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  1. CS Thread:

    Long ago at the dawn of time this world was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. Crating the land into six kingdoms with six powerful demon lords to rule each. Together they ruled the world as one and fought as one. All was peaceful. Now this is simply a legend amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown, and lying on their death beds. Going to Thalia, the only female lord of the six, they sealed their powers inside of her, so none could get their hands on these god like powers, putting her into an eternal sleep. Over many centries new Kings have taken over causing nothing more then battle and despair on Aurora. The towns people are ill,starving to death and even thrown into useless battle for entertainment to the new Lord's. Now many are trying to change this god awful fate and find a way to awaken the Lady of legends, Thalia. Some in this quest to gain her powers themselves others wish to save this dark world.

    About the Kingdom and their Lords:

    Lord Kronos ruled the land in the east long before it was the dessert it is today. A man who personatliy matched that of the flames. This land was known for the volcano's and fire that suronded it making it the number one place for a strong willed adventurer. Now its nothing more then a waste land of old lava paths.

    In the west was the domain of Zora the Imp that ruled the waters and all its mythical creatures. The once beautiful water paradise is now a swamp like land with filthy water that's no longer the pride and joy of its people.

    Southwest lies a kingdom hidden with in the trees. Devon the lord of few words kept his civilization high in the tree. Where there were complex housing systems. A beauty of nature now a forest of blackened dust.

    Alba ruled the land in the southeast, a kingdom that gave free as the wind a completely new meaning. The land was made up of three floating islands which where the home of any creature that could fly as high as the jetstream.
    The islands still float but have long lost its beauty.

    The land of hope, located in the North, is what most called it because it was the country of light and happiness. Well it has its ties with the spiritual world. It was a sunny place that seemed to be peaceful and high in medical technology at the time. Though this lands agriculture hasn't changed its glory or golden days has.

    This was the dark mysterious land, located in the center of the others, in which Lady of legends Thalia ruled. The land even to this day has it beauty and holds its far share of secrets. Though its dangerous to enter due to the fact that Thalia is hidden within the forest most have tried but failed for those protecting their queen till their dying breath. In this land you can fine Fae that are a bit crazy and act big but its for the sack of their beloved Titana.

    Any questions or such let me know.
    Also would you want her power for yourself or to help your world? I wanna keep it even if I can.
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  2. Sees your Interest Check and Checks the Interest-box-thing.....Yeah, metaphor broke apart, But I am interested. XD
  3. Nice try.
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  4. Still interested in this.
  5. Oh yay!
  6. Interesting to say the least, I'm in.
  7. Why is it I have no questions? Now's the time to ask. I don't wanna fill up the CS with questions that should have been asked before.
  8. Okay, I have a few questions. When we create our characters, will we be from these different lands? Can we use anime pictures for our characters? Also, will the ruling kings try to hire goons to stop or characters?
  9. Can our characters be demon or part demon?
  10. 1: Yes

    2: I would have to see the photo. I don't mind digital art that looks fake but real. I want them to see a little more real then typical anime. I have examples and a bunch of photos so just PM. I will give an example once I have made the CS thread.

    3: Yes, however I do want to remind people that King's will be NPC's or simply used by everyone for brief moments and such.
  11. I don't mind as long as they have an extent. I want people to be creative with their character so don't pick just a basic demon. Try something like a Valkyrie or even make an odd cross breed but I don't want a shit load of common creatures like Vampires werewolves of basic demons.
  12. Oh no I wouldn't dream of it I was thinking something more like a tengu or a pride demon something like that.
  13. That's fine ^.^
  14. I think I might start this Friday night. Which its 6:02pm here now.
  15. This is probably gonna sound stupid but if I pick to play a character from the kingdom of water, do they have to be a swamp based creature?
  16. Not gonna lie that does sound stupid but no. Not necessarily Swamp creatures but more of aquatic creatures in general. Such as water nymph or mermaid-like demon. However which ever creature you pick be sure to do some research on its myth and what not. I will want in the CS the type of mythology (Ex. Irish, Greek, German, etc.) And the name which the myth gives.
  17. Alright. Thank you for the help.
  18. I am definitely interested :3
  19. Just so all of you know. I have added the Link to the Thread for CS to the top the first post.
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