Esscense of the Phoenix [RP]

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  1. "Long ago at the dawn of time this world was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. Crating the land and dividing it into six kingdoms with six powerful demon lords to rule each. Together they ruled the world as one and fought as one. Now this is simply a legend amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown and almost dead. The four Lords died and the Lady of Legends vanished never to be found again. Some say she hides fearing the world as its is. Others may say she's dead. Some believe she's lost and once she's found the world will regain its peace." Whispers a man, and woman to the children around.

    The story was told simultaneously in each kingdom. The whispers of the legends always spread and soon turned to nothing more then mire legends and myths.