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What should be the primary threat of the planet?

  1. Sentient Organisms

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  2. Non-Sentient Organisms

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  3. Natural Events

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  4. Yes (All of the above)

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]31AUG2346:1800 hours Day of launch [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The sounds of bustling engineers and scientists can be easily heard in the hallways as plans, schedules, and data-checks are persistently driven through the database, running all sorts of coding on various things. From estimates of the "Twin Paradox" to more simplistic, but all the more dire options like trajectory and radioactive wave-lengths piercing the ships hull. The mission, to arrive to a planet, seemingly a reasonable place to inhabit, named Xylon56. The ship is named ST9946. Nicknamed Ballistic by her crew due to her unique propulsion techniques. The ship was able to use dark-matter, something discovered quite recently, and mixing it with an assortment of gases, these form the matter, of which the dark-matter consumes in equal, the backlash is a large burst of energy, if released in a thin layer, it will send the ship forward at light speed, and for a long amount of time. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The reason for this mission is due to a disaster at hand. [BCOLOR=transparent]The matter at hand was the destruction of the planet, a cliche in any movie but something that was bound to happen eventually. A blip of sorts was detected in the sun. The sun was reaching a critical, so far unseen stage in where it was growing quite unstable. The cause of which was still unknown. The effects of this was an increase in quantity and size of solar flares. Typically, this could be handled, however, the size of the solar flares was causing the atmosphere to crumble away. This launched off an adventure towards the movement of exploration. Through meticulous searching of the galaxy we have found a planet that is in the, “Goldilocks.” zone, also called circumstellar habitable zone. Sure, we have found plenty of these, but this one was close enough so that we may actually make it. Using a crew of fifty men and overview of space command, each of the men would be sent off on a three year journey in a spacecraft, designated for flight to this planet. Space Command would ensure the spacecraft survived the journey and when they arrived, the crew would set about establishing this planet for living. Hopefully they would survive long enough to make it habitable for the human race. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The men were to take board on the ship before being put into cryosleep. They would remain, suspended in their animation until they arrived and were safely inside the planet's orbit. The voyage would be watched by space command, they would insure the ship wouldn't hit any asteroids or planets as best they could as the crew slept. The voyage would take five years in total to venture out that far, the creation of civilization would take another twenty at the least. The clock was ticking for the planet.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]This is where you fall into place, you are to be one of the fifty crew members, you will have a job, and a use, and you will join this mission in it's utmost haste in hopes of saving the planet. Do be careful not to die before the civilization ends, and put yourself in even more trouble to not lose yourself completely in the insanity if something goes wrong. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Your journey begins waking from cryosleep, with rest of the crew that has survived the mission, please try to survive. Things could go very wrong, very fast[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Rules: ( Read these before even making a character. )

    * Follow all the rules, including the general rules.
    * Anything the mods say also counts as a rule that you have to follow.
    * Do not start roleplaying until the mods approve your character.
    * Every member may have up to three characters, but only the active ones may have more, with the approval of the mods.
    * Please follow the format set up for your characters' profiles.
    * These rules may be added to or changed, so please check them every now and then.
    * Be active. If you are inactive, your character will either be deleted or given to somebody else. If you are going on vacation or have another valid reason for absence, please let the mods know beforehand.
    * Do NOT say what other characters are doing, even if you say it indirectly. Example:
    You can NOT say something like this:
    "Leah looked around and Jason staring at her.", unless the person who roleplays Jason said that Jason was staring at Leah.
    * Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability. This is actually very important, because otherwise in the roleplay it can be hard to differentiate between what the character is saying and doing. Do not forget to use quotation marks when the character is talking.
    * Use the third person rather than first. IE: Herzius stares forth at the wall, his mind warped with the insanity that had begun festering inside of his mind long ago.
    * Ask the person's permission before you kill their character.
    * If you have questions, post in the questions topic. The mods will try to answer as soon as possible.
    * Repeated breaking of rules even after being warned will result in being removed from the roleplay.
    * General rules = Common morality.

    Now that those pesky rules are out of the way, lets get down to it. There are 50 possible characters, some of these will be NPCs until they are taken, please notice that all characters must have a proper use, be it protective services, -IE man with gun- chemist, engineer, or construction. You must have a proper use. Also take note that all starting posts will be waking up from cryosleep until I make my next post. When that happens, then the actual rp will begin and NPCs will be taken care of. Simple enough on that notice.


    Command Scout: The command scouts will map everything in the solar system as accurately as possible. This will be done inside the ship. After the solar system is fully mapped, they will move off the ship. Their job is immediate, therefore this is a near essential position. The scouting will take 4-6 days IC of scouting, though, it just requires a single post and then waiting, perhaps talking with other scouts. Notice, this is a good job for three reasons. First, the survival rate, the first days will be the hardest to survive, in essence. The next reason is the fact that the walls and farms will be built, guaranteeing a supply of food and a bit of protection from the outside world. Finally is the fact that they will have access to Tier 3 weaponry, armor, and augments.

    Field Scout: The field scouts will map the land around the decided base camp and eventually the entire continent if the mission succeeds. They will be the first to deploy onto land, armed with Tier 2 weaponry, armor, and augments. They will be dropped with high provisions, mapping systems, and vehicles as well as temporary shelter devices. They will have 5-10 days of the highest risk possible before dropping down into mildly high risk as they continue scouting after their first return to base-camp. This mission is of the highest importance, and therefore will be the most dangerous.

    Mercenary: The Mercenaries will deploy alongside the builders and farmers. They will be assorted into various jobs, including a guard watch on future scouting missions, defending the walls, and defending the builders as they build the walls. They will have a constant high risk as they guard the base and will have the most difficult long time job. They will receive T1 grade weaponry, armor, and augments. They will also have the best access to supplies throughout the time they are alive. Finally, if intelligent life is found and proves to be hostile, they will be the one's to fight back.

    Builders: The builders jobs consist of architectural design, construction, and engineering. Their first job will to build the walls, then later they will build housing for the men who survived before finally building a reliable place of headquarters other than the ship. Buildings will be in constant need to be repaired or simply built, walls will need expansions. The farmers will receive no weapons, but will receive certain augments and armors. The lack of combat will be exchanged with a constant life, low risk, and juicy drama and plot.

    Farmers, Miners, and Foragers: This group is self titled, it's obvious what they will do. The duty they have is to create the farms of which will feed the civilization, to mine the resources needed to fuel it's prosperity, and to forage and hunt all the resources that cannot be produced from mining and farming. this will include woodcutting on the final part. They will not participate in combat except for the foraging and mining class, of which will be in combat periodically. They will have access to Tier 3 weapons, augments, and armor as well as a almost constant food supply.


    T1: Tier 1 is of the highest classification and reserved to those who earn them and those who have proper use of them. It has three settings of semi, burst, and automatic firing modes. The T1 weapons are strong enough to put a 16 inch circumference hole in anything living, T3 armor makes it into a 10 inch hole, T2 a 5 inch, T1 a 3 inch.

    Handgun: MB376c is the T1 handgun. It holds 32 rounds.
    Assault Rifle: MX376c is the T1 assault rifle. It holds 112 rounds.
    Shotgun: RD376c is the T1 shotgun. It holds 24 shells, slugs or pellets.
    Sniper: 376ALN is the T1 sniper rifle. It holds 36 rounds.

    T2: The second tier weaponry is the second class of available weaponry. Their caliber is available in two firing styles, semi, and burst, the assault rifle can reach full automatic, and the handgun is only semi. They can pierce a 8 inch hole into something living, a 6 inch hole into T3 armor, a 3 inch into T2, and maybe an inch into T1 if it pierces and the bullet likely wont exit.

    Handgun:XS42b is the T2 handgun. It holds 24 rounds.
    Assault Rifle: TT42b is the T2 assault rifle. It holds 66 rounds.
    Shotgun: LSq42b is the T2 shotgun. It holds 16 shells, slug or pellet.
    Sniper: SSL42b is the T2 Sniper. It holds 22 rounds.

    T3: The third tier weaponry is the weakest of all the weapon tiers. It is limited to semi automatic and they also do not use bullets, much rather they use a form of projectile that is a formed blast of highly pressurized air. At a distance, it might disperse, but when in range, it can deal damage. An unarmored individual at point blank will result in death. With T1 armor the damage is the same, but with T3 it may only break ribs due to the fact that it is more solid than the other armor forms.

    Handgun: Sx352 is the name of the T3 handgun. It holds 18 shots before a 30 minute recharge is needed
    Assault Rifle: Tl19 is the T3 rifle as well as the only one of which can fire automatically. It holds 42 shots before a 30 minute recharge is needed.
    Shotgun: QS12 is the T3 shotgun. It holds 20 rounds before a 30 minute recharge is needed.
    Sniper: S93 is the T3 Sniper, as well as the only weapon that uses plasma rather than the pressurized air. The plasma ball results in high blunt damage, but very little puncture ability. It holds 100 rounds before a new barrel is needed due to the high residue and melting takes effect. Within 1000 rounds a new core is needed.

    Grenade: The grenade explodes in a 30 foot death radius due to the high amount of shrapnel, but the blast radius is within 12 feet.
    Gas Grenade: A grenade releasing deadly toxins, those who suffer under it's effects for more than 12 seconds will die from a shutdown of all their muscles, those who stay for 8 or longer will suffer muscle damage.
    Smoke Grenade: A smoke grenade of which blinds those from seeing within or out of it for 40 feet, those within it's blast radius will suffer an extreme heat of 112 degrees, enough to burn but not enough to die from, this is to prevent infrared sensors from identifying a target.
    Launcher: A rocket launcher of which explodes in a 40 feet kill radius, destroying buildings and things around them in a wide display.
    Simple Blade: A knife can be given to any individual who asks for it, it is made of a plasma material and can cut through most non-metal materials with ease, a sort of safety is activated by simply disabling the knife via button on the base of the pommel.
    Complex Blade: This combat style of blade can be given to people with T1 or higher access, it is made of a plasma and light material and can cut through most materials, including body suits with ease.

    T1: The first tier armor is titled LSM12. It is made of a graphene, tungsten, and titanium alloy. It is made in the form of a body suit and protects highly against projectiles meant to pierce, though, external protection is to be advised for blunt damage. It is also highly resistant to heat damage. With addition to this, an optional titanium and tungsten alloy plating can be added to the torso, elbows, shoulders, knees, and helmet if requested by a mercenary.
    T2: The second tier armor is titled 829B12. It is made of a steel and titanium alloy and is also a body suit, though an additional steel plating is added on the torso, elbows, knee pads, helmet, and shoulder pads are added to protect against blunt damage.
    T3: The third tier armor is titled Sh293. It is made of a steel and titanium alloy in the form of the same plates that are used on the other two armor types, a body suit is not readily available and since the plates are weaker than the suits, this includes the highest risk to higher tier weapons, but the most protection to low tier.

    Augments: 2 Augments each with few exception.
    Cranial Augments:

    Augmented Eye: This augmentation will replace one eye with a mechanical orb. The pupil of which is red whilst the rest of the eye is chrome. The eye can move and it has up to a 50 foot zoom as well as night vision, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrum. Furthermore it can be used to target individuals with ease.

    Augmented Ear: This augmentation will replace the inner ear with a mechanical canal, enhancing clarity of sounds and how far away one can hear. Furthermore it can be used to access radio transmission so that one does not need a radio to talk to the headquarters or other people.

    Torso Augments:
    Augmented Heart: A heart pump can be implemented everywhere in the body and serve as an alternate heart if the heart is damaged. This is a good back up, but if it is destroyed beforehand, it's almost useless. Note, the location of this must be noted if you have one.

    Augmented Lungs: The lung augmentation makes does two things, first, it coats the lungs in a flexible graphene augment to protect them from being punctured, another augmentation includes a more efficient converter, of which can convert most gases into O2.

    Now that that's all done, here are the templates. Feel free to add things to them if you want.

    Nationality: ( Black, white, Asian, Latino. )
    Age: (No one, under any exception, can be under 21. )
    Appearance: ( General description before details. )
    Face: (Facial structure.)
    Brow: (Optional)
    Nose: (Optional)
    Body: (Optional)
    Other: (Scars, tattoos, etc.)
    Type of Attack: ( What are your styles? Are you aggressive or coward-like? )
    Job: ( Scientist, engineer, that sort of thing. )
    Character Concept: (Personality.)
    Histo- Just kidding, this doesn't matter when you have no chance of anything happening to you based on an old event. This is like being reborn baby.
    Links: (For putting face claims and that sort of thing. Do not, under any circumstance, put pictures of weapons or augments without messaging me first. )

    Feel free to add a field if you want, more is usually better, but this is just the general basis to follow.

    When five characters are signed up, not including my own, we will begin.

    Example Character Sheet:

    Name: Stephen Heinrich
    Nationality: White
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Stephen is a rather tall man with a muscular physique, though, more lean than bulky. He is accompanied by a rather attractive face, one of which assists the rumor
    that he is a womanizer, though, his cold silver eyes seem to counter that, making him look more intimidating than he is without provocation or need to become that way.

    Height: 6,5"
    Weight: 210 lbs or 95 kg

    Face: Stephen has a slightly angular face, making a steeper jaw line than most, but of course is accompanied by high cheek bones and a thin appearance. He is quite beautiful
    in a way, though, the right side of his face is scarred horribly. His right face is accompanied with disfiguring scars, wrapping around the back of his head and his neck, to
    which is why he wears his hair at longer lengths than most, preferring to hide the scars that cover his right face from the incident that occurred when he was working on his
    aircraft when he was a pilot.

    Hair: Stephen's hair is lengthy and a silver-white tone with patches of gray and black. Hanging down about 3 inches past his chin in a messy, careless fashion it would seem, his
    hair effectively covers his face and the scars that accompany it, choosing to hide them rather than express them.

    Eyes: Stephen's right eye was all but destroyed in the accident, and so, it was replaced with the augmented eye. His untouched eye is a bright blue or a shining gray tone, almost
    silver, though, not quite reaching it due to the storm clouds that are gray.

    Brow: Stephen's remaining brow is feminine, arched shallowly in a convex like fashion, though, not quite completeing it's semi-circle like fashion. The brow itself is quite thin,
    and is a tone of silver-gray, similar to how his hair is.

    Nose: Stephen's nose is assembled in a haughty fashion, steeped upward slightly in a, "Celestial," fashion, a less common trait among men.

    Body: Stephen is thin, but toned, as would be expected of his profile. His muscle is symmetrical, and well defined, though, not as large as other men, his bicep bulging out
    in a sort of tennis ball style rather than being overtly broad.

    Other: Stephen's right face and head is littered with deep scarring, disfiguring his would be attractive face with burns and cuts, though, his left face is perfectly fine
    except for a scar that touches along his left brow, measuring about an inch in length. His disfiguring scars extend down his right face to his neck, shoulder, and even around
    his chest, arm, and back.

    Augments: Augmented Eye, Augmented Ear, and Augmented Lungs


    Handguns - An Sx352 handgun is carried on his hip, for use of preventing crime, where as inside of his jacket are two MB376c Handguns, for protection.
    Sniper Rifle - On his back he holds a 376ALN, for primary use as he is typically on the backlines, taking care of those infront of him.
    Assault Rifle - Very rarely will Stephen equip the MX376c assault rifle into battle due to it's shorter range and lower accuracy.
    Complex Blade - Always, on his left hip, opposite of the pistol's holster is his complex knife, ready to be used at any time.

    Armor: Stephen wears LSM12 armor at all times as an under-suit, of which covers all of his body but his head and throat, and he always has the helmet close by, on rare occasion
    will he wear the plating needed to help against blunt damage, but, when he does, it is typically a very serious matter.

    Feet: Stephen primarily wears black combat boots, meant for ease of travel.
    Legs: Stephen will usually wear black or blue jeans, of which are made out of a Kevlar like material, though, in a thin coating.
    Torso: Stephen will wear a white T-shirt beneath his black leather jacket, of which is long-sleeved with a decent collar.

    Type of Attack: Stephen has studied the ancient style of Krav-Maga as well as more modern styles, of which incorporate more serious means of slaughter. He is a counter-offensive fighter, choosing to react rather than do, though, he can become an aggressor if needed, but would typically resort to a weapon before that. He is very resourceful.

    Job: Ship Captain

    Character Concept: Stephen is a distant person, preferring to be alone than to be around people, including his crew, however, he is also a very experienced and expert
    tactician, planner, and leader. Especially in times of need. He is typically kind, though, simply because he chooses to be, his mind set however is cold, foreign, and distant
    to those around him. Regardless of his trust for them.

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  2. Name: Cedric Arno Köhler
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Face: A squarish face with a proud chin
    Hair:He has his head shaved on the sides, with hair on the top in a fad hairstyle
    Eyes: Dark brown, nearly black
    Brow: Bushy eyebrows
    Nose: Very wide
    Body: Tall,muscular but not like a body builder.
    Other:a sleeve of tattoos up his left arm. A crucifix tattooed on his back
    Weapons:TT42b,XS42b, complex blade.
    Armor:T2 armor
    Clothing: A simple white t-shirt and brown pants and boots
    Type of Attack: ( What are your styles? Are you aggressive or coward-like? )
    Job:Field Scout
    Character Concept: A quiet type of guy, keeps to himself mostly. He has horrible social skills and suffered bullying as a kid. He doesn't like to get himself involved in any trouble and he has decent morals.
    Histo- Just kidding, this doesn't matter when you have no chance of anything happening to you based on an old event. This is like being reborn baby.
  3. Close, but it seems a bit, incomplete. You didn't fill out a few fields. And, extra details are always welcome.

    We are now accepting again, in hopes of actually beginning the role-play in full.
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