Essence of the Phoenix [OC]

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  1. Long ago at the dawn of time this world was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. Crating the land into six kingdoms with six powerful demon lords to rule each. Together they ruled the world as one and fought as one.

    Now this is simply a legend amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown and almost dead. Going to Thalia, the only female lord of the six, they sealed their powers in her, so none could get their hands on these god like powers, putting her into an eternal sleep.

    The new kings cause nothing more then war and despair on Aurora. The towns people are ill,starving to death and even thrown into useless war for entertainment to the new Lord's.

    Now towns people are trying to change this god awful fate and find a way to awaken the Lady of legends, Thalia. Some in this quest to gain the powers themselves others wish to save this dark world.

    About the Kingdom and their Lords:
    Kasia Kingdom of Fire (open)

    Lord Kronos ruled the land in the east long before it was the dessert it is today. A man who personatliy matched that of the flames. This land was known for the volcano's and fire that suronded it making it the number one place for a strong willed adventurer. Now its nothing more then a waste land of old lava paths.

    Mizu Land of Water (open)

    In the west was the domain of Zora the Imp that ruled the waters and all its mythical creatures. The once beautiful water paradise is now a swamp like land with filthy water that's no longer the pride and joy of its people.

    Terra Domain of Earth (open)

    Southwest lies a kingdom hidden with in the trees. Devon the lord of few words kept his civilization high in the tree. Where there were complex housing systems. A beauty of nature now a forest of blackened dust.

    Floating Islands of Aria (open)

    Alba ruled the land in the southeast, a kingdom that gave free as the wind a completely new meaning. The land was made up of three floating islands which where the home of any creature that could fly as high as the jetstream.
    The islands still float but have long lost its beauty.

    Tamashi Land of Hope (open)

    The land of hope is what most called it because it was the country of light and happiness. Well it has its ties with the spiritual world. It was a sunny place that seemed to be peaceful and high in medical technology at the time. Though this lands agriculture hasn't changed its glory or golden days has.

    Mystery of Kuraizora Forest (open)

    This was the dark mysterious land in which Lady of legends Thalia ruled. The land even to this day has it beauty and holds its far share of secrets. Though its dangerous to enter due to the fact that Thalia is hidden within the forest most have tried but failed for those protecting their queen till their dying breath. In this land you can fine Fae that are a bit crazy and act big but its for the sack of their beloved Titana.

    Any questions just ask.

    CS-(I want to know everything


    Character Name:





    Kingdom: (one ur from)

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)




    Distinguishing Marks:

    General Appearance:





    Current Goal/Purpose:






    General Personality:

    Inner Personality:


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    • {slide}CS-


      Character Name: Samara

      Alias: Dark Archer for the Unseelie Court

      Gender: Female

      Ethnicity/Species: Fae

      Age: Unknown looks 24 in human years

      Kingdom: No kingdom Rogue Born in Kasia


    • {slide}PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

      Height: 5'7

      Hair: Red and Black

      Eyes: Blue/silver

      Distinguishing Marks: has a tattoo on her Left shoulder marking her as a rogue

      General Appearance: first tab

      Strengths: Bow and Arrow, moving quickly, and being silent

      Weaknesses: Her appearance and Iron like all Fae



    • {slide}MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional)

      Current Goal/Purpose: find a way to get Thalia back to try and make things better for there kind

      Aspirations: To get some peace for the Fae world and get back to two courts

      Hobbies: Hunting, Using dark magic, and looking for a way to bring Thalia back

      Talents: Good With a Bow and arrow, Tracking, magic and Hunting

      Inabilities: to use anything with iron in it

      Fears: Iron

      General Personality: cold and tactical

      Inner Personality: similar as her outer. She was cold, calculating and showed no mercy. She did have a kind side, you just have to dig deep.


    • {slide}HISTORIC BACKGROUND (essential)

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  2. Photos (open)



    CS-(I want to know everything


    Character Name: Thalia

    Alias: Titana (Queen of Fairies)

    Gender: female

    Ethnicity/Species: demon with essence of a phoenix

    Age: Looks about 20

    Kingdom: Kuraizora

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Height: 5'8

    Hair: Platinum

    Eyes: Blue or Purple depending

    Distinguishing Marks: along her right shoulderblade she has a Phoenix making.

    General Appearance:

    Strengths: She is skilled in dark magic seeing as that's her lands element. Poisons and has dead aim with throwing knives along with melee fighting.

    Weaknesses: Well the fact that she is sleeping.



    Current Goal/Purpose:


    Hobbies: She often plays the violin or ice skates around the lake her castle is in the center off with the Fae.

    Talents: Melee fighting, Violin,knife throwing
    Sword fighting, dark magic

    Inabilities: Well currently everything

    Fears: Small places and losing everything she hold dear.

    General Personality: kind, stubborn, calm,fun loving, mysterious, mischievous

    Inner Personality:


    Bio: Thalia was a strong independent demoness who wasn't taken lightly. The other five lords often fought over who would marry her even though they had wives themselves but none where like her. She was knowm for being both beautiful and lethal which could end up badly. But her beauty was far from any ones worries the fact she could hit you with any sharp object without looking was. Most would have told you she was a Gothic beauty whom wore black, deep purples, blues and reds.
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  3. Character Name: Kailani (sea and land)

    Alias: Water Fox

    Gender: female

    Ethnicity/Species: Kitsune

    Age: 22

    Kingdom: Mizu land of water



    Height: 66 inches

    Hair: redish brown

    Eyes: blue

    Distinguishing Marks: in states of high emotional stress little ears and a tail


    Current Goal/Purpose: find a way to clean the waters of her father’s lands and regrow the beauty of the Terra domain.

    Hobbies: she loves playing pranks on people, but

    Talents: dancing, and swimming,

    Fears: fire

    General Personality: she is usually a ball of energy, childish, Brave.

    Inner Personality: she is very nervous of the world around her,


    Bio: Her mother is a kitsune born in Terra Domain, but left to try and find a better place to live without the dust. She went to the land of water where she met Kailani’s father. Even if they were from different terrories, they loved each other and had a secret wedding and had Kailani.
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  4. 425b8a6980457f923d18d8968150a7ec.jpg

    Character Name: Johnathon Ryan Costa

    Alias: Elite dark spy/ Trained Assassin

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity/Species: Elf

    Age: 23

    Kingdom: Floating Island of Aria

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Height: 6,3

    Hair: Dark Brown


    Distinguishing Marks:
    th (2).jpg

    Strengths: Archery, Light weighted walk, Flying, Wind attacks, Melee weapons.

    Weaknesses: Fire, Arrows, Melee weapons.



    Current Goal/Purpose: Return his land to one of beauty and serenity.

    Aspirations: To stop the illness that has spread throughout his land.

    Hobbies: Loves to go Wind Gliding and Play Guitar

    Talents: Guitar, Painting, Archery, Sword fighting

    Inabilities: Reading/ writing.

    Fears: Closed tight spaces.

    General Personality: Johnathon is a introvert, and likes to listen more than talk. Always masks his feelings by having a constant stern face. Remains in the shadows unless called upon.

    Inner Personality: Talks to self, Hyper active, Happy and caring, fun loving.


    Bio: Johnathon came from a large family on the smallest floating Island, his family lived in a small cottage. His parents never seemed to have enough to support their growing family, so when Johnathon was old enough he started to train with a bow and arrow, swords, and learned to spy. Seeing the lack of resources his family held, he began to steal from the local market place. For years he was never caught and many had no clue where their produce and goods went to, until one day Johnathon was in the middle of stealing medicine for his father, who was dying, and his little sister ran in screaming that he was being watched by a man in the back room. Turned out the man was the head general for the leader of their land. Letting him explain his actions, the General saw a noble boy inside of Johnathon, seeing the promise he showed he offered Johnathon a chance to provide a secure living environment for his family, jumping at the chance to have his family be safe, Johnathon didn't hear what the back lash was. He wasn't to live a home anymore, but in his own barrack and train to service the court of Aria. Now He is one of the most sought after assassin around, and many respect yet fear what he does, but for him it is just what he must do to help his brothers and sisters since his parents are both died.
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