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  1. The land we live upon has been plagued by a disease turning humans into demons. It's flee or fight. Flee to the safe land of the sky world above or stock up on salt, holy water, and iron to disperse the demons. The decision is yours.
    ((Post characters below with name, age, sex, sexuality, physical description, personality, a back story/history, and whether they will fight of flee. The most characters who choose either to fight or flee will be the topic of the rp.))
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  2. name: Kaname
    : Male
    Physical description: (picture attached)
    Personality: Kaname has been a selfish coward all his life.He was totally dependent on the people around him in life.He used their love to him to make him get things done for him.It was only till an unfortunate tragedy took place that kaname decide its time for change.Demons have killed every last person that meant anything to him.He decided its time to change who he was and to stand and fight.
    Fight or Flee: fight
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