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  1. ESE has already started. No new characters are being accepted.


    Can you hear me, child? Are you unhappy with the life you are living? I will give you a new one.

    My name is Aria. I am a being from ESE, a world far different from your own. Fantastic creatures still roam the land. Magic flows freely through the air. Adventurers continue to explore the farthest parts of the world. And somewhere there exists the Heart of ESE, a precious crystal that sustains all life on the world.

    But there are dark powers seeking the Heart of ESE. Shadows are spreading over the world, poisoning it. Beasts grow monstrous, plants become twisted, and people turn dark. ESE needs heroes. I need heroes. Please, help me find the Heart of ESE before the darkness can consume it.

    I won't ask this much and give you nothing, though. If you will find me the Heart, I will grant whatever wish you desire. Will you help me?

    The voice in your dreams plead for your help. There was only one answer you could give her: "Yes."


    Welcome to ESE!

    On the night of April 6, 2014, Aria chose you to be one of her Heroes. Every night you will fall asleep in Earth, and then your Avatar will awake in ESE. As a Hero, though, you're different from the normal inhabitants of ESE: to you, it's all a game. You can see levels, HP, Stats--it's an MMORPG.

    • These shall not be broken.
      • Posts should be written in third person, past tense.
      • Profanities are out. If you want a character that swears, "Crap," "Dangit," and "Narf" are the most common curse words.
      • Romance is totally encouraged. Just keep it clean.
      • Read this. (All credit to Tegan)
      • If you have an idea, share.
      • These shall be broken only as important plot points.
        • Do not tell Earthlings of ESE.
        • Do not tell ESElings of Earth.
        • Do not fight with your Guildmates.
        • Kill every Darkness Beast.
        • This is for Earth, not ESE, so be reasonable. Everyone is from Aruta, California, a (presently) nondescript city on the coast.

          Biography: (Be sure to include important facts the other characters would know, especially rumors)
          Wish: (What would this character have Aria do in exchange for his/her help?)
        • Your character's Avatar doesn't have to mimic his/her real world appearance. It does have to be human. It does have to be the same age.

          Name: (Don't fill this in; I get to assign this :wink:)
          Level: (Everyone starts at 5)
          Focus: (mage, swordsman, smith, etc.)
          0. (Your Zero-Skill is super ultra unique and doesn't fill a slot; more explanation below)

    • Players have 1 Skill slot per Character Level; so a Level 10 character can have 10 skills. Skills have a max level of 1000. As everyone starts at Level 5, choose 5 Skills to be your starters, PLUS one unique skill.
    • Each Hero has their own special Skill that nobody else can have. Go wild and think of something super cool and powerful--but don't cross the invisible line. "Dragon Tamer" or "Death Star" are going too far. If you can, make it a skill related to the character. Examples:
      Timmy is a small boy that gets bullied all the time. In ESE, he has the Zero-Skill "Titan"--he can wield two-handed weapons in a single hand with his massive strength.
      Chloe has been in a wheelchair her entire life. Her Zero-Skill is "The Hare"--she can run like lightning and jump impossible distances.
      Rebecca grew up speaking to her pets more than to people. Her Zero-Skill is "Animalia"--the animals are starting to talk back.

      (For the record, there is no Timmy or Chloe)
    • Every spell is a Skill. Each spell is set up in two parts: a class; and a type. So the spell that would create a fireball is Evoke Fire. The spell for Water Breathing is Enchant Water. The spell to call upon a demon to fight with you is Summon Unholy. A higher level in the Skill will let you cast stronger and more varied effects.

      Magic Classes:
      Evoke - damaging spells
      Summon - minion spells
      Enchant - support spells (buff, debuff, misc)

      Magic Types:
    • A type of weapon is a Skill. Higher levels grant better techniques with said weapon. Lack of Skill with a certain weapon doesn't prevent its use, but you'll be able to do little more than swing it.

      Straight Sword
    • Parry
      Dual Wield
      Heavy Metal Armor
      Light Metal Armor
      Leather Armor
      Cloth Armor
    • This list will probably be longest because everything is a Skill.

      String Instrument
      Wind Instrument
      Metal Refining
      Metal Weapon Forging
      Metal Armor Forging
      Wood Weapon Crafting

    • Each player has a necklace with two pendants on it: a small book; and a round, blue stone. The book is your Journal; pull it off and it will grow to a normal sized book (apprx. 15 x 20cm). It can be opened to any of the following pages.

      The stone is your debit card. The currency in ESE is Sol. Killing a monster grants a certain amount of EXP and Sol. All Sol you collect is stored in your Sol Stone. Sol is an energy, not a metal, and as such Aria can use it to create various things (such as building a room in the Guild Hall). Or you can spend it at shops, restaurants, and so on.
    • The first page in your Journal is all about you. It's the Avatar Sheet you will have posted below. Try to keep it current.
    • The next page is your storage. Items will be displayed in a list. To retrieve an item: tap its name, reach into the book, and pull it out. You have as much inventory space as there is room on the page; however, larger items are written in larger print. (I'm not going to be a huge stickler about this)
    • Aria's Heroes are members of the Guild "Heart Song." This page will list the members of the Guild and their character level. It will also list available Guild Assignments to complete.
    • Any accepted quests will be listed here. To begin, quests will be assigned by Aria; however, as players grow and begin exploring other areas and cities, they'll be able to accept quests from other ESElings. Tapping on a quest will display its details on the adjacent page, including the date and time it must be completed by (if there is a limit).
    • Players can have a pet that stays with them. EXP is split, so personal leveling is slowed, but pets provide help in battle and possess five Skills that it can use to help the player. An ESEling companion technically registers as a pet; do be aware, though, that even animal pets can run away if they're unhappy.
    • The first page is a list of messages you have received. The second page is blank except for "Recipient: ________" at the top. Write the name of who you want to send it to, then write the message. Sign it and it's off. If the recipient is a Hero, it will appear in his/her Journal; if the recipient is an ESEling, you'll be charged 20 Sol and a letter will be dropped in his/her mailbox.

    • This is probably where there's still the most room to contribute. ESE has a lot of space that we'll be able to cover, and I've only mapped out the Guild Hall and surrounding area.
    • It's not much to look at yet, but it has the basic necessities. The main hall has a long table up the center, with Aria's throne at the head and four chairs lining each side. On the right-hand side of the room are two doors. The first (nearest the entrance) is the toilet; the second is the barracks, which has four bunkbeds and eight footlockers. Out front is a fire pit for cooking and a well for drawing water, and around back is a small bathhouse.

      If you are unhappy with ye olde accommodations, don't worry. As soon as players earn some Sol Aria can start upgrading the place. The question becomes what to fix up first, but that's a matter for the characters to discuss.
    • Mt. Sonne is a dormant volcano; the mouth is now a crystal-clear lake. Heart Song's Hall is on a plateau partway up the mountain. From above the Hall down to the base of the mountain is a forest. On the West side the forest ends at the coastline, giving way to white beaches and endless waves; on the East side, the forest stretches for some miles until reaching open plains.

      There are tunnels throughout Mt. Sonne beneath the lake, but these will be addressed in Chapter 3.

    • I want everyone to have a clear idea of how this will progress. I have the first few chapters already mapped out, and when I have more I'll post those here as well. It's my hope that this will help keep everyone interested and help us compliment each other's writing.
    • Welcome to ESE - Players from the quiet city of Aruta, California, have been selected by Aria to become her Heroes in ESE. During their sleep, everyone will enter the world of ESE. Everyone starts at the Guild Hall and will have a day to grow familiar with the world, then the Guild Hall will be attacked by evil creatures. The day will end and players will wake up in Earth. (Possibly have set a meeting place on Earth, depending on whether it plays out as friendly or guarded)
    • Of ESE and Earth - It's been a week now and players are settling into life in ESE. However, they're beginning to notice strange things happening in their normal lives. As their Skills improve in ESE, their abilities on Earth improve as well. Even some small sparks of Magic are happening on Earth. But that's not all that is coming from ESE; news channels report strange disappearances and rumors arise about a horrible monster. To protect their home, players will have to hunt down the monster that entered their world--and fight it as themselves, not as their Avatars.
    • The First Dungeon - Aria has found the first nest of darkness for players to destroy. It's still small, but will grow larger and stronger given time. Players are sent to exterminate the darkness before it can grow. The Dungeon's Queen, though, leaves some parting words to rattle the party: they shouldn't trust Aria so. With the Dungeon cleared, the party returns. They'll have a short meeting the next day to discuss.
    • From the Empire, With Love - It's been more than a month since players first came to ESE. They're feeling pretty confident in their abilities. Then something new arrives to rattle them: another Hero. Except he's not one of Aria's Heroes; he's a member of Empire, the Guild of Heroes chosen by Rex. Aria isn't the only Angel that has called upon Earthlings to help ESE. Which might be a good thing were it not for the intense rivalries between Guilds.
    • The Meaning of Death - (This is too far out for me to plan in more than the vaguest of terms) The players discover exactly what happens when one dies in ESE--and they don't like it. One of their friends from Empire died; now he won't wake up back on Earth.
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    • Name: Rebecca Elizabeth Meyers
      Age: 17
      Height: 170cm (5' 7")
      Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
      Birthday: July 17, 1996
      Occupation: Student at Aruta High (Senior)

      Personality: Very much the honor student. Rebecca is serious, studious, goal-driven, and disciplined. She never breaks a rule; she never misses an assignment; she always scores at the top of the class; and she never goes to parties. Her glare can silence teachers and send Freshmen to the school nurse.

      Biography: Rebecca is the only child of Frederick Meyers, a high-standing member of the community. Mr. Meyers is a successful lawyer and runs the largest firm in Aruta and the surrounding area. Mrs. Meyers left him a long time ago. Rebecca has grown as an only child and had little contact with either of her parents. She takes after her father, especially with regard to her zealous work ethic, but Rebecca refuses to admit any similarities between herself and him.
      She has applied to and been accepted to Aruta University. She intends to major in Environmental Sciences. This has been her goal since 7th grade--when her father represented the oil company's attempt to expand their offshore drilling and won.

      Wish: Clean Earth's pollution.
    • [​IMG]
      Height: 170cm (5' 7")
      Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
      Name: Nimfa
      Level: 5
      Focus: Mage
      Weapon: Trident
      Armor: Cloth Dress
      0. Animalia - Nimfa can communicate with animals.
      1. Enchant Water
      2. Summon Water
      3. Evoke Water
      4. Swimming
      5. Trident
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    • Name: Neil Bryce Thompson

      Age: 17

      Height: 175.25 cm (5'9")

      Weight: 62 kg (136.69 lbs)

      Birthday: January 8, 1996

      Occupation: Student at Aruta High (Junior)

      Personality: Neil likes to put on a tough guy act. He acts as though nothing could bother him, when in truth, the opinions of others matters a lot to him. Despite putting on a demeanor that he doesn't care about school, or much of anything, he does study hard, and he won't get so carried away as to have a teacher call home. Neil gives off the vibe that he could, if not manage, certainly survive just about anything that life throws his way, and seems fearless.

      Biography: Economically speaking, Neil's family runs in the middle of the pack. His mother, a manager at a nearby bank, is a workaholic. This would leave the family well off, but with Neil, a younger brother and sister- twins, age 9- and their unemployed alcoholic father, they're only a good middle class. Though Neil's parents aren't divorced, or even separated, it feels like it; his mother is either asleep or at work, and their father is asleep, drinking, or angry if prevented from the other two. Neil, as a result, spends lots of time getting his younger siblings to school, home, to a friend's house, to some club, and to do their homework. He doesn't exactly do everything for them, but he does a lot, and studies when he can, in hopes of enough scholarship money to someplace far away.

      Wish: To get away from his family and start over

    • Height: 175.25 cm (5'9")

      Weight: 62 kg (136.69 lbs)

      Name: Bantay

      Level: 5

      Focus: Swordsman

      Weapon: Rapier

      Armor: Leather Padding

      0. Falter - If an opponent misses a hit, he gets progressively harder to hit until the next hit is landed.
      1. Rapier
      2. Evade
      3. Parry
      4. Tree-Climbing
      5. Acrobatics
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Christopher James Dorian
      Age: 16
      Height: 163cm (5' 4")
      Weight: 55kg (122 lbs)
      Birthday: February 9, 1998
      Occupation: Student at Aruta High (Sophomore)

      Personality: Confident and unfailingly self-serving. When left to his own devices, he's very introverted and shows no interest in friendships, but his people skills are surprisingly good. With his impressive lexicon and winning smile, he can take an introduction or interview like a champ and excels at buttering up his teachers. They think he's more interested in academics than he actually is; while he's intelligent and puts a lot of effort into his schoolwork, it's more to make himself feel superior than by any passion for learning for its own sake. His saving grace is his honor: Chris never breaks his promises. He's also quite a flirt, but he has not yet pursued a relationship.

      Biography: Chris has minimal knowledge of the parents who put him up for adoption many years ago. Since he's always been short for his age, he's endured a lot of teasing and in some cases outright bullying. The ordeal shaped him into a conniving and vengeful child, and whenever his pranks and schemes of revenge against his peers got too dangerous, usually every few years, he was moved to a different foster home. He seems to have calmed down in recent years and devoted himself to an image of refinement, but a sadist sleeps within, waiting for a chance to flourish once more.

      Wish: He hasn't decided, but who would pass up a wish?
    • [​IMG]
      Height: 163cm (5' 4")
      Weight: 55kg (122 lbs)
      Name: Kidlat
      Level: 5
      Focus: Thief
      Weapon: Dagger
      Armor: Cloth Outfit w/ Leather Vest
      0. Escape Artist - He can instantly teleport away from trouble. It can be used to dodge a blow, escape from a few status conditions (being trapped in vines or ice, for instance), flee a battle, or even leap into the fray to get the first hit on an opponent, but each use is progressively more taxing on his energy.
      1. Dagger
      2. Evade
      3. Precision
      4. Lock-Picking - Lvl 2
      5. Persuasion
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    • Name: Kyla Sullivan
      Age: 19
      Height: 167cm (5' 5")
      Weight: 43kg (94 lbs)
      Birthday: November 8, 1994
      Occupation: Part-time employee at St. John’s Music Store

      Personality: Determined to enjoy everything about life, Kyla has a sunny disposition and is never without a smile or encouraging word. She is known for breaking into song at random, especially if the lyrics fit the conversation perfectly. Kyla is willing to admit her weaknesses but refuses to use them as excuses. Though she is sociable she is an introvert. When her energy is spent, she enjoys hiding in her room to read a book or plink around on her piano.

      Biography: Two years ago, Kyla was involved in a serious car accident which left her partially deaf in one ear and confined to a wheelchair for life. It was during the torturous months of hospitalization that she developed a deeper appreciation for music. It soothed her, gave her a way to express the emotions churning inside, and offered her confidence that the accident hadn’t taken everything from her. As soon as she was able to scoot around in a wheelchair, Kyla visited a variety of patients and played her clarinet for their enjoyment. Once she even gave a recital at the hospital on a keyboard provided by one of the family members of her roommate.

      Kyla dropped out of public school and continued her education through an online homeschooling course as she waited for her body to mend. With determination and many hours of hard work to catch up, Kyla was able to graduate with her class and roll across the stage to receive her diploma. She still lives at home since she requires so much assistance in day-to-day living, but has some independence with her part-time job. Kyla works two days a week at the local music store where she also gives lessons. The money she makes is divided between helping her parents make ends meet and saving up for an apartment of her own.

      Wish: To find her purpose in life

    • Height: 171cm (5' 6")
      Weight: 52kg (114 lbs)
      Name: Kimi

      Level: 5
      Focus: Minstrel
      Weapon: Collapsible Staff
      Armor: Cloth Blouse and Skirt

      0. [Level 1] Motivate—Through music, Kimi can evoke emotions in her listeners. This skill acts as a buff or debuff as these emotions can build up teammates or tear down an enemy's resolve.
      1. [Level 1] Singing
      2. [Level 1] Enchant Voice
      3. [Level 2] Woodwind Instrument
      4. [Level 1] Enchant Instrument
      5. [Level 1] Block

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    • Name: Christopher Ward
      Age: 16
      Height: 180 cm (5' 11") <--- Why are we using a metric measurement if the characters are American?
      Weight: 59 Kg (130 lbs)
      Birthday: April 4th, 1998
      Occupation: High School Student (Sophmore)

      Personality: Christopher is friendly but he is shy and uncomfortable with people. He has a very bright attitude. When he is not studying he is smiling, and even though he looks serious while he pursues his interests as much of his journal is comprised of jokes and obscure references as is actual facts for later consideration. He likes animals, especially cats. Christopher spends the majority of his free time studying zoology and to a lesser degree sociology and psychology.

      Biography:The only child of a placid, though not entirely loveless, relationship Christopher grew up mostly left to his own devices. His only long term companion has been an American shorthair cat his father jokingly named Hobbes. This, in addition to another couple factors, is what interested in him in zoology. Which he pursues in his free time, and occasionally even in class during the more boring sessions.

      Wish: To stop animal extinction

    • Height: 178 cm (5' 10")
      Weight: 59 Kg (130 lbs)
      Name: Ako
      Level: 5
      Focus: Mage
      Weapon: Staff
      Armor: Cloth Casual Wear
      0. Insight: Can infer weaknesses, strengths, and move sets of enemies.
      1. Wind Evocation
      2. Wind Summoning
      3. Wind Enchanting
      4. Alchemy
      5. Engineering
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Ren Kannagi
      Age: 16
      Height: 163cm
      Weight: 51kg
      Birthday: 16 November 1997
      Occupation: High School Student (1st year transferred in the middle of the semester)
      Personality: She is cynical and can't trust others. Friendly with everyone, friend with none, she tries to spend her school life the smoothest possible. She has always a smile for everyone (though not really heart felt) and tries to help who she thinks is in need. She wouldn't put herself in danger for someone else though not due to cowardice, but because her past taught her that nothing good comes with meddling in other peoples affairs. She normally puts on a green contact on her right eye so that it seems she has both them both green. She is the type that brings her launch and eats it somewhere like the roof where she could be alone, listening to music.
      Biography: Ren tranferred from Japan due to her father job circumstances, she accepted it with bitterness because she loved her country as much as she hated her school: she was bullied by girls due to her eyes (and her being popular with the guys), often there were flowers on her desk or her slippers just disappeared. Her boyfriend was with her just for a bet (even if he was never a bad guy with her) and they broke up peacefully, she didn't cry, istead a cynical side of her arose and settled down when she turned down a guy and he hurt her with a cutter on her right arm, leaving a scar that looked like an attempt to cut her veins. She found peace only during her arcery club time. She is very skilled with a bow and having lived on the sides for so long gave her sort of a 'diffcult to talk to' kind of aura. She is very skilled in english (language she always loved) and no one can really say she's Japanese but she's been put in the Freshman class for the remainder of the school year because she's lacking credits (of course) and rumors has it that she tried to attempt suicide (due to the scar the guy left on her wrist).
      Wish: To be able to trust blindly someone again.

    • [​IMG]
      Height: 170cm
      Weight: 57
      Name: Tiwala
      Level: 5
      Focus: Archery
      Weapon: Long bow/ Hunter knife
      Armor: Hunter leather suit
      0. Chameleon: her presence and herself are nullified in every environment.
      1. Bow
      2. Hunter knife
      3. Enchant Wind
      4. Enchant Void
      5. Evade
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    • [​IMG]
      Name: Ivy Rosemary Lee
      Age: 16 (junior)
      Height: 5'6
      Weight: 123 lbs
      Birthday: April 17th, 1997
      Occupation: She works part time at the local animal shelter
      Personality: Ivy is a shy girl who enjoys animals and reading. Her stubborn personality makes her hard to get along with at times and her shy wallflower appearance makes her seem innocent and sweet, though when she gets friendly with people her true witty and sassy side seems to rear its head.
      Biography: Ivy moved to this small town from New York City, New York when she was only 6 years old. Her father had gotten a new job in his company and had been forced to move his family here. Ivy used to be outgoing and bubbly until she moved to the new town and couldn't seem to make any friends. Her mother gave birth to 2 baby boys and gave Ivy 2 younger brothers aged 7 and 5. Ivy is forced to babysit them when she's not working or studying which doesn't give her much time to socialize. People whisper that she's an illegal immigrant and that she's crazy because she talks to animals
      Wish: Ivy's wish is to gain more courage and to finally find a few friends

    • [​IMG]
      Height: 5'5
      Weight: 120 lbs
      Name: Koero
      Level: 5
      Focus: Mage
      Weapon: spear
      Armor: cloth dress
      0. Attraction- She can get people to become loving towards her for a while
      1. Enchant Ice
      2. Summon Ice
      3. Evoke Ice
      4. Hiding
      5. Acrobatics
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  2. I hope this isn't too weird a question to throw out there before I make my first post... (I'm putting it here in the thread in case others were wondering the same thing.) Could we have more specific examples of this RP's swearing tolerance level? While I'm happy to keep language clean, I would rather have a better understanding of my boundaries before I risk stepping over them, and since I'm usually more used to writing characters liable to curse, some syllable patterns sound right in my head and some just don't. Are things like "frick"/"fricking" and "screw it" fair game? I should have all my bases covered with those. If not, I'll happily stick to any alternatives you prefer.

    On a more lighthearted note, would you like the clean language condition to be a meta thing that the characters don't notice, or could it be a restriction imposed upon them upon entering ESE, as if the "game" world were censoring their thoughts even as they spoke them? The latter could prove to be a little funnier, but it's your world, so...whatever you're more comfortable with.
  3. It's a meta thing--like you were watching a PG movie. I'll allow those to be used, but they're incredibly offensive; Rebecca would be all over your character if she heard it.
  4. Ooh, I like that idea. XD Thanks for the clarification.
  5. I was just asked an excellent set of questions, so I'm transferring those here to answer them for everyone.

    Did my character pick his first six skills or were they assigned to him?
    The Zero-Skill was not chosen. It is a part of your character's personality. The other five are selected skills.

    Is the average Eseling literate?
    The average ESEling is not literate. Only some larger cities have schooling for children, and that's mostly for the upper class.

    How about the city the guild hall is in, what is its major export/purpose? The same question for the earth city as well.
    The Guild Hall is in a forest, partway up Mt. Sonne. The town that lies at the base of the mountain is a fishing village on the continent's western coast. The city of Aruta is mostly isolated from the rest of the world, so activities should remain in the city. If you think Aruta should have a dominant industry or two, we can do that.

    Is it possible to combine multiple elements into a single spell provided you have the necessary skills?
    Most definitely. It's even possible for two people to combine their spells to make a new one.

    What happens if a player dies in ESE?
    A player who dies in ESE will enter a coma on Earth. For now, don't die; we'll bring this up later in the story.

    When summoning a creature is the cost for it a one time cost at summoning and then it is self sufficient, or is there a continuing toll on the caster to maintain the summon?
    It's a one-time cost with a time limit. A summon can only remain as long as it has the energy to do so, and its energy slowly bleeds out. Once the summon runs out of energy, it will vanish and have to be re-summoned. It's not possible to extend a summon by casting again; a new cast will bring another summon. A higher Skill Level leads to a longer summon life, but to begin it will only be a few minutes.
  6. Sooooorry, I know it's trivial... but while waiting for the next post, I just wanted to ask: @Enigs I can't see your ESE pic T^T I wanna knowwwww T^T (sorry for the little brat talk)
  7. I couldn't see it either. Enigs told me it was supposed to be a picture of Kazume, the protagonist(?) of Kaze no Stigma, if you want to look him up.
  8. I had to do some trickery to get it to work at all. Iwaku did not like the hosting site I originally had. I have updated it with a new host, so here's hoping that solves the problem for you guys.
  9. Ok ^^ I saw it... sorry for the nagging ^^
  10. Will we be posting in rotation or whenever the mood hits?
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  11. It's open game now. Post when you wish.
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  12. Sorry... just to be sure... do we have something in the in the inventory?
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