Espera: A Spirits' Quest [ooc]

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  1. [Espera….a land of great wonder and magic. Long ago there was an unspeakable evil force that cast it’s shadow over most of Espera. This evil, this…Demon, both Hideous in appearance and actions, was able to influence the underworld’s spirits and brought them to living form to wander, destroy and enslave all of Espera. But with an Ancient Evil, there comes ancient Heroes. After a long gruesome battle with the Demon, a group of Heroic travelers cast away it’s spirit but at a great price; the Demon was still so powerful, it was able to take their spirits into the Void of Time as well. Peace was restored to Espera but rumors quickly spread of sightings of the Demons minions throughout the land, abducting anyone and turning them into sacrifices in order to bring back their hellish Deity. Many prophets studied these rumors, to the point of death, and found them to be true. Soon the few prophets left assessed that not only would the Demon’s spirit return, but the spirits of the Heroes as well. It would only be a matter of time before Espera would be pulled right back into the middle of another struggle for survival.]

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    Ok so here’s the details I’ve thought up. This RP takes place mostly in Espera, but it starts with your character in our time, and our world now. What happens is through some strange way (be creative) your character comes into contact with their “Espera Spirit” which triggers a Void that sucks you in and brings you into Espera. Everyone involved in this way has a strange familiarity with each other because of their spirits’ link, but they can’t quite figure it out since they’ve never met before back in our world.

    Now then, all I need to just START the thread are four people, but by all means I would greatly appreciate more than that to join. So here’s how this works: I need a Ranger, Warrior, Mage, and Assassin (I’m taking the Monk role) to help make up the main group. Anyone else who joins can end up joining/helping or even hindering the group later but their characters have to already be Esperan, and not from our world.

    Also, your characters have no knowledge on the use of any weapons or combat prior to coming to Espera. They have yet to “synchronize” with their new spirits so as the story progresses and the more battle experience they gain, the better their abilities become (don’t worry we’ll progress quickly enough)

    Character Sheet: (main group)<o:p></o:p>
    Age: (nothing younger than 18 and no older than 25 please)
    Appearance: (include a picture, description, or both. Also try and include what they looked like before entering Espera)
    Weapon(s): (Max of 3)
    Abilities: (You don’t have to get into an elaborate explanation of every ability you’ll have, just be general about it)
    Story/Personality: (Roughly explain your characters’ personality and what it was they were doing before they were brought through the void)

    Character Sheet: (everyone else)
    Name: (Espera name only)
    Age: (try not to go over 500)
    Race: (Elves, Humans, Faeries, ect ect. Chances are I’ll approve, this is fantasy after all)
    Appearance: (include a picture, description, or both)
    Weapon(s) (Max of 3)
    Abilities: (You don’t have to get into an elaborate explanation of every ability you’ll have, just be general about it)
    Story/Personality: (Roughly how your character acts and their role in Espera)

    <o:p>Main Spots:
    Warrior- Vay
    Mage- March Knight
    Monk- Feedback
    Assassin- Aki
    Character Sheet: (main group)<o:p></o:p>
    Name: Cole

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Spirit Class: Monk

    Appearance: Cole is 5’7” with deep brown eyes and very short spiked black hair and has an athletic build. He normally wears loose fitted jeans, black tank top with a plain white unbuttoned dress shirt over it and a necklace of an eagle’s talon he received from nursing an eagle with a broken wing on a rooftop. Once in Espera, he is presented with the Monk’s attire; white loose pants tied off at the waist with a thick black sash, thick white cloth crossed-wrapped with thin chains as footware and shielded with leather greaves, a long white “tunic-style” shirt that only has a left sleeve and the rest drapes over his left shoulder and ties back around his waist ((think Shaolin monk style of fashion)), and a leather shoulder piece that covers his bare right shoulder and right side of his chest. He still wears his talon necklace.

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    just picture it all white and a leather shoulder pad over the bare right shoulder http://

    Weapon(s): Bo Staff and Fists

    Abilities: The Monk excels in hand-to-hand combat and unparalleled usage of a bo staff. They also have strong healing abilities and can utilize that type of “holy magic” as an offense as well; either by casting a smiting spell or using their Acupressure (healing through pressure points) skills to paralyze certain opponents in combat.

    Story/Personality: Cole has always been a relatively quiet person throughout his life in Ney York, normally keeping to himself rather than with a group of people. His parents were barely around and when they were it was always a shouting match between them, but despite his home life, Cole always managed to keep in good spirits and maintained an optimistic view on the world. Around the age of 16 Cole got into Urban Exploration and “Free Running”. By the age of 20 he knew every nook and cranny the city had to offer him. He had climbed nearly every side of every building and ran from rooftop to rooftop just to feel free, and he did. On his 22<SUP>nd</SUP> birthday, Cole came across an old building he had never noticed before. Instinctively he smiled and began scaling it’s west outer wall, climbing up pipes, grabbing loose bricks, and jumping up from shabby window ledges. When Cole reached the roof there was a stairway door. When Cole opened it, a massive gust of wind pulled him in and he began tumbling down the staircase and was knocked unconscious. When he came to, he could feel grass between his fingers. A cool breeze tickled the back of his neck and the smell of fresh soil filled his lungs. Cole slowly pushed himself up and staggered forward rubbing the back of his head and feeling the massive bump the staircase left there. A few more steps forward and Cole suddenly had to stop himself from stumbling right over the edge of a giant overhang. His eyes slowly lifted from the canyon floor miles below him to the incredible horizon of enormous mountains silhouetted from the golden scheme of colors that filled the sky along with the two Suns and one Moon that hung diagonally over the huge mountain range. In the distance Cole could just barely make out that there were creatures flying all over the mountains and by a brief judge of distance and size, they were large…very large….Cole stood in awe for a brief moment before he heard footsteps behind him. He quickly turned around and noticed he was not the only one who had just awoken in this strange new world.

    [Ok so there’s my Character sheet as a rough example of what I mean in the explanations. So the way the story will start is with the group on this grassy Plateau. A prophet by the name “Genolous” will greet the group after everyone has done there introduction post and he will briefly explain a quick layout of the land and he happens to be carrying our armor and weapons so we get suited up nice and quick. We’ll let things roll from there so hopefully this gets some good attention!]
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    Did you advertise for this ?
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  3. figured it was dead concept so I didn't bother with advertising for it. I'm used to just posting the thread and waiting for people to possibly join lol but thanks, i might look into that now though :)
  4. I second this.

    On another note, I just finished The last Battle. Like, just now. Boy, was that something.
  5. I so would have joined this earier had I noticed it. I'd love to be the mage if it's not taken.
  6. March, i'd say go for it. no one has asked to be anything really. so everything is pretty much up for grabs, go ahead and make a sheet and post it up :)
  7. I'm ultra excited because the Kaiju Christmas Marathon extends from today until Monday.
  8. well November, i can say that Sakura has messaged me a partial interest in the ranger position but she hasn't confirmed if she's really going for it or not, I'm sure i'll hear back from her soon about it. Assassin and warrior are definitely still up for grabs. March Knight has the Mage position, but don't forget, this is all just for the main group. If you'd like you can make a character who already exists in Espera and they can be any of those roles you'd like. I don't mind people playing more than one character so if you chose to be one of the remaining roles if Ranger is not open and then chose to make your own Espera Ranger, then that's perfectly fine with me.

    **Update** Change of plans November, Ranger is all yours. But you're still more than welcome to make more than one character if you'd like. That goes for everyone else too.

    (You should let me help I love naming <3)
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    Well, looking at it from a psychology-kind of stand... Yellow diamond seems to be very aggressive and ready to fight, where as Blue diamond seems very passive and withdrawn.

    Think of it like this, the blue ship looks like an out stretched hand, as if Blue Diamond could be reaching out to help someone. And the yellow ship looks like a fist, like she's ready to fight. So, maybe Blue will help in some way while Yellow fights? I dunno, this wasn't very cohesive tbh

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