Escape the humans!

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  1. Description: The idea is we're all pets with an irresponsible owner(s), living in the same house. We escape, but no matter the species, we have to stick together to survive in the streets, and not be taken in by another human, as they may be just as bad or worse. You can be any animal commonly kept as a pet, so long as you don't stand out too much.
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    Name: Ginger
    Species: domestic/fancy rat
    Gender: female
    Appearance: black hooded pattern (black around the head and neck, with a stripe from head to tail. The rest is white)
    I crawled around the cage, the wire hurting my feet. They could've at least put in newspapers! I started chewing on those bland pellets. They were all I got to eat, and I was suffering from malnutrition. I chewed on the cage instead. I'd die before I could chew through it enough! I needed to get out of here. My cage was next to a window, but I was much too hot.
  2. Name: Lady & Prince
    Species: Bengal Housecat and Kitten
    Gender: Female & Male
    Appearance: Leopard-like spots, athletic build, long tail, wide green eyes/Leopard-like spots, small, long tail, wide blue eyes.

    I was positively agitated. The human kit had pulled my tail once again, and despite my pleas, the larger ones had refused to put it back in it's cage. I turned and looked up at Ginger, who was busy trying to chew on the bars of her own cage. Prince rushed around at my feet, chasing something. He finally pounced on it. "What did you catch, Love?" I asked. cocking my head to one side. "Nothing, Mother. I don't have anything to catch, so I pretended to chase something." I sighed. "You poor dear." I replied, beginning to groom him.
  3. Giving up, I watched the human pull Lady's tail. Then the cage was opened, and my tail was pulled too! I was hanging by it, from the human's hand. "Aaaahhhhhowoooouch!" I screamed, and grabbed my feet. My claws hadn't been trimmed, and they hurt my feet that already stung with pain from the cage floor. "HEEEELLLLP!" I was dropped onto the floor from thrashing about so much. I tried to run for it, but I was pounced upon by another of those terrible hands. I was lifted up unsteadily and painfully. "I'm not going to hurt you." The human said in a gentle voice, but I couldn't understand what they meant.
  4. I cried out as my tail was pulled yet again. And Prince, he was being picked up by another human! I turned and watched as yet another grabbed Ginger by her tail, dropped her, and grabbed her once more. I hissed loudly, pouncing on the human that had so roughly grabbed her. Prince escaped the human's grip, so I bit into his scruff and scampered into the kitchen, leaping onto one of the ledges. I watched in fear as the human grabbed at Ginger again.
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    As I was grabbed again, I didn't struggle, but as soon as I was set down, I bit the human's hand and made a wild leap to the floor. I ran to the kitchen, where Lady and Prince were sitting on a ledge. I tried to squeeze under the door, but I was too large. I scrabbled up a curtain and sat on the curtain rod, constantly moving because I kept slipping. An alarmed-looking human came in the room.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.