Essence of the Pheonix

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  1. ⭐Characters⭐ (open)

    Thaila / Female / Demoness with essence of the Phoenix God Suzaku / Looks about 20 / Kuraizora
    Lucia / Female / Fae / 18 / Kuraizora
    Calista (Good) / Female / Eleionomae / Looks to be around 19 / Mizu
    Shigure (Good) / Male / Tengu Yokai / 18 / Terra
    Aust Sliverclaw (Bad) / Male / Shadar-Kai / 24 / Kuraizora
    Izana Kunigiri (Good) / Male / Western Dragon / Look to be a hatchling - teen / Kasia
    Alexandrix / Female / Mantiocre / 25 / Aria

    "The Legend starts long ago where our world was first created by the powerful Pheonix Suzaku. He created our world along with six demons born of his flame to protect and rule us." Tells an elderly woman sitting down on the streets of every city with children gathered around her "Back then our lands were filled with beauty and splendor. A wondrous place to live indeed. Long ago when the islands of Aria circulated falling water into the rivers and streams which lead to Mizu. Back when Kasia was for those adventurous souls and Terra had a wondrous civilization within the trees for those souls wanting to be one with nature. When Tamashi was one with the Spiritual world and Kuraizora was a beautiful enchanted forest with all sorts of magic."

    The children around the elderly woman seemed bewitched by her tail of the olden world. The woman looked frail and weak as it was but she manged to show herself and tell the story in all six Kingdoms using what was left of her lifes magic. "However something had happened and upset our great rulers. A rebellion trying to over throw them. Only managing to weaken these so called evil creatures who protected us from each other. All was lost until they retreated to our Lady of Legends Thalia. Using the last of their enegery they sealed away their powers, which was what the rebels where after, inside Thalia. In doing so her body was unable to handle such an abundance amout of power putting her into a deep into a slumber."

    "Hey! You!" Yelled a guard yanking the elderly woman up. "What do you think your doing telling these Fairy tales? This is punishable by death, you old hag." He draws his blade and shoves it into the old woman. The projection of her in all the lands showing her being killed. "Lady Thalia...please.. Wake up..." The woman mutters out using her dying breath.

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  2. Calista moved about the waters of her home after she witnessed the death of the old woman through the projections. She hated seeing such things but she couldn't do much for her home while she was there. She had tried leaving before but was caught by one of her many sisters and was sentenced to stay inside her marshy home for a year. She was finally allowed to leave for a few hours, and when she got out she went to go listen to the story the old woman was telling before she got killed. Once that fiasco was over and the children calmed down, she floated around in the water some more. Her eyes opened to reveal bright blue iris' and she stared up at the sky.

    It was dull and dark like everyday and she was starting to hate living this life more and more and she wished for someone to do something. Diving back under the water, she looked around at the floor as she thought to herself.'This is not the life we should be living. Under the thumb of a tyrant and in fear for those around us. Someone has to do something!' She thought as she picked up a pretty stone from muddy floor and held onto it tightly as she looked for more. 'Maybe... no last time I tried to leave, I was put under marsh arrest. But... I should be the one to try and change things, instead of complaining.'

    Coming to such a resolve, Calista went up towards the water's surface and stared up at the sky again, a newfound glint in her eyes and a small smile on her lips. 'Tonight, I will leave this marsh for the real world!'
  3. Aust slowly moved among the trees of the Kuraizora Forest looking for a meal, he hadn't eaten since the early morning and the hunger began to get to him. He moved slowly with his crossbow ready for anything he spotted, he'd eat anything he could find at this point. While wandering he heard rustling within nearby and the moment a twig snapped Aust began to sprint right at the thing as he got the projection stunning his for a few seconds and having him fall to the ground his prey getting away. "STUPID HAG!" he yelled getting off the ground causing birds to flutter into the air and any animals to know his location.

    He brushed himself off and began to wander farther into the woods looking out for food before returning home, he only stayed here rather than closer to a village was because he was tasked to keep anyone who tries to wake Talia up, away from her. As he walked further and further into the forest his hunger grew, before he heard more rustling and he charged at the animal. Unlike before though this creature was a hunter of it's own, some large cat. Instinctively he fired his crossbow at it getting its shoulder only angering the beast before he turned and ran for it as he the hunter became the hunted.

    Aust drew his rapier and turned to face the beast and as it leaped at him he plunged his sword forward into it as the beast jumped on him. They fell to the floor fighting until the heavy animal finally stopped moving, Aust pushed the beast off him. He inspected himself and found a number of scratches covering his arms some worse than others along with a bad gash on his side. Looking down to his prize he cut it right open and slowly cut off the skin and collected the meat. He readied a fire and began to cook some of the meat leaving the rest of the meat in a bag. Aust ate the food quickly putting out the fire and heading off to find his way back to his post.
  4. Izana Kunigiri

    Izana sighed softly, wandering through the vastness at the edge of Kasia, looking more so like the gerudo desert than anything else, as he recalls the former glory of the country. as he gave of a soft sigh, the sapphire -dragon -gone-human looks around, hair well-kept out of his face and clipped to itself with modified versions of his other form's scales. from one look at him one would not immediately know him as a dragon, though his garments bore trappings of the land of Kasia, as he is a proud citizen of the country of lava and fire, or, what was the country of lava and fire. glancing around upon his journey, he notices a projection of children and an old hag, ending in the hag getting murdered, and all of the children around worrying. Izana chuckles a little. "And that, kiddos, is why you aren't so blatant with your beliefs and supports of the old stories. It's illegal, but you MUST think for yourself. Does this tyrant really have your best interests at heart, or did the former leaders? Do you prefer Kasia as this baren wasteland it has become, or do you prefer it as it once was, a place of wonder, of fire, or lava, of adventure and respect, power and honor? Of course, your answers are evident from the looks on your faces, but I merely offer you advice. Think about it. No one can tell you what to believe in. If you believe in this current ruler, great. pursue that belief. However, if you believe in the old legends, that is also great." Checks for soldiers and smiles softly, not seeing any in the immediate vicinity. "Follow your own beliefs. no one can tell you they are wrong, and no one can tell you they are right. they are what they are, and if they hold meaning to you, that's all we need." with that, the man began his trip towards the sleaping legend, knowing full-well he'd be met with challenges to prove his worth and prove he has what it takes to wake her. Smiling softly, he continued his trip with the notion that if he were to succeed, some good may finally come to the world again.
  5. Lucia

    Beautiful and radiant Fairy Lucia, who was currently in a human size form, wondered through the streets of the Kuraizora town. Stopping in her tracks she watched the old woman's story. Her long hair falling down her back in a strawberry blonde ombre. "I guess you can say such things if you have lived through the time of rebelon. Unlike the other land which where over thrown and taken over Kuraizora manged just fine without a ruler. The people of this land knew what they had to do and they would stop and nothing to protect their Queen. Though very few actually knew how to get to the castle. The enchanted forest worked like a brilliant maze to keep what was be be a secret hidden from the rest. Unlike the other lands this forest and a will of its own and its will is to protect her. Lucia sighed gently when the woman was killed and continued her walking.

    She needed to find something, and that something could be the clue to waking her up. "Oh, look, Lucia is back!" Yelled a young child running over to her. "Wont you please play a song for us?" The little girl asked. With a smile Lucia nods pulling out her flute which grew with her. She then begain to play her melody. "Oh I heard she was given a ranking with the Fairy Queen. After all ever species has a so called Royal Family. They represent us in the Royal Court didn't you know." Says a woman watching as the children began to dance around Lucia. When her song ended she smiled before waving a good bye as she walked away. "I need to find that book in the library." She thought wondering to the building.
  6. Shigure walked along a path in the woods. He had been flying for several hours and decided to give his wings a rest, putting them away. He had finally made it out, and the first thing he saw was a fairy, and some children crowding around her. He was a wandering Tengu Monk that from time to time he would stay in a place for a week or two. As he continued walking he noticed the clean of a woman's death in progress.

    "those scum" he muttered under his breath.
    With a frown he continued walking until he reached a restaurant. He took a seat in one of the booths, when a waitress came up to him. She was a woman near his age and she showed a smile. She had brunette hair most of her bangs pinned to the right while the majority of her hair was in a pony-tail.

    "Hello Sir, what can I get you?"

    "Some water, for now thank you" he said dryly.
    He waited until his water was served, once it was served he decided to take a break for about ten minutes before he order. He sat in silence with himself and his eyes closed. Every so often picking up the glass to take a drink. Finally deciding to order he called the young woman back.

    "Is there anything else you'd like?" she asked with a smile.

    "Yes please, I'd like some ramen, thank you"

    He closed his eyes when she returned to the kitchen.
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  7. Lucia

    She seemed to noticed the usual place she stopped to eat and smiled wanting nothing more then her usual sweet treat. "Oh Lady Lucia good to see you. I hope all has been fine. It seems as of lately the forest had hidden more then usual. It's decided to hide the lakes which the Pixies play. The one which is closes to the town. Do have any clue as to why it would do such a thing?" The young waitress asks who had just served a young man. Lucia thought on it a moment before taking her seat at a table next to the young monk. "I wouldn't have the slightest clue dear. Well... The forest could in fact feel threatened or sense the danger of those who wish to harm our land. After all it had a will of its own." The fae says with a soft smile as the young woman nods and then returns with Lucia's mint chocolate chip icecream. The fae in a human form smiled happily after receiving her ice cream. "After all, we are the only kingdom without a ruler. The forest protects those who want nothing more then to bring our rightful ruler back. Until she is back on the throne the forest will command us." She says before spooning ice cream into her mouth.

    Lucia's gaze falls on a man not far from her sipping on water. "Do what brings a traveler such as you to Kuriazora?" She asks knowing just by looking at him that he's not from around here. Normally she'd use her magic to get information but seeing as she is in her human like form her magic is very limited.

  8. Shigure looked over to a young looking woman sitting near him. He was still currently waiting for the ramen he had previously ordered. She was eating mint chocolate ice-cream. The ramen was at the table almost immediately.

    "I'm a traveling monk shouldn't you be able to tell?" he asked curiously wondering if she really didn't know.

    He took a few bites from the bowl holding his bowl in one hand and his chopsticks in another. He looked at over to her again, he then finished chewing and responded again.

    "Do you not know what a monk is" he asked. Since he was a tengu he didn't know if all humans knew. He knew the humans knew of priests.

    Looking down he started to eat some more as he waited for a response from the woman. Taking a sip of water he could feel the cool liquid travel down his throat.

  9. "A wondering Monk or not doesn't answer much of what brings you here. After all those who wonder to this land are always seeking something or another. I was simply wondering which of the deadly sins brings you to the darkest of the lands." Lucia says looking over to him. She had a point, those who traveling to this country always seek something whether it be greed, gluttony, wrath, sloth, envy, vanity or lust. Their was always a selfish reason behind them to comeing to their land. Most wanted power, youth, and wealth, however those who are consumed end up dead. "I should warn you traveling Monk, the forest had a mind of its own and if it senses your selfish evil ways it will stop at nothing to dispose of you. I know very well what a Monk is, don't take me as a fool darling." She warns before taking yet another bite of her ice cream. The waitress nods "If anyone know Kurizora forest it would be none other then Lady Lucia, she's a powerful high ranking fairy after all. Back when out Queen was ruling Lucia stood by her side." She boasts knowing that much about the fae.

  10. He simply blinked at the woman for a moment. He thought over what she had said over and over to answer her. 'hmm I guess gluttony' he thought 'hmm but I don't necessarily eat a lot, only when needed' he pondered on it a little more than others would.

    "To answer your question I guess I don't have any selfish reason and if you mean the forest just west of here I had made a 11 hour walk through it to get here" he said with a blank face. "I guess though it may be because I don't carry selfish needs such as human do" he said.

    He quickly dispersed a wing and returned it just fast enough for the woman to see it all the while plucking a feather of his and passing it down the table. He then casually continued eating as if nothing had happened. With a last swallow he started again.

    "You may be wondering why would one such as me be here, you also probably found it weird my head wasn't shaved now you know why. Our kind holds great accounts for beauty and power, which is just a part of our religion as we worship the only female who had ever lived during when our kind lived among the humans" he said quietly.

    He pulled cash out from the baggy like pants he wore and set it under the bowl. He stepped out of the booth and as he walked by the woman he simply stated.

    "If you'd like to enjoy your meal I suggest you finish it as it is melting, and if you'd like to finish our conversation meet me in town later, or after sunset meet me in the forest as I shall be staying there a week."

    He casually left the building and walked into the midst of town.

  11. Izana sighs as he approaches the borders of his home territory. Pausing for a brief few moments, the Dragonman turns back to see what remains of his homeland. Of all of the countries affected by tyranny and Selfish leaders, His may be amongst the worst afflicted. After his is satisfied in that he has said enough of his farwells, he turns to head closer to the enchanted forrest, bearing his pure will and his selflessness guide him, having heard lots of stories about how the forrest messes with those that try to pass through it via selfish desires.

    Many an hour had passed, and between his travels, his aiding the other wildlife that he comes across less fortunate than himself, and others, he notices a restaurant in the near distance, before checking up on his supplies. Sighing, he makes his way there, Making sure his trenchcoat and hat are well-secured, as he is moderately cold without his feral form and away from the desert heat of his home. Bearing markings on his clothing that would instantly place his origins, he walks in, and sits with his back to the others that were chattering amongst themselves, making an order of a classic meal that he grew up with at home, but hadn't had in a number of years. His Tri-colored hair parted in the center, his dragon-scale hairpins keeping it out of his face, as well as the hat that sits over it, would all help to make him stand out as little as possible, though his silence Could be constrewed in a multitude of different ways. Back at home, Izana was something of a wanted man, telling others to believe what they wanted to rather then what they were ordered to. Numerous times he had gotten them both into and out of a sticky situation, but it had left his reputation maginally better than a little tarnished.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, He tells himself, as he waits for his food to arrive. Glancing over his shoulder at the mention of sins, he smirks a little. "Please do parten me, but I seem to have overheard. While most come with their own Sinful desires, I come not for myself but for the good of everyone. Back at home, everyone's suffering. Children suffer from malnutrition, poor sleeping and living conditions, a seemingly unending heat, among the many other things that have afflicted us. My Life hasn't been all that shiney and happy, but My Motivations are simple. I want to do all I can to make life in every country better. Not just mine, though I'd be lying if I said a part of me wasn't hoping specifically for their good, But everyones. If I must, I will GLADLY Lay down my life for them...." He watches one of the other conversationalists depart. Upon this sentiment, he turns back, looking around, noticing a wanted poster on the wall with his name and the Kingdom Of Fire's Royal Symbol.


    Name: Izana Kunigiri

    Reason: For Crimes Relating to the fairy tales of olde.

    REWARD: Apprehend this individual, and you will be rewarded handsomly.

    He smirks, Nothing about his being a dragon. This was too perfect. With a snap of his fingers under the desk, the poster incinerates itself, before a gently breeze catches it's ashes and starts to carry them away. Looks like it't time to watch your scales, Izana... He thinks, Before glancing around the establishment, hoping no one made the connection between him and the former wanted poster. You're a Fugitive now. No. Turning. Back.

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  12. Calista sighed as she made it into the enchanted forest at last. It had taken forever to out run her sisters and even longer to figure out where she was going. But after weeks of walking, she had made it. Sighing in utter relief, the young eleionomae started walking again, trying to find the village. She had heard that only those with pure intentions may pass safely, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again and made her way through. After hours of walking, she had made it to the village.

    Patting herself on the back, Calista thought that a good hot meal would be the best thing to have at the moment. Finding a restaurant, the eleionomae all but ran in and opened the door with a bit touch excitement. Taking a seat at a free table, Calista took a look around, eyes wide with wonder at all the things inside. In the land of Mizu, it was more common to go out and try to catch your own food in the waters than what other lands did. When a waiter did come, Calista put on her best smile. "Hi. Can I get some water and some fish please?" She asked, earning a nod and a weird stare from the waiter. She looked around again and saw someone sitting a few feet away from her, looking at a wanted poster. The thing that caught her attention were the markings on the person's clothes. She had seen markings like that before but couldn't place their origin for the life of her. So she continued to stare while trying to figure out which kingdom they had come from.

  13. Izana chuckles a bit as he notices the Figure staring at his clothes. "Heh, No need to stare. I bear trappings of Kasia, Land of corruption and deserts." He sighs, Remembering the former glory his home had had, and glances around. "you're welcome to sit with me if you'd like. I swear I don't bite." as he waits for any response, He makes sure none of the posters ashes are left over, Before going back to his food, Waiting to see what events will unfold. Whether he is worthy enough to wake thr lady of legends, Or whether something else will occur. If nothing else, It will be a Journey Izana will rrmember forever. As he looks around, He notices for the first time just how exhausted he is due to the Travelling, Forcing thr man to let out a yawn. So far it seems no one suspects him of being a dragon, and that is for now a good thing, as no manner of problems could occur were it to be discovered

  14. Calista blushed and looked down, not meaning to stare at the man but when she caught that he had welcomed her to sit with him, she let a small smile slip onto her face. She got up and walked over to the man's table, she took the seat across from him and tried to get a look at the man's face under his hat. Her bright blue eyes were shining at meeting someone new from a different kingdom, especially a kingdom so polar opposite of her own water kingdom. "It's nice to meet you. My name is Calista and I hail from the kingdom of Mizu."She introduces herself, "I'm sorry for staring at you. I just couldn't recognize the markings of the kingdom of Kasia. We don't get a lot of visitors from there." She knew that she was probably babbling but it was true that her land rarely got visitors from Kasia. "Is it really so hot that anyone who is not from there will burst into flames and everyone there eats and breathes fire?" She asked, eyes shining even more in curiosity.

  15. Izana chuckles as she talks so quickly, Barely able to keep up with the unending torrent. "Uhh, Let me see, Enyone that enters bursts into flames? I'm not sure where that rumor came from but it's not true now, Nor was it long ago When Kasia was a better place..." He sighs for a moment, before approaching her other question. "No. Everyone doesn't eat or breathe fire, But you'll find a lot of Dragons and Gryphons there, Among other heat loving creatures." He looks up at her, Tipping his hat back, Allowing a Single eye to revert to it's Draconic Pupil state and back. Unsure why he'd allow someone like this to know something that secretive, He glances back around. "As for the state of things, We used to have Volcanos and fires within all of our inns, but now it's a large quantity of fountains and Oases to try and counteract the deserts that Our leaders have brought. Whatever you think Kasia was like it's now one large desert under the opression of a tyrant....." He sighs, Before looking at his companion. "What about Mizu? It's not somewhere I've been in my travels, Nor is it a place I know much about."

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  16. Lucia smirks getting up from her spot after finishing her ice cream. "So, here to save the Lady of legend now are we?" she asks the monk and dragon as she walks to the table of the man who burned a poster. "Have fun with that. You won't fine her and if... if you do you won't know how to awaken her. This kingdom protects her, the forests and those who live in it." At that moment the cafe goes quiet and all eyes where on the group. "Lucia." Says a waiter looking at the fae. "I know! But i wont let anyone near my Mistress, I was the only one there that day so long ago!" she says to the waiter. "If anyone brings her back it will be me! I am the only one who can get to the castle!" Realizing what she had said she covered her mouth quickly and ran out of the cafe shrinking to her small fairy form, which she was never in because it wasn't her true form. She then took off flying into the forest.

    (Opening to follow her.)

  17. Calista listened intently to what the stranger said and her eyes widened a bit at his demonstration of turning his pupil to dragon-like and then to back. She found it completely amazing that she may be talking to someone who is actually of the dragon race and she felt honored that she was allowed to eat with him. Hearing him ask about her kingdom, she went to tell him about her land when someone pretty much seemed to be having a 'I am holier than thou because I know how to do something' moment. She turned and saw a fairy girl run out if the building like her wings were set on fire. It wasn't until a few seconds after the girl left that what she had said sunk in and she stood up abruptly. "She knows the location of the sleeping Lady of Legend!" She exclaimed rather excitedly, her eyes shining more at the prospect of her journey finally bearing some fruit at last. Looking towards the stranger that had invited her, she wondered if he was also on the search. "Are you also looking for the Lady of Legend, sir?" She asked, getting close to him to see his eyes a bit so she could stare into them.

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  18. Izana nods* Indeed I am, But My Motives are for the betterment of the world. I couldn't care less about the state of my personal well-being with a world in such shape...Let's Go, there's no time to waste! At this, he grabs the few belongings he has with him and tears for the door, leaving a few coins on the table to pay for his food, trying to be sure not to lose the Fairy. "WAIT! We only want to talk! At least hear us out!!!" He continues to run, debating on whether switching to his feral, winged form would be a good idea, or whether a Hybrid where he stays the man he is now but with wings would be a better choice, all while continuing to follow the fleeing fairy.
  19. Calista followed the stranger, also throwing down a few coins for the meal she never got and tried to run as fast as her legs would allow. Being on the surface was a bit more troublesome than it was in the water, but she bared with it and chased after the fairy girl that had an outburst in the cafe. "Wait please! We just need to talk to you, fairy girl! Please!" She called after the girl. Maybe she could make an illusion of a wall, but without a lot of water and humidity of her swampy home, making a plausible illusion was very low, not to mention she was dehydrated from running and very hungry.
  20. Lucia who had fleed into the forest finally gets deep into the forest and stops taking a deep breath. She quickly shifts into her normal form and pulls out her flut. The melody of the forest filled her surroundings begging her to play along. Her large wing fluttered softly as she hovered slightly above the ground. Lucia holds the flut to her soft lips as she begins her melody. Nature, pleased with the song, danced along letting those hidden creatures take for the sky. It wasn't much longer when she was inturpted by those she meet at the café. "What is it you want to know? Sorry I had to run but I shouldn't have said what I said outside the safty of the forest." She says still fluttering her wings before landing in the cool stream.

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