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  1. Legend of the Lands:
    Long ago, before the kingdoms came to be
    the many large islands and continents that make up the various kingdoms today were once a single entity under the rule of a King and Queen; Phaerin and Molnia.
    This was the largest territory in all of the western world and this single man had to claim responsibility for all of this land.
    The king was well along in years and the land was no easy task to maintain. He needed much help in order to keep the peace among his people. They descended from many different lineages and often fell into dangerous disputes.
    Deciding that their fights were becoming far too violent, the king selected five people of special skill to the further corners of his kingdom and carry out his will for the people. The land was split into five territories.
    The elected remained with the people for five years before their environment started to effect them. They were corrupted by the ill will and animosity of the people who had only grown angrier with the King for sending soldiers into the towns.
    The people followed the elected into an uprising to overthrow the King. Both he and his wife were killed mercilessly and thrown into the ocean. Now the throne was open as they had not been blessed with children.
    The elected fought over who would take control of the largest kingdom in the west but, of course, none agreed to anyone but themselves.
    The legend says their power was so great that it split the continent.

    IC Thread

    The Corrupted have been reincarnated. It has been all of twelve years, the longest time of peace yet, and so many have put away the corrupted as finally being cleansed. They are far from it.
    A war is brewing between the island and continental kingdoms. Everyday a new occurrence is taking place, more kindle is being added to the fire of contempt roaring among the rulers. They are set in their ways and see no way to avoid the oncoming disaster. Well, most cannot. Some of the more informed have set out in a task to stop the war before it happens- before the annihilation of the current kingdoms. Scouts have been sent out in search of any clues within the other kingdoms, a rather serious task for the current tension. They were given a small mirror to communicate with and a letter to get them past security though it may prove to be of little use.

    While this madness ensues and security within the kingdoms increases those on the outside of this war can see the changes happening within their homes, right in front of them. When exposed to the very key to change the flow of the current events will you be able to leave everything behind- family, friends, dreams, the peace of your quiet life- in order to put your life on the line to help the only ones who can bring an end to the imminent devastation? Or will you become one to take the reigns and make that journey your own? Perhaps a little bit of corruption is just the spice you've been looking to add to your dull life.

    1. When posting PLEASE state where you are since we will all most likely be starting in different places.
    2. No one liners, I will seriously explode. Seriously. Not on you or...physically... Just don't, please.
    3. Play fair, no instant big attacks if you've only had use of your essence a for a few posts, chances are, you'll be useless for a little bit.
    4. Wait until at least two other people post before you do so again once things get started.
    5. Multiple characters are acceptable but only two to a person please.
    6. No god-modding
    7. If you suspect you shall be inactive, then please shoot me a message or let us know here whenever you can. Otherwise, after two weeks of nothing, you're character will be fed to the void.
    They have flaws, some more than others, but it's what makes them so unique. Their power is drawn from both their ability to band together and to ostracize. Essence is obtained easiest for them, but they are also the most at risk for going negative. They are also awarded the most flexibility in the manifestation. The ruling species of the land, they control most of the viable land over the kingdoms.
    transormation forms (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both human and creature essence have been forced together within the womb and brought forth a subspecies denied by their human side. They are, sadly, a bitter race, distrusting of any and all humans. Most Shiera are distinguishable by bright or unnaturally colored hair, usually an exaggeration of the animal's fur or skin they take on. The chances of a Shiera obtaining their essence is slim due to their split bloodline, but not impossible. *There have been cases of some unforeseen mutations in their manifestations including a physical change in their animal and humanoid forms.

    Essence: The definition of essence is "the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is". In a way we can say that essence is literally the manifestation of a person's true self. A person often has to experience trials and tribulations before they can come into their essence. On a daily basis one wears numerous masks and so it is usually impossible for someone to just suddenly have use of it. In short, someone must come into complete acceptance of who they are.

    Once they have tapped into their essence it has to be nurtured, just like everything else. The growth of a person's essence is partially determined by their interactions with others; people need to socialize. Otherwise it's their own control and training that strengthens it. Like any other skill the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Trying to use an extensive amount without prior preparation can cause one to faint.
    Though it is a mental/emotional thing, the body must also be trained in order to sustain itself when someone is using essence. If one tried to use an enormous amount without being able to physically accommodate the energy flowing through them, their body is taken over and they will be broken down into their very essence.

    Positive and Negative(corrupted):
    Now, the phenomenon of someone becoming negative is not set in stone, but it is known to occur within those who use essence frequently with little control. It is documented to have the opposite effect as the positive would have. For example, say a girl with a compassionate essence becomes negative. Her hands heal in the positive, but she could have a dissolving touch that melts skin. This type of manifestation would occur because of a usage of essence in it's "raw" or most potent form. Another example would be a man who thrives on teaching others, say an enriching essence goes negative. Instead of building up the mind it may weaken it and make it more susceptible to control or erase memory.
    *It is rumored that a Gifvoshu's touch may also cause corruption.

    Unlike other abilities, Essence manifestation is not so straight forward; one cannot assume what form another's essence may take. There is very few instances of essence which has an affect on the outside world, they usually take a form within a person's body or as an extension of the body. There are four ways that it may manifest itself.

    1) Physical: This manifestation happens within the body and reflects in the user's outward ability. This type often occurs as a raw form of essence that is expelled through the skin or by touch. These techniques are much more dangerous and thus consider more training before use on a regular basis.[​IMG]

    2) Extension: The essence takes on an outward appearance of a weapon or tangible object. This is the most common manifestation and thus, most popular. The user can control the appearance to change it however they like; those more experienced can manipulate it to change almost instantly in battle.[​IMG]

    3) Channeling: Essence is channeled through an object to be used. Those who must use something to channel their essence are usually emotionally unsettled and cannot handle the control to use it in it's actual form. The user must be in constant contact with the object they are using to channel[​IMG]

    4)Elementals: This is the rarest form of manifestation found in those with extraordinarily strong emotional states. It takes the form natural things: fire, sand/dirt, rock, etc. It is not restricted only to the normal elements and may have an effect on the user's bodily form[​IMG]

    *5) Morph: There is only one known human in the world who can morph due to their essence. They can change the density and structure of any part of their body to their will into any weapon or object. It has yet to be seen if their entire structure can be manipulated.

    Gifvoshu(gee-vo-shoo meaning "corrupted"): The beings from beyond the grave who never truly die. They are the elected from the world's legend of kingdom creation. These beings reincarnate every few years; it was once believed to be every five years in place of the five years they served the people but the recent happenings have some doubting. They embody those who are susceptible to them, weak minded or who have a positive to their negative essence. The person they come back as is engulfed in their essence and outwardly portray the Gifvoshu so that they appear the same every reincarnation. They were given their title by the Eastern allies to Weithala.
    The Gifvoshu's aim is to ultimately destroy the standing kingdoms and completely "rewrite" the system. They seek to reunite the continents, something they are very confident in being able to do despite the miles between each island.

    Other links:

    Character Sheet

    Race(Human or Shiera):
    What animal do you take after?(only if Shiera):
    Appearance(description or picture; if picture please anime or game and unless they are young no cutesy pics, please and thank you):
    From whence do you reign?:
    Occupation(trainer, student, scout, etc.):
    Essence Manifestation(physical, channeling, extension, etc.):
    Personality(should be reflected in your essence):
    Background(should include when you first discovered your essence unless you want to develope into it within the rp):
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  2. Kingdoms and other territories
    *May change over time*
    The land surrounded by a dark aura, known for it's barren valley. An almost desert like terrain welcomes the weary and stupid traveler who may end up on this land. The widowed King Truitt is publicized as a tyrant who cares not for his people. The few towns scattered across the terrain are filled with houses made of weak wood and stone. The only notably redeeming feature is the river that flows through the land.

    Like most of the other kingdoms, this one does not nurture nor condone essence usage, seeing it as some form of magic. The king is not cowardly in the lest- he is very open with his emotions and makes sure everyone else is aware of them as well. He does not favor unknown or "unnatural" things that cannot be explained away to his liking. No one in this kingdom can use essence or even know of it's existence. A rumor has spread through the other kingdoms, however, that he has used this forbidden art for his own purpose.
    *Recent events have him under speculation from his ally, Basul.​
    Capital: Tym(pronounced time)
    Source of wealth: heavily trade based
    Allies: Basul
    Show Spoiler

    Other habitable locations:​
    Tasu: The Village of Shiera

    Most of the Shiera still located in the West not living in Weithala live here. They have a very simple lifestyle, freedoms within limits, can hunt a few miles out if they must. It's a makeshift society located far into the valley and halfway underground. There are very very animals to hunt, but they share what they can. They must stay far from the small towns otherwise they will be hunted. It is a crime punishable by death if a Shiera is found wandering anywhere near where humans inhabit.

    Dismorigan Border City: Matchtal
    Characters here:
    Leo Miltall
    The border city and the final obstacle between Dismorigan and it's unwanted visitors. The further you get from the capital the more the scenery changes. This city is located just at the edge of the land to the southeast. They receive the most from the incoming traders and with little interference from the king's many guards sprinkled around the city, they may carry on as they please. The current tension has pushed for the order to search leaving and arriving ships of vendors or supplies. Those arriving must have their marks visible for verification upon leaving the ships.

    Charcters here:
    The kingdom from the very middle of the once grand continent. It holds vast jungles and ruins believed to be of the grand city. Tales of it's mystical properties and quiet queen, Ambrosia, have taken it into folklore. The kingdom is hidden amongst the trees making the island lying miles into the sea seem uninhabited, hence the widely received belief of it's absence. The queen and many of her followers are the only ones who believes in the Gifvoshu's return to the living realm.

    Most of this terrain is covered in jungle and ruins so most of the small towns are closer to the outside of the island. The folklore surrounding this kingdom include it's controversial approval of Shiera to live among it's people and even the intermarriage between the two. Weithala is the only kingdom known so far to be so trusting of the Shiera and is thus known among them as The Santctuary. The Queen is also told to hold some enchantment over her people. Weithala is also known for the strength of it's army, which is also believed to be due to some enchantment by the queen.
    *A hefty percentage of the people living here have "escaped" from their previous kingdoms.​
    Capital: The Ruin City
    Source of wealth: sea based trade, skills in land usage
    Allies: ???
    Show Spoiler

    Characters here:
    Lune Quian

    A kingdom of change and reckless youths. The air here is thick with the smoke of industry. A small train system runs through this land from end to end and all the ways in between. It is an unstable system but the most efficient way to traverse this large kingdom when not in a genuine hurry. The second most advanced of the seven kingdoms, technology wise.
    King Garret was once said to be a spy before taking up the throne after his father. He knows everything that happens anywhere in his kingdom is thus very strict in dealing with rebellions, cutting them out before they grow to be a problem- literally. His queen is known to be one of the reasons they no longer have a treaty with Weithala. She had insulted the culture and revealed the spies they had laid out gathering information on the island. She still holds a mute grudge against the gentle queen as well as it being a very sore topic with anyone in the castle.​
    Capital: Rem
    Economy: tourism, industry
    Allies: Dismorigan
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  3. Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    From whence do you reign?: From Dismorigan; Currently Weithala
    Occupation: None
    Essence Manifestation: Elementals
    Personality: Fraeyan (Frey) has a habit of talking down on himself terribly and he is easily put off. He is easily taken down by workds alone, but he does now different. Sure, he's not perfect, but he does know that he is strong. He is a strong, independant young man that is not afraid to take charge. He has his faults, but who doesn't? He's protective and is offtenly looked at as a big brother to some.
    Background: Fraeyan Ballard hails from the darkened kingdom of Dismorigan, living in a small town on the border. He grew up in the slums living only with his mother, his father had left before he was born. His mother was his everything. She was a sweet, kind and caring woman who loved her son endlessly.

    Frey grew up knowing only how to survive in the damned slums and prtecting what he cared about. From a young age, he knew who he was. Living on the streets in the slums tended to make you grow up and know who you are quickly. Those who don't know themselves hesitate, you hesitate on the streets... you're worse than dead.

    Frey, although he was really nice and sweet, was a great thief. He was always stealing things so that he and his mother could survive another night. He was coming back to his house from his nightly run for some scrounged up supplies when he found his house was completely trashed. Everything was ransacked and he frantically searched for his mother. He did find her. She was in her bed where she was sleeping when Xander left the house, but she was dead. Her throat had been slit in her sleep and his house sucked of anything worth anything.

    Frey was shocked. He didn't know what to do. He stood by his mother and completely broke down. He crashed to his knees and began crying. He began practically screaming, fueld by his sandess at his mother's death and at the anger directed at whomever did this. He quickly began to get hot. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was that he was getting searing hot.

    When he finally came too, he looked around and noticed that he was no longer in his house and the building was on fire. He didn't know what happened, but he knew he had to leave. He didn't know what he did, but it was obviously him and he had to get out. He fled all the way to Weithala, seeking out refuge to hide in the ruins scattered about the woods. He has survived by scrounging for fruits and the occasional hunt.

    Fear: Losing those he cares about.
    Quirks: Frey has a habit of chewing on his lip when he is unsure of something, or is feeling shy.
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  4. Nice! Totally accepted. I was worried there may be some confusion with the "discovering" of your essence but I feel a bit better now :P
    A border city has been added to the Dismorigan landscape but your CS is still fine, I'd expect he could have made it through there with little problems anyhow. Sadly, I didn't remember that that little aspect until I was half asleep >..<
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  5. Just posting to say that while i don't see me having time to make a character, I LOVE the essence idea. It's pretty unique.
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  6. Thank you so much! That really means a lot o(^///^)o
  7. (Quick note: I am a sleepy person at the moment but made a CS anyway. So if you see a problem with it, let me know and I'll fix it right away.)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human


    (Side swept bangs that partially covers one eye instead of those ones)


    From whence do you reign?: From and currently in Dismorigan

    Occupation: None (yet.)

    Essence Manifestation: Channel

    Personality: Arsenic is normally a sweet and gentle figure that would rather settle differences with words than violence. When provoked or attacked first, all words will be put aside and will resort to violence. She does have random emotional occurrences when all she sees is darkness, her whole attitude will change from the bright and sweet girl to a grim one. When this happens, the light in her eyes will visibly falter.

    Background: Arsenic grew up in a town deep within the darkness of Dismorigan. Her mother had died shortly after childbirth, leading her father to severe depression. From toddler til 6 years old, she lived with her father's somber behavior. The young girl's bright and sweet behavior was gradually shedding away due to her father. Although her father should have been mourning for a year, he just couldn't bring himself out of the depression. He appeared to have lost the will to go on without his wife by his side. Arsenic began to have emotional outbreaks, more commonly seen sitting alone rather than running around. Her father no longer had the will to work, they were both incredibly pale due to lack of sunlight, and they ended up selling most of their valuable possessions. The only thing her father couldn't find it in himself to sell, was the blue flower had often put in her hair. He looked over to his daughter that day and told her,

    'Nothing could have stopped the sorrow.. But with this, you can hang onto a little piece of happiness.'

    One day, her uncle had come as a surprise visitor only to see his brother's living standards and niece's emotional instability. Her uncle decided to take her out of her father's care and help him become the man he once was. It had been a little over a week of taking care of his niece when he received word that his brother had committed suicide. It upset the uncle greatly, as now young Arsenic was an orphan. He couldn't give her away, so adoption was in order. He took care of his niece as the years went by, providing her food, shelter, and whatever she desired. However, as much as he tried to keep her happy, young Arsenic would have emotional occurrences where she would become just like her father (time ranging around; A few minutes - A few hours). Although they did not last too long, it worried her uncle. He couldn't afford high class medication, and there were no low class medication for mental illnesses, so he had to let her endure it and hope she would snap out of it. Arsenic is currently unaware of her Essence Manifestation and tends to travel a lot with her uncle.

    Fear: Giving into the darkness that is 'Sorrow'

    Quirks: Random emotional occurrences, tends to cover her mouth with her balled hands and look away when she's shy or afraid.

    Biggest thing that gets on her nerves: Those who don't realize how good a life they have or those who do not appreciate their parents.
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  8. Characters will be placed under the kingdoms they are currently located in. Still some edits to come to the first two posts, just to let everyone know. I am also working on a map.
  9. Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG] (The weapon she's holding is the form she keeps her essence in most of the time.)
    From whence do you reign: From Dismorigan, living in Basul
    Occupation: None (At the moment)
    Essence Manifestation: Extension
    Background: Amethyst unfortunately, never knew her parents. A few months after she was born her parents died from and unknown cause and thus, she was now an orphan. She was put into a small and dirty orphanage where no one was good to anyone and the care for others was very little. Although she grew up with such little care towards her, she grew very close to a young girl who she always took care of best to her ability. It was hard to take care of her, let alone herself and she knew she needed more money. She soon became a skilled thief after stealing from those richer and giving to those poorer. A Robin Hood kind of situation. However a few years later the child grew very sick and eventually died from this illness. After she found this out, she was heartbroken and quickly fled from the orphanage and in fact, fled from the city altogether. She fled to the only other city she knew, Basul, and thus lived the her life there.
    Fear: Excessive fear of the dark, as well as a fear of loosing people she cares about.
    Quirks: A lot of times, she will have a hard time trusting others and around people she will often act sour or impatient, however she isn't that way with people she's grown close to.
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  10. Yay!! Thanks! I was a little unsure about it myself, but I'm glad that I did fine! (I did this when I was half-asleep, too lol ^_^)
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  11. Ahh~ Here we are. It could have happened after moving to Basul and her possibly coming to grips with everything up until that point. The discovery happens when someone is pushed down to their most natural state, when they can show their true selves without holding back or being ashamed. I hope that helps.
  12. If anything is messed up let me know, I've recently sprained my wrist so my typing may be a little off.


    Gender: Male


    What animal do you take after?:Siberian Tiger

    'Yeah, I'm a cat but if you try and pet me I'll beat the snot out of you.'

    From whence do you reign?:Weithala

    Occupation(trainer, student, scout, etc.):Hunter

    Essence Manifestation: Physical

    Personality: Kamina is very blunt and straight to the point; if you piss him off or annoy him he'll immediately tell you to get lost. Though he is usually sarcastic if you dive deep enough you'll see he can actually be quite compassionate and caring. He is a creature driven by pride but will put throw it away instantly to do what is right.(More of his personality will be shown as we progress.)

    Background: Kamina would have had a normal childhood, well as normal as a Shiera could if his father would've stayed in his life and his mother didn't commit suicide out of grief for losing the love of her life. He was moved from orphanage to orphanage but never stayed there long because he always got in fights with the other children and usually broke a few of his victim's bones, after awhile he got stick of being moved constantly and escaped into the forest the first chance he got. This all happened at the age of six, from then on he spent most of his time in his animal form living off the land and stealing food whenever he didn't successfully make a kill. He became feral, losing his human side and became a menace to those who relied heavily on the place he now called home; whoever drew too close to him home very heavy wounded and one villager almost died.

    Growing fearful of the young Shiera gone feral, a group of villagers banded together and set out to find Kamina and slay him; after several fruitless attempts at trapping him, they finally had him stuck in a small cave with no exit besides the way he had entered; but one man stopped them, he also had essence and could feel something in the young boy that was familiar to him. After several hours of negotiating he was able to deter the villagers from their goal and instead he would be put under the man's protection and would be taught to control his animal instincts and be reintroduced into society. The man managed to starve Kamina enough to the point where he would be weak enough for sedatives to be effective, several days later the man took the now unconscious Kamina to his home to begin his training.

    Twelve years passed after that day, Kamina is now a well known and loved part of the community that supplies a lot of the game the citizens eat. He thinks of the man that taught him as a father and is extremely grateful that he managed to free Kamina's humanity.

    Fear: That his other half will take over and he'll once again become a feral, blood thirsty monster.

    Quirks: His ears and tail clearly express how he is feeling even if his face is blank and he still has the habit of growling and flicking his tail when annoyed.
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  13. This is just fine ^_^ He sounds like a lot fun too!!

    @Autumn R.A. You don't have to make a definent decision on her essence now either, it could come about in the rp, just letting you know.

    Both of you are approved by the way.
  14. Made a slight change to the layout, just put the characters under the kingdom names. I will probably try to get a character sheet up myself and if anyone is still interested, the Gifvoshu character sheets will be available by the end of the day.
  15. Name: Wesse
    Age:25 Gender: Transsexual male /identifies as female/
    Race(Human or Shiera): Human
    What animal do you take after?(only if Shiera): N/A
    Appearance(description or picture; if picture please anime or game and unless they are young no cutesy pics, please and thank you): he has rag tag clothing, all picked up around the kingdoms he/she has been to. His/her bright colored hair and clothing are very eye catching. And his/her hat Is also rather odd. His/her features are very slender, Feminine if you will. [​IMG]
    The story behind wesse's outlandish clothing an hair lies behind his/her essence, in his early years he found a way to contain his unstable essence through a group of alchemists that set seals all over his body. This entrapment of essence changed his hair and eye color.
    From whence do you reign?: Dismorigan
    Occupation(trainer, student, scout, etc.): Merchant
    Essence Manifestation(physical, channeling, extension, etc.): Physical.
    Personality(should be reflected in your essence): Normally very aloof, temper is unbelievably hot but tends to be more psychotic on certain nights, i.e. full moons, thunderstorms, extremely stressful events, deaths (friends or family dying). Naturally, he/she is always a whirlwind of emotions, but ONE thing most notably, he/she almost never speaks, when he/she does it's in a low mumble or even on rare occasions a whisper.
    Background(should include when you first discovered your essence unless you want to develope into it within the rp): he/she has had a very rough life, growing up with a single father, mother died in child birth. He was put through the ringer, his father was a factory worker in basul an he was a heavy, heavy drinker. Often, coming home, still grieving his lost wife and low paying job.
    He would do unspeakable things to his son.
    He learned the basics from his father though, homeschooled on everything, mainly writing, math, and money. Which his father was a master at.
    But at the age of 14, weessys psyche was wearing thing.
    He had lost his will to speak, after his years of abuse, and at this age things got worse.
    His father caught him "crossdressing"
    This furthered his abuse on wesse . To the more "sexual" side of things.
    Day by day this continued. But finally, at a end of 4 years, his birthday had rolled around.
    His father had gotten to intoxicated again, and after a day of loosing his job.
    Things got very bad very quickly.
    The two got into a very bad fight, his father pulled a knife on him and stabbed him.
    That's when he snapped.
    He let out a scream, not of the human variety but a deafening sonic screech.

    He was found a few minutes later, nearly bleed out and his fathers head popped like a balloon.
    Wesse, was able to control sound originating from his lungs, screeches and shouts that where lethal, and when he desided to speak, his words where almost harmonious, he could bend anyone around his finger, a true manipulator.
    But there is a downside, if used to much, his mental stability begins to dwindle. So much so, that he will go into a tantrum. This is apparent with a black aura coming through the pours of his skin.
    These tantrums will stop when all of the "sound" is out of him, meaning when he is out of breath.
    Also, when he uses his shouts an excessive amount, his lungs take a longer time to refill with air (essence)

    Fear: laughing "directed at him" and big crowds.
    Quirks: he is a transsexual, and also a heavy drinker like his father to calm his "fits" but he doesn't get violent, she gets the giggles.
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  16. (Later than expected, forgive meeeeeeee .///.)
    Lune Quian* (* pronounced kain)
    Race: Human
    From whence do you reign?: Basul
    Occupation: Vagabond Knight
    Essence Manifestation: Extensive (with little competence)
    Personality: Rather lazy, but reliable; he is often sarcastic and one ups people when they say conflicting things. ("I'll protect what I care for!" -insert- destroys the thing he/she cared for the most...)
    Background: As a child Lune constantly lay near the cliffs with his friends. His friends, to him, were always better than himself, stronger than he was, more determined than he was; but it was the very determination that destroyed their bodies. Lune decided to give up attempting to awaken his essence and joined as a knight at age 18. However, He quickly realized something of corruption within the higher lands and is beginning to consider leaving his home in Basul.
    Fear: Awakening his essence, confinement, torture, jump scares, wolves, and squids
    Quirks: He has an amazing amount of good karma, slightly beyond average in weapon play, and calm in stressful situations, though he's a bit over reactive(his happy = elated, his sad = Depressive etc.), clumsy with anything he's not holding firmly, and as you (hopefully) read, Incompetent with his essence.
    Appearance:(Raven from Tales of Vesperia.)
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  17. Totally accepted :)
    I'm reconsidering my characters. I'll be most of the NPC's anyhow and the scouts... There was one I really wanted to play though D:
    They're just wandering around the kingdoms looking for suspicious activity or other essence users.

    Also, would it be too early to start contemplating an IC thread? I'm sort of wanting to start soon >..>
  18. Yah, I am also. Really badly.
  19. Quick note: Will probably reconsider location before you start the IC Thread.
  20. Maybe.... one more day... or start Monday?
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