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Good Morning New York!!!

The Time is [static] here on this beautiful day. We have clear skies with nothing but a sign of sunny sunny sunny! Today's high is leveling at about 80 degrees with about 24% humidity, so you guys should be just fine in leisure wear. Low point has us at 57 with a clear sky in the night time as well. All forecasts are looking good as the summer comes to a close, so every one in school can still get out and about and bask in the nice weather if you're up for it, nothing but beautiful sunshine on the horizon for New York City and most of the state...

nothing but beautiful sunshine on the horizon for New York City and most of the state...

nothing but beautiful sunshine on the horizon for New York City and most of the state...

nothing but beautiful sunshine on the horizon--



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[fieldbox="Faith, hotpink, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]


Unbelievable chaos ensues around all of New York City. Vast cries fill the urban air with fury and rage. The clatters of noises and the still of death intudes the airways. Blood, limbs, and organs litter the Big Apple with an unprecedented tone of morbid death. Swarms upon swarms of people rush in a multitude of directions, as the blending of the abundance of wails meets the panic on the worn and tattered faces of every individual that exists in this dark fray. This unexpecting nightmare to behold upon the world. Some people in the masses run with full force, screaming for help, or loved ones....just to see the light of day one more minute past the next being beside them....some limp with a cold stare of different eyes. Their shrieks and voices pale and faded from the brink of this chatoic calamity. They reach out towards the others, longing for something. Distant explosions, shattering glass, gunfire, and yells invade all around New York City for an endless amount of distance and time. The sky is a pale but azure blue, welcoming the soon to be dark sky into this abysmal notion of a life changing event. Bodies fall from the sky from vast altitudes, as splatters of red and the snapping of bones impact with the concrete, mangled and ripped anatomies flooding the streets as if they were raindrops. In the vastness of this terrifying reality lies a girl in the midst of it all. Not moving, unbudged. With a dirty face of will and drive, her eyes lock on to something in the masses of the crowd. She remains there staring, zoned out to the horror around her, all for this one, discrete object. That girl looking into the masses....'s me.

????: "Faith!!! What are you doing!? MOVE!!! FAITH!!!" *raises rifle*

-------------------------------------------------------SIX HOURS EARLIER------------------------------------------------------

A loud alarm breaches into my eardrums. The sunlight beams through the curtain and right into my closed eyes as I squint to the intense illumination before me. I open my eyes and turn over to my iPhone to see that it's 12:02 PM. Crap. I'm late for the photo shoot, and I'm supposed to go see my mom at the hospital sometime today also so now my plans are getting bunched up. I didn't even want to check my messages. Marcucio was going to have a fit....and Kanine was probably wondering what I was up to. I didn't sleep until 3:30 last night, up watching movies and Skyping Kanine. But oh well, this was the first time I was EVER late for anything besides class. Freshman year was a breeze I made the Dean's List and I actually got a role for a short film. But I want the big screen, the big time....and Basketball wasn't bad either we ...well we made it to the playoffs. I loved sports, but if I had to choose between that and acting/modeling....well....wait why am I rambling I'm late!!!

I jump up and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I look at myself in the mirror with that same, ambitious look. I began humming as I started to notice my Roommie Scarlet wasn't here. She ran track with me, and it's a Saturday in the start of the summer....where would she go without me? I wipe my face off and head back into the room and I start to throw on my NYU team outfit and I grab my purse. I was already late for my ESPN cover photo so I'd make up my bed and such later. I grab my wallet, keys, and student ID and head out, locking the door with my phone in hand. Walking to the elevator in my dorm, I check all my text messages:

From: 646-493-4322
- 'Hey this is Marcucio with ESPN, we're expecting you soon?' - 12:01PM

From: Kanine - 'Babe! wyd...?' - 11:14AM

From: Scar - 'Decided to let you sleep, going to get my car boo' - 10:45AM

From: Ben - 'Hey, wanna get breakfast?' - 10:22AM

I reply Marcucio and rush to press the elevator button: 'Yes I'm so sorry I got caught up I'll be there in literally about 3 minutes'

Just woke up and already this was shaping up to be another long, busy day in the life of Faith Rucker. So much I had to do today. I had to go to the hospital where mom worked and get this volunteer application filled out, and then after this meeting of course I had to go to a team meeting if it wasn't cancelled. Jeez my life. It was only the summer, with classes about to start right around the corner I knew I had to get my affairs in order, heck not everyone could be like my dad or brother in the military making what they called a 'real difference'. Everyone had some sort of fancy or admirable thing that they did....except for the girl going to school for performing arts. Never a day went by I didn't hear some type of pressure to find a real occupation or just focus on basketball. Guess they couldn't stand me going to the film industry thinking I'd do a sex scene with someone. Funny how people tend to ignore what you want despite you having a genuine enjoyment for it. Seems like the world is so backwards and going into chaos more and more each day...



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-Bzzz. Bzz. Bzzz.-
Belle awoke to her phone crashing on the floor, giving a soft groan as she rolled over and looked at the flashing light of her alarm clock stating it was 5 am, she didn't have to be up and to her internship for another three hours so she couldn't imagine who would have thought this was a good time to call. Begrudgingly she picked up her phone and squinted a bit as the bright light was unforgiving on her eyes, her mother and her picture from the farm flashed above the words mom and Belle cleared her throat as she pressed the green button and slid it over, putting the phone to her ear.

"Do you have any idea what time it is..."

Her mother's voice came in, bright and cheerful on the other end, "Sweetheart, you're getting city lazy already. I've already fed the horses and started breakfast by now."

Belle couldn't help but let out a laugh at her mom's accusation. "There's no horses to feed here mom and I miss you too.."

Knowing that this was going to be a long conversation, Belle got up out of bed and gave a soft stretch before swinging her legs over and getting up out of the comfort of blankets and pillows to start a pot of coffee.

-----7 hours later around noon-----

It was almost lunch time on Bella's first day of her internship. So far she had been thrown into a mixed world of confusion and hustle that a small town girl like her would take some getting used to. She found she had at least dressed the part right, wearing a black pencil skirt, white blouse and her hair up in a bun with simple black heels, she blended into the office like camouflage with her outfit at least but Bella's clumsiness had brought unwanted stares as she fussed with the paper copier and the whispers and laughter at the new girl. She could see this internship was already going to be a difficult transition for the country girl with the southern accent that stuck out like a sore thumb no matter how hard she tried.

A little mousy girl approached Bella with a soft smile as she pushed up her glasses with her forefinger. "Ahem, Miss Huffington?"

Bella picked up her papers from the copier and pushed the hair that had fallen in the chaos of figuring the machine out back behind her ear she looked at the girl with a confused gaze, wondering how she knew her name. "Yes?"

The girl smiled, seemingly satisfied she had found the right person. "The boss would like for you to run a coffee errand before the lunch meeting, these are the orders. Be careful not to mess them up, they are quite particular about their coffee."

Bella switched the papers over to rest on her left arm as she took the paper extended to her and looked at the page long, very specific coffee order and attached to it a black card that she had only heard of but never seen before. "Of course." So this was Bella's big internship, her big important job, an errand girl for the big corporate men of the building, she sighed and realized she did not know where the coffee shop was but as she looked up, the mousy girl had already made her way down the hall at quite an impressive speed.

Bella figured it was up to chance now, not wanting to chase the girl down, she headed towards the elevator to get the large order of coffee before the meeting started.​


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He hates everything. The way the room looks, the way it smells of tattered books and mothballs, the way its cream paint is peeling onto his wrinkled sheets, the way the sun shines onto his caramel skin with a warm hello. He absolutely hates it, but it's the way of life; the cards he has been dealt. If it means meeting eyes with a spider glaring at him from the corner of his tiny bedroom, then so be it, at least he's alive. He's not slaughtering families for failing to remember their last payment, he's not displacing jaws or removing finger nails, he's.. living. The days go by and he gets older, working his ass off to at least make himself seem the slightest bit of normal. But will he ever achieve it? That is the question. Johnny-boy, oh sweet as molasses and smooth as cream, is tough as nails and as harsh as charcoal -- maybe he wasn't meant for this world. This time, this place. He was raised as a pawn, dispensable, unchanging, and now here he is, alone and struggling to find himself as a knight on this large chess board.

His time will come, he thinks, eventually rather than never.

The dark-haired male rolls over onto his stomach lazily, feeling as though the ceiling wasn't pretty enough for his chocolate peepers and averts his gaze outside his scratched window, watching people walk to and fro across the sidewalk. Business men, single mothers, college kids -- all sorts, and out of them all, not a single image of himself being snugged in there. Maybe in his uniform, but certainly not in his normal attire. Ruthless, dangerous they would mutter, furrowing brows and crinkling noses at his ripped jeans and unwelcoming expressions. A wild-boy with no place to go. A constant reminder he was who he was and his past-life being painted on his skin like an art show.

He's heard it all.

Except, despite working as a cute little delivery boy for a family-run Brazilian restaurant, he still deals drugs. I mean, anything for a little cash, right? While he has used them before, he mainly uses them to earn a little grounding. He knows people, hears things, remembers faces; so why not give back to the community that has forsaken him so? There's nothing more exciting than some pigs sniffing down his neck for the goodies. It's not entirely his fault he finds joy in running amok, he was born that way.

Sliding out of bed, Johnny manages to find his uniform and slips it on with ease, allowing a few drawn out yawns to escape here and there. Today was a pretty average day, just as it was every other day. Do a few deliveries, stop at a couple flats to drop off some goods, gather the cash, finish up work and come home. Easy enough, right? Everyone seemed to be paying their half on time so he didn't have to beat the shit out of anyone, sad as it sounded, but today was going to go as planned.

"You've only got a couple orders left, Johnny." The manager said, eyes half closed and nearly covered in sweat. Although the place hadn't been as busy as other days, it still seemed like things had been a blur. The male managed to rack in a few hundred from the treats he sold to a few regulars, and still had time to deliver his food, completely warm and untouched. While he did have to whisper a few threats to the crackheads down the street, bearing gums and fangs at the possibility of them not being able to pay the next week, he managed to sheathe his claws, no bruises no blood. Not yet.

There was always next time.

It was only noon, he'd figured he be out all day carrying neat packages of hearty moqueca and feijoada, but the day was halfway over. The thought of spending his "well-earned cash" had his fingers itching. "We're closing at noon, business is slow today." She said, accent thick, almost as thick as his but you could pick out the sweet Brazilian roots from her tight syllables. She had been here in the states for a while, but still continued clutching onto her old ways, much like himself but, he had better shit to worry about. Life wasn't all shits and giggles. "Stuff is ready in the back."

No more words had to be said and Johnny-boy was off, shirt neatly tucked in with hair slicked up and hands full of delicious delights. Three more houses of food to deliver and two more people to deal to. Seemed easy enough. Stuffing the bags into the back of his oh-so-wonderfully colored moped, red to be exact, he hopped on and was off, dodging wandering pedestrians and screeching taxis of the mid-noon rush of New York streets.
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