Escaped...But Not Completely

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  1. In a secluded island off the coast of North America remained a lab. This lab was buried deep within the wildlife of the island, so that they would not be found out. The scientists here focus on experimenting on captured humans, creating mutants and hybrids. Most of the subjects were used as guards to protect the island or slaves sold off to dealers. These were categorized as 'failiures' in the eyes of the lead scientist with much expectation. The few that had surpassed these expectations were further experimented on, providing them with special abilities such as telekinesis or the ability to talk to animals. The subjects who fell in this category was given extreme tests ever so often. As a result most of them were severely injured or dead. Many tried to escape this mad place, but none succeeded. It was only around 4 years ago that a group of subjects, all in their teens, had outsmarted the scientists and escaped for freedom. This group has been living together in a secluded house on the opposite site of the country, fending for food, and protecting one another. Not a sight of scientists have been found since then...or so they thought.

    Krystal, 17 years of age, had woken up to the morning sun which shone on her face. Sluggishly, she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. Her straight reddish-brown hair had just reached her lower back, bangs covering her right eye. She wasn't too short or too tall, only reaching 5'4. Overall, she appeared to be a normal girl her age...if it wasn't for the wings on her back. Each feather was as dark as the night sky, resembling a raven of some sort. As Krystal finished brushing her hair, she trodded to her closet to change out of her plaid pajamas. She put on a black mini skirt with short shorts underneath. On top, she chose a simple grey t-shirt and her hoodie on top of that. She flew downstairs, hoping someone else was already awake to make breakfast.
  2. The young girl Aelia, also to be nicknamed Elli, or Lia, waited downstairs, adorned in her favorite long-sleeved dress and a pair of grey tights. Although it was a very plain, simple white dress, she herself hadn't ever been accustomed to the searching for different clothes. She wore anything that she believed didn't stand out, not wanting any attention upon her 'imperfections' as she called them. All through her right arm and a majority of both of her legs were what seemed to be blackened vanes. Although not completely visible to the point of hideousness, they were still an unfavorable curse among her pale looks, and she wore her long white hair over the one eye so these imperfections that had crawled over that area were not completely visible. Aside from these markings there was already an odd sort of personality to the girl, seeming to speak as it she were much more intelligent than others her age and often not understanding modern day speech such as sarcasm, which had brought itself from the effects of an entire life in solitude with the caretakers and doctors of the facility, having been put there upon birth. She was only 15 now, but a fast learner to cook, as she had already made the food for the house. A traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, and a small plate on the side consisting of some french toast. Previously leaning against the counter of the kitchen, she stood straight and beamed a smile to the approaching female.

    "Good morning, Krystal. I've made some food today; eggs, bacon and toast."
  3. Krystal's head turned twoards the kitchen counter. She smiled ever so dearly to Aelia, embracing her in a hug. "Mornin' Lia~" She scanned over the cooked food which had been beautifully prepared. The eggs were perfectly timed, bacon was crispy and golden brown, and the toast was evenly toasted to perfection. Krystal was actually quite jealous of her natural ability to cook. Whenever she had attempted to cook for everyone, nobody would even dare to eat it. 25% of the time it was charred. The 75% was often inhuman and unedible.

    The winged girl stretched her wings and looked outside the small window. Not too far away lie a hill full of bushes of berries. "Want to go out and pick some berries today? The weather's lookin' nice~"
  4. She nodded happily at the idea, watching as the breeze drifted along a couple leaves outside. It must be the season for fruits, with all the good weather lately. "Great idea, I can make some dessert with them, if we have enough provisions to do so." After a few moments of watching outside she remembered that there had been plates sitting out to eat. She turned back to Krystal and held out her plate of food to take. "We ought to eat first, so we don't have to reheat everything later." Stopping for a second, as if to not seem so forceful she added, "U-unless you're not hungry. I do tend to cook a bit too much sometimes."
  5. Lena woke up covered in sweat and sighed. It was the same dream that haunted the eighteen -year old girl of their escape from the lab.
    She and her friends were safe,but for how long, Lena wondered.
    She quickly dressed and brushed out her long black hair,and slipping on a pair of gloves.
    Lena's touch was deadly but could bend people to her will with a single touch.
    She didn't want to hurt anyone.
    Lena smelled breakfast and quickly ran down the stairs to see Krystal and Eli at the table.
    " Morning! " She said cheerfully
  6. Krystal took the plate of food and smiled. "It's all good. Besides, I was pretty hungry anyways~" She didn't really mind if there was an abundant amount of food. That just means more leftovers for everyone and she didn't have endanger everyone by cooking. With a fork in hand, Krystal lifted a piece of egg up to her mouth. Then something came up in her mind. "Hey, Lia, did you eat any breakfast yet?" asked Krystal. She didn't want to appear greedy infront of Aelia. Her head perked up to the sound of rapid footsteps, only to find Lena at the base of the stairwell. Krystal waved. "Mornin' Lena~ Want some breakfast?"
  7. Lia chose not to answer, for she had not had much of an appetite lately, despite cooking so often. It was more of a recent hobby to pass the time in their home since the escape from those scientists. The memories must have haunted most of the home's inhabitants, as well as herself, though she hadn't any normality to compare it to. Up until she and her friends meeting she expected her life to be just the way things were meant to be, though most of the men in their lab coats had studied her, and a majority of those around her, very closely for their achievement of surviving all those years of treatments. This time of escape has lasted for long enough, though it seemed everyone must be wondering when 'they' will try to retrieve her and her friends ans send them back. At the sound of footsteps she snapped back from her thoughts, turned to the stairs and smiled. "Good morning, how did you sleep?"
  8. She quickly finished her plate of food, and brought another one to the table for Lena. "Well, despite your answer, you still gotta eat before you do anything else." Krystal opened the old window and took a deep breath of fresh air. The air was crisp and breezy, unlike the air on the deserted island where they all once lived. Unlike the others, who was there since birth, Krystal was actually stripped of her normal life and family. At the age of 5, she had come across files of chemicals used on mutants when exploring an abandoned house. The scientists caught and took her with them, in fear that information might have been leaked out if she was released. Krystal hasn't been able to return to her normal life since then.

  9. " Well thanks" She lied, keeping the smile in place. Lena didn't want to alarm them, they had all been through so much
    " Krystal's right Lia, you need to eat. If you eat I will too." She said firmly, sitting down at the table making Lia and herself a plate.
    " So what's the plan for today?" Lena asked,waiting for Lia to start eating.
  10. Rusti had just gotten done on his daily jog...well more like daily jumping around all over the place disturbing the piece. Rusti started feeling rather hungry so he rushed back to the lab, not only to see his fellow mutant friends at the table, but to see food. He rushed to a chair and started eating quickly. He didn't pay attention to the rest of the mutants at the table until he was done. He looked up at everyone, and noticed how awkward everyone looked. "You guys ok? Rusti asked.
  11. Krystal sighed for the normal morning rucus had started. It wasn't anything unsual, but it was tiring to deal with. She just noticed Rusti who was scarfing down his breakfast. Guess that jog did a number on his hunger. "We're all fine. Just not morning people." Krystal picked up the empty plates and threw them in the sink. "So today we're all going out to pick some berries over on that hill. Any objections?" Strangely, Krystal was usually 'the leader' in most cases, even if some of the others were older.
  12. She thought for her choices and decided it would be best to go ahead and take a plate. No sense in allowing Calla to starve herself because Lia wasn't particularly hungry. "Okay. I'll eat then." She answered, taking her plate and sitting at the table. Rusti seemed to have returned also. Never a moment for him to not be excited for Lia's cooking, as it seemed. After chewing a forkful of her breakfast she nodded in agreement to their planned voyage to pick berries. "As I said, I can make some dessert for later if everyone would like to go."
  13. M'ar being 18 often didn't spend time with "The Group" He usually sat on rooftops and thought about his parents. He remembered his mother and his father. He remembered the day they died. It was all his fault. He wanted to go to the zoo even though it was raining. They drove in the rain and of course some dude didn't know how to drive in the rain.

    The van collided with M'ar's car and his parents died instantly. His skin was roasted as an effect of the fire. The doctors tried to treat him but it was too severe. The Labcoats tested on him. They gave him new skin and new genes. They mixed his genes with lizards and starfishes. M'ar usually passed out but he still remembers the pain.

    He looked down at his arm and watched as it changed from Caucasian to black. Ablino to tan. He also changed his hair. The hair would recede like spines and come up in a different way. M'ar focused his hardest as he looked down at his arm. He smiled as it disappeared for a second. "Any day now and I'll be able to control invisibility."

    M'ar stood and walked back to the house. He entered the kitchen and spoke "Morning guys...I hope you all slept tight." He chuckled knowing it was unlikely. He changed his skin to a tanish brownish with long curly brown hair. He wondered what he looked like before the accident. He shrugged and made a plate of eggs. He licked his lips as he went in the fridge and covered the eggs in grape jam. "Mmmmmmm This is so good thanks. Who cooked this?"

    M'ar looked around in wonder.
  14. "That was me." Lia offered, folding her arms in her lap in her usual sheepish manner. M'ar never was a group person, as she had found. Though she found his comment upon entry to be snyde and irrespectful as usual, it seemed like something that didn't matter to her. She was always difficult to anger, always staying in the middle ground of arguments and not taking sides. Besides, he seemed to be sincerely complimenting her food; though he also added his own jam to it. Which seemed a little strange, but all to his or her own opinion, as she learned.
  15. Krystal chuckled to herself. It might be awhile till they finally decide to leave. But, it didn't bother her at the least. "Hey, guys. I'm gonna go fly around for a bit. Yell my name when you finally finish." With that said, she ran out to the backyard, spread her raven black wings, and took off into the morning sky. Krystal knew the land well enough to not get lost. The abandoned house in which they reside in was surrounded by a blanket of thick and tall trees. Surrounding that was the great mountains which streached for miles. She flew with great speed, gazing at the majestic sight of nature. It wasn't until several minutes later that she had noticed a trail of black smoke from within the forest.
  16. M'ar ate greedily. He finished the breakfast and went to the fridge. He pulled out his sunnyD jug and drank. He put the cap back on and looked at lia.
    "Thanks Lia..." He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He continued to change color until he had an idea. He spat out the toothpaste and locked the door.

    He focused and held his breath. He willed his spine to recede. He yelped as his spine skipped bones. "Ahhhh" He knelt over and stretched out to his full 6'1 height. He breathed heavily as he stood. He opened the door and walked out of the bathroom and went to his room. He closed the door behind him. M'ar searched for his Lacrosse stick under all of his dirty clothes. He finally found the stick under his bed. He smiled marveling it's beauty. The stick was Dark gray with purply stripes going down diagonally . The head was dyed a soft tan with Cheetah spots. The mesh/net was charcoal black. He scooped a nearby lacrosse ball and went out the house.

    He picked a wall without windows and started playing wall ball. He threw and caught the ball effortlessly. He switched hands every 5 throws. He noticed a figure flying above. He waved knowing it was Krystal. He hoped she was looking. He dropped his stick and willed his body to disappear. He smiled as vanished and walked in the house. He appeared on the couch turning on the Tv. "Soo...When are we gonna get those berries?"
  17. Rusti looked for M'ar and then blinked once as his left eye started glowing. He then saw everything in green, along with seeing spirits, and energy flowing off of different things on the island. He picked up on M'ar's sent and immediately followed it. He saw him on the couch, but blinked again to see only that M'ar had turned invisible to escape picking berries. "Damn it M'ar get up!" he tacked him off of the couch and lifted him up. "Help out you lazy bum!" he said with an angry tone.
  18. She glanced back at the house. Someone was playing wall ball. Then she figured that it was M'ar waving at her so she smiled and waved back. Focusing back at the trail of smoke, Krystal swooped down closer to it, breaking a few branches along the way. She landed on a large branch which was located behind some leaves, which served as a shield from being detected. Below her was a fairly large tent, big enough to fit a group of people and even more if they wanted. Not too far away, was the campfire, burning some meat as we speak.

    Seemed pretty normal, right? Wrong. Other mutants walked out of the tent, muscles bulging, faces distorted into those of some sort of creature. Following them were scientists, the ones that had made everyone far from normal. Krystal leaned in closer, hopefully getting a jisf of their conversation. The scientist was the first to speak. "Have you found them yet?" The mutants simply nodded their heads. "We got hold of their scent around a week ago. Found where they lived too."
  19. M'ar was attacked as he sat. He was lifted over Rusti. M'ar rolled his body to where he slid off and landed on his feet. He smiled as he turned invisible and circled Rusti. The invisibility strained M'ar's focus. His body started to flicker in and out of invisibility. Little bits of him became visible while others were still clear. He quickly jabbed Rusti in the rib and ducked off. He sprinted out the front laughing. He leaped on the side of the house and crawled up. He willed his skin to act as thin grasping hairs as he climbed up. He found himself on the roof all out of breath. He looked down at his arms and willed himself to become visible. He laid on his back looking up at the sky.

    He watched as Krystal flew somewhere. He yearned to fly....

    (M'ar is a Mortal shapeshifter. Mortal shapeshifter means his bones,skin,hair,can change to any shape at a cost...The cost is focus and health. The limit is imagination but in order for him to be that good it would call for help.)
  20. Rusti coughed as he was jabbed. He coughed a little and held his ribs. He shook his head and just decided to run off and find berries. He gave up on M'ar. He was a lost cause. Rusti started his the ground and started running on all fours into the forest. His left eye glowing looking for traces of berries and maybe even other foods. He jumped high onto a tree and then onto another, he started slowing down when he picked up on the sent of grapes! He had never stumbled over grapes on this island before. He smiled and dropped down to the ground following the sent.

    He eventually found the grapes and smiled widely. He stood up straight and off of all fours. He took the grapes, then out of no where was hoisted up into a net that seemed to dull his powers. "Wh...what the hell???" he said out loud. His claws started to shrink, his special vision started to flicker on and off. He started
    panicking, but for some reason, yelling for help was in the back of his mind. He was trapped, and he was pretty sure it was those damn scientists.