Escape the Caves

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  1. This is a plot where you really have to discuss what's going to happen next in the plot discussion.


    A group of fellow cave explorers have gotten trapped in a complex cave system that has not been charted yet. There was a collapse, and they have fallen several levels in the cave. Now they must find a way out. And it won't be the way they came. Now they are trapped beneath the surface, with limited supplies, and only a few lights. They have enough batteries to last five days. They have enough food and water to last four. And there is a secret in the cave, a secret that someone does not want these people to find. Now they must travel through unknown territory, with dangerous drops, slick walls, and the fear that they would never see the light of day again.

    Here is the bio that you must sign up for. There are five positions available. After five people have signed up, sign-ups will be closed, and the roleplay will start. If less than five people sign up, and nobody else does in a day, we will go ahead and start. But if you want to join and there are already five, you could be a fellow explorer who has been trapped as well and was already trying to find a way out. But even so, the max amount of players are seven.


    POSITION IN GROUP:(see position list)
    BIO: (How did the character get to be here, in the group?)


    Here are the different positions your character can be. You can choose one, possibly two depending on the number of people who sign up.

    A mapper keeps record of where they have gone, and draws multiple maps as they go along. This will be a valuable position in the search for the exit. A mapper also plans what route the group should take.

    A scout goes in the front of the group and makes sure that the group members stay together. The scout also sets up camps for the group to rest at.
    Equipment checkers are very important. They make sure the lights work, the ropes are functioning, and that the overall cave equipment is in a good condition.
    This is kind of self-explanatory. The medic gives treatment to anybody who has been injured while climbing, and also makes sure nobody gets sick.
    When climbing, the rock tester goes first, choosing where to climb and securing ropes with the equipment checker.

    So don't be afraid! Write a bio, and post it. Remember, the group members have known each other for about a year, so don't make a character who is hostile and suspicious, or else he wouldn't be in a group. If you are a lone explorer joining after we have already started, you can be like that. But remember, lone explorer or not, the max amount of players I'm going to allow is seven. Any more would be confusing and would cause another avalanche.
  2. Lyn turned around with a gasp as soon as she heard the rumble echo off of the cave walls. She was just studying a particular formation when suddenly the cave began shaking. She ran towards the entrance, but it was too late. With a loud crash, the rocks that formed the cave entrance collapsed and blocked the light. They were sealed in. Coughing, Lyn waved her flashlight around, signaling to the others. "Is everybody alright?"
  3. "Lyyyyyn!" Natalie cried. She was simply following along behind when the ground shook, toppling her over and making her roll awkwardly. That roll saved her life though, boulders fell where she stood before she fell. She had called the only name she could remember, scrambling to her feet and checking herself for bruises and wounds. She found minor cuts and started to brush the rubble off herself.
  4. Lyn made her way over to Natalie. "You okay?" She asked anxiously, and she shined her flashlight towards the way they came. "Looks like a cave-in." She said, fanning the dust away from her face with her hand. Terrin Kent, the equipment checker, walked up. "No way. I never knew that, Sherlock!" He said sarcastically, and walked over to the wall off rubble that blocked the entrance. Lyn sighed. He could be such a jerk sometimes. She felt a pang of panic as she realized that the only known way out of the cave was blocked. "There has to be another way out, somewhere."
  5. "I need to check everyone." Natalie said, peering at Lyn and adjusting her headband flashlight. "Everyone alive?"

    She carefully made her way to Terrin and Mike, almost stumbling at the jagged rocks even though they were practically two steps away.
  6. Lyn was a bit shaken by the sudden avalanche, but besides that she was okay. She let Natalie check the others, and Lyn stood there for a while before deciding to get into action. "Okay, we need to find a way out. Most caves like this have some kind of alternate hole or exit that opens up after a few hours of climbing. The problem is that the cave could extend far deeper than we came prepared for. How much time do we have before the equipment goes out, Terrin? And Mike, how deep could this cave go?" Mike, the mapper and scout, sat down and thought. "A couple of miles at most. Caves like this are deep but not very wide." Terrin looked at all of the flashlights and batteries they had and sighed. "Five days, at most. The problem is that we don't know how long it would take to even explore half of this cave. Our phones will work, but it will still take a few days for rescuers to arrive. This is an uncharted cave system, after all."
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    Natalie finished cleaning up the small cuts on herself and the gash on Mike's leg, listening intently. She didn't really have enough idea what she signed up for and surely she'd be scared by now, but it made her more excited. Great stories always came from the possibility of impending death!

    She didn't quite register the seriousness of the situation and merrily hobbled over to go in closer. "We won't get anywhere just sitting. Come on!"

    "No, we gotta work something out or we'll run out of everything." Terrin suggested and Mike gestured for Natalie to come back. "Worst case, even oxygen."

    "That's possible?" Natalie replied, inclining her head. She looked into the cave's rough halls decked with jutting jagged rocks. To her, it was the gateway to an adventure, never mind the danger.
  8. "Oi! You guys okay back there?"
    Ed said as he poked his head in through the opening further in the cave. He had turned as fast as the trembles had stopped, happy to find the others not squiched under the rocks, though unhappy non of them had been on the outside.
  9. "Ed! There you are!" Natalie ignored Mike's warnings and hurried over to where Edward stood, using that as an excuse to go further in. Clumsy on her feet and not exactly used to the terrain, she nearly slipped twice. She examined him closely and asked, "Found anything? Oxygen sucking plants? Shelob? Horcrux? Anything?"
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  10. Lyn ran over to the Scout. She nearly slipped on the slick floor, almost colliding with Natalie. She shone her flashlight down into the caves. "Looks like the cave is going to be flat for a while before any climbing is going to be done. We could try digging out the entrance, but that's too risky."
  11. "Risky." Natalie agreed. "We gotta go in. Maybe there's those tunnels that go up."

    "None." Mike said, following the group along with Terrin. "This is a labyrinthine cave that goes down deep."

    "Is there a river then?" Terrin asked.
  12. Lyn sighed. "Well, we can't waste any more batteries just talking. Looks like Mike's right. It's going to be a lot of downward climbing before the cave might level out and go towards an entrance." Mike nodded. "There's a chance that there might be a river. We could follow it, and hopefully it will lead to an entrance." Lyn turned and aimed her flashlight down the ledge ahead of them. "Well, I guess now is a good time as ever to start."
  13. "And we're supposed to...swim out?" Natalie said, watching her every step as it was pretty slippery.

    "We'll figure something out." Mike said, reassuringly. "Lead the way, Ed."

    "Are you crazy? That's almost suicide!" Terrin protested.

    "Look, we'll figure something out." Mike repeated, a hint of annoyance seeped in his tone as he tried to keep a level head.
  14. Lyn began to help Terrin out with attaching the ropes to the side of the steep cave wall. "Ready to climb down?" She asked, then gulped. She wasn't a very strong swimmer, and hoped that they wouldn't have to swim out.
  15. "Something's gotta be down there!" Natalie panicked. "I won't go down there!"

    "Nat, go third so you'll know we'll catch you. Won't we, Lyn?" Terrin called.
  16. Lyn nodded. "The worst thing that could be down there is bats, and they won't bother you if you don't bother them. Don't worry. If I think that the rocks are too unstable, I'll tell you where to go." She smiled reassuringly at Natalie, and, yanking on the ropes to make sure that they were stable, began climbing her way down, testing certain footholds to see if they would hold. Down she went, the light strapped to her head lighting the way. Lyn hated the thought of their lights going out, leaving them in total darkness, and that was why she climbed even faster. "Watch out for that ledge there. It looks about ready to crumble." She told the person above, keeping her eyes on her hands and feet. Her voice echoed throughout the cave, and after that there was nothing but the sounds of the team and the ever-present dripping sound accompanied with all caves.
  17. (First sorry for not reolying. No freaking internet.)

    Ed had taken the place as.the silance observer alowing the others to take what disision they thought best. His work was.after all to just go in first.
    Usually it was his job to go down first as well but for once he were second down the hole.
  18. "Easy does it." Terrin helped Natalie onto a harness and helped her position. When she pushed off a little to start jumping down, Mike had to help Terrin hold the ropes and keep her put.

    "Kid, don't hurry. Let Ed down a few feet in 'fore you go." Terrin warned, straining on the ropes as Mike planted Natalie back on the edge. "Or you'll step on him." he added. "Besides, we've only got so much rope."

    "Lyn! How's it down there?" Mike called when he heard the thump of what they assumed to be Lyn's landing as he fastened the rope.

    "Stinky, I think." Natalie commented. "Lyn said there's only bats down there. You hear the drip? That's their pee. Eww."
  19. Ed chuckled softly before calling out for Natalie:
    "Its not their pee you should worry for, it is their droppings. Bat poo smell awful and the stains never go away. Besidea bats are good, as long as we hear the bats we dont have to worry about air. So keep your ears sharp." He let himself down a bit more giving Lyn the time she needed and.keeping a.eye on Natalie
  20. Lyn was surprised to feel her feet touch bottom. "Remember that the dripping we hear isn't just from the bats. There might be mineral water deposits around this cave somewhere. Remember that dripping water is what created all of these formations." Lyn got off of the steep wall and walked across the floor. It was simply a large ledge. There was more climbing to be done, but first, everybody had to restock supplies. She stretched her gloved hands, and rushed to help the others get down.