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[align=center][/align]Civilization is flourishing like never before. After centuries of war and separation, the five races of Espira are finally together, united under the banner of the Two Thrones, and the kingdom is prospering like never before. Built on the backs of slaves, maintained by the skills and knowledge brought in by the various societies, and blessed by the Pentarian Church, a great kingdom has grown within the confines of the Wall of Tears—a kingdom in which individuals live their lives side-by-side with their animal companions, some with more success than others.

Not everything is as wonderful as it seems. Unrest, prompted by some who would prefer to move forward from the old ways, is not uncommon; new diseases fester and grow within the walls of the kingdom; wild mages pose a constant trial for the Church; and the threat of dragon attack, uncommon as it may be, is always looming. With the protection of the Knights, the guidance of the priests, the leadership of the nobles, and the power of the gods on their side, the people can sleep a little easier at night—but for how long?

Enter Espira, a nation trapped in a bottle and filled with a wealth of cultures, creatures, and secrets. See the nobles as they celebrate their wealth and make the decisions that will shape their land. Join the priests in rituals and observances dedicated to the purpose of appeasing the gods. Beware the ever-vigilant eyes of the Knights who watch always to ensure that people are paying proper tribute to the deities they serve. Behold the Pentad, the gods who see all, know all, and carefully monitor the activities of their creations. Explore the land, build relationships, weave lies, uncover truths. Just remember, whatever you do, that the gods are watching you.

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