Escape to Xylon

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Status of ship upon wake up.

  1. Unscathed

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  2. Slightly Damaged

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  3. Badly damaged

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]31AUG2346:1800 hours Day of launch [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The sounds of bustling engineers and scientists can be easily heard in the hallways as plans, schedules, and data-checks are persistently driven through the database, running all sorts of coding on various things. From estimates of the "Twin Paradox" to more simplistic, but all the more dire options like trajectory and radioactive wave-lengths piercing the ships hull. The mission, to arrive to a planet, seemingly a reasonable place to inhabit, named Xylon56. The ship is named ST9946. Nicknamed Ballistic by her crew due to her unique propulsion techniques. The ship was able to use dark-matter, something discovered quite recently, and mixing it with an assortment of gases, these form the matter, of which the dark-matter consumes in equal, the backlash is a large burst of energy, if released in a thin layer, it will send the ship forward at light speed, and for a long amount of time. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The reason for this mission is due to a disaster at hand. [BCOLOR=transparent]The matter at hand was the destruction of the planet, a cliche in any movie but something that was bound to happen eventually. A blip of sorts was detected in the sun. The sun was reaching a critical, so far unseen stage in where it was growing quite unstable. The cause of which was still unknown. The effects of this was an increase in quantity and size of solar flares. Typically, this could be handled, however, the size of the solar flares was causing the atmosphere to crumble away. This launched off an adventure towards the movement of exploration. Through meticulous searching of the galaxy we have found a planet that is in the, “Goldilocks.” zone, also called circumstellar habitable zone. Sure, we have found plenty of these, but this one was close enough so that we may actually make it. Using a crew of fifty men and overview of space command, each of the men would be sent off on a three year journey in a spacecraft, designated for flight to this planet. Space Command would ensure the spacecraft survived the journey and when they arrived, the crew would set about establishing this planet for living. Hopefully they would survive long enough to make it habitable for the human race. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The men were to take board on the ship before being put into cryosleep. They would remain, suspended in their animation until they arrived and were safely inside the planet's orbit. The voyage would be watched by space command, they would insure the ship wouldn't hit any asteroids or planets as best they could as the crew slept. The voyage would take five years in total to venture out that far, the creation of civilization would take another twenty at the least. The clock was ticking for the planet.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]This is where you fall into place, you are to be one of the fifty crew members, you will have a job, and a use, and you will join this mission in it's utmost haste in hopes of saving the planet. Do be careful not to die before the civilization ends, and put yourself in even more trouble to not lose yourself completely in the insanity if something goes wrong. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Your journey begins waking from cryosleep, with rest of the crew that has survived the mission, please try to survive. Things could go very wrong, very fast.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
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