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  1. In the year 2045 a giant meteor passed the earth, almost wiping out humanity. But instead it actually changed the course of human DNA forever

    5 years later, 2050 the result of the passing meteor has been acknowledged and humanity has started to act. The meteor was found to have released an unknown element into the atmosphere. The element reacted with the oxygen molecules and created a knew gas. Although it was only in small quantities, the gas was found to have a huge effect on the human body. It has even been seen altering the genetics of a human, and giving them new and amazing abilities.

    Those who have been infected by the new element have been given the name ESP's or Espers. They have changed genetics that have led to the gain in extraordinaire powers. Obviously normal people are scared of this new race of humans, so all people are tested for the element and if positive they have a wrist band attached to them. As well as this power sensors have been placed around major cities so to measure if someone is illegally using there ability.

    On the other hand some disagree and have created a small man made island, mostly populated by Espers. The school on the island was founded to teach others how to control their new gifts. As the bell rings new students of all abilities begin to enter through the front gates.

    (if you join please give a small description of your character. Including a picture, age, gender and what ability they have. Anything else is optional. Thank you)
  2. Name jasmine
    Gender female
    Power jasmine has the ability to create and manipulate fire
    Bio jasmine found out she had powers when she was 5. She was being picked on when her temper flared. In that instant. She set the entire school on fire. After that she's been afriad to get close to anyone.

    Jasmine sits down on a bench as she reads her new book. She was usually quiet and always had a face in a book. She sighed as she continued to read. The book she was reading was a romance novel. "Too bad I can never have that."
  3. Name: Luci
    age: 18
    Gender: Male
    power: Erebokinesis (shadow manipulation)
    Bio: Luci used to live in England but was disowned by his family after finding out he was and Esper. He was then sent to this island to live and train. He is also quit hot headed and violent

    A boy reached the gates, a small map of the school in his hands. He looked at the map, then at the school. "where the hell am I" he thought to himself as he waked in. Referring to his map many times Luci came across a class room. He kicked open the door as he entered. Luci noticed a girl, maybe a bit older than him sitting reading a book. But he couldn't be bothered to greet anyone, so he strolled to the back of the class and took a seat near the window
  4. Jasmine looked up from her book when she heard the door get kicked in. As she watches him take a seat she puts her book mark in her book as she hears the teacher enter the room. "Morning class. Welcome to your first day of class. I'm a mr. Rynehart. Now I want each of you to introduce yourselves, starting with you." He points towards jasmine. "Tell us your name and power." Jasmine slowly stands up and bows "hi my name is jasmine and I can control fire." She sat back down as Mr. Rynehart picked another student to introduce themselves. "You the boy in the back by the window. What is your name and what is your power."
  5. Luci looked up at him. He hated speaking about his power, since it was the reason he was left by his family. "my name is Luci, and i don't know my power" he lied to the teacher. It was a terrible lie since everyone at the school knew what power they had. It wasn't that he hated his power as such, in fact it made is life so much easier and he could do things he never imagined. But it was the reason he was disowned, so he naturally had hate towards it
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name ; Jaydan [1st] and Jelrin [2nd] Bartross
    Age ; Both eighteen.
    Gender ; Male.
    Power ; Jaydan has control over earth. Jelrin has control over steel.
    Bio ; They are twins, but Jelrin has an undercut. They were forcibly sent to this school, because their mother is a gold digger trying to find another sugar daddy and they're both distractions.

    Name ; Hugo Loveland.
    Age ; Seventeen.
    Gender ; Female.
    Power ; Control over gravity.
    Bio ; She is an only child, with only a father. She is rich, but to help her keep safe, she was sent to this school. Kind of spoiled. She is good friends with Jaydan and Jelrin....


    "Ah, we're late..." Jaydan mumbled as they walked in, turning in their tardies and scratching his neck. Jelrin picked his ear, uninterested and wishing he had ditched 1st period. "Whatever..." They sat next to each other. Jelrin immediately laid his head down.

    "PREEEEESENTTTTT!" Hugo yelled, sliding into the room. She took a deep breath, and then turned in her tardy like she didn't make some huge grand entrance. She waved at her buddies and sat down next to them.
  7. The teacher turned to the three that had just entered, he was willing to let them off since it was the first day. "You're late" he informed them "please don't be late again, it shows bad etiquette" he asked. After the three had sat down Mr Ryanhart asked them the same question "please tell the class your names and powers"

    Luci eyed the group that had just entered, they didn't seem like much. looking around the class he took note of the other students. Some of the girls were pretty cute, but there was no point in trying. Since he had such a violent nature no one really liked him at school. Before he came to this school he was a member of many martial arts dojos and clubs, it was the only way he could control his anger. But he was yet to find any in this city, which was a shame
  8. Jaydan seemed genuinely sorry, but Jelrin looked like he couldn't care less at all. He stood up, bowing shortly with a friendly smile on his face. "I'm Jaydan! I control earth and greenery, stuff like that. Pleasure. Call me Jay~" He winked, looking very charming and an over all pleasant guy.

    Jelrin kept laying his face down on the desk, and Jaydan had to bully him into getting up. "Fine fine, shut up!" He growled, standing up lazily and yawning. "Jelrin. Controls steel. Likes to bang.Tired." Jaydan looked dead inside at the bad manners of his brorher as he threw himself back into his seat.

    Hugo was more than ready and she jumped, standing on the desk with feet parted and hands on hips. "Greetings! I am Hugo Loveland! Call me Love Guru! Or Hugo! I am a part of the..." She looked down at the twins. Jaydan whispered up to her. "The AwesomeSquad! Of course I am the leader, ha ha ha haaaah~!" She laughed heartily, shoulders bobbing and head tilted back. "I control gravity! So don't mess with me, or else....!" She got into a fighting stance with her leg in the air, ending up tipping over and falling backwards. "Uuuo uwahhh!!" This incited lots of laughter from the class.

    Jelrin laughed hard into his arm as Hugo laid upside down, not moving. Jaydan poked at her. "H-Hugo? Are you still alive! S-Speak to me..." He shook her lifeless body. Hugo held up a weak thumbs up. "I'm hardcore...." She rasped in pain.

    Hugo laid her face on the desk once she recovered, sniffling. She faced towards the windows, noticing some dark looking guy. Uuo? How embarrassing, he must have saw that.
  9. Great so many loud people, Luci thought to himself. As the girl jumped on the table he almost sighed in regret for coming to this school. She shouted something about a love guru or an awesome squad, but he didn't really care. As she fell over Luci lost interest in the three and looked at the window again. He examined the wrist ban on his arm, always monitoring his powers. It was such an annoying device, if it wasn't there he could have easily left this class room. He noticed the girl look over at him, but he just thought it was a mistake.
  10. Hugo stared at his wrist band. Hmmm? What's that? He seemed that he didn't notice her tragic fall or either, didn't care for the most part. Even better! She clasped her hands together, mood doing another total one eighty before she whispered at him. "Ayo! Aaaayoooo! You there!" Jaydan raised an eyebrow. "Ah? What are you doing?"
  11. Luci turned to face the girl head on, his eyes were dark and cold. He had no expression on his face, it was totally blank. He placed his hands in his pockets, and his gaze was almost petrifying as he opened his mouth to speak. "what do you want, Gravity Girl?" he mocked, as he did he noticed one of the boys shout at her.
  12. Jasmine watched the group enter. "They're quite a loud bunch" she opened her book again and continued reading.
  13. Hugo leaned back as he faced her. "H-Holy sugar..." She muttered. She looked at Jaydan, but Jaydan was doodling and not noticing and Jelrin had his head down and was snoring. Did they not see what type deadly look this guy was giving her? "Hehe..." She giggled nervously, giving him two thumbs up. Maybe he was a good guy? She's meet plenty of older, meaner looking guys in gangs who are big sweet hearts. She had a way of appealing to people! "I like your bracelet, uuoi!" She said cheerfully, flashing a friendly smile.
    Hugo looked around. Maybe he just needed a friend! And he's kind of like Jelrin, except Jelrin is more innapropriate. And Jaydan... Well he's nice, so he wouldn't be cold to him, would he? She wiggled over and sat in front of him. "What's up, uuoi~?"
  14. "i don't" he said as a reply to the remark about his bracelet. After all it stopped him from using his ability to it's full extent. Luci looked over to the boys the back to the girl. He watched as she sat down in front of him. "nothing much" he answered, slightly bored. "what about you?" he asked, his eyes still cold and dark
  15. "Hm?" Hugo was curious as to why he didn't like it. Maybe it was ugly to him? "Oh man, I've had such an exciting day, uuoi!" Her eyes sparkled, placing her hands on her hips and giggling. "How long are we supposed to stay in this class? I'm snoozing already!" She turned to him. "Hey, what's your name?"
  16. tomboy-girl-57308874778.jpeg

    Name: Cara Finch
    Age: 17
    Power: Electricity Manipulation
    Bio: She grew up in the city of Chicago and didn't discover her power until she accidentally cut off power to her whole apartment building. She ran away, and eventually ended up here.

    Cara opened the door to the classroom and walked in. "Sorry I'm late, sir," She said, handing the teacher her tardy. "I got lost." Then she went and sat down with the rest of the students.
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  17. "my names Luci" he answered, he slightly interested in this girl. Why did she care who he was anyway. The teacher had left the room so most of the class was talking now. Luci noticed another girl with green hair. "why do you keep calling me uuoi" he asked her. His eyes fell on the two guys. I wonder how they feel about me talking to her, since they seem good friends, he thought to himself. He then turned back to the girl
  18. "Ah? Uuoi?" She blinked, confused. She paused until she giggled some more. "No, no no, that's kind of like my catchphrase, uuoi! I'm not calling you that, that's just a habit of mine!" She waved her hand, twisting to look at the late person. "Aw yeah, Late person squad!"

    Jaydan was looking at the scary guy. "Well, Hugo always had a knack for getting along with bad influences..." He sighed, shaking his head. Jelrin snored in response. "Huh.What...?" He rubbed his eye. He was having such a great dream too. "F__k."
  19. "who you calling a bad influence" Luci snarled at Jaydan. Luci felt his violent urges almost burst out of him. Since he had no place to fight, and relive stress he had kept it all inside. He knew he was a bad influence, but no one had to say it aloud. Especially with him within ear shot
  20. Jaydan hesitated, not sure what to do. Jelrin stuck his tongue out at Luci. "You, obviously." He said smugly. Jelrin always wanted to pick a fight. Jaydan apologized, bowing his head a few times. "S-Sorry about that..."

    Hugo sighed and face palmed herself. "Oh my god, uuoiiii..."
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