Essential Beings: Choose Your Side Carefully

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  1. I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've seen others do things like this so I wanted to see how many I could get interested in my idea.

    So, there are seven major kingdoms that this story will involve and of those seven the first three are: Dismorigan, Weithala and Basul. Dismorigan and Basul are allies but Weithala is not connected to either one. Do to dishonesty, a severe difference in beliefs and policies, as well as a troublesome past, Weithala distanced itself despite the kingdom being settled almost right between the other two. It should also be pointed out that an unmarried queen rules over Weithala and a king over the others.

    Technology is still a fairly new thing but it does not run on electricity. The few gadgets and technology they have runs on a power source from their body called Essence. It cannot be tapped into just because someone feels like it or touches a gadget though; it is something that must be brought to the surface through an individuals own discovery. Anybody can discover their Essence but a person must be trained in order to control it.

    Now, a common enemy that threatens all seven kingdoms has risen once again quite literally from the dead. They have been since the kingdoms were once one large kingdom seen over by the Great Ruler many centuries ago. They reincarnate sporadically, making the detection of their recurrence difficult to pinpoint. It has been noted that normal people become irrational and conflict arises much more often when they are awakened.

    This can be considered a medieval fantasy, drama, action adventure, romance, and probably some other things if(when) I get the chance to fully explain what's going on plot wise. If any questions arise please do ask them here :)
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  2. I have to say this has really peaked my interest. I'm guessing the characters created would meet up in the future to defeat this enemy or even some would turn against them and join the villain?
  3. Yep, just as you've said but there is always a chance of them switching back OR a bad guy becoming a good guy. Of course that process would not be easy nor would they just suddenly have a change of heart.
  4. This sounds really interesting! You can count me in!
  5. You can also count me in.
  6. I am interested but i do want to see more of this.
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  7. Well, I'm glad to see some picked up on this idea so well :)
    It gets a little more in-depth since this is an idea I have been brewing over for a long while now, say, a year or two?
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  8. Wow this sounds like it will be epic, I am interested :)
  9. Oh, wow~ Let's see... Maybe I'll leave it a few more days and see who else pops up. This plot is fairly flexible so others could totally join later on. :)
  10. *Raises hand* Lead me El Capitan!
  11. I'm working on the OC thread now. Technically I've been working on it all week, but I should have it up sometime tonight. I just want to make sure everything is good and as detailed as possible.
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  12. Consider Ser K+ in!
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  13. Alrighty people! It's yours for the taking, have at it OC Thread

    Of course I was not satisfied despite all the time I spent on it, but it's pretty good now. There are some things I need to add but will do that tomorrow. I gotta say, the Gifvoshu will be up for grabs, I'm just deciding on how to put them up. :/ Otherwise, have fun!

    Of course, if there are any questions, do ask me as well as suggestions do give them.
  14. I'll try to get my profile up sometime today.
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  15. Am I allowed to sign up? This is very interesting!
  16. Yeah! Please do :) And thank you for your interest!
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