Perhaps we have been long enough without substance?" Isuza released his cloak and sighed. "Only if we have time. I do not wish to waste a moment dawdling." Arx smiled at the reply then led her into the nearest bar.

    They took a table closest to the wall and waited for a barmaid. When one came to their table Isuza greeted her warmly. She took their orders thne scurried off to the kitchen. "This city has a strange air about it," Arx sighed. "It has nothing to do with the situation at hand either. I'm starting to wager another sorcery of sorts at work here. One with human intent." Isuza looked intently at her partner but said nothing.

    Matchtal, Dismorigan

    The day moved on slowly and the sun seemed to never move from it's spot dead center of the sky. The vendors had set up their carts quickly and set to work trying to woo customers to their stands and some of their merchandise on their worn bodies. The further they walked into town the more Calix truly noticed the state they were in. They seemed very happy and no one looked to be in any discomfort but he noticed some women had scars on their hands and none of them wore skirts above their ankles. Then again perhaps he was over thinking it all... It really did look just like any other town.

    Unlike her partner, Ariette put a critical eye to the crowd. She could understand the cultural differences and so most of it was nothing worth alarming herself over. They simply lived a little harder than most people were used to. There were a few guards sprinkled throughout the town but beyond that nothing seemingly of alarm. Calix glanced up when someone came through the mass on horse back. "Honestly, if I was going to be worried about any kingdom it would be this one," he said distractedly as he looked after the horse.

    Ariette put down her hood and sighed. "Nothing seems out of the ordinary here. There are a few guards loitering about, but that is to be expected. I suppose we could rest now... We'll move out with the caravans in two days. For now we can get supplies." She turned to look at Calix but he had vanished into the crowd. She clenched her fists and took several deep breaths before stepping to the outside next to a cart seated near a bench where a girl sat. The vendor tried to push some exotic fruit on her but Ariette curtly denied his offer each time. This was already beginning to be too long of a day.

    Tym, Dismorigan
    The stews and bread were quite aromatic at this point and many had ventured from the homes and set to the decoration of the center of town. A woman coming from her home with things to add to the decorations saw a young woman sitting behind the house where the food was made. She approached her and cleared her throat. "It won't do you any good to sit there trying to get full from the smell. Come now, help us get ready for the feast." She was not taking no for an answer this one. She walked of without looking back, full well expecting the young lady to follow.

    They did their best to clean up and some ventured to share good memories. A small group of kids ran up and down the streets, oblivious to the shady group of merchants. Some of the women gave rather dark "glances" toward the merchants. If anything they saw those types of sellers as nothing but trouble. Their king cared little for what they did as long as it did not have any effection his power or ruling but they knew it was wrong.

    A small crowd ventured to see just what was up for sale. Some from curiosity, most from normalcy. None of the women condoned it but none tried to stop it either. Truthfully, the merchants sold somethings at cheaper prices than the caravans and they just didn't always have enough to afford the caravan's prices. One man wandered up to the tent of one rather comfortable merchant. "Hey, do you sell medicine here?" He looked rather rough, his face was thin and fairly pale with a dark stubble shadowing his jaws."H-Hey, do you? Do you sell medicine?"

    Tasu Village

    The catch had been divided and the village had regained it's solemn little hum. Haela had returned to her spot on the edge of the village to watch the dark clouds rolling in. "Rain, just what we need." She sighed as the cougar came to stand beside her. As a human he towered over her two extra feet. His claws were always extended, even now he had to be careful to not scratch himself.

    "Why are you watching the humans? Whatever it is they'll find some way around it. They can find their way out of anything, including killing defenseless Shiera children."

    Haela turned back toward the village and folded her arms. "It isn't fair that we have to live this way Demaus, cowering in the dirt like animals..." A firm hand rested on her shoulder. "I'm going to call a meeting tonight, when it isn't so damned hot..." You can have the honor of telling the others what I mean to say. I can't face them like this. I'll be resting until then. Spread the word."

    Demaus went house to house knocking and telling everyone of the meeting, as well as warning them of Haela's strange behavior. He stopped in front of one hut and knocked gently. He knew the occupant of this hut and sort of lingered for a moment before relaying his message. "There's a village meeting tonight. Come if you can." He stepped back, waited a moment then went on to the next house.
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  10. Tasu Village

    Things seemed to settle down, and return to normal once the food was sectioned out, and everyone returned to their normal everyday routines. The laughter, and playful cheering of children sounded in the middle of the village while the serious tones of adult conversation contrasted their young all too naturally. Seriph sat there in her little hut, knees pulled to her chest as she let her icy eyes gaze out of the single window. The sky was becoming grey, and the scent of rain was lingering in the air. Finally some cool weather. She wouldnt die of heat stroke this night, not now that the gift of cold breezes, and rain was about to be gifted to them.

    With a soft sigh, she let her eyes slip closed, and she rested that way until the sudden thuds of a knock sounded on the wall just outside her hut. A deep, stern voice called through the curtained door of her home, and only then did she let her eyes open once more for peer over toward her door. The cougar was calling a village meeting. Would she go, or would she stay in the confines of her home, away from the village? She'd most likely venture out to see what the meeting was about. Perhaps to see if it was about the humans. That was the only likely reason that they were calling the meeting. They'd likely ready themselves for a human attack. Sure, Shiera had the abilities of their animal ancestors, but the humans had them outnumbered.

    Cougar had already left by the time she had even rose from the ground, and peered out of her door. It wasnt long before she had reasoned with herself that going to the meeting may be a good thing, and it would show the village that she wasnt just a shut away. She was still a part of them.
  11. Rem, Basul

    The sound of machinations and large clockwork machinery echoed through the large workshop established a few years ago. The brass was still clean due to the recent establishment. There was one man who worked there and he was from the East. He'd come to Basul to become a machinist and a fixer. He had an uncanny knack for machines. His name was Nasir Al'Jaffet and he was an extension essence user with a shady past and an even shadier underground business. He wasn't afraid of his various professions - in fact, he'd become rather rich because of it. At the time, he was repairing an engine which had essentially come apart due to the tension system busting from lack of lubrication. He'd made a wrench using his essence and fastened the parts back together, lubricating what needed it before putting it in. He braced parts using his essence in order to keep them together and make his job much easier while he put it back together. For such an industrious kingdom, the people certainly shied from proper maintenance. It rather perplexed Nasir.

    But there was a presence which shook his honed senses from years of killing. "The shop is closed for the day, there are no more requests. I must focus on this before I can start another project," he stated as the presence stepped in anyway. "Door was open, Nas. I've need of your services." "Like I said, I'm not taking requests." "I don't need your wrench, I need your blade." Of course he did, but he was being too obvious about it. Nasir stood up and gestured to the back room. "I don't provide that kind of service, sir. Please, walk with me into the back room so I may assuage your fears."

    Nasir sat down in his office which was rather modest compared to the rest of the workshop. "I don't know who you are, but you are no good at contracting an assassin. The guards could be watching. What do you need?" "I need a man dead. He's a member of the royal guard and he protects the treasury, and my fa-" "I refuse to kill a trusted member of the court, especially not so a thief may have his way. I am calling the guards." "What?" Nasir stood up and walked to the door, when he heard a click. A black powder firearm was aimed at the back of his head, and it was obvious that the man was ready to shoot. "Put the gun down or the only man who will die as a result of this encounter will be you." Nasir looked back to the man who put some extra tension on his gun. Nasir acted quickly and disarmed him by grabbing the outside of his arm and bringing it in, choking the could've been client with his own arm, before letting go to knee him in the face. "I am going to get the guard. You present me with a job that is suicide and expect me to comply, then become surprised when I take the opportunity to cash in and curry favor with the king. You see, he is a man you do not want to cross, and so I will always refuse to cross him. Whatever he asks, I will comply, so long as there's coin involved."

    And with that, Nasir left his shop to get the guard to arrest the could've been client.
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  12. Weithala

    Kamina read the queen's paper that was plastered on a nearby tree with an amused expression, "The corrupted, what a load of horse scat," he snorted then continued on his way back to the city. He was carrying three deer and about five rabbits he had killed and would drop them off at the butcher's place before he'd go off and simply wander around before it was time for him to head back home. When he reached the butchers, he came in through the backdoor then hung each animal on a cook and pounded his fist on the metallic table causing the room to emanate with power, "Oi, Sal, I got some new meat for ya," he called out just as a large man walked through the doors that led into the room Kamina was in. Sal grinned seeing Kamina's haul hen tossed him a few coins, "Sal you kn-," the burly man put his hand up to silence the young shiera, "Yes I know you don't like to get paid for helping out but it doesn't make me feel good not to pay you." Sal responded. Kamina sighed but slid the coins into his pocket with a nod, "Alright then, I'll see you later big guy," and with that he left the way he came in.

    Kamina started down the walkway and greeted a few people that waved at him; luckily everyone had forgiven him for his actions when he was younger. He shuddered when he thought about those years but kept on walking. There wasn't much to do in Weithala but he was happy to live here, he heard of other kingdoms where his kind where his kind was hated; sure he and the others had animal traits but that didn't make them monsters. He tentatively scratched the back of his right ear and sighed, "Its probably never going to change, humans are fickle creatures by nature; always getting scared of what they don't understand."
  13. Lune Quian
    Rem, Basul

    After he finally made it to his room, Lune flopped over on the bed face first. After a while he grew a little uncomfortable as he noticed his sword poking at his leg. He continues to lay down on his bed, although he gets up to inspect his sword after a valid hour of restlessness. As soon as he unsheathes the sword he notices how unpolished it was "You poor thing.... I should get you repaired... or at least oil." Lune waits another hour before heading out. Once again almost choking on the disgusting smell of smoke, Lune looks around for a decent smithy or shop with that wasn't already exclusive by the Kingdom.
  14. Matchtal, Dismorigan

    As she had expected town was practically bursting with people. It was almost a pleasant change if it wasn't for the occasional glare that was sent Rora's way from some of the higher ranked soldiers and older populace. Her discharge from the service had not been cast in the best of lights, how could it with her best friend caught training his essence, and even with all the rumors hover around the kind superstition was a powerful thing. However those who knew her, either those soldiers she had served alongside, or those who she had simply met through living in the quiet town were much more friendly. That was probably the reason many of her old officers disliked her, even disgraced she held a substantial influence among the main body of soldiers, even disgraced she was dangerous. Or at least from their point of view, the most politically significant thing she had done in the last three years was to visit the barracks for one of her comrades' birthday, sparing with a few new recruits while she was there.

    The sun was still high in the sky by the time she had finished her shopping. A new whet stone, a few pounds of salt, stone milled oats, and a thick basic ointment for treating small abrasions on her livestock and horses. It was not much however, she did not need much outside of what she grew and made for herself on her little farm. But everywhere she stopped it seemed she was required to stop and chat at least a few minutes with either the shop owner or whoever was nearby. Most of it was idle gossip that she only took a vague interest in out of politeness, she had heard it all before retold just a little bit different each time. The only thing of note was a hint of dread, something a bit stronger than the usual type that filled the ever spreading rumors. Perhaps some of the few people that she actually really enjoyed seeing were the children. The few loaves of bread that she could spare were neatly divided amongst the group that flocked to her. Yearning her some valuable allies. Today she only saw about five children but that number often changed, all sooty faced, and thin but none the worse for wear. She was just about to head to a nearby vender to get a bit of lunch when a harsh voice caught her attention.

    "You sneaking little brat!" Turning Rora mentally grimaced as she recognized the speaker. Grimar, Rin Grimar, he had been a commander at the same time as her but from what she had heard he had been promoted since then. Pity, he kept only a thin control over his subordinates with fear and the threat of those even higher up than he. At the moment he had one of his armored hands clamped on a boy's thin arm. His tanned, pointed face red and caught between mad at the possibility of being robbed and happy that he had caught the thief. When first caught the boy had been struggling wildly but now he was frozen and he looked up at Captain Grimar with fear written clearly across his face. "Thieves are punished, no excep-"

    "Rin, give the kid a break." Rora said. Had it been nearly any other guard she would have left the kid to deal with the consequences of stealing, as the worst he would have gotten is a stiff smack on the back side of his hands. But Grimar was not know for his compassion. With two guards flanking Rin and Bren standing quietly behind Rora they were attracting a few stares just for all the space that they were taking up if not for what was actually happening. The Captain turned hotly and spotting Rora he fixed her with an ugly stare.

    "Well look who it is, trouble herself. What concern is this brat to you?" He said giving the boy a shake in emphasis of his words. The boy himself was looking at Rora with large hazel eyes filled with hope for this saving grace, he looked almost worried when she refused to meet his gaze her eyes remaining locked with Grimar's. Truth be told she probably could not have looked away if she wanted to, the tension was thick between them and she was reluctant to be the one to break it.

    "He made a mistake, I doubt he will do it again." She said in reply. Behind her she could feel Bren carefully shifting his weight from one foot to another before gently nudging her elbow. She could only spare the smallest gestures, using the hand holding his reins to touch his nose.

    "I prefer something more substantial." Grimar said. His voice almost lazy but his face full of a grim promise a look she had seen several times before that usually ended up with someone going home with one less body part than they had started with. It took a lot of control for Rora to keep from visibly bristling, the only sign that she had disproved of his words was in a slight narrowing of her eyes, and in her free hand that slowly curled up into a fist. At her palm she could feel her essence trying to gather, like a spark all it needed was a shape and she would be able to cut this guy down, just a shape and she could ripe that horrible grin from his face. But no, she was not going to give him the satisfaction of her being dragged through town and hung for using essence. However now they were stuck, neither was going to back down anytime soon and of the people who had stopped to watch the little display no one seemed intent on intervening.
  15. Thiele Misu Vantera (Kayetta Misu)

    Tym, Dismorigan

    Noticing someone approaching her, Thiele unconsciously lowered her head slightly and peered to the side through her thin hood. It was a woman who seemed to be one of the citizens involved with the feast. "It won't do you any good to sit there trying to get full from the smell. Come now, help us get ready for the feast." The woman gently scolded Thiele. Surprised with the sudden invitation, she stood up and followed the woman to the other side of the houses.

    Blending in with the other citizens busy with their tasks, Thiele awkwardly assisted in mostly menial tasks like stirring a pot for someone while they went to flip something else that was cooking. I would make a horrible wife... Thiele thought momentarily before dismissing it. Well, I'll just be the husband then... assuming I would bother to marry.

    Among the busy people, Thiele relaxed a bit more as she felt shielded. It was a strange feeling, but she didn't mind.
  16. Weithala

    The life of this island was it's sea trades. One of the lovely little ports that sat near the island's edge hauled in a big load and took it into the town. Further in Kamina brought the other meats to the people and they were thankful for his contribution. If anything they enjoyed the company of the Shiera. It admittedly made them feel safer as well. The peace they had been raised up aroound and grown acustomed to was never challenged.

    When they got the decree, there was a small level panic but there also seemed to be very little immediate danger. The people began to stalk up for the worse case scenario. If the corrupted had returned then a war was brewing and the signs would soon start to show, then there would be no room for peace...

    A little girl graced with with the attributes of a forest fox ran after the white haired cat. At her side a bag bounced with the crunch of something inside. "Kamina! Kamina! I hve a present or you!" She ran in front of him and held out her little hand to stop him. "You should be careful out there too Kamina, the corrupted are back! Have you seen the papers?"

    Tasu Village
    After making sure everyone knew of the meeting that night Demaus returned to the small hut. He did not know the occupant personally, only in passing, but still she was there. She was the only one of her kind and that made him want to be around her all the more. It was not a very good feeling to be the only one of your kind and even worse when everyone made you feel that way. They were all Shiera but that did not mean they understood everything about each other.

    Demaus lingered in front of her hut once again, hesitating to knock. Would she answer? Could she? Maybe she wanted to be left alone. He was not one for listening to doubting thoughts though, so he knocked loudly and stepped back from the door. Looking back over his shoulder he could see the dark clouds crawling closer. "Um... You probably don't know me and you might want to be by yourself but... Can I come in?" He hated how small his voice sounded but he had said what he needed to. Now he nervously awaited an answer.

    Matchtal, Dismorigan
    His curiosity had gotten the best to him and Calix had separated himselff from his brooding partner. The idea that he may get into some trouble never once occured to him, he was too polite for brutish brawls in the street! He just could not ignore the feeling he got from the horse's rider and he knew this one well. He followed closely but not too close for he could see the type of person she was, he may have been promtping a brawl with his actions right then. He waited out of sight with the hood of his cloak up as she went by each cart.

    Calix actually enjoyed wathing her talk with other buyers and convers with the vendors. He also listened intently, when he could, to the conversations they had. The least he could do after running off was manage to come back with information. It was when she stopped to hand out bread to a group of dirty kids that he almost revealed himself. The way they gathered around him reminded him of his young students. A sharp pang made him put a hand to his chest. As she handed out the bread he found himself wondering what she was thinking at that moment.

    "You sneaking little brat!" The outburst caught him off gaurd and spun around half expecting to find some large brutish man towering over him. It was a moment or two before he realized the insult was not meant for him. Calix looked back toward the horse rider. Nearby a guard had grabbed a child and looked less than than pleased. He listened to the exchange between the gaurd and rider, deciding on how he should handle he should handle thigs if they got out of hand.

    Yes, Ariette would have reprimanded him severely just for the thought of jumping into such a situation but he was past that now. She would surely slap him around anyhow for wondering off. The hostility may not be of the guard's own accord and if it did get out of hand he worried for the others standing nearby. That would not draw good attention to him either... A faint tingling sensation in the back of his mind alerted him to another dangerous variable.

    "Come on Calix, use your head!" He manuevered through the crowd closer to the woman whom he was sure was the source of the tingling sensation and took a deep breath. He wanted so badly to jump in but he wanted to make sure there was no other way before throwing himself in the middle of such a public dispute. Then an idea occured to him. He put down the hood of his cloak and stepped up just behind her on the right. He cleared his throat, "I agree that a child should be taught wrong from right and yes, sometimes enforcing that knowledge in necessary but don't you have more pressing matters to attend to?" Hopefully the victory would outwiegh the costs.

    Tym, Dismorigan
    The women welcomed the girl into the kitchen they moved things around and were in need of more hands to work with. They gossiped about scandalous deeds done in the cloak of night and even swapped rumors. Though the town was crumbling around them they had not completely lost sight of the more enjoyable things in life, like the occasssional rumor. "I've heard that guards have been doubled at the border yet the king's overlooked us once again," a larger woman said as she checked the soup sitting over an open flame.

    "Something is exciting is happening!" another woman said in sing-song. "It may bring us fortune, you never know. Maybe the king will be driven from his castle and actually have to see about the people." She shrugged then looked to Thiele. "You, Miss... You are not from this sad city, that's plain to see. How did you come to be in our humble little spit of land?" The question was curious but not without a splash of acidity.

    Rem, Basul

    The food served in Basul was...different. Isuza stared at the strange substance in the bowl in front of her. Her stomach protested when she smelled it. It didn't smell dangerous but... She took up her spoon and scooped into the bowl. "So, what do you think it is that plagues this land," she asked in an attempt to distracted herself and quickly took the spoon into her mouth. Her face scrunched up and Arx shook his head. "I don't know yet but it will surely present itself soon enough. When we finish here our next business should be with an inn keep."

    "Or..perhaps to take on our second task." Isuza drank the cup of dark colore liquid they had been presented with as water. "There are others here who may be able to get us information." A pair of guards ran by a small window beside them and Isuza looked at her partner. "They seemed in a hurry." Both stood from the table and marched hurriedly from the eatery.

    Two guards stopped at a large shop that smelt heavily of machinery, even for the city it was located in. There were two others taking a man from the building. Isuza pulled Arx aside. "Is that him?" She looked at the man as they surrounded him and took him away.

    "Not that one," he whispered. They waited until the guards were out of sight to approach the building. Isuza went inside thinking it easier for her to do the talking and Arx stood outside. She looked around the place, shocked at the appearance. Being a Qaumpo native and even under her current Queen she was used to an orderly work space. Fighting off the urge to clean she walked close to the wall a little ways inside.

    Pausing, she knocked gently on the wall and startled herself with the echoe. "Is the...mechanic...present for conversation?" Her stomach tightened nervously at the anticipation. Hopefully this mechanic would be a reasonable man. Outside, Arx watched a man with a sword at his side. It was a pleasant surprise. So there are still traditionalists, even here. He had expected much more than he had seen so far for the kingdom and a sword user was the most interesting yet.
  17. Rem, Basul

    "Is the... mechanic... present for conversation?"

    Aye, and he was, too. He'd just dealt with a treasonist, but he was there. "You called, ma'am?" he asked through the echoing shop as he stepped from his office. Nasir often got odd looks from first time comers to his shop when they saw him due to his heritage and accent. He wasn't very fond of some of the looks, but sometimes they made him happy - he'd added color to someone's day, or something like that. That said, Nasir still had all night to work on that tension system, so he quickly readied his essence into a wrench as he walked to his workplace to continue his work. There was a man outside his shop and a swordsman coming hitherto. "I'm almost finished with this engine, then I'll take one more request to be started on the morrow. Which of you needs something fixed?" He eyed the woman in his shop, then shifted to the man outside and the swordsman on her way. "I'm not used to this much business at this hour - work hours have been over for awhile, and business hours are shutting down. Only service stores like this as well as eateries and inns are open at this time, and they'll be shutting down by dusk so those workers can rest. There's maybe a few factories open, but who goes there for services? That's all labor."
  18. Tasu Village

    She had long since pulled her head back into her home, and returned to sit on the rickety, wooden chair that sat just before an even more rickety, wooden table. The cub had planned on joining the other during the village meeting, but not much else could be said for her socializing before hand. Though others seemed to have other ideas. Seriph heard him coming toward her hut before he had even gained the courage to knock on the cub's door. His voice rang out, small, nervous even. Why so? Why such a tone for such a mighty cat? Leopard ears twitched upon her head as she let herself gaze toward her door with inquisitive eyes, a platinum brow raising inn curiosity as he spoke his words, and asked his question. It was a question she wasnt asked often; once or twice the mouse had asked, and each time she had turned Shana down, but Sir Cougar was different. He was her elder, and so with a sigh, she rose from her chair.

    Bare feet carried the girl across a dirt floor, the long, fluffed up, white tail speckled with black spots dragging along behind her causing the fur to not remain white, but turn cream in color. Surely he would have heard her dull footfalls before she had even reached the cloth that hung in the door frame. A small hand, clawed with long nails that were littered beneath with dirt, lifted, and swept the faded, maroon colored curtain to the side so that those icy eyes could peer up at the man before her. She was clearly uncomfortable, too hot. Sweat slid from her brow, and continued on down her face, dew drops of salty perspiration balled upon her forehead. The cub panted a bit as she eyed him, and then stepped to the side as a sign that was allowing him entrance to her humble...home. "Come in, Cougar. I dont have much, but there are places to sit, and water to drink, neh." She seemed almost hesitant on the last bit, as if the water she had was her only life line, and if she gave any away, she'd surely melt out of existence. "Its too hot, nyah...." Was the last thing she murmured as she let the curtain fall closed when he would step inside.

    When they were both inside, she made her way over to the little closet space dub out of a wall just to the left of her door. She grasped another rickety chair from the space, and carried it over to her little table, sitting it down before she fetched from a makeshift shelf made of a simple wooden plank held up by two rocks, two cups. Dipping each one into a pale of water, she placed one before the cougar, and then took her seat, keeping a cup to herself. The cup was empty before he would even get to speak more words. Too hot, and the water was somehow cool. Anything to help get rid of the heat. The cub gazed at him from across the table as she set her empty cup upon it's surface, her leopard ears, brilliantly white in contrast to her platinum blonde hair, twitching upon her crown. "To what to I owe the pleasure of your visit, nyah?"
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  19. Matchtal, Dismorigan

    The crowd in the main marketstreet of Matchtal made way and lowered their voices as a peculiar towns-member entered the street from a side street. A 7 foot tall lizard-human Shiera stepped out into the marketplace, towering over even the largest guard, a great pack on his back, with the top open to reveal beautiful, gleaming, shining axes, both war and for cutting wood, swords, pitchforks, hammers, war and for smithing alike, and exquisite chain-link shirts and leggings hanging from clips on the bag. Normally, the weight would be enough to make any strongman stagger, but it only seemed aggravatingly-heavy for the lizard blacksmith, and he seemed to take it in good humor, since several of the wealthier, less superstitious people of Matchtal came forward to bargain for one item or another.

    ((There, that should spark someone's interest, high-quality weapons or armor))
  20. Matchtal Dismorigan,

    Rora acknowledged the new voice with only a slight flick of her eyes, not that it helped with the person standing just outside of her field of vision. When her eyes flicked back to Grimar she mentally smiled, she could see that the officer was wavering. For if there was one that that Grimar was not it was stupid, he knew, perhaps better than most, the rumors that floated around the king. And being the coward that he was he was careful to tread the line between inspiring fear and inciting hate. So even if it was only one person that had stepped forward in defense of Rora and the boy he was not going to stick around long enough for sentiment to sway anymore of the crowd. For a moment Grimar's grip tightened on the boy's arm till the boy seemed ready to cry out and then, with rough shove, he pushed the boy towards Rora.

    "Let the common guards deal with the brat." He said with a sneer. When the boy was pushed her way Rora reached out to catch him, the essence that had been building up dissipating so that it was no longer an intense static, only a dull buzz. For a moment the boy almost disappeared into the fold of her cloak as she held him close to her. When she looked up again it took much of her self control not to recoil. Grimar had stalked in so close that she could smell his sour breath and feel it stir hairs hanging by her shoulder. "Be very careful, traitors always get what is coming to them and all I need is one slip up." He said his voice barely more than a hiss. He was so close and his voice to low that the only ones that could have heard were Rora, the boy, and perhaps the stranger that was standing just to the right of her shoulder.

    "One day Rin, one day." Rora simply replied watching as Grimar turned on his heel and slinked off with his two goons in toe. As the crowd that had gathered around returned to whatever they had been doing she turned so that she could get a clear view of stranger that had helped. For a few moments she just looked at the man saying a word, sizing him up from the mop of red hair on top of his head, down to his feet. "Thanks." She said finally with a slight nod. Not having the same training she couldn't detect any difference between him and the normal people that passed by, and so she assumed he did not know how close she had come to striking Grimar across his greasy little face with one of her essence weapons. Turning her eyes from the stranger she placed her hands on the shoulders of the one who had caused so much trouble. The boy looked up at her with a thankful smile, until he received a solid whack on the back of the head. It wasn't the hardest of blows but it was enough that the kid reached to rub the back of his head.

    "Next time I catch you doing something this stupid I will hand you over to the guards myself." Rora said looking very unamused. The kid looked down at his feet, one hand still on the back of his head, his eyes becoming glassy. When the boy started to make soft sniffling sounds Rora let out a heavy sigh and digging around in her belt she pulled out a copper coin and pressed it into the boy's palm. "Get your self something to eat and stay out of trouble." She said but before the kid could run off she grabbed his shirt and turned him so that he was facing the stranger. "Say thank you. Help is hard to come by these days."

    "Thank you mister." The kid said glancing up at the tall man before he dodged off through the crowd.

    "They will all be the death of me. Years of fighting and this is what will do me in." Rora said shaking her head and turning so that she could look at the stranger. "Thanks again, I did have much of a plan for ending that little confrontation. Although you should probably keep your head down for a bit, Grimar doesn't have the most influence but he is a guard." As she spoke she noticed that they were taking up quite a bit of space in the street so she made a gesture indicating that they should move out of the way towards a small corner, where one building stuck out much father than the next, that was mostly free of the pressing crowd.

    "So you are from Weithala." She commented using a finger gesture towards the mark on his cheek. "I'm guessing that you are here for the caravan, it's pretty much the only thing worth coming for in this hell hole, unless you are a merchant but most don't stray to far from the docks." Her voice was soft but purposeful and she kept her eyes trained on the man's face her gaze intense and calculating.

    "My name is Rora by the by, I owe you at leas that much."
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