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  1. Before dessert your cruise ship crashed and you're stuck on an island.
    With murderous shadow demons.
    You're shelter?
    Their home.
    - - - - - -

    • If you're going to get all cannibalistic and eat someone, then ask them first.

    • Try not to die right away.

    • Your character can't be a super secret government agent or anything.

    • Don't say you're going further into the ruins and then come back saying you figured it all out.

    • Considering the whole modern fantasy thing, your character can be some sort of hybrid I guess.
    Just don't make it invincible or something stupid like Aqua Man.

    • If you're going to suggest stuff for the plot, either do it here or PM one of the GMs.

    • Try and spell the best you can with proper grammar.
    I mean: dont tipe like dis

    - - - - - -


    Character Name:





    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

    General Personality:

    General History:​

    - - - - - -

    GMs Include:





    (If s/he decides to join and because s/he was all in for it too c: )

    - - - - - - -

    Photos! :D

    [​IMG] (That is a real place, get off my ass.)


  2. Character Name: Aileen Hill

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Job/Role: Survivor

    Age: 24

    General Appearance:
    [​IMG] (ignore the boobage.)

    Current Goal/Purpose: To survive. duh.

    General Personality: Willing, alert, brave, friendly, mature

    General History: Born in South Carolina, Aileen has a two year old son named Luke back home, a dog, and lives with her fiance, Joshua Willis. She came on the cruise with her girlfriends, who died in the wreckage. She was also a dedicated gogo dancer and a reasonable drinker. c:
  3. Character Name: Matt

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Job/Role: Musician/Survivor (because let's be honest, music isn't going to be doing much good in a place like this)

    Age: 24

    General Appearance: Very thin, stands at 5'7", Dark hair, blue eyes, one crooked front tooth.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Survival, basically.

    General Personality: Humorous, Stubborn, Childish, A little bit crazy, likes conspiracy theories, Very intelligent but mostly self-educated, Confident, Can be dependent in some areas but has a conflicting independent streak in other areas, Opinionated, Loyal

    General History: Grew up in Devon, England, is part of a band but was on vacation during the cruise, has no other real connections to others besides the band. (I don't want to put the other band members on the cruise and have them killed... that would make him really angsty and mopey and no one likes that.) ​
  4. Character Name: Cherise (Evelyn) Napolitano

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Job/Role: Waitress/Survivor

    Age: 21

    General Appearance: Evelyn has bobbed, platinum blonde hair with faint purple highlights in her scalp (which she had to get rid of upon being employed). Her physique appears to be lanky, even at a whopping height of 5'3, but she has light muscular tones on her forearms, stomach, and forelegs. She has honey brown eyes and fairly tan skin, being that she serves customers on the open part of the deck.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Originally it was to get off the cruise ship, but she didn't exactly want things to turn out this way. Survival.

    General Personality: Evelyn is the type of person who attracts attention unintentionally. Before getting a job, the slightest thing could completely offset Evelyn's day and make it one worth complaining. Her employment has not exactly changed her penchant for whining, but she's learned to suck it up and hold her tongue more, and possibly learn to calm her thoughts before going into a ballistic rampage. Otherwise, Evelyn tends to be very social among other people. One can say that she's the type of person to get used to being around in order to be liked, seeing as Evelyn is the type of person who gives her total cooperation with someone so long as the feeling is mutual. It's fair to say that deep down, she's just a girl with heart who is trying to mature away from her rebellious teenaged years.

    General History: A victim of the "rebel without a cause" syndrome, Evelyn belonged to a strict private school in Canada until she was in high school. Upon questioning why she was hammered down by rules, she began to break them one by one and, before she could be expelled, graduated from middle school and went straight for public school, where she found others like herself. It was at this point that Evelyn had refused to be called by her real name "Cherise" because it seemed too posh and out of character for her. She had actually switched another few names before becoming Evelyn(Eve because it sounded cool, Cassandra for her short lived gothic phase, and then Lyn because she wanted something that sounded even cooler than Eve and not as classy as Cassandra). She was forced into a private college by her parents and dropped out, switching to a community college. With no idea what she wanted to do in life, Evelyn decided to not go back to studying until she could figure it out while working different jobs--one of them being a waitress upon the cruise ship.
  5. So what's going on with this?