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  1. The starship Toweridan. The largest and most powerful ship the cosmos has ever seen. Seeking a place for refuge as a dying world is evacuated. This is the greatest hope for humanity. It can transport half a million people comfortably for 200 years, not including the stops for supplies from almost livable planets and fuel from stars. On them ship, people can live normal lives. Work, families of up to two or three children, living quarters, school, recreation- All seems well.

    And all should be. How bad could anything go wrong? Everything is automatic, and there's plenty of mechanics to fix things. It's only 32nd year of service, so it should function smoothly. Even if somethinf terrible did happen, the Union would help them, right?

    On a normal day- October 4th, 10436, at 2:48 PM, the engines stop. A normal routine check-up? No, this is no normal routine. The ship will be thrown into chaos. Parts of the ship will explode, wires will snap, and auto defence will kill everything. And if that's not enough, the ship will turn the corpses into undead cyborgs, more powerful than before.

    The ship is destroying itself: You all must work together to regain control of it to live.

    -No god modding, for example "I find an ultra gun and blow up all them cyborg zombies."
    -If someone currently has the heroic spotlight, try not to take it from them. Ex: Charater one stays behind to let everyone get through, but character two just blows it up.
    -Only up to two characters at a time, unless one dies.
    -If you take more than two days to post, I will consider removing you somehow, UNLESS you warn me beforehand, and somehow put your character in a standby state​

    -Be brave, take the spotlight when you get the chance! Just try not to steal it.
    -Be cleaver about things, especially fight scenes. Instead of just shooting everything, be creative and say you found a steam pressure release valve, and made all the cyborgs malifunction. Something like that.
    -Make up parts of the ship. It's very large, So there are many possibilities.
    -The IC will began right before disaster, about 2:00 by point of view.

    The Starship Toweridan
    The Engine: The engine is like any other, except Its so big you could fly around in it. It is powered by helium and hydrogen, which can be gathered from stars. There is no gravity here.

    The shopping center: This is the place where everything a consumer needs is at, from resturaunts with imported foods, to a farmer's market with local food grown in plantations. It is a social center. After the disaster, it is just a shortcut filled with zombic cyborgs.

    The hospital: A place where medical help is aquired. Ironically, this is the last safe area because there are iron, non-electric doors, and no auto defence.

    The factory: This is the place where objects ranging from ship parts to children's toys are made. After the disaster, it is the most dark, dangerous, and creepy place to be. Sadly, it has vital wires that connect controls to the engine, that are shreaded by cyborgs.

    The governmental center: Basically a city hall, where politics are discussed and laws are made.

    Living quarters: There are 10,000 living quarters, which are basically like apartments, and share 3-6 laundry rooms and a park. Each room normally has one bedroom and bathroom. After the disaster, Anyone to step outside their doors would be killed by auto defence, or one to make a loud noise would be killed by cyborgs.

    Transportation system: The starship is very large, So the transportation is fast, but quiet. There are trains for horizontal movement, and elevators for vertical. It's hard to get them to work after the disaster.

    Military Center: This is where the military trained and where weapons are stored. It's top-secret. A few cyborgs here meshed with some weapons, becoming very powerful.

    Everything in between and everything else is up to you!

    Character Sheet:


    Yep, It's that easy.

    Now get started!
  2. Name: I. P. Freely Vincent V. Hardwell

    Age: 53

    Occupation/job: He tends at a bar called The Recovery Room, and if he isn't there, then he is working on a book that will clearly never get off of the ground or at the gym.

    Appearance: Disheveled, with clear scars from bar fights and accidents that could have been easily avoided. Unlike most of the residence on the Toweridan, Vincent and the Hardwell family alike had always kept their appearance as human-looking as possible. With everyone else getting mechanically altered bodyparts and superhuman abilities, there was becoming less and less humans and more creatures that seemed to be a mixture of the two. Vincent has dark hair- somewhat salt and peppered. Grey and white hairs speckle the hair that he jells back slightly every morning. The spiking causes a sort of spike effect in the front. It's chopped short in the back, but the bangs are somewhat in his face, so be the reason he jells them up. Vincent has big bright green eyes under bushy salt and pepper eyebrows, and a pair of thin bi-vocals under those eyes. The very thing that doesn't seem so human about him is the vast amounts of tattoos he has collected over the years. All from other planets, of coarse. He got one tattoo on Earth, but it was never finished. It was suppose to be the new American flag, but it was just a bunch of stars on his right arm. He never got it covered up, nor did he have anyone else finish it for him.

    Personality: He's a hard-ass and a hopeless romantic, that's for sure. He's more of the 'eye-for-an-eye' type of fighter- if anyone does end up fighting him. So, really, if someone was to say, " Hey, Mister Pee's Freely~! " Then Vincent would just have a smart-ass retort about their last name. Which, would escalate into something a little more than name calling. Though he had fists of fury when sparked- or a little tipsy- he would never hit a lady. Vincent has always known to treat women with respect- his father had always shown the same kind of respect to his mother, regardless of what was happening. Along with his respect for females, he also found himself falling head over heels every time a broad came into the bar, or into the gym or anywhere really. There couldn't be a women that Vincent hadn't flirted with, so to speak. Because of that, he clams that he doesn't have any material for his book. Even with his hard-shelled exterior, he is quite the softy. He has a soft spot for romantic comedies and romance in general, but if you asked him he would instantly say " None of your business. "

    History: He was 21 when he first boarded the Starship, and he thought it would be a good idea to board the ship under the name I. P. Freely. The name stuck with Vincent for the longest time, and it's the cause for most of the fights he has been in. Vincent worked on the ship for as long as he could remember. If he looked back on it now, he would probably recall some frantic looking man asking anyone if they knew how to make a Cosmic Lemon Drop. Vincent knew only because he drank heavily in his adolescent days, and bars were just too expensive and he really didn't want to start another tab. Vincent told the man that he could, and that was that. The years that followed were uneventful, but the job did give him quite the pretty penny. He was one of two other workers at the bar. The only great events were when he saw a pretty lady walk into the establishment or when he got into a fight. Everything was just as usual, until the engines stopped and the entire Starship became the metaphorical shit that hit the fan. Vincent never really expected to be fighting a bunch of half-dead never-alive robots, but that didn't stop him. He used his knowledge of alcoholic drinks to the test, and he found that alcohol covered cyborgs were bad, and if they were on fire, it would be even worse. Better them then him.