Essence of the World (Signup and OOC)

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    Essence of the World

    This is a modern, urban fiction and it deals with death and the ideas of right and wrong. I want both sides (angels and demons) to be equally good/bad and the conflicts that arise to be based on the differences they have in mindsets rather than plain good vs. evil. You can play any role from a simple school girl to a demon-lord or a tamer angel. Tell me what you want and we can brainstorm how to fit it in. There will be no insignificant roles no matter the status.

    Also you can have multiple characters and you don't necessary need to pursue the collection of the Essence - your storyline could be almost completely independent and only connect at one point.

    This might be a bit of a messy introduction but it'll have to do for the time being. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and we can discuss them, I’d love to hear your suggestions and opinions. ^^

    Here's the official site of the story! You'll find pretty much everything you need to know about the world in here, so take some time to read it. ^^ I sincerely hope you will have fun doing so, too.

    You can find the Character Sheets instructions on the site, under "Characters".

    Things to keep in mind:

    If you want to include any angels in your posts as NPCs please keep in mind they usually don’t question the authority of the Council – if you want them to be a renegade or rebel please provide a good reason for that.

    I would love for anyone participating to try and post at least once a week or forewarn us in case they won’t be able to.
  2. I've read through the site, and this looks really interesting! :3 I was wondering if I could reserve a spot? I'll get my CS posted before the end of this week.
  3. Of course you can reserve a spot!
    I'm flattered that you read through it and liked it, I'd be happy if we can get it going. ^^
  4. I'll definitely consider joining this! Looks very interesting!
  5. So.. to both of you, I have a weird question.
    How do you feel about joining this thread in another forum? (
    Truth is, it would be a bit hard to start with only 3 players and it seems like the other forum shows a bit more interest. I could try to keep both places going parallel to each other but it might become harder as summer kicks in.
    I'm sorry I'm asking for this and I understand if you wouldn't want to. If it's any consolation, the other forum's interface is pretty much the same.
    Again, sorry guys. I hope it wouldn't be too much inconvenience, because the more-the merrier and I'd love to write with both of you. :)
  6. As much as I would love to switch to another forum just to RP with more people, I can't do it for that site. :/ I tried joining a while back, never got the confirmation e-mail, and the admins never got back to me about it. I mean, I could try again, but...
  7. Ouuuch, seriously..? That's horrible >>
    Maybe I can create an account for you and then you can change your password or something..?
    Sorry this is getting so troublesome..
  8. No need to apologize. It happens. ^^
    I can try registering again, and if that doesn't work, then we can resort to your idea.

    Edit: No worries now, I got it to work finally! :3
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  9. I would try again. They just got the site rebooted and everything should be fixed. I had trouble with that too but I eventually got the confirmation email. You might have typed in the email wrong or something but I would definitely try again.

    LUCKY FOR ME THOUGH! I've already got an account on that site. XD