Escaping the Hunters

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  1. Escaping the Hunters

    We are being hunted. Our enemies are tracking and eliminating us, one by one. We are loyal to each other, and we have to be, or we will suffer the loss of our kind everywhere. In every place we are in the woods, there are unseen barriers that keep us trapped, holding us back from our freedom. We are the Étrange. We are vampires, werewolves, spirits, and any creature that mortals have always feared and hated.

    Character Skeleton:
    Species: [Try not to be something too common.]
    Species Description: [Only if it's not common. Ex: Vampire, werewolf..]
    Appearance: [Human pictures only. If you character can shapeshift into a strange creature, then describe it.]
    History: [Optional]

    1. Do not fight in OC.
    2. No eliminating another play's character without their permission. Non-characters [hunters] are fine.
    3. No god-modding [controlling another person's character].
    4. You may only have up to 4 characters.
    5. If something is bothering you or doesn't seem right, please send me a message.
    6. If I reject you, please don't take it personally.

  2. Name: Eden Fairchild

    Age: 15,792

    Gender: Female

    Species: Blurr

    Species Description: Blurrs are vague human like figures that you see, often randomly on the side of tree lined roads, or -- more often, foggy vacant streets. Considering their enigmatic nature, most people believe that if a person was to try to focus on discerning more about them by looking at them...they'd find it difficult, because of their hazy, blurry, mirage like appearance. Myth says that, they emit a frequency of sound that interferes with one's perception...which makes you normally dismiss them altogether. Other lore suggests that they're shape-shifters and that when you see them in vague haze you're seeing them in their true form.

    Mental Shield - This shield protects her mind from mind controlling, reading, tracking, power manipulation, pain, illusions, and power manipulation and copying. It also prevents people from seeing her future, but when the person tries to see it, it will be hazy and distant. This shield cannot be broken down by anyone, and she doesn't bring it down either.
    Healing - Heals much faster than humans, and can heal others.
    Gravitational Manipulation - The ability to create gravitational vacuums.
    Illusion - The ability to alter the perceptions of others.
    Invisibility - The ability not to be seen or sensed.
    Body Insertion - The ability to insert a person into someone else's body.
    Freezing - The ability to reduce temperatures and freeze objects by force of will.

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Eden is rough at the beginning when you meet her. She's quiet, but when something bothers her she does speak up. Antonia doesn't hesitate to question you, and has an attitude. She's very skilled in fighting, and is very quick which gives her the chance to attack at any given moment.

    Weapons: An indestructible katana sword, two daggers, and a bow & arrow.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in joining, just a couple of questions about characters.

    Does the character have to be supernatural, or are we allowed sympathisers and/or humans with powers etc.?

    And, I have one or two characters called angels (not necessarily in the traditional sense of the world), is that sort of thing allowed?
  4. You're allowed to have humans with supernatural abilities, but they're more vulnerable to the hunters. About the angel thing, I'd have to see their forms first.
  5. I've gone with someone different anyway :)

    Name: Lucifer
    Age: 603
    Gender: Male
    Species: Drow vampire
    Species Description: Drow, AKA dark elves are the more mean spirited of the elves. Often seen as violent zealots, they are not to be trifled with. They are similar to other elves in stature and ability, just a little more on the evil side. Lucifer was bitten by a master vampire...and so along with all his drow goodness, he's got the bloodlust of the undead.
    Powers: Mild telepathy (ability to plant suggestions, detect truth or lies), faerie fire.

    Personality: Lucifer is angry with the world. He feels betrayed by it, and really only lives for vengeance. He is quick to resort to violence, even quicker to anger. He has an acid tongue that he does not use sparingly. He wasn't always such a bad person, monsters are made, not born.
    Weapons: Enchanted longsword. Emits a shroud of darkness.
    History: Suffice to say, he didn't have the best home life.
  6. Could you add what is a Drow Vampire in the species description? Besides that, you're accepted. :3
  7. Would describing your characters be allowed?
  8. Name: Tohn
    Age: N/A
    Gender: male
    Species: Shade
    Species Description: A Shade is a creature that lives as a shadow. It is a lone shadow with no owner that cannot go into bright lights, such as sunlight. It comes out in caves, forests, cloudy days, ext. Sometimes they can manipulate leafs or flow petals t[SIZE=2]o give t[SIZE=2]hem a 3d form. [SIZE=2]They [SIZE=2]do[SIZE=2] not [SIZE=2]have a [SIZE=2]tangible[/SIZE] mind unless in 3[SIZE=2]D form.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Can attack someone through their shadow
    Can go through small openings
    Can take the '3D' form

    Appearance: A shadow, he can change into any form such as a human, animal, or even things like rocks. He normally is just a blob.
    Personality: He is quite when he talks and his voice will echo like in a cave. He likes to hide in others shadows and follow them around without them knowing, though if you get to know him you can feel his prescience. He is a bit mysterious at times.
    Weapons: He is his own weapon
    History: A lost shadow...

  9. Name: Daedhrogil (day•drow•gill, meaning: Shadow Wolf)
    Age: 20,002
    Gender: Female
    Species: Avari
    Species Description: The Avari were one of the first species of elves ever created. Of all the elves, they are the most "otherworldly" in nature and in culture. They are elves of a darker nature, corrupted by evil powers beyond their control during their formation. These elves are rare due to the hunters dwindling their numbers into near extinction.
    Black Arts- This comes in the form of a thick black fog that can be used for several purposes if the right incantation is used. When Daedhrogil uses it, blood trickles from her eyes, nose and mouth.
    Foresight- Daedhrogil can sense when there will be shifts in power (good & evil).
    Personality: Born of a great elvish bloodline, Daedhrogil possesses power that is unmatched by peers. Because of this, she is always composed and confident in her abilities. Her aloofness and indifference are a product of dignity that is bred from her nobility. She's more or less emotionless; only annoyance, anger and dissatisfaction show on her face. In battle, Daedhrogil judges an enemy's power before attacking. She holds deep resentment towards humans for killing off her people. Daedhrogil feels nothing for others, sneering and dismissing human like feelings. Anyone in her way is an enemy whom she will exterminate without hesitation. She does not hold back power, even against children. She rationalizes that all prey is the same and defeats them accordingly. She also has a very inquiring mind when there is something she cares about involved, but at the same time, she has almost no tenacity of purpose. If she becomes interested in something else, she will arbitrarily turn her back on what she's doing, even during battle. Just like her fighting style, she is quick to make decisions and act immediately.
    Weapons: Long double-edged sword, 6 ft. black recurve bow (75 lb pull weight), elvish steel arrows, two daggers
    History: Daedhrogil was the sixth child to the One-Eyed Elf Lord Baillor (bay•ore) and his wife Beregil (bear•uh•geel). Their people lived to the North in isolation, never getting involved with other species. Soon mankind grew curious about the strange beings known as the Avari and spied on them. When they discovered that these beings were of a dark nature, the humans waged war on them. At the age of ninety (elvish equivalent of 16), Daedhrogil watched her mother and siblings slaughtered in the courtyard with the exception of her twin brother Coithon (coy•thon). She led an army into battle and fought in a five year campaign until the humans were driven out.

    It was too late though, for the men had nearly obliterated their land. Daedhrogil's father dwindled into madness, and she left her country for a century, watching man destroy all it touched. When Daedhrogil returned to her people, she discovered that they had all but completely faded due to hunters. Her father gave her an ultimatum in an attempt to preserve their race: marry her twin or die. She chose the marriage, but she sent ogres to kill her brother. Her father was now near death with grief.

    Now, Daedhrogil travels the Earth, watching over the creatures that have been plagued by Man. She is in the process of waging all out war on the vulgar species, but some stand in her way. They say that fading or existing in peace is the way that it was meant to be, but this only infuriated Daedhrogil even more. She is bound and determined to shift the balance and make humans the inferior species.

    Family Line:
    Great Grandfather- Mingoldan (Men•yoll•dawn)
    Great Grandmother- Hallothil (Hal•oh•theel)

    Grandfather- Baladin (bay•luh•din)
    Grandmother- Fânilfain (fawn•ill•fane)

    Father- Baillor (bay•ore)
    Mother- Beregil (bear•uh•geel)

    [rainbow]Siblings (in order)- Arodîr (arrow•deer), Galugwend (gall•oo•gwend), Faervren (fair•vren), Glaurdan (glor•dawn), Coithon (coy•thon), Daedhrogil (day•drow•gill)[/rainbow]

    First Elves
    Third Generation
    Fourth Generation
    [rainbow]Fifth Generation and Up[/rainbow]

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  10. All of you have been accepted, and @ForLackofaBetterMe yes, you can describe your characters.
  11. Name: Valeria

    Age: 50, fairly young compared to the other inhabitants.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Floren

    Species Description: The Floren are people with an extremely close relationship to plants, to the point of being able to hear them talk and accelerate growth, along with being able to grow plants on themselves (rest assured, this is harmless) for substance. They understand others must eat and have to harm plants, even them, but tend to hate senseless destruction.

    Powers: *She can communicate with plants, hearing their individual voices.

    *She has the ability to accelerate plant growth.

    *She grows plants on herself, which provide substance and can also be used to heal herself.

    Appearance: Varleria is fairly short and light weight, appearing nymph-like. Her features are sharp, bony and thin, and the same could be said for her body. Yet, this seems to be a Floren's natural state, or how else could she have all that energy? Her skin has a light, olive green tone to it, and all over her are various vines, flowers, and other plants growing on her. She wears a simple dress made out of leaves, said leaves change with the seasons.

    Personality: Valeria is very carefree, often speaking to even the most intimidating of species with playfulness. However, she hates senseless destruction of plants, and unless she finds it justified, will try to stop it. She also seems to be somewhat... 'out there', at least to those who aren't aware of her telepathy with plants, as she will often hold conversations with them out loud, and refer to them as if they're part of the group as well. She's fairly curious, and unless she finds you to be a 'plant-hurter', will ask away about things she thinks can be her business. She only seems to have empathy with plants, and finds it hard to sympathize with any other living creatures.

    Weapons: Her powers could count, as she could accelerate the growth of a plant to try and hurt an opponent.

    Other: N/A
  12. ​You have been accepted. :D
  13. Has this started?
  14. No, we still need more people to join.
  15. I'm kind of interested, I just have a couple questions. Does your character have to be a creature from mythology or whatnot, or something you created yourself?And will the plot be mostly driven by the players or by you (the creator of the rp)?
  16. You can create your own, but you can use mythical creatures too.

    The RP will be driven by the players, I'm not the controlling kind of person. Maybe sometimes I'll make us get captured by the hunters or something. :P
  17. Awesome, thanks. I'll work on my CS and post it sometime tomorrow.
  18. I am interested, though I have a question relating to a character I am thinking of using; would it be okay for my character to be a supernatural whose family was killed and he/she was taken in... now trained to be a spy for the hunters in exchange for his/her sister's life.
  19. Name: Midnight
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Alien Pegasus?
    Species Description: Large pegasus with pitch black fur and wings. Mane and tail are blue fire.
    - Telepathy
    - Control of fire
    - Control of darkness/shadows
    Appearance: (human form) Tall, strong. Hair reaches down to his shoulders and is blue fire. True form see ‘species description’
    Personality: Very kind, cares about almost everyone and tends to trust others too easily.
    Weapons: Magic
    History: Cursed long ago to take human shape.
    Other: Can switch between his true form and his human form.
  20. Eternalsinger13: Yes, that's okay.

    redwolf: You've been accepted.