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  1. New York City.

    The Big Apple, the concrete jungle. Dreams are made, stars are born. Sights are seen, and lives change daily. From the liveliest lights and scene of Times Square, to the back streets and neighborhoods of the Manhattan, Harlem, Midtown, Hell's Kitchen, etc. These are the societies that much of the world would deem as the capital of interest. The desired. Excluding the filthy streets and urban emissions, the skies are usually clear and the life is vibrant and festive. But today is something you didn't sign to live for. Today was something unforetold in this storybook you called a life. Whatever you were doing, you will always remember that moment before it all changed, before the world went into chaos and damnation. And among all placed of places...NYC would serve as a ground zero yet again to the most unthinkable, gruesome, unfathomed event of blood and death no revolution or war could ever dare to embrace.

    For today, you must escape a forced reality. Your last reality.

    - SEX/SMUT ONLY IF ALL RPers are 18+, if not then FADE TO BLACK / PM ONLY --- but not mandatory, but WILL happen at some points so long as you stay true to the gritty, surreal story that is the Walking Dead. Any and Everything goes in this rp. Anything.

    - Be ready for sacrifice. Surely you can't think there will be a happy go lucky story 24/7 and no bad endings will occur? You must be willing to accept death, loss, abandonment, etc. That goes for all participants (yupp, me too)

    - No metagaming (carrying 102 guns in inventory, can't die, killing 298 walkers alone, etc)

    - Bring something
    ORIGINAL AND FUN to the table with characters and stories! That same reaction you get when watching/playing TWD you should get while rp'ing this! ^_^

    -Based and set in the SAME universe as Kirkman's The Walking Dead TV Show.

    If your character becomes non-frequent in posting, THEY WILL DIE.

    Be ready for sacrifice, death, and chaos at every turn. THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE RP, IT WILL GET SURREAL!

    This rp will be as dark, cut-throat, and gripping and the series and show so it will be pretty intense. Of course you may chose alignment and persona of your character, just know EVERY choice comes with a consequence.
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  2. -----------CHARACTER SHEET----------
    Name: Faith Olivia Rucker
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Occupation/job: Visual & Performing Arts Student at NYU;
    NYU Basketball (Point Guard - #25)


    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Hobbies/Interests: Sports, exercise, comic books, acting, modeling, video games, fashion, LOVES to eat/cook, stunts, combat/martial training, nightlife, horror movies.

    Traits(5): Loyal/Honest/Intelligent/Strong-Willed/Adaptable
    Flaws(5): Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Domineering/Aloof

    aubria11.jpg aubria7.jpg

    Bio: Faith was originally born in Kansas City, Missouri. After her father, Micheal Rucker retired from the U.S. Special Forces, he was offered a prime job at the United Stated Military Academy at West Point. He moved there with Faith and her mother (his wife), Cassandra Rucker. Her mother Cassandra works at NY Presbyterian as a virologist and biochemical field manager. Faith moved when she was 16 and graduated from West Nyack High School in the top 20% of her class of 800+ students. She was raised on both sides of her childhood: simple tea parties and dolls with mom, and then sports games and outdoors trips with dad. Her and her brother have a real twin like chemistry and are extremely close. More of a shy girl at a young age, but grew out of her shell once she moved to NY. She still has a southern accent that makes her stand out to citizens of New York, She played basketball all four years of high school and went on to win a state title her junior and senior year, granting her a scholarship to NYU. She started her freshman year and went to the NCAA playoffs 2nd round. She has an older brother Mike Rucker (21) that joined the Air Force out of high school, working in Colorado as an aviation resource manager. She's enjoying her summer in NYC taking classes and aspiring to become a model/actress.

    ...but of course none of this will matter for what she's about to face...

    • Extremely Athletic and toned; nimble, agile, and quick on her feet with pretty good reflexes and stamina.
    • From the last point, her hands, body control, and language are extremely precise and has great concentration.
    • Apt in usage of theatrics and mild psychology techniques, capable of persuasion and talking her way out of things.
    • Knows a good bit of Krav Maga taught by her father, but she doesn't believe in open violence.
    • Extremely intelligent, she tested an IQ of 133
    • Knows how to operate some military communications learning from her father.
    • Speaks Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.
    • Knowledgeable in both Chemistry and Biology, she minors in biology also, which attributes to mild medical prowess.
    • Very accurate and skilled with pistols, but not much experience with anything else.
    • Knows how to manipulate accents and personalities, since she's an aspiring actress.
    • She knows just what to say in a heated moment to bring peace or compromise.
    • Her nerd side gives her random information knowledge and quirky facts.
    • Her love for cooking gives her proficiency over food and nutritional issues.
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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Name: Dominic " Dom" Harley
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 127lbs
    Blood Type: B negative
    College: Syracuse University
    Occupation/Job: Syracuse Basketball , Shooting Guard #24
    + Goofy
    +Open Minded
    + Loyal
    - Short tempered
    - Selfish at times


    ( Will finish :))
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  4. @Kronas17 you may have to choose just one, I'm supposed to have quite a few coming in.
  5. 1 Okay no prob, lol it was a hard debate but I stuck with that CS

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  6. Name: Jezabelle Anne Huffington
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Blood Type: A+
    Occupation/job: Farmer/Horse Rancher
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Hobbies/Interests: Riding horses, martial arts, hunting (Mainly with a bow and arrow), being active, bonfires, dancing, drawing
    Trait: Kind/Convincing/Innocent/Honest/Loyal
    Flaws:Shy/Stubborn/Non trusting/Non adaptable/Short tempered

    Appearance: screen-shot-2014-01-29-at-2-40-34-am.png

    Bio: Belle was raised on the fabric of good ol' country living by her father and mother in a small town in Tennessee. She lived the life of a farmer's daughter her entire life, the only time she ever left home is when she competed for archery and barrel racing in the rodeo. She remained in the same school and same home her entire life. She was the definition of a country girl but when it came to what she wanted, Belle found more and more that she felt the need to see the world and change her environment and get out of her "one horse" town. After much deliberating and convincing of herself and her parents, Belle decided it was best to take a summer long trip to the big apple. Applying for an internship in New York City and accepted after months of waiting, Jezabelle found herself in New York City for the summer with a business internship with a large company.

    Skills: archery/self defense/hunting experience/trap building knowledge/survival and camping experience/knowledge of fire arms/knows how to cook with game meats
  7. NAME: Johnathan "Johnny" Ji Lee
    AGE: 23
    HEIGHT: 6'3"
    WEIGHT: 172 lbs
    OCCUPATION/JOB: Ex-criminal, delivery boy
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual

    HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Late nights, rain, sleeping, singing, spicy foods, any type of music, drawing, running, sports, fighting, smoking, action and horror films

    TRAITS(5): Daring / Honest / Confident / Spirited / Open-Minded
    FLAWS(5): Hot-Headed / Reckless / Harsh / Detached / Resentful



    BIOGRAPHY: Unsatisfying childhood? Probably. Forced education in crime and lawbreaking? Most definitely. Johnny was inducted into his families trade the very day he was born, directly centered in the middle of it all in Manhattan, New York. There's no escaping your family when they're just a few inches under your skin, whispering feverishly in your ear that what you're doing is the right thing and will always be the right damn thing. This was his childhood. He breathed violence through his nose, expelled confusing animosity through his mouth. Why would he batter an entire family for money? He wasn't exactly sure, but he knew they were always right. Mainly composed of a loose group of criminals, they slowly began organizing themselves into associations that over time became more fitted. The family began to spread their wings, extending their bloody paws across the city. Fearless, careless, brutal; he had seen it all. Racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, fraud, hijacking, murders, merciless beatings, pier thefts, and fencing. He lived for the family, and that was that. Any doubts were soon extinguished, stubbed by loyal heels and conversations that started with: "Listen, kid, here's only one law in business; murderers come with a smile, watch your back and do it for the family."

    Every new tide, every new wave, Johnny allowed himself to stick with it. It flowed through him and settled on him like a thin layer of dust. Violence perched on his shoulders, digging it's talons into his skin and for once in his life, he didn't bother shaking it off. Hurting people became a feeling he couldn't explain, even now. Human life came secondary, and was treated less than cattle. This enigma is one that took him over and shut him down circuit-by-circuit. Emptiness, denial, rejection. Dive into the thralls of it, however, he realized it's just too much, too much feeling. Too heavy, too local, too personal. Life became a constant soap opera and he was just watching it from the sidelines, allowing things to happen without interfering. All the little things and feelings from the movie he was now watching in his head made it so he couldn't distinct one thing from another. It all ran together into a kaleidoscope-blur of colors, scarring him, changing him. Someone had to pay, someone always had to pay. It was creation, it was legacy, it was their dynasty. It was what it was and it still stung behind closed doors.

    How he managed, even he doesn't know, but he escaped his family -- made them believe he'd died in a gutter somewhere. Murdered in the streets, kidnapped for pay, who knows. He ran as far away as he could without telling anyone, leaving behind the family he considered his life. New name, new face, new life. They would drag him back kicking and screaming, they wouldn't understand his need to escape. He was finally alone, finally free.

    • Very fit for his age, well-toned, high stamina -- running from those trying to murder you came in handy.
    • Has excellent memory, remembers names, faces as well as locations fairly easily off the top of his head.
    • Knows how to lie unbelievably well, and his indifference goes hand-in-hand with this.
    • Self defense is second-nature to him, learned it from a young age to keep himself alive.
    • Knows the ins and outs of most buildings, get in - get shit - get out, being an ex-criminal has its upsides.
    • Hot-wiring as well as fixing cars is fairly simple to him. Give him the tools and give him some time.
    • Fluent in Portuguese, and knows a little Spanish here and there.
    • Used to harsh conditions and getting little to-no sleep, but can sleep just about anywhere.
    • Very accurate with firearms but prefers using melee, it's more fun that way.
    • While he does have a big mouth, he has excellent hearing.
    • Tough as nails, most of the time he doesn't even realize he's injured.
  8. Awesome. Time to make the "old" guy. I was only going to do this if there wasn't one of these characters, but as it seems we don't have one yet, I'll make the hardcore survivalist person. Honestly, you need at least one if you want the group to have a realistic chance at making it any amount of time.
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  9. How far along into the shit hitting the fan will this story start?
  10. Beginning,like hours before it all starts
  11. Alright cool. So my idea for a police officer character will work quite well then.
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  12. Everyone's characters look great so far! Thanks for being a part of this! Can't wait to make this epic with you guys.
  13. Judging by the votes up top we're going to be bandits :/ >_< lol

    That will be an interesting plot line for a group of fairly benevolent people
  14. Well, my character will not condone such behavior. He'll probably actually just start arresting fools. Now, if we were to make it a couple of months or so and civilization has started to crumble more fully, he might change his tune a little.
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  15. Everyone still in? Waiting for @Potatocat CS and then we can start IC
  16. I'll have one up tonight.
  17. Sorry.. I lied. It'll be up tomorrow. It took me longer than I thought to change the brakes on my car, so I didn't have as much time to finish the character.
  18. Name: Robert Kotz
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Blood Type: AB+
    Occupation/job: New York Police Officer

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Hobbies/Interests: Shooting, fishing, working out, sportsball, martial arts

    Traits(5): Professional, Well-trained, Wise, Quick witted, Loyal
    Flaws(5): Stubborn, Naturally assumes leadership, Untrusting, A bit of a prick, Lawful

    Appearance: Muscular and well built. Short brown hair. Clean shaven square jaw. Chocolatey brown eyes.

    Bio: WIP

    Skills: Rigorous police training (This encompasses a lot of things…), skilled marksman, in amazing physical condition.
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  19. Before I make the IC is everyone still here and ready for this?
  20. Here!
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