Espresso or Expresso?

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I say

  1. 'Espresso'

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  2. 'Expresso'

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  1. for the record, this one isn't a matter of accent or anything; Espresso is correct. It comes from the Italian for 'pressed', because a cafe espresso is coffee beans finely ground and pressed into a filter, steam is then forced through and the resulting drips are rich and delicious

    Somewhere in our fast food culture we got mixed up with the word 'express'. Which is a bit ironic because an espresso (just the espresso, not a drink containing it like a latte or a mocha) is more typically a sit down sipping drink than a grab 'n go gulp.
  2. Expresso is one of my pet peeves and I am so quick to pounce on anyone who uses it in my presence.
  3. I use 'espresso'. I have never heard it be called 'expresso'. I try to avoid double 's' words altogether, though. I spit a lot when I pronounce them. (I have a lisp.)
  4. Reminds me of grey or gray, though that one is correct either way in general, whereas this one only has one spelling that is deemed correct, no exceptions.
  5. I say it like "espresso" but I thought it was spelled with an X and that I was pronouncing it incorrectly, haha. My excuse is that I'm not a coffee guy, I've never ordered or consumed the stuff, so I don't need to know how it's pronounced or spelled.
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  6. I am not a coffee drinker, which is very strange considering my profession as a software developer, but honestly I never even realized...or cared? about it. And now that I think about what the people around me say...I think...espresso? Though I certainly did hear expresso too, but really, the amount of care I give what is right or wrong is somewhere in the negative.
  7. I had never heard of it being pronounced "expresso" before I saw a Food Wishes video a couple of days ago where they made fun of it. Though it makes sense for the word to not have taken the same twists and turns here, since I live in Sweden.
  8. It's Expresso.
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  9. Whoever says expresso deserves to be ground under Thor's hammer.
  10. Expresso. Never heard "espresso".
  11. Well we all know you're a southern lass with no care for how to properly pronounce things, though.

    MacDonald's, pfft.
  12. Hmmm... That's a difficult one, actually. Going back to Unsun's example of both 'gray' and 'grey' the two are correct. The difference between them, if my presumption is correct, is that 'grey' is the English spelling, whilst 'gray' is what Americans use. Either way, it's not really concerning pronounciation as it is here.

    Espresso, expresso, I've never actually said those words, period. And that's pretty concerning, too, because I come from Rionegro in Colombia. And if the stereotypes are put to context here, then Colombia 'has amazing coffee'.

    Anywho, I'm just going to go with "espresso".
  13. Well it is.

    But that's another topic.
  14. I call it Good Morning Shots.

    Twice as effective as good morning kisses
  15. the correct answer is:
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  16. Used-to-be-presso.
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  17. Espresso.

    I call it "coffee" though.
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