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Escaping Winter

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by dulde, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Name: Elena Gallagher
    Age: 22
    Race: Wizard/Witch

    Biography: Not many know Elena's origins. They can tell by her fair skin that she is from the north, where the winters are frigid and the springs short but incredibly green. Her family is a sensitive topic for her, for she knows that they are still around, but they do not want anything to do with their eldest daughter, Elena. They raised her well, taught her how to use magic, and even how to continue the family legacy. However, as the winters grew colder, she came of age, and her family, now with 4 other children to feed, could not help but see this eldest child as nothing but a burden on a family that didn't have much to live off of (for it is hard to farm in a place where the soil is so cold most of the year and magic can only make so much profit). It didn't take long for Elena to take the hint and leave her home. There hasn't been a place she's been able to settle down since. She didn't stay in one place long enough for her to meet someone to really connect with in that sense and she hasn't been interested. She found that traveling ensured that she would always get new customers wanting her potions, readings, spells, wisdom, and whatever else she could offer. She never stayed in one place for very long since some countries don't welcome foreigners very well, especially brujas (witches). She didn't mind though, for her travels gave her a perspective on the world most would only dream of. Now, far away from the cold country from which she came, Elena decided that she might enjoy staying in the place she currently occupied for a little longer.

    Personality: Elena is very compassionate and very adventurous. Though one would not be able to tell by her outward exterior. She speaks with a wiseness in her voice that can only come from years of her studying and mastering her abilities and trade. Sometimes, despite her young age, Elena can seem to be very old. As if all she has experienced, and the coldness of her former country, her family, and many of those she encounters have aged her. She understands the world in a way that many of the oldest, most experienced human beings do not. It's as if she has lived a thousand lifetimes, each one harder than the last. That explains her icy tongue that she has when those disrespect her. After many years of being outcasted, she has very little tolerance and knows just what to say to make words sting. She is stubborn and easy to irritate, and cares little of people who care little of her. It takes a lot to reach her heart, for it has been years since she has been given the chance to care about someone. Her home country's icy climate appears to have frozen her heart as well.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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