Escape the Caves

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  1. Okay, my bio.

    NAME: Lyn Natter (I dunno, I suck at names.)
    POSITION IN GROUP: Rock tester
    PERSONALITY: Lyn is a very energetic person. She hates being idle, and can't sit still for long. She always has to be doing something, and under pressure, she will become nervous and start talking and will keep herself busy with work. She is very sarcastic, and she loves climbing and exploring. She is very social and is a chatterbox, and never seems to run out of strange facts. She is actually very intelligent, and has read many books. She knows a lot about caves, and believes that the collapse that has trapped them wasn't caused by natural purposes.
    BIO: Lyn has always been fascinated by caves ever since she visited one when she was little. She was a very good rock climber, but after a while, got bored with constantly going up. Then she had the idea of cave exploring. She met the group when exploring her first cave, and got hooked. Now she is with the group, and has proved herself useful in many instances when climbing up or down first and securing ropes.
  2. So, here's the plot discussion. Current plot: A group of friends get trapped in a cave system and are trying to get out with only five days worth of supplies. Any ideas?
  3. Are you still going to continue this? I would like to join if you are
  4. Yes, I'm going to continue this. I was gone for about two weeks, so sorry, but yeah, I'll be watching the thread with stalker eyes.
  5. Here is where we will discuss what will happen next for the roleplay. So we have a whole bunch of ideas and variables to play with. But mainly, this is what we will talk about:

    How will our explorers escape the cave system, and what will happen next?

    Link to roleplay:
  6. NAME: Natalie Torres
    POSITION IN GROUP: Medic, helps with equipment checking too
    PERSONALITY: She's a bit quiet, but only because she almost always finds herself at a loss for words. Slightly eccentric, sort of lost in thought often, she's a first timer who finds caves spectacular because she's read about them in her favorite novels. She's easily amazed by just anything and alternates from being really gullible to very sharp with detail.
    BIO: She's into magic and anything magical in her eyes, which is 99% her reason for going caving. She followed Lyn [if that's okay] into joining the group. Her extensive knowledge of first aid comes from various sources.
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  7. Okay, so far we have two characters made. Lyn Natter, and Natalie Torres. I'm going to go ahead and put two other default characters into the group that anybody can control, because we need more than two members. If someone else decides to join, they are welcome to play the default characters. Their names will be Mike Haynes and Terrin Kent.
  8. Will any of us die? :O
  9. Maybe one of the default characters, unless you want to suddenly kill off one of your characters. :) You are welcome to push Terrin off of a ledge, though.
  10. You gotta post their data first before that can be decided lol
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  11. May I join?
  12. NAME: Edward 'Ed' McTyfle
    He is a rather playful guy and have a larg heart. He is a vegiterian and a friend of animals. Back home he have a cat that his mother is taking care of.
    He have a peralyzing fear of spiders.
    Ed have allways been in caves. His family were arcioligsts so caves were nothing uncommen for him when he grew up.
    Even as a child he were the first one to go in, wich ofter got him in some sort of trubble. He joined the group in his fathers place a few years back and have been sticking around since then.
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  13. I would also like to join, if possible.

    NAME: Aurora Marsh
    POSITION IN GROUP: Cook and map reader
    Personality: Aurora can be very shy and come off as cold sometimes, but she is really kind. At home she likes to read with a cup of tea, and she doesn't seem like the type who likes to go on adventures, but she does.
    BIO: Aurora always carries around a field cooking kit, and she knows how to best handle ingredients to get the most out of them. She also has an extensive knowledge of edible items and where to find them, which makes her useful in a situation like this. She is also good at navigating and has an excellent sense of direction, which can also come in handy. She has a secret crush on one of the group members.
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  14. So I'm good? Sweet! :D
  15. Uhm, FishWolf is the gm, not me.(o。o;)And, if you don't mind, tell me before you have Natalie do something, okay?

    Terrin and Mike are free for use tho.

    Okay, here's a bit of a recap.

    We got trapped so we headed in a bit and agreed to look for an underground river. We had to descend into a hole in one clearing. In that hole is another spacious clearing where we went through a tunnel. That tunnel lead us to the river we were looking for. Ed found a hole in the high part of the cave and is about to go through.

    Aurora could have wandered in before us, and we could have met her there instead of her waking up there when we're pretty far from the entrance. (^^;)
  16. Oh, I just thought, because you... I only had Natalie do a little thing because she was team medic... Now I feel like a nuisance :/
  17. No it's totally fine! I was just correcting the sequence of events so you could catch up. Besides, cook and medic, we're the support pair! :bananaman: